datABBAse - CD

Bootleg - Waterloo Day 2010

Release Date: 2010
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Thorsven Records House Label


1Waterloo  (A4u)    ab 3.44
2Waterloo  (ABBA All Stars)    ab  
3Waterloo  (ABBA Revival Band)    ab 2.39
4Waterloo  (ABBA Stars)    ab  
5Waterloo  (City Record Band)    ab  
6Waterloo  (Count Dee Dance Sport Unlimited)    ab  
7Waterloo  (Karaoke Singers)  {Karaoke}    ab  
8Waterloo  (Mr Pickwick)    ab  
9Waterloo  (Saint Winfred'S School Choir)    ab  
10Waterloo  (Top Of The Poppers)  {Knowing Me, Knowing You, ABBA A Tribute}    ab  
11Waterloo  (ABBA (Tribute))  {Zoom Karaoke}    ab  
12Waterloo  (The ABBA Tribute Band)    ab 4.52
13Waterloo  (ABBAcadabra)  {Tribal Mix}    ab 6.27
14Waterloo  (ABBAesque)    ab 1.36
15Waterloo  (ABBAholics)    ab 2.40
16Waterloo  (ABBAmania)    ab  
17Waterloo  (ABBAration)  {Karaoke}    ab 2.44
18Waterloo  (ABBA Sonic Ensamble)    ab 2.47
19Waterloo  (Absolute)    ab 2.44
20Waterloo  (Ami Aspelund)  {Finnish}    ab 2.52
21Waterloo  (Andreas Johnson)    ab  
22Waterloo  (Antonio De Lucena)  {Instrumental Spanish Guitar}    ab  
23Waterloo  (Doctor & The Medics+Roy Wood)    ab 3.27
24Waterloo  (I Let The Music Speak)    ab 2.48
25Waterloo  (Inger-Lise Rypdal)    ab  
26Waterloo  (Karl Schmidt Big Band)    ab  
27Waterloo  (Lars Roos)  {Instrumental}    ab  
28Waterloo  (Los Enemigos)    ab 3.30
29Waterloo  (Mrs Einstein)    ab  
30Waterloo  (Pepito Ross)    ab  
31Waterloo  (Seija Simola)  {Finnish}    ab  
32Waterloo  (Sofia Jannok)  {Saari Live Melodifestivalen}    ab 3.06
33Waterloo  (Texas Lightning)    ab 2.54
34Waterloo  (The Dancing Queen Group)    ab  
35Waterloo  (The Magic Time Travelers)    ab  
36Waterloo  (Valentin Movtosky)  {Instrumental Accordeon}    ab  

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