datABBAse - DVD

ABBA - Melodic Master Pieces

Release Date: 2013
Support: DVD (I do Not Have)
Production: Compilation
Language: English




1Ring Ring  {Videoclip}    ab 2.46
2Waterloo  {Videoclip}    ab 2.46
3Honey, Honey  {Video StarParade (June 1974)}    ab 2.42
4I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  {Videoclip}    ab 3.16
5S.O.S.  {Videoclip}    ab 3.19
6Mamma Mia  {Videoclip}    ab 3.31
7Fernando  {Videoclip}    ab 4.14
8Dancing Queen  {Videoclip}    ab 3.52
9Money, Money, Money  {Videoclip}    ab 3.07
10Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Videoclip}    ab 4.00
11I'M A Marionette  {Video Live The Movie}    ab 3.01
12The Name Of The Game  {Videoclip}    ab 4.58
13Take A Chance On Me  {Videoclip}    ab 3.56
14Eagle  {Video Star Parade 78}    ab 6.36
15Chiquitita  {Videoclip}    ab 5.20
16Does Your Mother Know  {Videoclip}    ab 3.11
17Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Videoclip}    ab 3.27
18I Have A Dream  {Video Live Edit ABBA In Concert}    ab 1.10
19The Winner Takes It All  {Videoclip}    ab 4.56
20Super Trouper  {Videoclip}    ab 4.11
21One Of Us  {Videoclip}    ab 3.58
22The Day Before You Came  {Videoclip}    ab 5.47
23Under Attack  {Videoclip}    ab 3.45
24Thank You For The Music  {Videoclip}    ab 3.49

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