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Agnetha Fältskog - Agnetha - The DVD

Release Date: 2005
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Thorsven Records House Label


1En Stilla Flirt  {Swedish Video}    ag 2.18
2First Demo & Interview  {Video}    ag 6.06
3Följ Med Mig  (Agnetha+Sten NILSSON+Marianne KOCK)  {Swedish Video Live Folkpark}    ag 1.10
4Nu, Skall Vi Opp, Opp, Opp  {Swedish Video}    ag 2.07
5Värkänslor  (Agnetha+Björn)  {Swedish Video}    ag
    Det Kommer En Vår  (Agnetha+Björn)  {Swedish Video Live Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott}    ag
6Nu Ska Vi Vara Snälla  (Björn+Agnetha)  {Swedish Video}    ag 0.38
7Medley From Jesus Christ Superstar  {Swedish Video}    ag 1.29
8My Love, My Life  (ABBA)  {Video ABBA-Dabba-Doo}    ab 3.47
9Never Again  (Tomas LEDIN+Agnetha)  {Videoclip}    ag 3.44
10Kom Folj Mig I Min Balong  {Swedish Video Montage}    ag 2.36
11The Heat Is On  {Videoclip}    ag 3.46
12Can'T Shake Loose  {Videoclip}    ag 4.21
13A For Agnetha  {Video Complete Documentary Programme}    ag
    One Way Love  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag
    Just One Heart  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag
    We Should Be Together  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag
    I Won'T Let You Go  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag
    Click Track  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag
    We Move As One  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag
14Fly Like The Eagle  (Agnetha+Ola HAKANSSON)  {Video Swedish Tv Show}    ag 2.53
15The Way You Are  (Agnetha+Ola HAKANSSON)  {Videoclips}    ag 4.07
16The Last Time  {Videoclip}    ag 4.06
17I Wasn'T The One (Who Said Goodbye)  (Agnetha+Peter CETERA)  {Videoclip}    ag
    Let It Shine  {Videoclip}    ag
18Agnetha On Jacob'S Stage  {Video}    ag
    I Stand Alone  {Video Jacobs Stage TV Show}    ag
    Let It Shine  {Video Live Jacob's Stage}    ag
    If You Need Somebody Tonight  {Video Live Jacob' Stage}    ag
    Interview  {Video}    ag
19If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind  {Videoclips}    ag 3.17
20When You Walk In The Room  {Videoclip}    ag 3.24
21What Now My Love  {Videoclip}    ag 4.48
22Past, Present And Future  {Video Montage}    ag 3.09
23Sometimes When I'M Dreaming  {Video}    ag 3.07
24The Heart Is On  {Video}    ag 23.34
25The Heat Is On  {Video The Heat Is On}    ag
    Can'T Shake Loose  {Video The Heat Is On}    ag
    Wrap Your Arms Around Me  {Video Wetten Das}    ag
    I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever  {Video Live The Heart is On}    ag
    Mister Persuasion  {Video Live The Heart is On}    ag
    Shame  {Video Live The Heart is On}    ag

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