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Sarah Brightman - Live In Vienna

Release Date: 2009
Support: DVD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English


Sarah BrightmanSinger


1Pie Jesu  {Video Live In Vienna}
2Fleurs Du Mal  {Video Live In Vienna}
3Symphony  {Video Live In Vienna}
4Sanvean  {Video Live In Vienna}
5Canto Della Terra  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN+Alessandro SAFINA)  {Video Live In Vienna}
6Sarai Qui  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN+Alessandro SAFINA)  {Video Live In Vienna}
7Attesa  {Video Live In Vienna}
8I Will Be With You  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN+Chris THOMPSON)  {Video (Where The Lost Ones Go) Live In Vienna}
9Storia D'Amore  {Video Live In Vienna}
10Pasión  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN+Fernando LIMA)  {Video Live In Vienna}
11Running  {Video Live In Vienna}
12Let It Rain  {Video Live In Vienna}
13The Phantom Of The Opera  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN+Chris THOMPSON)  {Video Live In Vienna}
14Time To Say Goodbye  {Video Live In Vienna}    ba
15Ave Maria  {Video Live In Vienna}    mi
16The Production  {Video (Interview With Sarah)}
17The Songs  {Video (Interview With Sarah)}
18The Location  {Video Interview About The Cathedral, With Father Anthony Fa}
19Photo Gallery  {Video}

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