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Kristina Musical - Kristina At Carnegie Hall

Release Date: 12/03/2010
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: [?] MMCD 026
Language: English
Version: Live


Mono Music House Label


1Overture  (Kristina+Paul Gemignani+American Theatre Orchestra)    kr  
2Path Of Leaves And Needles  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 1.36
3Where You Go I Go With You  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Claire Tendl+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 5.25
4Stone Kingdom  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 4.15
5Down To The Sea  (Kristina+Kevin Odekirk)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 3.00
6A Bad Harvest  (Kristina+Russell Watson+Helen Sjöholm+Madeleine Rose Yen+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 5.40
7No!  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Kevin Odekirk)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 5.20
8He´S Our Pilot  (Kristina+David Hess+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    bb 1.42
9Never  (Kristina+Louise Pitre)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 5.17
10Golden Wheat Fields  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Claire Tendl)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 2.11
11Down To The Sacred Wave  (Kristina+Kevin Odekirk)  {Live}    kr  
12We Open Up The Gateways  (Kristina+Robert Ousley+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Kevin Odekirk+Louise Pitre+David Hess+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 3.38
13Peasants At Sea  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 4.41
14Lice  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Louise Pitre+Joy Hermalyn+David Hess+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 3.54
15In The Dead Of Darkness  (Kristina+Russell Watson)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    bb 4.29
16A Sunday In Battery Park  (Kristina+David Hess+Joy Hermalyn+Kevin Odekirk+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 3.38
17Home  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Claire Tendl+Madeleine Rose Yen+Josh Caggiano+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 3.00
18American Man  (Kristina+Joy Hermalyn+Helen Sjöholm+Jessica Vosk+Louise Pitre+Walter Charles)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 4.06
19Dreams Of Gold  (Kristina+Kevin Odekirk+Greg Stone+Russell Watson)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 3.57
20Summer Rose  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 4.11
1Emperors And Kings  (Kristina+Louise Pitre+Joy Hermalyn+David Hess+Russell Watson+Helen Sjöholm+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 3.41
2Twilight Images Calling  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 5.45
3Queen Of The Prairie  (Kristina+Russell Watson+Claire Tendl+Madeleine Rose Yen+Josh Caggiano+Helen Sjöholm+David Hess+Joy Hermalyn+Raymond Jaramillo Mcleod)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 5.48
4Wild Grass  (Kristina+Raymond Jaramillo Mcleod+Russell Watson+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 4.38
5Gold Can Turn To Sand  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Kevin Odekirk+Claire Tendl)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 3.52
6Wild Cat Money  (Kristina+Russell Watson+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 1.34
7To The Sea  (Kristina+Kevin Odekirk)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 2.51
8Miracle Of God  (Kristina+Louise Pitre+Helen Sjöholm)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 3.35
9Down To The Waterside  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 2.16
10Miscarriage  (Kristina+Russell Watson+Louise Pitre)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    kr 1.23
11You Have To Be There  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 6.55
12Here I Am Again  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 6.16
13With Child Again  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Ensemble)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 2.36
14Rising From The Myth And Legend  {Live Carnegie Hall}    bb 2.37
15I´Ll Be Waiting There  (Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson)  {Live Carnegie Hall}    hs 7.24

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