datABBAse - CD

ABBA - Supa Dupa

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Thank You For The Music  {Live Hamburg (Tour 77)}    ab 5.06
2I Wonder (Departure)  {Live Hamburg (Tour 77)}    ab 5.09
3I'M A Marionette  {Live Hamburg (Tour 77)}    ab 3.53
4Get On The Carousel  {Live Hamburg (Tour 77)}    ab 6.07
5Fire And Ice  (Frida)  {Live Lite Grand I Orat}    fr 3.04
6Lite Grand I Orat  (Frida+Claes Af GEIJERSTAM)  {Swedish Live}    fr 2.25
7Med Varann  (Björn SKIFS+Frida)  {Swedish}    fr 4.55
8S.O.S.  {Live Musikladen 75}    ab 3.21
9Not The Nine O'Clock News  (SUPA DUPA) 2.08
10Can'T Shake Loose  (Agnetha)  {Edit Us 7''}    ag 3.11
11Salute To ABBA  (Norman GUNSTON)    ab 3.06
12If It Wasn'T For The Nights  {Live Stockholm (Tour 79-80)}    ab 4.11
13As Good, As New  {Live Stockholm (Tour 79-80)}    ab 3.13
14Sitting In The Palmtree  {Live Adelaide (Tour 77)}    ab 4.02
15Fly Like The Eagle  (Agnetha+Ola HAKANSSON)    ag 3.01
16Live 77  {Live Flexi-Disc Medley}    ab
    Fernando  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Rock Me  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Why Did It Have To Be Me?  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
    Waterloo  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab
17Borsta Tandtrollen Bort  (Agnetha)  {Swedish}    ag 1.56
18Waterloo  {Live Top Of The Pops (10 April 1974)}    ab 2.32

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