datABBAse - K7

Frida - Frida Med Gäster

Release Date: 1988
Support: K7 (I do Not Have)
Production: Compilation
Catalogue Number: TMCG-890
Language: English




1I Know There'S Something Going On    fr 5.25
2Every Breath You Take  (Mikael RICKFORS)    ar 3.58
3I See Red    fr 4.32
4Got Him Out Of Your Mind  (CHIPS) 3.20
5One Little Lie  (Frida+CHIPS)    fr 3.44
6I Just Want To Make Love To You  (Monica TÖRNELL) 5.05
7Tell Me It'S Over    fr 2.50
8Shine    fr 4.39
9We`Ll Make It  (Elisabeth ANDREASSEN) 3.40
10Come To Me (I Am Woman)    fr 5.04
11Back In The Business  (Ted GÄRDESTAD+Annica BOLLER)    tg 3.48
12Slowly    fr 4.34
13Russian Roulette  (Tomas LEDIN)    tl 3.24
14Here We'Ll Stay  (Frida+Phil COLLINS)    fr 4.04

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