datABBAse - CD

Bootleg - ABBA Rarities 2015

Release Date: 19/03/2015
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: AJLT001
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Harlig Ar Var Jord  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Live On Melodifestivalen}    fr 3.16
2California Here I Come  (ABBA)  {Live Five Minute Saloon}    ab 0.31
3En Lång Och Ödslig Väg  (FRIDA)  {Swedish}    fr 3.40
4Santa Rosa  (ABBA)  {Live World Popular Song Festival}    ab 2.48
5Ring Ring  (ABBA)  {Swedish Live (Bara Du Slog En Signal) Melodifestivalen}    ab 4.04
6So Long  (ABBA)  {Live Top Of The Pops (December 1974)}    ab 2.28
7Ring Ring  (ABBA)  {Live Tommy Cooper Show}    ab 2.53
8Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Demo Bbc Radio 1 Jingle}    ab 0.31
9Mamma Mia  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Live}    ab 2.46
10National Commercial  (ABBA)  {Live}    ab 0.58
11S.O.S.  (ABBA)  {Live Musikladen 75}    ab 3.18
12Fernando  (ABBA)  {Musikladen 76 Alternate Mix}    ab 4.03
13Monsieur, Monsieur  (ABBA)  {Demo Swedish Radio}    ab 3.11
14Happy Hawaii  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Demo Filtered Out Voiceover}    ab 3.11
15My Love, My Life  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Demo Filtered Out Voiceover}    ab 2.50
16I'M An A  (ABBA)  {Live Perth (Tour 77)(March 10)}    ab 5.25
17The Name Of The Game  (ABBA)  {Edit The Singles}    ab 4.45
18Dancing Queen  (ABBA)  {Live Olivia}    ab 2.48
19Fernando  (ABBA)  {Live Olivia}    ab 2.48
20Take A Chance On Me  (ABBA)  {Live Olivia}    ab 2.48
21Thank You For The Music  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia!}    ab 2.48
22In The Arms Of Rosalita  (ABBA)  {Demo Live Edit}    ab 0.17
23Sång Till Görel  (ABBA+STIG)  {Swedish}    ab 3.51
24Under My Sun  (ABBA)  {Live Part 1 & 2}    ab 4.42
25Not Bad At All  (Tomas LEDIN)  {Live Milwaukee (Tour 79-80)}    tl 4.26
26I'M Still Alive  (ABBA)  {Live Milwaukee (Tour 79-80)}    ab 3.50
27Andante, Andante  (ABBA)  {Demo Alternate Mix}    ab 4.38
1Hovas Vittne  (ABBA)  {Swedish}    ab 2.58
2Tiveds Hambo  (ABBA)  {Instrumental}    st 2.12
3Fanfare Of The Ice Hockey World Championships '81  (B&B)  {Instrumental}    bb 0.32
4Knowing Me, Knowing You  (ABBA)  {Live Dick Cavett}    ab 4.09
5Summer Night City  (ABBA)  {Live Dick Cavett}    ab 5.08
6Thank You For The Music  (ABBA)  {Live Dick Cavett}    ab 3.42
7When All Is Said And Done  (ABBA)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.50
8Two For The Price Of One  (ABBA)  {Demo}    ab 3.45
9Slipping Through My Fingers  (ABBA)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.54
10Nationalsång  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Live Opus 10}    ch 3.27
11When All Is Said And Done  (ABBA)  {Demo Original Full Length Version}    ab 3.55
12Ali ABBA  (MICHAEL+Ola BRUNKERT)  {Live}    ab 3.10
13Ja Må Hon Leva  (ABBA)  {Swedish Live}    ab 1.02
14Just Like That  (ABBA)  {Original Slow Version}    ab 5.03
15Just Like That  (ABBA)  {Na Na Na Version}    ab 4.47
16Just Like That  (ABBA)  {Saxophone Version}    ab 4.53
17The Day Before You Came  (ABBA)  {Live Show Express 82}    ab 4.48
18Cassandra  (ABBA)  {Live Show Express 82}    ab 4.38
19Every Good Man  (AGNETHA)  {Live}    ch 2.06
20When The Waves Roll Out To Sea  (BENNY+Anders ELJAS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.21
21Here We'Ll Stay  (FRIDA+Phil COLLINS)  {Erroneous Remix}    fr 4.10
22I Don'T Wanna Be Alone  (FRIDA)  {Unreleased Snippet Demo}    fx 0.30
23Tiveds Hambo  (ABBA)  {Swedish Live Här Är Det Liv For Stig Anderson}    st 2.37

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