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There'S A Little Man

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Billy G-Son 001
There'S A Little Man


Björn & BennyAutor
Agnetha FältskogBacking Vocal


1970 There'S A Little Man 7"2.41
2005 Scatola A Sorpresa Nº14 _Bootleg CD2.41
2008 To Live With You B&B CD2.41
2013 Ring Ring (Deluxe Edition) ABBA CD2.41
2014 ABBA The Collection (Box) ABBA CD2.41
2016 50 Years Aniversary Album B&B CD2.41
2017 ABBA Related Summer Playlist _Bootleg CD2.41
2017 Björn & Benny 50 Years Of Success B&B CD2.41
2017 Bjorn & Benny Autors B&B CD2.41
2017 From Björn & Benny B&B CD2.41
2019 Best Of Björn & Benny B&B CD2.41
2021 Björn & Benny Music B&B CD2.41
2022 La Historia De ABBA Por La Música _Bootleg CD2.41

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