datABBAse - CD

Clubsound - Very Best Of Clubsound The

Release Date: 07/06/2010
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Catalogue Number:
Language: English


Emerald MusicHouse Label


1Belfast Belfast 5.01
2Rock'N' Roll You'Re Young & You'Re Beautiful 3.04
3Tonga Lol 7.06
4Delta Dawn 3.13
5The Bally Moor Grousebeaters 3.47
6Nigel Courtney-Daddy'S Wee Balloons 8.27
7To Spend One Night With You 6.39
8Shankill Airways 7.38
9Still The One 3.16
10Andy Mc Fadden 6.05
11The Belfast Streaker 8.47
12The Way Old Friends Do    ab 3.36
13The Professionals 6.05
14Peace -The Time Is Here 3.08

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