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_Compilations Anglaises - 100 Irish Folk Songs

Release Date: 01/09/2011
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Production: Official
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Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger
Goldenlane RecordsHouse Label


1The Banks Of The Roses  (The FEADAN SINGERS)  
2Star Of The County Down  (The FEADAN SINGERS)  
4When Irish Eyes Are Smiling  (Finbar O'SHAY) 2.23
5Maggie  (The GAELIC IRISH) 3.23
6The Drunkard'S Song  (The IRISH SHOWTIME BAND) 3.30
7My Wild Irish Rose  (The GAELIC IRISH) 4.25
8No One Loves Like An Irishman  (The IRISH SHOWTIME BAND) 2.30
9The Orange And The Green  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 2.15
10Grace  (The FEADAN SINGERS) 4.37
11Same Old Shillelagh  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 1.42
12The Next Market Day  (Maureen O'HARA) 2.09
13Doonaree  (Carmel QUINN) 3.05
14Mcnamara'S Band  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 1.29
15The Wild Colonial Boy  (IRISH TRADITIONAL SINGERS) 2.48
16We Stand For God  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 2.51
17The Rose Of Tralee  (Morton DOWNEY) 2.44
18Isle Of Inisfree  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 3.12
19Give Him To Me  (Maureen O'HARA) 2.27
20Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 1.29
21Sing Irishman Sing  (The GAELIC IRISH) 2.37
22The Old Rustic Bridge  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 3.42
23The Homes Of Donegal  (The FEADAN SINGERS) 3.52
24Mrs. Murphy'S Chowder  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 2.38
25The Valley Of Knockanure  (The FEADAN SINGERS) 1.06
26He Moved Through The Fair  (Maureen O'HARA) 3.06
27Three Leaf Shamrock  (The GAELIC IRISH) 4.28
28I'Ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen  (The DAVEY BROTHERS) 4.50
29The Wild Rover  (The FEADAN SINGERS) 3.49
30Cockles And Mussels  (The BONO IRISH EXPERIENCE) 1.46
31Scotch On The Rocks  (SCOTTISH SHOWTIME BAND) 2.04
32Hello, Patsy Fagan  (The FEADAN SINGERS) 2.18
33Forty Shades Of Green  (The GAELIC IRISH) 2.37
34Whiskey On A Sunday  (Dingle FOLK) 2.48
35It'S A Long Way To Tipperary  (IRISH TRADITIONAL SINGERS) 2.12
36Her Father Didn'T Like Me Anyway  (IRISH MUSIC PLAYERS) 3.16
37Galway Bay  (Frank PARKER) 2.54
38The Rocky Road To Dublin  (IRISH MUSIC PLAYERS) 2.19
39If You'Re Irish  (Caroline NEESON)  {Come Into The Parlour} 1.14
40The Rare Old Times  (The DUBLIN PLAYERS) 4.28
41Duelling Fiddles  (The IRISH SHOWTIME BAND) 2.08
42It'S A Great Day For The Irish  (Gloria FUREY) 2.19
43The Black Velvet Band  (The DUBLIN PLAYERS) 5.27
44Dear Old Donegal  (IRISH MUSIC PLAYERS) 1.42
45Come Back To Erin  (Maureen O'HARA) 2.06
46Silver Threads Among The Gold  (IRISH TRADITIONAL SINGERS) 4.09
47My Irish Molly  (IRISH PUB MUSICIANS) 3.56
48The Water Is Wide  (IRISH PUB MUSICIANS) 3.40
49Spinning Wheel  (Carmel QUINN) 3.10
50Captain Fischer  (IRISH PUB MUSICIANS) 4.25
1The Way Old Friends Do  (The IRISH SHOWTIME BAND)    ab 3.37
2Irish Lullaby  (SAINT PATRICKS DAY PLAYERS)  {Turaloora} 3.03
3Raglan Road  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 4.20
4Brandy For The Bishop  (The IRISH SHOWTIME BAND) 2.45
5I'Ll Settle For Ol' Ireland  (Brendan DUNCAN) 2.19
6The Enniskillen Dragoons  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 4.22
7Home Boys Home  (The DUBLIN PLAYERS) 3.49
8The Limerick Rake  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 2.20
9If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here  (The DUBLIN PLAYERS) 3.47
10Inishmeela  (Brendon O'DOWDA) 2.50
11Come To Me, Bend To Me  (Frank PARKER) 2.25
12The Cliffs Of Doneen  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.38
13Let Erin Remember  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 2.11
14Oft In The Stilly Night  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 3.13
15Easy And Slow  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.07
16Bunch Of Thyme  (IRISH PUB MUSICIANS) 3.24
17Peggy  (Pat HARRINGTON) 3.18
18The Irish Rover  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.18
19Sweet Rosie O'Grady  (IRISH TRADITIONAL SINGERS) 2.04
20If I Were A Blackbird  (Carmel QUINN) 2.32
21Sullivan'S John  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 2.55
22Do You Remember That Night, Love?  (Maureen O'HARA) 2.44
23I Live Not Where I Love  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.55
24Danny Boy  (Frank PARKER)    ab 3.31
25Ould Lammas Fair  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 2.27
26Clancy Lowered The Boom  (IRISH TRADITIONAL SINGERS) 2.29
27Nora Lee & I Once Loved A Boy  (Maureen O'HARA) 3.11
28Soul Of My Saviour  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 3.32
29Dicey Riley  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.02
30I'Ve Been A Wild Rover  (The DUBLIN PLAYERS) 3.02
31The Pub With No Beer  (Finbar O'SHAY) 3.17
32Paddy Mcginty'S Goat  (The GAELIC IRISH) 3.43
34Seven Drunken Nights  (DUBLIN FOLK BAND) 5.10
35The Meeting Of The Waters  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.45
37A Man You Don'T Meet Everyday  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 3.21
38When Love Is Kind  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 2.03
39Harrigan  (The DUBLIN PLAYERS) 2.22
40Irish Ways And Irish Laws  (DUBLIN CITY RAMBLERS) 5.52
41I'Ll Tell Me Ma  (The GAELIC IRISH) 0.50
42Queen Of The May  (Frank PATTERSON) 3.47
43Whiskey In The Jar  (The IRISH SHOWTIME BAND) 3.00
44Faith Of Our Fathers  (Frank PATTERSON) 3.14
45Irish Waltz  (The DAVEY BROTHERS) 1.45
46O Sacrament Most Holy  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 2.32
47The Golden Jubilee  (TRADITIONAL IRISH BAND) 2.23
48Molly Malone  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 2.48
49Sweet Heart Of Jesus  (Regina NATHAN) 3.31
50Westering Home  (IRISH FOLK SINGERS) 2.34

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