datABBAse - CD

_Bootleg - Flipped -A Collection Of B Sides

Release Date: 1998
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Merry-Go-Round  (ABBA)    ab 3.20
2Santa Rosa  (ABBA)    ab 3.02
3She'S My Kind Of Girl  (ABBA)    ab 2.39
4I Am Just A Girl  (ABBA)    ab 3.02
5Rock'N'Roll Band  (ABBA)    ab 3.07
6Honey, Honey  (ABBA)    ab 2.53
7Watch Out  (ABBA)    ab 3.46
8King Kong Song  (ABBA)    ab 3.09
9I'Ve Been Waiting For You  (ABBA)    ab 3.39
10Rock Me  (ABBA)    ab 3.03
11Man In The Middle  (ABBA)    ab 3.00
12Intermezzo No. 1  (ABBA)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.48
13Hey, Hey Helen  (ABBA)    ab 3.16
14Tropical Loveland  (ABBA)    ab 3.05
15That'S Me  (ABBA)    ab 3.15
16Crazy World  (ABBA)    ab 3.45
17Happy Hawaii  (ABBA)    ab 4.22
18I Wonder (Departure)  (ABBA)    ab 4.34
19I'M A Marionette  (ABBA)    ab 3.54
1Medley  (ABBA)  {Pick Bale Of Cotton & On Top Of Old Smokey & Midnight Special}    ab
    Pick A Bale Of Cotton  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
    On Top Of Old Smokey  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
    Midnight Special  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
2Lovelight  (ABBA)    ab 3.47
3Kisses Of Fire  (ABBA)    ab 3.16
4Voulez-Vous  (ABBA)    ab 5.11
5The King Has Lost His Crown  (ABBA)    ab 3.30
6Take A Chance On Me  (ABBA)  {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)}    ab 4.23
7Elaine  (ABBA)    ab 3.46
8The Piper  (ABBA)    ab 3.26
9On And On And On  (ABBA)    ab 3.38
10Should I Laugh Or Cry  (ABBA)    ab 4.25
11The Visitors (Crackin' Up)  (ABBA)    ab 5.45
12Cassandra  (ABBA)    ab 4.50
13You Owe Me One  (ABBA)    ab 3.22
14Our Last Summer  (ABBA)    ab 4.19
15Thank You For The Music  (ABBA)    ab 3.51
16Lay All Your Love On Me  (ABBA)    ab 4.32
17Summer Night City  (ABBA)  {Edit Standard Version}    ab 3.30
18Happy New Year  (ABBA)    ab 4.23

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