datABBAse - CD

Marshall Crenshaw - Live...My Truck Is My Home

Release Date: 1994
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English
Version: Live


Marshall CrenshawSinger


1Fantastic Planet Of Love  {Live} 4.38
2Wanda And Duane  {Live} 4.17
3You'Re My Favorite Waste Of Time  {Live} 3.30
4Vague Memory  {Live} 3.16
5Tonight  {Live} 3.10
6Calling Out For Love  {Live (At Crying Time)} 4.46
7Twine Time  {Live} 4.05
8Julie  {Live} 2.38
9Cynical Girl  {Live} 2.50
10Have You Seen Her Face  {Live} 2.56
11There She Goes Again  {Live} 2.47
12Girls  {Live} 3.04
13Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Live}    ab 4.19
14You Should'Ve Been There  {Live} 4.06

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