datABBAse - CD

CHESS COVERS - Famous Chess Tribute

Release Date: 2011
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Thorsven Records House Label


1One Night In Bangkok  (A*TEENS)    ch3.30
2Jeder Gegen Jeden Allein  (Angelika MILSTER+Mats HELLGREEN)  {German}    ch4.01
3Ich Kann Ihn Verstehen  (Angelika MILSTER+Dagmar HELLBERG)  {German}    ch4.15
4Someone Else'S Story  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    ab3.59
5Heaven Help My Heart  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    ch3.17
6I Know Him So Well  (Barbra STREISAND)  {From Chess (Album Session Outtake)}    ch4.07
7Merano  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch4.21
8The Arbiter  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch4.05
9Embassy Lament  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch1.30
10I Know Him So Well  (Cissy HOUSTON+Whitney HOUSTON)    ch4.32
11I Know Him So Well  (Dana WINNER+Belle PEREZ)  {Live}    ch 
12One Night In Bangkok  (David ESSEX)    ch4.40
13Anthem  (De DRIE BARITONS)    ch 
14Heaven Help My Heart  (Delia HANNAH)    ch3.51
15Someone Else'S Story  (Dennis De YOUNG)    ab3.36
16Where I Want To Be  (Dennis De YOUNG)    ch 
17I Know Him So Well  (Emily SKINNER+Alice SKINNER)    ch3.58
18Where I Want To Be  (Frances RUFFELLE)    ch3.57
19Crilu' In Bangkok  (H.P. PROJECT)  {Italians}    ch4.11
20Anthem  (Jan WERNER)    ch4.34
21One Night In Bangkok  (Jan WERNER)    ch5.06
22You And I  (Jan WERNER+Elisabeth ANDREASSEN)    ch3.38
23I Know Him So Well  (Joanna AMPIL)    ch3.51
24I Know Him So Well  (Jodie GILLIES)    ch4.04
25I Know Him So Well  (John BARROWMAN+Daniel BOYS)    ch4.01
26Pity The Child  (John MILES)    ch4.35
27Anthem  (John OWEN-JONES)    ch3.18
28I Know Him So Well  (Judy COLLINS)    ch4.08
29Bei Nacht In Bangkok  (Jurgen DREWS)  {German}    ch3.49
30Anthem  (Kerry ELLIS)    ch3.17
31Anthem  (Lasse WELLANDER)  {Instrumental}    af3.14
32Chess  (Lasse WELLANDER)  {Instrumental}    af3.43
33Someone Else'S Story  (Lea SALONGA)  {Live}    ab5.07
34Anthem  (Linda EDER)    ch3.13
35Nobody'S Side  (Lisa RICHARD)    ch 
36I Know Him So Well  (Maria ARREDONDO)    ch 
37I Know Him So Well  (Melanie STACE+Petula CLARK)    ch4.03
38Anthem  (Michael BALL)  {Chess}    ch 
39Someone Else'S Story  (Michele MILANO)    ab 
40The Story Of Chess  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch3.12
41Anthem  (Niklas ANDERSSON)  {Swedish}    ch 
42You And I  (Niklas ANDERSSON+Åsa FÅNG)  {Swedish}    ch 
43Vem Ser Ett Barn  (Peter JÖBACK)  {Swedish}    ch4.40
44Ja O Nem Vim Sve  (Petra JANU+Hana ZAGOROVA)  {Czech}    ch4.05
45I Know Him So Well  (Petula CLARK)    ch4.12
46Nobody'S Side  (Pia DOUWES+Uwe KRONER)    ch3.11
47Where I Want To Be  (Rebecca SPENCER)    ch 
48I Know Him So Well  (Richard CLAYDERMAN)  {Instrumental}    ch4.07
49One Night In Bangkok  (Robey POWDERWORKS)  {7'' Radio Edit Version}    ch3.46
50I Know Him So Well  (The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ch 
51I Know Him So Well  (Sally-Ann TRIPLETT+Katrina MURPHY)    ch 
52I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)    ch4.14
53Pity The Child  (Steve BLANCHARD)    ch 
54Pity The Child  (Stig ROSSEN)  {Live This Is The Moment}    ch5.41
55Un Monde Irréel  (TEMPOKIDS)  {French}    ch 
56Anthem  (Nick INGMAN)  {From Chess}    ch3.05
57Anthem  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Live Rakt Upp Och Ner}    tk 
58I Know Him So Well  (TOP OF THE POPPERS)    ch4.10
59Medley Someone Else'S Story & Where I Want To Be  (Walter LOCHMANN+Andrea MALEK)    ab 
60Pity The Child  (Romdal Yngve GASOY)    ch 

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