datABBAse - LP

Hep Stars - Hep Stars Bästa Del 2

Release Date: 1978
Support: LP (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Catalogue Number: 4E-054---35526
Language: English


The Hep StarsSinger
EmiHouse Label
OlgaHouse Label


1No Response    he 1.37
2Malaika    he 2.48
3The Birds In The Sky    he 3.11
4When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again    he 2.45
5Like You Used To Do    he 2.59
6She Will Love You    he 2.42
7Lonesome Town    he 3.14
8A Tribute To Buddy Holly    he 2.48
9Should I    he 2.56
10Donna    he 2.50
11Mot Okänt Land  {Swedish}    he 3.04
12It'S Nice To Be Back    he 2.35
13Bird Dog    he 1.54
14Don'T    he 3.06

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