datABBAse - CD

Bootleg - Happy New Year 2010

Release Date: 2010
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Thorsven Records House Label


1Happy New Year  (A*TEENS)  {Extended}    ab 6.52
2Happy New Year  (ABBA)  {Confetti On The Floor Mix}    ab 6.50
3Happy New Year  (ABBA)  {May We All Have A Vision Mix}    ab  
4Happy New Year  (ABBA)  {Remix Demo Polar Edit}    ab 4.37
5Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {A Very Special Christmas}    ab  
6Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {All Time Christmas Favorite Vol 1}    ab  
7Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Christmas Cover}    ab  
8Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Coun'T Dee'S Hit Explosion}    ab  
9Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Dance Version}    ab  
10Happy New Year  (The MUSICMAKERS)  {Dancing Queen}    ab 3.24
11Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Instrumental From Musik Nyttarsstevne Album}    ab  
12Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {The essential collection}    ab 4.25
13Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Viethiphop}    ab  
14Happy New Year  (ANGELEYES)  {A Cappella Mix}    ab 3.48
15Happy New Year  (Carol CLEVELAND)    ab  
16Happy New Year  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Christmas Party Allstars}    ab  
17Happy New Year  (The CLASSIC ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.30
18Happy New Year  (COTTON CLUB SINGERS)  {Live}    ab 6.02
19Happy New Year  (The FABBA GIRLS)    ab  
20Happy New Year  (I LET THE MUSIC SPEAK)    ab 4.28
21Happy New Year  (K & K SINGERS)  {Polish Live}    ab  
22Happy New Year  (Lise CABBLE)    ab 4.15
23Happy New Year  (Mamma Mia)  {Other Language}    mm  
24Happy New Year  (MAMMA MIA'S)    ab 4.22
25Happy New Year  (MIRAH)  {Extended Radio Version}    ab 4.14
26Happy New Year  (The SOUNDALIKES)    ab 4.22
27Happy New Year  (STAGE SOUND PROJECT)    ab 4.23
28Happy New Year  (STUDIO 99)    ab 4.24
29Happy New Year  (STUDIO ALLSTARS)    ab 4.26
30Happy New Year  (The SUPER TROUPER ORCHESTRA)    ab 4.35
31Happy New Year  (The HIT COMPANY)    ab 4.26
32Happy New Year  (The MERRY CHRISTMAS PLAYERS)    ab 4.35
33Happy New Year  (TUNE ROBBERS)    ab 4.23
34Happy New Year  (WATERLOO)  {Live Islas Canarias}    ab 4.13

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