datABBAse - CD

Blondie - Platinum Collection The

Release Date: 1994
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English




1X Offender  
2In The Flesh 2.30
3Man Overboard  
4Rip Her To Shreds 3.21
5Denis 2.17
6Contact In Red Square  
7Kung Fu Girls  
8I'M On E  
9I'M Always Touched By Your Presence Dear 2.41
10Poet'S Problem  
11Detroit 442  
12Picture This 2.53
13Fade Away And Radiate  
14I'M Gonna Love You Too  
15Just Go Away  
16Hanging On The Telephone 2.23
17Will Anything Happen?  
18Heart Of Glass 4.33
19Rifle Range  
21Sunday Girl 3.03
22I Know But I Don'T Know  
23One Way Or Another  
24Dreaming 3.05
26Living In The Real World  
27Union City Blue 3.21
28The Hardest Part  
29Atomic 4.41
30Die Yourn Stay Pretty  
31Slow Motion    af  
32Call Me 3.31
33The Tide Is High 4.41
34Susie And Jeffrey  
35Rapture 5.35
36Walk Like Me  
37Island Of Lost Souls 3.48
39War Child  
40Little Caesar  
41Out In The Streets  
42Platinum Blonde  
43The Thin Line  
44Puerto Rico  
45Once I Had A Love  
46Atomic 4.41

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