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_Comedies Musicales - 100 Musical-Hits

Release Date: 2005
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: [?]
Language: English


1Music Of The Night  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
2Mamma Mia  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
3Memory  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
4You'Re The One That I Want  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
5Can You Feel The Love Tonight  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
6Don'T Cry For Me Argentina  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    hs
7Starlight Express  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
8America  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
9On My Own  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
10Aquarius/ Let The Sunshine In  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    fr
11Jesus Christ Superstar  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    aa
12Honey, Honey  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
13Something'S Coming  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
14The Music And The Mirror  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
15Cabaret  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
16Hello, Dolly!  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
17You Must Love Me  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
18I Could Have Danced All Night  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
19I Know Him So Well  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ch
20One Night In Bangkok  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ch
1Grease  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
2Circle Of Life  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
3Any Dream Will Do  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
4Think Of Me  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
5Santa Evita  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
6Three-Five-Zero-Zero  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
7One Hand One Heart  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
8The Y´Journey To The Heaveyside Layer  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
9Beauty And The Beast  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    tk
10Masquerade  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
11Manchester England  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
12I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
13King Of Pride Rock  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
14Freddy, My Love  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
15Crazy  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
16Don'T Out It Down  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
17Buenos Aires  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
18Empty Chairs At Empty Tables  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
19Waterloo  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
1Hair  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
2On This Night Of A Thousand Stars  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
3Hakuna Matata  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
4The Old Gumble Cat  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
5He'Ll Whistle At Me  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
6The American Dream  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
7Entr'Acte  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
8A Heart Full Of Love  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
9Sandy  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
10Rolling Stock  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
11Grizabella The Glamour Cat  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
12If I Were A Rich Man  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
13The Lads Got Potential  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
14Be-In  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
15I Feeel Pretty  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
16Born To Hand-Jive  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
17I Am What I Am  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
18Black Boys  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
19Who Wants To Be A Millionaire  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
20Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
1I Have A Dream  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
2Hopelessly Devoted To You  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
3Maria  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
4I Just Can'T Wait To Be King  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
5Mungojerrie And Rumpleteazer  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
6Good Morning Starshine  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
7Hara Krishna  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
8Angel Of Music  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
9Poppa'S Blues  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
10Oh What A Circus  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
11Beauty School Dropout  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
12Somewhere  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    tk
13The Rum Tum Tugger  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
14Bring Him Home  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
15Greased Lightning  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
16A Boy Like That  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
17I Don'T Know How To Love Him  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ag
18House On Sunset  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
19Super Trouper  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
20Over The Rainbow  (INCONNU)  {Live 100 Musical-Hits}
1The Winner Takes It All  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
2The Heat Is On In Saigon  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
3All I Ask Of You  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
4Look At Me, I'M Sandra Dee  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
5Tonight  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
6High Flying, Adored  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
7Next Time You Fall In Love  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
8Summer Nights  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    fx
9I Got Life  (ABBA (RELATED))  {100 Musical-Hits}    af
10One Rock'N'Roll Too Many  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
11Be Prepared  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
12Lament  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
13Cool  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
14The Trail  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
15Shakin' At The Hight School Hop  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
16Walking In Space  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
17Prima Donna  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
18Big Spender  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits}
19Money, Money, Money  (ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {100 Musical-Hits}    ab
20Can You Feel The Love Tonight  (INCONNU)  {100 Musical-Hits Version 2}

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