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_Various - Famous Chess Tribute

Release Date: 2011
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_Chess CoversSinger
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1One Night In Bangkok  (A*TEENS)    ch 3.30
2Jeder Gegen Jeden Allein  (Angelika MILSTER+Mats HELLGREEN)  {German}    ch 4.01
3Ich Kann Ihn Verstehen  (Angelika MILSTER+Dagmar HELLBERG)  {German}    ch 4.15
4Someone Else'S Story  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    ch 3.59
5Heaven Help My Heart  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    ch 3.17
6I Know Him So Well  (Barbra STREISAND)  {From Chess (Album Session Outtake)}    ch 4.07
7Merano  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch 4.21
8The Arbiter  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch 4.05
9Embassy Lament  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch 1.30
10I Know Him So Well  (Cissy HOUSTON+Whitney HOUSTON)    ch 4.32
11I Know Him So Well  (Dana WINNER+Belle PEREZ)  {Live}    ch  
12One Night In Bangkok  (David ESSEX)    ch 4.40
13Anthem  (De DRIE BARITONS)    ch 2.53
14Heaven Help My Heart  (Delia HANNAH)    ch 3.51
15Someone Else'S Story  (Dennis De YOUNG)    ch 3.36
16Where I Want To Be  (Dennis De YOUNG)    ch 3.24
17I Know Him So Well  (Emily SKINNER+Alice SKINNER)    ch 3.58
18Where I Want To Be  (Frances RUFFELLE)    ch 3.57
19Crilu' In Bangkok  (H.P. PROJECT)  {Italians}    ch 4.11
20Anthem  (Jan WERNER)    ch 4.34
21One Night In Bangkok  (Jan WERNER)    ch 5.06
22You And I  (Jan WERNER)    ch 3.38
23I Know Him So Well  (Joanna AMPIL)    ch 3.51
24I Know Him So Well  (Jodie GILLIES)    ch 4.04
25I Know Him So Well  (John BARROWMAN+Daniel BOYS)    ch 4.01
26Pity The Child  (John MILES)    ch 4.35
27Anthem  (John OWEN-JONES)    ch 3.18
28I Know Him So Well  (Judy COLLINS)    ch 4.08
29Bei Nacht In Bangkok  (Jurgen DREWS)  {German}    ch 3.49
30Anthem  (Kerry ELLIS)    ch 3.17
31Anthem  (Lasse WELLANDER)  {Instrumental}    af 3.14
32Chess  (Lasse WELLANDER)  {Instrumental}    af 3.43
33Someone Else'S Story  (Lea SALONGA)  {Live}    ch 5.07
34Anthem  (Linda EDER)    ch 3.13
35Nobody'S Side  (Lisa RICHARD)    ch  
36I Know Him So Well  (Maria ARREDONDO)    ch  
37I Know Him So Well  (Melanie STACE+Petula CLARK)    ch 4.03
38Anthem  (Michael BALL)  {Chess}    ch  
39Someone Else'S Story  (Michele MILANO)    ch  
40The Story Of Chess  (The NEW MUSICAL CAST)    ch 3.12
41Anthem  (Niklas ANDERSSON)  {Swedish}    ch  
42You And I  (Niklas ANDERSSON+Åsa FÅNG)  {Swedish}    ch  
43Vem Ser Ett Barn  (Peter JÖBACK)  {Swedish}    ch 4.40
44Ja O Nem Vim Sve  (Petra JANU+Hana ZAGOROVA)  {Czech}    ch 4.05
45I Know Him So Well  (Petula CLARK)    ch 4.12
46Nobody'S Side  (Pia DOUWES+Uwe KRONER)    ch 3.11
47Where I Want To Be  (Rebecca SPENCER)    ch  
48I Know Him So Well  (Richard CLAYDERMAN)  {Instrumental}    ch 4.07
49One Night In Bangkok  (Robey POWDERWORKS)  {7'' Radio Edit Version}    ch 3.46
50I Know Him So Well  (The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ch  
51I Know Him So Well  (Sally-Ann TRIPLETT+Katrina MURPHY)    ch  
52I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)    ch 4.14
53Pity The Child  (Steve BLANCHARD)    ch  
54Pity The Child  (Stig ROSSEN)  {Live This Is The Moment}    ch 5.41
55Un Monde Irréel  (TEMPOKIDS)  {French}    ch  
56Anthem  (Nick INGMAN)  {From Chess}    ch 3.05
57Anthem  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Live at Berwaldhallen}    tk  
58I Know Him So Well  (TOP OF THE POPPERS)    ch 4.10
59Medley Someone Else'S Story & Where I Want To Be  (Walter LOCHMANN+Andrea MALEK)    bb  
60Pity The Child  (Romdal Yngve GASOY)    ch  

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