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Cafe Lounge Resort - Urban Hula Cozy Awakening Acoustic Lifestyle

Release Date: 09/10/2020
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


Cafe Lounge ResortSinger


1Speak Low  (CAFE LOUNGE RESORT+CIRCLE OF NOTES)  {Urban Hula Ver}    tk 4.53
2Love Is A Spark 0.39
3Open Arms  {Urban Hula Ver} 2.03
4Coming To You 0.40
5What'S Going On  {Urban Hula Ver}    fr 1.49
6Right On Baby 0.42
7Yesterday Once More  {Urban Hula Ver} 1.45
8Those Old Melodies 0.35
9Nothing Compares 2 U  {Urban Hula Ver} 1.57
10Where Did I Go Wrong? 0.32
11Can'T Take My Eyes Off You  {Urban Hula Ver}    fr 1.55
12Don'T Bring Me Down 0.36
13To Be With You  {Urban Hula Ver} 1.45
14Why Be Alone Baby? 0.39
15There Must Be An Angel  {Playing With My Heart} 2.04
16Could This Be Reactivating 0.40
17Can'T Help Falling In Love  {Urban Hula Ver}    af 1.56
18Like A River Flows 0.39
19I'M Not In Love  {Urban Hula Ver}    ab 1.55
20Keeping Your Picture 0.46
21Dancing Queen  {Urban Hula Ver}    ab 1.14
22The Lights Are Low 0.36
23When A Man Loves A Woman  {Urban Hula Ver} 1.59
24Loving Eyes Can Never See 0.40
25Piano Man  {Urban Hula Ver}    hs 2.01

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