datABBAse - CD

Bootleg - Hidden Gold

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Someone Else'S Story  (CHESS)  {Australian Version}    ch  
2Heaven Help My Heart  (CHESS)  {Australian Version}    ch  
3Chess  (CHESS)  {Instrumental Live Prince Edward 87}    ch 7.01
4The Dice You Missed  (CHESS)  {Medley Chess Live In London}    ch  
5Anthem  (CHESS)  {Live Prince Edward 87}    ch  
6Do You Wanna Dance  (SVENNE & LOTTA)    sl 3.26
7Not Bad At All  (Tomas LEDIN)    tl 4.08
8Baby Those Are The Rules  (HOOTENANNY SINGERS)    ho 2.40
9Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)  (SVENNE & LOTTA)    ab 3.23
10Tango I Det Gröna  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Live Stig Anderson Story}    fr 3.16
11Fröken Fredriksson  (BJÖRN)  {Swedish}    bj 3.23
12Ljuva Sextital  (AGNETHA)  {Swedish}    ag 3.09
13Paper Dolls  (MICHAEL)    mi 3.23
14Bottom Coming Up  (MICHAEL)    mi 2.49
15Moonbeams  (MICHAEL)    mi 2.52
16I Can See What You Mean  (MICHAEL)    mi 3.27
17Sandwich  (MICHAEL)    mi 2.57
18Live 77  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc Medley}    ab
    Fernando  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Rock Me  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab

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