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Karaoke Channel - Best Of Pop Vol. 123 The

Release Date: 09/03/2011
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number:
Language: Instrumental
Version: Karaoke


Karaoke ChannelSinger
Stingray Music KaraokeHouse Label


1Freedom  (Robbie WILLIAMS)  {Karaoke} 3.53
2Freedom  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 3.53
3Living Doll  {Karaoke} 2.39
4Living Doll  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 2.38
5The Young Ones  {Karaoke} 3.15
6The Young Ones  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 3.15
7The Minute You'Re Gone  {Karaoke} 2.22
8The Minute You'Re Gone  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 2.16
9Congratulations  {Karaoke} 2.31
10Congratulations  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 2.31
11I Begin To Wonder  {Karaoke} 3.26
12I Begin To Wonder  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 3.26
13Whole Again  {Karaoke} 3.01
14Whole Again  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 3.01
15Strong  {Karaoke} 4.33
16Strong  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 4.27
17Waterloo  {Karaoke}    ab 2.46
18Waterloo  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version}    ab 2.38
19Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Karaoke}    ab 4.09
20Knowing Me, Knowing You  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version}    ab 4.02
21Mamma Mia  {Karaoke}    ab 3.34
22Mamma Mia  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version}    ab 3.30
23The Winner Takes It All  {Karaoke}    ab 5.00
24The Winner Takes It All  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version}    ab 4.54
25Fernando  {Karaoke}    ab 4.25
26Fernando  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version}    ab 4.09
27The Name Of The Game  {Karaoke}    ab 4.09
28The Name Of The Game  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version}    ab 3.59
29I Should Be So Lucky  {Karaoke} 3.28
30I Should Be So Lucky  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 3.28
31Hand On Your Heart  {Karaoke} 3.56
32Hand On Your Heart  {English Karaoke Lead Vocal Version} 3.51

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