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Bootleg - ABBA At The Bbc Volume 1

Release Date: 2020
Support: DVD (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer
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1Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Video Live Top Of The Pops (10 April 1974)}    ab 2.40
2Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Video Live Top Of The Pops (May 1974)}    ab 2.44
3Ring Ring  (ABBA)  {Video Live Tommy Cooper Show}    ab 2.53
4So Long  (ABBA)  {Video Live Top Of The Pops (December 1974)}    ab 2.28
5Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Video Live Top Of The Pops (December 1974)}    ab 2.24
6S.O.S.  (ABBA)  {Video Live Seaside Special}    ab 3.18
7Mamma Mia  (ABBA)  {Video Top Of The Pops (11/01/1976)}    ab 2.55
8Fernando  (ABBA)  {Video Live Top Of The Pops}    ab 3.49
9Jim'Ll Fix It  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab  
10Swap Shop  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab  
11Young Nation  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab  
12Blue Peter TV Show  (ABBA)  {Video Live On Bbc}    ab 4.57
13Receive The Awards  (ABBA)  {Video Swap Shop}    ab  
14The Generation Game  (ABBA)  {Video Live Mike Yearwood Christmas Show}    ab 7.56
15Swap Shop  (B&B)  {Video}    bb  
16Christmas Greetings  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab  
17Kenny Everett Show  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab 2.19
18Saturday Superstore  (BENNY+AGNETHA)  {Video}    ag  
19Late Late Breakfast Show  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab
    Late Late Breakfast Show  (ABBA)  {Video (December 1982)}    ab
20Arrival Television Commercial 1  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab
    Arrival Television Commercial 2  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab

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