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_Various - Treff

Release Date: 2001
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)
2Sylvias Mother  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
3Money, Money, Money  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)    ab
4Sugar Baby Love  (Jahn TEIGEN)
5Knocking` On Heaven`S Door  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)
6Hurt  (Dag SPANTELL)
7Dancing Queen  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)    ab
8If You Think You Know How To Love Me  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
10Dolannes Melodie  (Christian BECK)
11I Can Help  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
12Yesterday Once More  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)
1Mac Arthur Park  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)
2Blueberry Hill  (Dag SPANTELL)    af
3Mississippi  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)
4Let Your Love Flow  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
5Please Mr Postman  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)
6The Joker  (Eddy ZOLTAN)
7The Most Beautiful Girl  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)    fr
8Honey, Honey  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL+Jahn TEIGEN)    ab
9Peggy Sue  (Dag SPANTELL)
11The First Cut Is The Deepest  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
12If You Go Away  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)    jn
1You'Re The One That I Want  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL+Dag SPANTELL)
2From New York To L.A.  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)
3Needles And Pins  (Dag SPANTELL)
4Devil Gate Drive  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)
5Steooin` Out  (Jahn TEIGEN)
6Can`T Help Fallin` In Love  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)    af
7The Entertainer  (Henryk LYSIAK)
8Sandy  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL+Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
9Last Time I Saw Him  (GRO ANITA SCHØNN)
10Fernando  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)  {Norwegian}    ab
11Save Your Kisses For Me  (Stein INGEBRIGTSEN)
12Nobody Does It Better  (Inger-Lise RYPDAL)

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