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_Various - Best Of Oldies 50 Beliebte Hits Seit Den 70'Ern

Release Date: 13/11/2013
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1Break My Stride  (The KISSLCATS) 2.59
2California Dreaming  (COVER MASTERS)    fr 2.39
3Gloria  (Silvia SANTOLA) 3.56
4I Wanna Be A Cowboy  (COVER MASTERS) 3.53
5Have You Ever Seen The Rain?  (Anna KAAST) 4.07
6Video Killed The Radio Star  (The HITSINGERS) 3.34
7Take My Breath Away  (The KISSLCATS) 4.16
8You'Re No Good  (Anna KAAST) 3.46
9Waterloo  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 2.48
10Safety Dance  (COVER MASTERS) 2.43
11Night Fever  (The HITSINGERS) 3.34
12Live Is Life  (COVER MASTERS) 4.02
13Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover  (Silvia SANTOLA) 5.27
14Eye Of The Tiger  (The HITSINGERS) 3.54
15Dream A Little Dream  (COVER MASTERS) 3.26
16I See A Boat On The River  (The HITSINGERS) 4.30
17Lets Have A Party  (Matze HERN) 1.28
18China In Your Hand  (COVER MASTERS) 5.24
19For Your Eyes Only  (Silvia SANTOLA) 3.04
20I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.16
21With A Little Help From My Friends  (Pat BRINGER)    ab 3.59
22The Politics Of Dancing  (COVER MASTERS) 3.58
23Daytona Demon  (Anna KAAST) 4.07
24Honey, Honey  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.06
25I Love Rock 'N' Roll  (The KISSLCATS) 2.57
26Come On Eileen  (The HITSINGERS) 4.12
27Distant Lover  (Matze HERN) 4.21
28From New York To L.A.  (Anna KAAST) 4.51
29If I Were A Rich Man  (COVER MASTERS) 4.57
30Y.M.C.A.  (The HITSINGERS) 4.22
31Upside Down  (Silvia SANTOLA) 3.59
32Super Trouper  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 4.20
33Love Is A Battlefield  (The KISSLCATS) 4.05
34Running Up That Hill  (Silvia SANTOLA) 5.03
35All Together Now  (COVER MASTERS) 4.05
36Celebration  (COVER MASTERS) 4.51
37Dancing Queen  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.55
38Final Countdown  (COVER MASTERS) 4.37
39Thank You For The Music  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.48
40Two Hearts  (Pat BRINGER) 5.13
41Respect  (Silvia SANTOLA) 2.30
42Never Gonna Give You Up  (Matze HERN) 3.36
43Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  (Silvia SANTOLA) 4.21
44Every 1'S A Winner  (The KISSLCATS) 4.05
45Hot Blood  (The KISSLCATS) 2.38
46Lady Marmalade  (Anna KAAST) 4.00
47Once You Get Started  (The KISSLCATS) 3.19
48Sweet Thing  (COVER MASTERS) 3.26
49The Tide Is High  (The KISSLCATS) 4.16
50Don'T Worry, Be Happy  (The HITSINGERS) 4.56

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