datABBAse - CD

_Various - Bossa Nova Guitar Music 2019

Release Date: 29/01/2019
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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Relaxland RecHouse Label


1Background Music & Spirit Of Chilling Guitar  (_INCONNU) 3.48
2Playing All Together & Summer Love  (_INCONNU) 3.39
3Whispering So Softly Guitar  (_INCONNU) 3.52
4Walk Together & Traces In Sunny Sand  (_INCONNU) 3.28
5Hotel Del Mar  (_INCONNU) 3.41
6Waiting For Waitress & Guitar Music  (_INCONNU) 4.29
7Walk Together & Traces In Sunny Sand  (_INCONNU)  {Bossa Nova Guitar Music} 3.30
8Like In Paris & Sunshine Of Your Love  (_INCONNU) 3.28
9Dreaming Music & Don'T Waste Your Time  (_INCONNU) 3.27
10Beautiful Sunset & Curved Horizon  (_INCONNU) 3.46
11Rhythm Of Bossa Nova  (_INCONNU)
    Dancing Queen  (_ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Rhythm Of Bossa Nova}    ab
12End Of Today'S Journey & Shining Stars  (_INCONNU) 3.57
13Soft Music & Lounge Sensation  (_INCONNU) 4.27
14Be My Love & Cheek To Cheek  (_INCONNU) 3.39
15Smoky Guitar Club & Piano Bar  (_INCONNU) 4.05
16Great Instrumental Tune & Without Taboo  (_INCONNU) 3.55
17Face To Face & Candle Light Dinner  (_INCONNU) 3.39
18Dance Me To The End Of Love  (_INCONNU) 3.48
19Cocktails Colored By The Rainbow  (_INCONNU) 4.06
20Big Band & Pause Time For A Moment  (_INCONNU) 3.55
21Sensual And Romantic Vibes  (_INCONNU) 3.34
22Do You Want To Play  (_INCONNU) 3.20
23Relaxing Music In Lounge  (_INCONNU) 3.28
24Shades Of Grey & 50 Black & White Photos  (_INCONNU) 3.28
25Keep Calm Music & Back To Home  (_INCONNU) 3.34
26Blushes On The Cheeks & Pretty Guitar Song  (_INCONNU) 3.34
27Magic Moment & Closer To Your Lips  (_INCONNU) 3.55
28Falling In Love Again & Woman With Tiger Eyes  (_INCONNU) 3.23
29Moon Reflection & Beach After Dark  (_INCONNU) 4.28
30Classic Guitar Jazz & Retro Night Club  (_INCONNU) 3.27

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