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COVERS - ABBA Covers Versions 2008

Covers - ABBA Covers Versions 2008 (Volume 1)

Release Date: 21/07/2008
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English
Version: Live


1Lamacq Live -Gabba Live From Bbc  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
2Knowing Me, Knowing You  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
3Dancing Queen  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
4S.O.S.  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
5Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
6Super Trouper  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
7Honey, Honey  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
8Outro  (GABBA)  {Concert Live Radio 1}    ab
9The Queen And I  (The JAM)  {99 Bpm}    ab
10Super Trouper  (The NEWTOWN GRUNTS)  {Live}    ab
11I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)  {Almighty Mix}    ch
12Sla Je Arm Om Me Heen  (Wendy VAN WANTEN)  {Dutch}    ag
13One Of Us  (RADIO REYKJAVIK)  {Edit}    ab
14Waterloo  (MEIE MEES)  {Estonian}    ab
15Ah! That'S A Really Good Song!  (GO AGNETHA!)  {Live}    aa
16Lay All Your Love On Me  (E-ROTIC)    ab
17Dancing Queen  (E-ROTIC)  {Club Remix}    ab
18Angeleyes  {Techno Remix}    ab
19Hey, Hey Helen  (LUSH)    ab
20The Day Before You Came  (BLANCMANGE)  {Live Dutch Television}    ab
21ABBA Medley  (Alan PARTRIDGE)  {Live}    ab
22Hammer To The Heart  (The TAMPERER+Edward MAYA)
23ABBA Medley  (BEAVER FEAVER)  {Demo}    ab

Covers - ABBA Covers Versions 2008 (Volume 2)

Release Date: 21/07/2008
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


1Empty Track  (ABBA (RELATED))  {The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down}    ho
2The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down  (Barbara DICKSON)  {Live}    hs
3I Know Him So Well  (Lena TEIGEN)  {Instrumental}    ch
4Here In My Heart  (Finn KALVIK)    fk
5Bring Me Edelweiss  (EDELWEISS)  {Party Remix}    ab
6Bring Me Edelweiss  (Mariah MATHIS)  {Radio Mix}    ab
7Eindeloos  (SASKIA & SERGE)  {Dutch}    ab
8Bring Me Edelweiss  (Mountain MARRY)  {Extended}    ab
9Crack It!  (BOMFUNK MC'S+Jessica FOLCKER)    fr
10Crack It!  (BOMFUNK MC'S+Jessica FOLCKER)  {Extended}    fr
11One Night In Bangkok  (Murray HEAD)  {Remix 12''. HOTTRACKS}    ch
12If The Stars In The Sky  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Demo}    tk
13The Angels Cry  (Annie HASLAM)    ag
14The ABBA Mix  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Remix}    ab
15Dancing Queen  {Club Remix}    ab
16The ABBA Megamix  (ABBA)    ab
17Woman From Tokyo  (The BLACK SWEDEN)    ab
18Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Kathy BURKE+James DREYFUS)  {Theme Tune}    ab


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