datABBAse - DVD

Covers - ABBA Covers 2017

Release Date: 24/03/2018
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Thorsven Records House Label


1Happy New Year  (Yin-Yan)  {Video Live Russian Television}    ab 3.41
2Waterloo  (Dima Bilan+Polina Gagarina+Elena Temnikovoy+Sergey Lazarev)  {Video}    ab 2.54
3I Have A Dream  (Minh Nguyt)  {Video Live Television}    ab 4.27
4The Winner Takes It All  (Ryan Aslanbekova)  {Video}    ab 2.55
5The Winner Takes It All  (Saara Aalto)  {Video Live QX Gaygala}    ab 2.43
6ABBA Medley  (Kim Dae-Woo+Oz'S Choir)  {Video Live}    ab 4.43
7ABBA Mash Up  (Disco Diwane+Aap Jaisa)  {Video Live}    ab 5.09
8As Good, As New  (Arrival)  {Video Live Final Selectia NatIonala Eurovision}    ab 3.21
9Tá No Ar  {Video TV Commercial}    ab 0.39
10Mamma Mia  (Stephanie Rainey)  {Video Live Cork'S Red Fm}    ab 3.06
11Waterloo  (Alizée)  {Video Live Sidaction}    ab 2.43
12The Winner Takes It All  (Valentine Colinet)  {Video Live The Voice Belgium}    ab 2.28
13Thank You For The Music  (Grnt)  {Video Live TV5 Tribute Show}    ab 3.32
14Money, Money, Money  (Z Nice Band)  {Video Live TV5 Tribute Show}    ab 3.51
15Waterloo  (Nicole)  {German Video Live German Television}    ab 1.04
16Does Your Mother Know  (B*Witched)  {Video Live Concert}    ab 3.09
17Mamma Mia  {Video Live Jaka To Melodia Z Rep ABBA}    ab 1.15
18The Winner Takes It All  (Marisa D'Amato+Carlo Bugeja)  {Video Kalamita}    ab 4.28
19The Winner Takes It All  (Fahre Jostein)  {Video Live}    ab 4.58
20Waterloo  {Video Live Les Talents Chantent Eurovision}    ab 2.46
21Mamma Mia  (David & The Six Martini Band)  {Video Live That'S Amore}    ab 3.25
22Intermezzo No. 1  (Vladimir Markowsky)  {Instrumental Video Live Concert}    ab 3.45
23Chiquitita  (Potatojuice)  {Russian Video Live TV5 Tribute Show}    ab 3.07
24Lay All Your Love On Me  (Pale Honey)  {Video}    ab 4.31
25Eagle  (Blackbird)  {Video Live At Ekdom In De Ochtend}    ab 3.56
26Mamma Mia  (Rebeca Pous)  {Spanish Video Live Me Lo Dices O Me Lo Cantas}    ab 2.01
27Dancing Queen  (Daecolm)  {Video}    ab 1.46
28ABBA Medley  {Video Live Catholic TV Telethon}    ab 6.13
29The Winner Takes It All  (Fernando Varela)  {Video}    ab 5.54
30Thank You For The Music  (Annelie)  {Video}    ab 3.47
31S.O.S.  (Nanne+Jessica Andersson)  {Video Live Doobidoo}    na 3.20
32ABBA Medley  (De Toppers)  {Video Version 2017}    ab 6.02
33The Winner Takes It All  (Carla Bruni)  {Video Live au Grand Studio RTL}    ab 3.35
34The Winner Takes It All  (Dr Watt)  {Video Live}    ab 3.52
35Singt ABBA  (Carolin Fortenbacher)  {German Video Promo}    ab 2.58
36Dancing Queen  (Kazka)  {Video Live Mamma Mia Cover X-Factor Ukrania}    ab 2.58
37Thank You For The Music  (The Master)  {Video}    ab 4.51
38Mamma Mia  (Nicolas Senn)  {German Video Live Top Talk Marathon}    ab 0.52
39The Winner Takes It All  (Maja Kapon)  {Video Live The Voice Of Poland}    ab 2.24
40ABBA Disco Medley  (Peter Hollens+Bailey Pelkman)  {Video}    ab 5.17
41Dancing Queen  (La Muzika)  {Video Live Russian Television}    ab 1.45
42The Winner Takes It All  (Yentl)  {Video}    ab 4.50
43One Man, One Woman  (Björn Skifs+Helen Sjöholm)  {Video Live Ja Jäklar I Min Lilla Låda}    hs 3.01
44Gracias Por La Música  (Amaia Romero+Rosa Lopez)  {Spanish Video Live Gala Navidad Operación Triunfo}    ab 3.43
45Chiquitita  (Los Villalobos)  {Spanish Video}    ab 5.18
46Happy New Year  (Inger-Lise Rypdal+Jannike Kruse+Espen Grjotheim+Tommy Fredvang+Knut Marius DJupvik)  {Video Live Norwegian Television}    ab 2.53
47ABBA Medley  (ABBA Museum Choir)  {Video Live Tolvslaget Pa Skansen}    ab 5.00
48Happy New Year  (O'G3ne)  {Video Live Muziekfeest Van Het Jaar}    ab 4.13

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