datABBAse - K7

Bootleg - Audio Cassette 02

Release Date: 2002
Support: K7 (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Robinson Crusoe  (AGNETHA)  {German}    ag 2.33
2Ring Ring  (ABBA)  {German}    ab 3.10
3I'M An A  (ABBA)  {Live Perth (Tour 77)(March 10)}    ab 5.09
4Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjälpa  (B&B)  {Swedish}    bb 2.27
5Untitled Song  (ABBA)    ab  
6Rock'N'Roll Band  (B&B)  {Early Japanese Version}    ab 3.07
7Live 77  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc Medley}    ab
    Fernando  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Rock Me  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
8Voulez-Vous  (ABBA)  {Extended U.S. Promo Mix}    ab 6.04
9ABBA Medley  (STARSOUND ORCHESTRA)  {Copycatz}    ab 4.40
10Ich Denk' An Dich  (AGNETHA)  {German}    ag 3.00
11Was Die Liebe Sagt  (B&B)  {German}    bb 3.51
12Get On The Carousel  (ABBA)  {Live The Movie}    ab 2.40
13Lovers (Live A Little Longer)  (Anders DAHL)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.59
14The Sun'S Shinin' In The Middle Of The Night  (Tomas LEDIN)    aa 3.29

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