datABBAse - CD

Covers - Official ABBA Covers

Release Date: 2019
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Autorized
Language: English


ABBA (Tribute)Singer


    Money, Money, Money  (70S LOVE SONGS)  {Medley}    ab
    ABBA Medley  {Medley}    ab
    Dancing Queen  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    S.O.S.  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    Knowing Me, Knowing You  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    Super Trouper  {ABBA Medley}    ab
2Honey, Honey  (Greg FRANCIS)    ab
    Voulez-Vous  (70S LOVE SONGS)  {Medley}    ab
3Chiquitita  (70S MUSIC ALL STARS)    ab 5.07
4Fernando  (70S MUSIC ALL STARS)    ab 4.28
5Knowing Me, Knowing You  (70S MUSIC ALL STARS)    ab 4.02
    Super Trouper  (80'S DISCO BAND)  {Medley}    ab
7I Have A Dream  (Freda FRY)    ab  
8Chiquitita  (Katrina MAIER)    ab 3.25
9Den Jag Väntat På  (Irma SCHULTZ)  {Swedish}    ag  
11Super Trouper  (PARTY HIT KINGS)    ab 4.05
12Dancing Queen  (ERIKA)  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    Does Your Mother Know  (POWER MUSIC WORKOUT)  {Medley}    ab
13When I Kissed The Teacher  (ROCKBANDET 1+Jan UTBULT+Pia ÅHLUND)    ab  
14Das Lied Unserer Liebe  (Julio IGLESIAS)  {German}
    Eagle  (THANATOS)  {Medley}    ab
15Our Last Song Together  (CHANCE MUSIC)    ag  
16Our Last Song Together  (Nana MOUSKOURI)    ag
    Super Trouper  (The 80'S ALLSTARS)  {Medley}    ab
17Super Trouper  (ULTIMATE POP HITS)    ab 4.05
21Fernando  (Audrey LANDERS)  {Club Remix}    ab  
22Bang En Boomerang  (SCHLAGER KIDZ)  {Swedish}    ab 2.56
23Fernando  (BILLY VAUGHN & HIS ORCHESTRA)    ab  
31Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht  (COUNT DEE SILVER DISCO EXPLOSION)  {German}    ab 4.46
32Chiquitita  (BANDA FLOR DE CAFE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
33Fernando  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
34Hasta Mañana  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
35S.O.S.  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
36The Winner Takes It All  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
37Waterloo  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab
    Chiquitita  (CONGRATULATIONS)    ab
39Chiquitita  (Daniel PATANCHON)  {Instrumental}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  (ELEVEN EXPRESS)  {Balearic Mix}    ab
40Fernando  (Eugenia MIRANDA)  {Portuguese}    ab  
41Gracias Por La Música  (Belen GREY)  {Spanish}    ab  
42Medley (Voulez-Vous & Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! & Mamma Mia)  (GRUPO DE CORDAS+Amadeu MAGALHÃES)    ab
    Dancing Queen  (HARD EDM WORKOUT)  {(Workout Mix Edit 150 Bpm)}    ab
43Mamma Mia  (HARD EDM WORKOUT)  {(Workout Mix Edit 150 Bpm)}    ab  
    Dancing Queen  (HOUSECREAM)  {Edit (140 Bpm)}    ab
45The Winner Takes It All  (Johnny HENDRIKS)    ab  
46The Winner Takes It All  (KOOFEE)  {(Elektrik Bet Remix)}    ab  
47Dancing Queen  {Karaoke Mamma Mia}    ab  
48Dancing Queen Medley  (Kurt DARREN+Nicholis LOUW+Lianie MAY+ELANDRÉ+Juanita Du PLESSIS+Elizma THERON)    ab  
49Money, Money, Money  (Royale LASZLO)    ab  
50Chiquitita  (GRUPO LIBERACION+Los HOROSCOPES DE DURANGO)  {Spanish Dúo}    ab  
51Mamma Mia  (Los SALVAPANTALLAS)    ab  
52Dancing Queen  (CELEBRARE)  {Live}    ab 4.09
53When All Is Said And Done  (Malin PETTERSSON)    ab
    Mamma Mia  (Marc REIFT+PHILHARMONIC WIND ORCHESTRA+MARC REIFT ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental (Arr Jirka Kadlec)}    ab
54Happy New Year  (Marina KAPURO+GROUP APPLE)    ab  
55Dancing Queen  (Max ARNALD)  {Instrumental (For Piano)}    ab  
56Voulez-Vous  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    S.O.S.  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Fernando  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Waterloo  (GENIO & PIERROTS)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
57Mamma Mia  (Maxim YARUSHKIN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
58Chiquitita  (HAZE)  {Live At Cava}    ab 4.32
71The Winner Takes It All  (Karen MASON)    ab  
72Fernando  (Michele GARRUTI)  {Instrumental (From Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again)}    ab  
73I Have A Dream  (Michelle T)    ab  
74Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (MR CRACKER)    ab  
75Mamma Mia  (NEW MUSICAL STAGE COMPANY)    ab  
76Fernando  (Pablo ROBINO)  {Instrumental}    ab  
77Dancing Queen  (Valentin MOVTOSKY)  {Instrumental Accordeon}    ab  
78Dancing Queen  (The NEW WORLD ORCHESTRA)  {Karaoke}    ab  
79Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Pablo ROBINO)  {Instrumental}    ab  
80Chiquitita  (MAHARLIKA)    ab  
81Dancing Queen  (PANZERBALLETT)  {Instrumental}    ab  
82Mamma Mia  (Pablo ROBINO)  {Instrumental}    ab  
83Chiquitita  (Pastor SOLITARIO)  {Instrumental}    ab  
84Mamma Mia  (Paul LANG)  {Instrumental (Piano Ringtone Version)}    ab  
85Mamma Mia  (MUSICAL ALL STAR CAST)    ab  
86Chiquitita  (Jose RANJINI)    ab  
87Mamma Mia  (The CASUALS)    ab  
88Dancing Queen  (The FLAMENCO MAN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
89The Winner Takes It All  (The FLAMENCO MAN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
90Dancing Queen  (The KINGDOM OF MCCHICKEN+Maia CALVANO)    ab  
91Does Your Mother Know  (MEMBERS)    ab  
92Lay All Your Love On Me  (The MURRAY FORBES CONNECTION)    ab  
93Chiquitita  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab  
94Fernando  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab  
95Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab  
96Voulez-Vous  (PARTY GROUP)    ab 4.39
97Knowing Me, Knowing You  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab  
98Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (POP FEAST)    ab  
99Money, Money, Money  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab  
 Voulez-Vous  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab
1Waterloo  (The PARTY HITS ALL STARS)    ab  
2Chiquitita  (TRADICION HIDALGUENSE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
3Medley  (VAGABONDO STRING QUARTET)  {Instrumental Mamma Mia & I Have A Dream & Dancing Queen}    ab  
4Super Trouper  (Rocco De VILLIERS)  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Rocco De VILLIERS)  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  (Rocco De VILLIERS)  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    S.O.S.  (Rocco De VILLIERS)  {ABBA Medley}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  (Rocco De VILLIERS)  {ABBA Medley}    ab
6Chiquitita  (VIENTO MIXTECO DEL COMPA CRUZ)  {Instrumental}    ab  
7Chiquitita  (SERGIO RAFAEL ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.15
9Mamma Mia  (SLUMBER GIRLZ U ROCK)    ab 3.29
14Dancing Queen  (POWER MUSIC WORKOUT)    ab 3.39
16Kisses Of Fire  (POWER MUSIC WORKOUT)    ab 3.33
17Voulez-Vous  (STUDIO ARTIST)  {Karaoke}    ab
    Waterloo  (POWER MUSIC WORKOUT)  {Medley}    ab
23Voulez-Vous  (SUPERSTAR ORKESTAR)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.07
32Super Trouper  (The FIRE OF DANCE ENSEMBLE)  {ABBA-Medley}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (The FIRE OF DANCE ENSEMBLE)  {ABBA-Medley}    ab
    Waterloo  (The FIRE OF DANCE ENSEMBLE)  {ABBA-Medley}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (The FIRE OF DANCE ENSEMBLE)  {ABBA-Medley}    ab
33Voulez-Vous  (The FLIRTS)    ab 3.04
36Chiquitita  (The MUSICMAKERS)    ab 5.10
45The Winner Takes It All  (Uwe KRÖGER)    ab  
99Move On  (Rob ROCK)    ab  
6The Winner Takes It All  (Christophe LATILLEUX)  {Live}    ab  
7I Have A Dream  {The Instrumental Hits Of Westlife}    ab  
8When I Kissed The Teacher  (BLÅSBUS)    ab  
9ABBA 4ever  (BLASKAPELLE TSCHECHARANKA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
10ABBAesque  (LA-LE-LU)  {Karaoke}    ab  
11ABBAesque  (LA-LE-LU)  {Karaoke Version With Guide Melody}    ab  
13ABBA Goes Brass  (BRASSMEN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
14Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Elton GUNN GRAVDAL)    ab 3.41
15Dancing Queen  (PIANO PROJECT)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.49
16The Winner Takes It All  (David SCHULTZ)    ab 2.38
17The Winner Takes It All  (Zeb JAMMIN')    ab 5.46
18Money, Money, Money  (Jörgen INGMANN)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.59
19I Am Just A Girl  (Jörgen INGMANN)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.48
20Money, Money, Money  (Bødker Madsen SØREN)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.02
21The Winner Takes It All  (LOVE HUNTERS)    ab 5.30
22The Winner Takes It All  (ELEVEN EXPRESS)    ab 3.49
23The Winner Takes It All  (Fifield NATE)    ab 2.15
24Chiquitita  (Fifield NATE)    ab 2.43
25The Winner Takes It All  (Angela GARRISON)    ab 3.27
26The Winner Takes It All  (Alixandrea CORVYN)    ab 4.36
27The Winner Takes It All  (PIANISTA SULL'OCEANO)  {Instrumental Piano Version From "Mamma Mia" Soundtrack}    ab 3.08
28Dancing Queen  (REMIX KINGS)    ab 3.50
29Mamma Mia  (REMIX KINGS)    ab 4.55
30S.O.S.  (REMIX KINGS)    ab 4.58
31Gimme Some Lovin'  (REMIX KINGS) 3.38
32Dancing Queen  (IT'S NAVE)    ab 3.41
33Dancing Queen  (Francesco PARRINO)    ab 4.04
34Dancing Queen  (Steve FRANCIS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.27
35Take A Chance On Me  (The COMPANY+FILHARMONIKA)    ab 4.04
36Mamma Mia  (WORKOUT MUSIC TV)    ab 4.07
37Dancing Queen  (WORKOUT MUSIC TV)    ab 4.01
38Money, Money, Money  (WORKOUT MUSIC TV)    ab 4.13
39Mamma Mia  (Martin ALFSEN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
40Take A Chance On Me  (SID VICIOUS)    ab 4.56
41Anna Anna  (SUPER SINGERS)  {Finnish}    ab 2.04
42Prinsessa  (SUPER SINGERS)  {Finnish}    ab  
43Sen Kaiken Toinen Vie  (SUPER SINGERS)  {Finnish}    ab 1.50
44Waterloo  (SUPER SINGERS)  {Finnish}    ab 2.04
45Dancing Queen  (TIPSY)    ab 3.15
46Dancing Queen  (HARD EDM WORKOUT)    ab 2.30
47Mamma Mia  (HARD EDM WORKOUT)    ab 2.58
48Dancing Queen  (Tdashi AOYAMA)    ab 3.27
49I Have A Dream  {Dreams}    ab 4.37
50I Have A Dream  (PHILLIP)    ab 4.39
51'T Jaar Van 'T Kind  (De STRANGERS)  {Dutch}    ab 4.34
52Danke Menselief  (De STRANGERS)  {Dutch}    ab 3.58
53Chiquitita  (The LAST OASIS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.37
54The Winner Takes It All  (The LAST OASIS)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.30
55I Have A Dream  (Joe CONRAD)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.43
56When The White Roses Are Blooming In Petersburg  (Fred ADAMS) 3.36
57Honey, Honey  (PARTY TYME KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ab 2.50
58I Have A Dream  (PARTY TYME KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ab 4.42
59I Have A Dream  (BABY MUSIC FROM I'M IN RECORDS)    ab 4.34
60Mamma Mia  (Jasper FAWCETT)    ab 3.46
61Mamma Mia  {Monday Motivation}    ab 2.49
62Lay All Your Love On Me  (Vy PHUONG+Ly HOANG)    ab 4.50
64Honey, Honey  (Mamma Mia+Amanda SEYFRIED+Ashley LILLEY+Rachel MCDOWALL)  {Soundtrack}    mm 3.07
65Honey Sweet  (BLOSSOMS) 3.35
66Super Trouper  (TRAXLAB)  {Instrumental}    ab 5.04
67Fernando  (Richard ABEL)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.50
68Chiquitita  (Nolberto ALKLA)    ab 2.35
69Chiquitita  (LA CUMBIA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.19
70Chiquitita  (Edgar RED)    ab 5.27
71Super Trouper  (The OUTBREAKER)    ab 4.05
72Mamma Mia  (DANCE FEVER)    ab 3.36
73Mamma Mia  (LIFELINE)    ab 3.39
74Dancing Queen  (Martin RIVERFIELD+The WHEELS OF FORTUNE BAND)    ab 3.54
75Dancing Queen  (Sungha JUNG)    ab 4.00
76Happy New Year  (Sungha JUNG)    ab 4.24
77Money, Money, Money  (Sungha JUNG)    ab 2.43
78The Winner Takes It All  (Sungha JUNG)    ab 5.13
79Dancing Queen  (SHAPE 'N' UP)    ab 3.53
80Dancing Queen  (FIT 'N' FUN)    ab 3.53
81Rahaa, Rahaa, Rahaa  (Virve ROSTI)  {Other Language}    ab 3.07
82Super Trouper  (SCANDIK)    ab 3.47
83Gimmie Gimme Good Lovin'  (Dave CARROLL,+ALISSA & THE SING SING FOUR) 2.33
84Voulez-Vous  (Lakis TZORNTANELLI)    ab 4.34
85So Long  (GIOVANNA)    ab 3.32
86Gimme Gimme Your Loving  (The LUST) 4.04
87Cassandra  (The LUST)    ab 3.46
88Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (The LUST)    ab 3.41
89Does Your Mother Know  (The SHAKEN BAKERS)    ab 2.52
90Waterloo  (Georges JOUVIN)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.43
91Waterloo  (The COMMON PEOPLE)    ab 2.40
92When All Is Said And Done  (Wynand BREEDT)    ab 3.18
93Ring Ring  (Tuula ETOLA)  {Finnish}    ab 3.13
94Fernando  (Tuula ETOLA)  {Finnish}    ab 4.14
95Ring Ring  (OSMOS COSMOS)    ab 3.07
96Hasta Mañana  (DJ FRECCIA)    ab 3.00
97The Way Old Friends Do  (Geraldine SEXTON)    ab 3.21
98Arrival  (VICTORIA POLICE SHOWBAND)    ab 2.08
99The Way Old Friends Do  (VICTORIA POLICE SHOWBAND)    ab 2.34
 The Way Old Friends Do  (The WILLOUGHBY BROTHERS)    ab
1The Way Old Friends Do  (MUSIKVEREIN 1819 GÖGE-HOHENTENGEN)  {Instrumental Live}    ab 4.04
2The Way Old Friends Do  (SAINT PETER'S MALE VOICE CHOIR)    ab 2.42
3The Way Old Friends Do  (The BARRA MACNEILS) 3.47
4The Way Old Friends Do  (GAËTAN)    ab 3.28
5The Way Old Friends Do  (LONDON GAY MEN'S CHORUS)    ab 3.06
6The Way Old Friends Do  (MR BLUE)    ab 2.25
7The Way Old Friends Do  (Bernard HENRY)    ab 2.33
8The Way Old Friends Do  (Finbar WRIGHT)    ab 3.21
9The Way Old Friends Do  (Gail RUSSELL)    ab 3.19
10The Way Old Friends Do  (Dirkjan RANZIJN)  {Live}    ab 4.13
11The Way Old Friends Do  (Moira ANDERSON)    ab 3.27
12The Way Old Friends Do  (REGIMENTAL BAND)    ab 3.00
13The Way Old Friends Do  (Carl WILSON)    ab 4.10
14Time Marches On  (Doris MALACHY) 4.05
15The Way Old Friends Do  (Doris MALACHY)    ab 1.19
16The Way Old Friends Do  (Donal LEACE)    ab 3.45
17The Way Old Friends Do  (Ralph NAPOLITANO)    ab 2.33
18Bang A Boomerang  (HEARTCLUB)  {Fitness Version 130 Bpm}    ab 3.44
19When I Kissed The Teacher  (LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM)    ab 3.19
20When I Kissed The Teacher  (ULTRADANCE)    ab 2.54
21When I Kissed The Teacher  (INSTAHIT CREW)    ab 2.54
22Mean  (INSTAHIT CREW) 4.07
23The Name Of The Game  (UNINSPIRATION CHILLOUT GODS)    ab 3.32
24One Man, One Woman  (UNINSPIRATION CHILLOUT GODS)  {Chill-Out Version}    ab 3.03
25I Wonder (Departure)  (MM7 SECRET JAZZ)    ab 4.04
26As Good, As New  (The VOCAL MASTERS)    ab 3.24
27Dancing Queen  (The VOCAL MASTERS)    ab 3.40
28Fernando  (The VOCAL MASTERS)    ab 4.33
29Honey, Honey  (The VOCAL MASTERS)    ab 3.15
30I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (The VOCAL MASTERS)    ab 3.29
31I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (SANTA FE EXPRESS)    ab 3.24
32I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (Barry HALL)    ab 2.35
33Money, Money, Money  (Barry HALL)    ab 3.13
34I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (MUZAK ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.38
35I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (STARLITE ENSEMBLE)    ab 3.19
36I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (TMC BROADWAY STARS)    ab 3.19
37Waterloo  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 2.48
38I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.16
39Honey, Honey  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.06
40Super Trouper  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 4.20
41Dancing Queen  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.55
42Thank You For The Music  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.48
43I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (SUMMIT BAND)    ab 2.50
44I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (WYNDHAM REGENCY INTERNATIONAL)    ab 2.27
45Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (SISTER EVE+The SCHMIEDS)    ab 4.14
46Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (The MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR+Sissel KYRKJEBÖ)    ab 5.01
47Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Roon STAAL)    ab 4.24
48Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Tossia CORMAN)    ab 4.36
49¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (LORE G+HOMBRES DE CUMBIA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.01
50Gracias Por La Música  (Maria-José QUINTANILLA+Carolina SOTO)  {Spanish}    ab 2.24
51Mamma Mia  (ESTUDIOS TALKBACK)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.52
52Chiquitita  (ESTUDIOS TALKBACK)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.25
53Dancing Queen  (ESTUDIOS TALKBACK)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.42
54Fernando  (ESTUDIOS TALKBACK)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.00
55Gracias Por La Música  (ESTUDIOS TALKBACK)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.28
56Super Trouper  (ESTUDIOS TALKBACK)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.52
57Dancing Queen  (COUNT DEE SILVER DISCO EXPLOSION)    ab 3.48
59Asi, Asi  (Hana ZAGOROVA+Petr REZEK)  {Czech}    ab 2.51
60Já A Honva A Honzùv Brácha  (Miluska VOBORNÍKOVÁ)  {Czech}    ab 2.47
61Mamma Mia  (PARTY GROUP)    ab 2.53
62Dancing Queen  (MINIPOP KIDS)    ab 3.34
63S.O.S.  (MINIPOP KIDS)    ab 3.36
64Mamma Mia  (MINIPOP KIDS)    ab 3.30
65La Reina Del Baile  (Naira RODRIGO+Paloma GRUESO)  {Spanish}    ab 3.44
66La Reina Del Baile  (El GRUPO JUVENIL)  {Spanish}    ab 3.54
67Chiquitita  (El GRUPO JUVENIL)  {Spanish}    ab 4.57
68La Reina De Los Mares  (El GRUPO JUVENIL)  {Spanish} 1.30
69Conociéndome, Conociéndote  (Phil CONWAY+FREE GROUP)  {Spanish}    ab 3.57
70Va Todo Al Ganador  (KARINA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.15
71Va Todo Al Ganador  (Rocío BANQUELLS)  {Spanish}    ab 4.29
72Va Todo Al Ganador  (David ERAYA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.34
73Va Todo Al Ganador  (Miguel SOTOMAYOR)  {Spanish}    ab 3.48
74Va Todo Al Ganador  (ACORDES)  {Spanish}    ab 4.07
75Sólo Hay Un Ganador  (MASTER KUMBIA)  {Spanish}    ab 3.23
76Sólo Hay Un Ganador  (AGATA)  {Spanish}    ab 3.41
77¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (JAVIERA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.11
78¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (LORE G+HOMBRES DE CUMBIA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.01
79¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (The ZALCHICHOS)  {Spanish}    ab 2.39
80¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (LA MUCHACHADA)  {Spanish}    ab 3.15
81¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (LATINO BOOM)  {Spanish}    ab 4.15
82¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (FUERZA 4)  {Spanish}    ab 4.02
83Chiquitita  (Las BOBES SINGUERS)  {Spanish} 3.25
84Dancing Queen  (Las BOBES SINGUERS)    ab 3.42
85Gracias Por La Música  (Las BOBES SINGUERS)  {Spanish}    ab 4.13
86Mamma Mia  (Katrina MAIER)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.52
87Fernando  (Katrina MAIER)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.00
88Gracias Por La Música  (Katrina MAIER)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.28
89Super Trouper  (Katrina MAIER)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.52
90Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht  (Elena NUZMAN)  {German}    ab 4.59
91Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht  (HIT ALLSTARS)  {German}    ab 4.45
92Mich Trägt Mein Traum  (FRANKY & THE MOONWALKERS)  {German}    ab 4.44
93Dancing Queen  (FRANKY & THE MOONWALKERS)    ab 3.44
94Danke Für Die Lieder  (FRANKY & THE MOONWALKERS)  {German}    ab 2.38
95Danke Für Die Lieder  (Kristin REMPT)  {German}    ab 3.51
96Thank You For The Music  (Kristin REMPT)    ab 3.49
97Zoals Vrienden Doen  (AMIRA)  {Dutch}    ab 3.15
98Mamma Mia  (AMBER LEIGH IRISH)  {Acoustic}    ab 2.56
99Mamma Mia  (Jake ORYN)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.59
 Money, Money, Money  (ETON COLLEGE CHAPEL CHOIR)    ab
1Dum Dum Diddle  (SVEND NICOLAISEN OG HANS ORKESTER)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.56
2Nina, Pretty Ballerina  (SVEND NICOLAISEN OG HANS ORKESTER)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.50
3Money, Money, Money  (SVEND NICOLAISEN OG HANS ORKESTER)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.53
4Super Trouper  (PHILHARMONIC WIND ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.34
5Super Trouper  (POP 80 ORCHESTRA)    ab 4.05
6S.O.S.  (FANCY PANTS)    ab 3.40
7Does Your Mother Know  (FANCY PANTS)    ab 4.25
8Chiquitita  (ROMMY & SU SAX MARAVILLOSO)  {Instrumental}    ab 6.45
9Chiquitita  (AMISTOSOS DE LA SIERRA)  {Spanish}    ab  
10Chiquitita  (Jackie MURRAY)  {Instrumental}    ab 1.58
11Chiquitita  (Real HUASTECA)  {Spanish}    ab 2.37
12Chiquitita  (CORPO E ALMA)  {Portuguese}    ab 4.15
13Chiquitita  (Richard ABEL)  {Spanish}    ab 5.35
14Chiquitita  (Mary JONES)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.41
15Voulez-Vous  (HAM)    ab 3.43
16Voulez-Vous  (Morgana LEFAY)    ab 4.27
17Thank You For The Music  (Jo JASPER)    ab 4.04
18Thank You For The Music  (Henrik SCHOUW)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.13
19Waterloo  (ALTER EGO)    ab 2.24
20Waterloo  (Daniela SIMMONS)    ab 3.42
21Happy New Year  (CLOUD9JHAY)    ab 1.58
22Happy New Year  (Rod M SANCHEZ)    ab 3.18
23Happy New Year  (Solfrid GAVANG)    ab 4.25
24When All Is Said And Done  (The RANDOM HUBIAK BAND)    ab 5.00
25The Way Old Friends Do  (LAGANA)    ab 2.54
26I'M A Marionette  (Melissa LANGTON)    ab 5.42
27The Visitors  (Zlata DZARDANOVA)    ab 5.52
28Nina, Pretty Ballerina  (KIM & HALLO)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.09
29Nina, Pretty Ballerina  (Bryan SMITH)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.40
30Put On Your White Sombrero  (STEELBAND BURGDORF)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.13
31The Name Of The Game  (UNINSPIRATION CHILLOUT GODS)  {Chill-Out Version}    ab 3.32
32Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (The MOONLIGHT SHADOWS)    ab 4.07
33Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (Bengt HENNINGS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.10
34Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)  (POWER MUSIC WORKOUT)    ab 3.43
35Jak Se Tak Dívám ,Chorus,Sbor Lubomíra Pánka*,Conductor...  (Václav NECKÁR)  
36Super Trouper  {Most Rated Miami Disco Tales Edition}    ab 4.13
37Chiquitita  {Spanish Bachatas Legendarias}    ab 3.56
38Dancing Queen  (Los TOMAZOS DEL MOMENTO)    ab 3.33
39Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (MUSIC FACTORY)    ab 4.44
40Mamma Mia  (MUSIC FACTORY)    ab 3.36
41S.O.S.  (MUSIC FACTORY)    ab 3.14
42The Winner Takes It All  (MUSIC FACTORY)    ab 5.08
43Fernando  (MUSIC FACTORY)    ab 4.15
44Waterloo  (MUSIC FACTORY)    ab 2.53
45Mamma Mia  (Los CHICOS)  {Spanish}    ab  
46Reina Danzante  (Los CHICOS)  {Spanish}    ab  
47Mamma Mia  {Grandes Musicales}    ab  
48Chiquitita  {Los Mejores Musicales}    ab  
49Mitha Maze Dar  (SALMA & SABINA)  {Hindi}    ab 4.05
50The Winner Takes It All  (Franz LAMBERT)  {Instrumental Pop-Orgel Hitparade 7}    ab 1.17
51I Have A Dream  (Nana MOUSKOURI)    ab 4.36
52Thank You For The Music  (The NOLAN SISTERS)    ab 4.12
53Bang A Boomerang  (The MAVIS'S)    ab  
60Dancing Queen  (SEXBOMB GIRLS)    ab  
61Dancing Queen  (Las SEVENTIES)    ab  
62Dancing Queen  (Fatman MASTER)    ab  
63Dancing Queen  (REDD KROSS)    ab 4.48
64Dancing Queen  (Regine VELASQUEZ)    ab 4.41
65Dancing Queen  (Ronnie ALDRICH)  {Instrumental}    ab  
66Dancing Queen  (The BEAT CRUSADERS)    ab  
67Dancing Queen  (LAURA)    ab 5.08
68Dancing Queen  (WU HOU ZHI HOU PIN GUAN)    ab 3.55
69Dancing Queen  (LOVE SIS)    ab 2.47
70Dancing Queen  (BRE)  {Live}    ab 3.07
71Dancing Queen  {De Miim Para Ti}    ab 3.47
72Dancing Queen  {Oneminutebeforenine}    ab 3.37
73Dancing Queen  (TUTZ & MM'S)    ab 4.31
74Dancing Queen  (Angklung JOHOR)    ab 2.41
75Dancing Queen  (HAGGIS)    ab 2.51
76Dancing Queen  (MIU-CLIPS)    ab 4.16
77Dancing Queen  (EXQUISITE BAND)    ab 3.48
78Dancing Queen  (Sune ALEXANDERSEN)  {Sune sings ABBA}    ab 3.56
79Dancing Queen  (Shirley KWAN+Ming Wong YIU)    ab 3.41
80The Way Old Friends Do  (FOSTER & ALLEN)    ab 3.04
81Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Tizkej POKONDR)  {Czech}    ab 3.54
82Slumecné Pobrezi  (Vera SPINAROVÁ)  {Czech}    ab 3.59
83Fernando  (Vera SPINAROVÁ)  {Czech}    ab  
84Ich Brauch' Deine Liebe  (Andreas MARTIN)  {German}    ab 4.39
86Andante, Andante  (Paul SAHLIN)  {Swedish}    ab 3.59
87Angeleyes  (Jörgen INGMANN)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.06
89La Reina Del Baile  (El GRAN JEFE)  {Spanish Live}    ab  
90Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (A PERFECT CIRCLE)    ab  
92S.O.S.  (APOCALYPTICA)    ab  
93Mamma Mia  (Axel FERNANDO)    ab  
94Venga El Amor  (Bruno LOMAS)  {Spanish}    ab 2.44
95The Winner Takes It All  (Christophe LARTILLEUX)  {Instrumental From Album Toujours Origine Manouche}    ab  
96¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (EDURNE)  {Spanish}    ab 4.31
97Chiquitita  (Kussi WAYRA)    ab  
98Chiquitita  (LLACTA)    ab  
99Hasta Mañana  (LLACTA)    ab  
 Mamma Mia  (Los CHICOS DE PUERTO RICO)  {Spanish Live}    ab
1Super Trouper  (PALAST ORCHESTER)    ab  
2Super Trouper  (POULYCROC)    ab  
3Crazy World  (Richard ASHCROFT)    ab  
4Chiquitita  (TORMENTA)  {Spanish}    ab 5.24
5S.O.S.  (TROJE)  {German}    ab  
6Take A Chance On Me  (VOICE MALE)    ab 3.49
7Dancing Queen  (The YAHOOS)    ab  
8Dancing Queen  (Kalomoira SARANTI+Giwrgos XRISTOU)    ab  
17Mamma Mia  (The SOUND OF MUSICAL ORCHESTRA)  {German}    ab 3.19
18I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (The SOUND OF MUSICAL ORCHESTRA)    ab  
19Happy New Year  (COUNT DEE'S HIT EXPLOSION)    ab  
20Super Trouper  (EIGHT GROUP)    ab  
21I Have A Dream  (FOSTER & ALLEN)    ab  
22Hasta Mañana  (Klaus HALLEN)    ab  
23Summer Night City  (Mel BOTES)    ab  
32The Winner Takes It All  (NEW SYNTETISER EXPERIENCE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
33Slipping Through My Fingers  (Sandy HILL)    ab  
34Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Anja LERCH+Frank SICHMANN)    ab  
35Dancing Queen  (PARIS MUSIC)  {Karaoke Originally Performed By ABBA)}    ab  
36The Winner Takes It All  (Alex GREM)  {Instrumental Music Love Silence 2019}    ab  
37Mamma Mia  (Assia AHHATT)  {Instrumental}    ab  
38Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Alice BANAN)    ab  
39The Winner Takes It All  (CORNWALL)  {Live}    ab 5.31
40ABBA-Medley  (Echt BÖHMISCH)  {Instrumental (Super Trouper & The Winner Takes It All)}    ab  
41Mamma Mia  (Gian NOBILEE)    ab  
42La Reina Del Baile  (Belen GREY)  {Spanish}    ab  
43Chiquitita  (Jc AQUARIUS)    ab  
44Dancing Queen  (LUR)    ab  
45Chiquitita  (MARTY+John VAN DE VEN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
46I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (Max GREGER)  {Instrumental}    ab  
47Dancing Queen  (Pablo ROBINO)  {Instrumental}    ab  
48Chiquitita  (Rafael DOMINGUEZ)  {Instrumental}    ab  
49Chiquitita  (Sahrel LOPEZ “EL BOY”)  {Spanish}    ab  
50Take A Chance On Me  (Stanford COUNTERPOINT)    ab  
52¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (TEOREMA)  {Spanish}    ab  
53The Winner Takes It All  (The CASINO GANGBUSTERS)    ab  
54Waterloo  (The WYNNERS)    ab  
55The Winner Takes It All  (TOUCH OF CLASS)    ab  
56Fernando  (VIKINGARNA)  {Instrumental Karaoke}    ab  
57Chiquitita  (Wade BAYNHAM)    ab  
58Super Trouper )  (WORKOUT MUSIC TV)  {Tabata Remix}    ab  
59Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (ZAUBERLEHRLING)    ab  
60Dancing Queen  (BLUE CIMBAL)    ab  
61Dancing Queen  (DJ IN THE NIGHT)    ab  
62The Way Old Friends Do  (Eve GRAHAM)    ab  
63Take A Chance On Me  (FILHARMONIKA+The COMPANY)    ab  
64Dancing Queen  (Georg ERIXON)    ab  
65Money, Money, Money  (HEARTCLUB)  {Fitness Version}    ab 4.31
66Lay All Your Love On Me  (Ly HOANG+Vy PHUONG)    ab  
67Medley  (INCANTO QUARTET)  {The Winner Takes It All & Dancing Queen & Mamma Mia}    ab  
68ABBA Medley  (Lea SALONGA)  {Live Mamma Mia & Take A Chance On Me & Dancing Queen}    ab  
69Dancing Queen  (NICKY BARBATO PROJECT)    ab  
70When All Is Said And Done  (Riaan STEYN+Wynand BREEDT)    ab  
71Medley  (Sarah JORY)  {Waterloo & Mamma Mia & Sos & Fernando & Dancing Queen & Knowing Me Knowing You & Thank You For The Music}    ab  
72ABBA Medley  (The DAN BAND)  {Live}    ab  
73I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (The SOUNDTRACK STUDIO STARS)    ab  
74One Man, One Woman  (UNINSPIRATION CHILLOUT GODS)    ab  
75As Good, As New  (VEE SING ZONE)    ab  
76Dancing Queen  (VEE SING ZONE)    ab  
77Fernando  (VEE SING ZONE)    ab  
78Honey, Honey  (VEE SING ZONE)    ab  
79I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (VEE SING ZONE)    ab  
80The Way Old Friends Do  (Viera BLECH)    ab  
81Dancing Queen (Running Workout Mix)  (WORKOUT MUSIC)    ab  
82Hasta Mañana  (DJ FRECCIA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
83Chiquitita  (Gabriel MARTELL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
84Dancing Queen  (Gabriel MARTELL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
85Mamma Mia  (Gabriel MARTELL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
86Slipping Through My Fingers  (Gabriel MARTELL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
87Chiquitita  (GRUPO HERSA MUSICAL)  {Spanish}    ab  
88I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (Ingmar NORDSTRÖMS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
89Chiquitita  (KINGDOM KIDS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
90The Winner Takes It All  (KINGDOM KIDS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
91The Way Old Friends Do  (REGIMENTAL BAND)  {Instrumental}    ab  
92Danke Für Die Lieder  (WESTFALIA BIG BAND)  {Karaoke}    ab  
93Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Alain MORISOD+SWEET PEOPLE)  {French}    ab  
94Bate Miezul Nop II  (Forma Ia HERA)  {Russian}    ab  
95Eu Am Un Vis  (Forma Ia HERA)  {Russian}    ab  
96La Fel Ca Noi  (Forma Ia HERA)  {Russian}    ab  

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