datABBAse - DVD

BOOTLEG - Best Of 2011 DVD

Release Date: 2012
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Thorsven Records House Label


1Gay Gala 2011  (Björn)  {Video}    bj6.27
2Kristina In Finland  (Kristina+B&B)  {Swedish Video}    kr10.31
3Happy Birthday Fan Club  (B&B)  {Video 25th Anniversary}    bb0.40
4Puzzle 7 & 8  (Mamma Mia)  {French Video Off TV}    mm9.39
5La Grande Soirée ABBA  (Björn)  {Video}    bj2.02
6Pressinfot  (Kristina)  {Video}    kr3.39
7Zermatt Umplugged  (Frida)  {Video}    fr0.34
8In Studio  (BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER)  {Video}    ba3.29
9Le Phénomène ABBA  (Björn)  {Video}    bj9.29
10Gävledala  (Benny)  {Video}    be1.52
11Moraeus Med Mera  (BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER)  {Video}    ba15.19
12What'S The Name Of The Dame  (Benny)  {Video Trailer}    be1.46
13Max Hole Launched Chinese Version Of Mamma Mia  (Björn)  {Video}    bj2.27
14Skavlan  (Benny+Ludvig ANDERSSON)  {Video}    be58.13
15At Zurich Film Festival  (Frida)  {Video}    fr0.28
1My Way  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Video Live Qx Gay Gala}    tk4.49
2S.O.S.  (Chris DE BURGH)  {Videoclip}    ab3.18
3The Name Of The Game  (PETER AND THE WOLVETTES)  {Video}    ab4.55
4Eagle  (Janne SCHAFFER+ELECTRIC BANANA BAND+Johan BODING)  {Video Live}    af7.45
5S.O.S.  (VERSANT)  {Video}    ab4.48
6La Grande Soirée ABBA  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {French Video}    ab
    Waterloo  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (Inna MODJA+Natascha SAINT-PIER)  {Video Live La Grande Soiree ABBA}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  (Julie ZENATTI)  {Video Live La Grande Soiree ABBA}    ab
    Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Jean-Pierre MADER+EMILE & IMAGE)  {Video Live La Grande Soiree ABBA}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (SHY'M)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    Chiquitita  (CHICO & LES GYPSIES)  {Spanish Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    Super Trouper  (Elisa TOVATI+JUDITH & YCARE)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    Take A Chance On Me  (Natascha SAINT-PIER)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    S.O.S.  (Claire PÉROT+Emmanuel MOIRE)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    Fernando  (Arielle DOMBASLE)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    Thank You For The Music  (Emmanuel MOIRE)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
    I Have A Dream  (Amaury VASSILI)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
7Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Nina HAGEN)  {Video Personal Jesus Tour Paris}    ab3.57
8Waterloo  (Les ENFOIRES)  {Video Live}    ab2.32
9The Name Of The Game  (Pernilla ANDERSSON+Nina PERSSON)  {Video Live Täck För Musiken}    ab4.13
10The Winner Takes It All  (Solveig SLETTAHJELL)  {Video}    ab5.10
11Mamma Mia  (AFTER DARK)  {Video Live Den Flygande Mattan}    ab2.44
12I Know Him So Well  (Susan BOYLE+Géraldine MCQUEEN)  {Video Comicrelief}    ch4.12
13You Have To Be There  (Susan BOYLE)  {Video}    kr4.08
14E Tudo Ao Vencedor  (Mamma Mia)  {Portuguese Video Brazilian Cast}    mm4.19
15Money, Money, Money  (Mamma Mia)  {Video Chineese}    mm
    Dancing Queen  (Mamma Mia)  {Video Chinese Version}    mm
16Polar Music Prize  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Video}    ab
    Distant Fingers  (Anna JÄRVINEN)  {Video Live Polar Music Prize}
    Frederick  (DUNGEN)  {Video Live Polar Music Prize}
    People Have The Power  (The ARK)  {Video Live Polar Music Prize}
    Because The Night  (Veronica MAGGIO)  {Video Live Polar Music Prize}

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