datABBAse - CD

E-Rotic - Collection (Japan) The

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Compilation
Language: English




1Max Don'T Have Sex With Your Ex 3.29
2Fred Come To Bed 3.56
3Sex On The Phone 3.54
4Big Max 4.20
5Willy Use A Billy... Boy  
6Help Me Dr. Dick  
7Fritz Love My Tits  
9Gimme Good Sex  
10Turn Me On  
11Sexual Madness  
12Gotta Get It Groovin'  
13Give Me Delight  
14Save Me  
15The Winner Takes It All    ab 4.44
16Angeleyes    ab 4.26
17Dancing Queen    ab 3.28
18S.O.S.    ab 3.15
19Baby Please Me  
20In The Dark Of The Night,  
1Kiss Me  
2Oh Nick Please Not So Quick  
3Temple Of Love  
4Do It All Night  
5Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!  
7In The Heat Of The Night  
8Get Away  
9Mambo No Sex  
10Cat'S Eye  
11En Mon Coeur  
12Move Me Baby  
13Ooh Lalala  
14Test My Best  
15L.O.V.E.  {(Sex On The Beach)}  
16Ralph Don'T Make Love By Yourself  
17Tempt Me On The Line  
18Shag Me  
19Got To Get It  
20Sexual Healing  

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