datABBAse - CD

_Various - Famous ABBA Covers 1982-2022

Release Date: 2022
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer


1Hej Gamle Man !  (Sven-Olof WALLDOFF)  {Instrumental}    ab  
2Venga El Amor  (Bruno LOMAS)  {Spanish}    ab 2.44
3Honey, Honey  (SWEET DREAMS)    ab 3.26
4Hasta Mañana  (Lena ANDERSSON)  {Swedish}    ab 3.12
5Om Och Om Och Om Och Om Och Igen  (Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT)  {Swedish}    ab 3.20
6Hasta Mañana  (Petula CLARK)  {French}    ab 2.47
7Bang En Boomerang  (SVENNE & LOTTA)  {Swedish}    ab 3.00
8In Rook Vergaan  (Ann CHRISTY)  {Dutch}    ab 3.32
9Oh! Mama Mia  (Karen CHERYL)  {French}    ab 3.17
10Ring Ring  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)    ab 2.46
11J'Aime  (Michèle TORR)  {French}    ab 2.44
12Hole In Your Soul  (Franck POURCEL)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.16
13As Good, As New  (Anders DAHL)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.16
14Voulez-Vous  (MENUDO+Ricky MARTIN)  {Spanish}    ab 3.42
15Thank You For The Music  (The NOLAN SISTERS)    ab 4.12
16Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Cilla BLACK)    ab 4.20
17Arrival  (Mike OLDFIELD)  {Instrumental}    ab 2.48
18Thank You For The Music  (Lea SALONGA)    ab 3.27
19On And On And On  (Mike LOVE)    ab 2.47
20Lay All Your Love On Me  (BROTHERHOOD OF MAN)    ab 2.34
21Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Mireille MATHIEU)  {French}    ab 4.36
22Ca Va Mal  (Sylvie VARTAN)  {French}    ab 4.02
23ABBA Medley  (STARS ON 45)  {Eight Minutes Medley}    ab 8.15
24Met Kerst Ben Ik Alleen  (Andre HAZES)  {Dutch}    ab 8.48
25Chanter La Vie  (Nana MOUSKOURI)  {French (La Part Des Anges)}    ab 4.42
26Cassandra  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch}    ab 4.41
27Soldiers  (Barbara DICKSON)    ab 4.43
28Eagle  (The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.06
29Fernando  (Jean-Claude BORELLY)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.11
30The Way Old Friends Do  (Anita MEYER)  {Live Ahoy Concert}    ab  
31Intermezzo No. 1  (Robert WELLS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.43
32Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Sanne SALOMONSEN)    ab 4.08
33Hasta Mañana  (ARMY OF LOVERS)    ab 3.15
34Take A Chance On Me  (ERASURE)  {ABBA-Esque}    ab 3.40
35The Name Of The Game  (Richard CLAYDERMAN)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.20
36The Winner Takes It All  (Beverley CRAVEN)    ab 4.52
37Sólo Hay Un Ganador  (PIMPINELA)  {Spanish}    ab 4.58
38Rock Me  (BJORN AGAIN)  {Live Wembley 94}    ab 3.48
39S.O.S.  (Peter CETERA+Ronna REEVES)    ab 4.03
40Chiquitita  (TORMENTA)  {Spanish}    ab 5.24
41I Have A Dream  (Daniel O'DONNELL)    ab 4.35
42Zwoele Zommer  (Dana WINNER)  {Dutch}    ab 4.39
43Dancing Queen  (Jennifer LOVE HEWITT)    ab 3.59
44Arrival  (ORSA SPELMÄN)  {Instrumental Live B&B Concert}    ab 2.56
45Dancing Queen  (Kylie MINOGUE)  {Live And Intimate Tour}    ab 5.41
46The Day Before You Came  (Tanita TIKARAM)    ab 4.22
47Chiquitita  (Sinead O'CONNOR)    ab 4.16
48Our Last Summer  (A*TEENS)    ab 4.28
49Thank ABBA For The Music  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE+T)  {Radio Edit}    ab 4.06
50The Winner Takes It All  (The CORRS)    ab 4.44
51Voulez-Vous  (CULTURE CLUB)    ab 4.29
52Waterloo  (BANANARAMA)    ab 3.02
53Dancing Queen  (A*TEENS)    ab 3.42
54I Have A Dream  (WESTLIFE)    ab 4.00
55Money, Money, Money  (MADNESS)    ab 3.20
56Thank You For The Music  (Gheorghe ZAMFIR)  {Instrumental Instrumental Panflute}    ab 3.48
57ABBA Medley  (Charlotte PERRELLI)    ab  
58Dancing Queen  (S CLUB 7)    ab 3.56
59A Ty Se Ptas Co Ja  (Helena VONDRACKOVA)  {Czech}    ab 3.36
60Does Your Mother Know  (B*WITCHED)    ab 3.09
61Happy New Year  (Michael BALL)    ab 4.14
62Lay All Your Love On Me  (STEPS)    ab 4.26
63Super Trouper  (PALAST ORCHESTER+Max RAABE)    ab 3.52
64Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Yngwie MALMSTEEN)    ab 5.57
65Gracias Por La Música  (OPERACION TRIUNFO+Rosa LOPEZ+Nuria FERGÓ)  {Spanish Remastered}    ab 3.49
66Slipping Through My Fingers  (Louise PITRE)    ab 4.21
67Lay All Your Love On Me  (Cliff RICHARD)    ab 4.27
68S.O.S.  (James LAST)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.05
69Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (STAR ACADEMY+JENIFER)    ab 3.28
70Kisses Of Fire  (FRIENDS)    ab 3.12
71The Winner Takes It All  (Tommy KÖRBERG)    ab 5.32
72Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Shana VANGUARDE)  {Midnight Radio Edit}    ab 3.29
73Summer Night City  (Nils LANDGREN+FUNK UNIT)    ab 4.52
74Knowing Me, Knowing You  (ARNO)    ab 4.20
75I Wonder (Departure)  (Vera LYNN)    ab  
76Waterloo  (CAROLA+Marie BERGMAN+Marit BERGMAN)    ab 3.06
77Dancing Queen  (Belinda CARLISLE)    ab 3.37
78One Of Us  (US5)  {Live ABBAmania}    ab  
79The Winner Takes It All  (Laura BRANIGAN)  {Album Version}    ab 5.25
80Mamma Mia  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON)  {Live}    ab  
81I Am Just A Girl  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    ab 3.14
82Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Sissel KYRKJEBÖ)    ab 5.01
83One Of Us  (RAJATON)    ab 4.11
84Vinnaren Tar Allt  (Gunilla BACKMAN)  {Swedish}    ab  
85Happy New Year  (Tarja TURUNEN)    ab 4.04
86Waterloo  (TEXAS LIGHTNING)    ab 2.54
87Money, Money, Money  (MARILLION)  {Live}    ab 3.31
88Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (MADONNA)    ab 4.10
89The Name Of The Game  (MAMMA MIA+Amanda SEYFRIED)  {Soundtrack}    mm 4.55
90Va Todo Al Ganador  (IL DIVO)  {Spanish}    ab 3.48
91¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (EDURNE)  {Spanish}    ab 4.31
92The Winner Takes It All  (Dannii MINOGUE+Kylie MINOGUE)    ab  
93Arrival  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN)    ab 3.16
94The Day Before You Came  (BLANCMANGE)  {Remastered}    ab 5.52
95Dancing Queen  (Les ENFOIRES+Liane FOLY)  {Live}    ab  
96The Winner Takes It All  (Thomas Di LEVA)    ab 4.15
97Mamma Mia  (LOIS LANE)    ab  
98Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (MAGO DE OZ)    ab 3.56
99The Winner Takes It All  (Samantha FOX)    ab  
 Waterloo  (OLSEN BROTHERS)    ab
1The Winner Takes It All  (John BARROWMAN)    ab 4.37
2Chiquitita  (Amaia MONTERO)  {Spanish}    ab 5.07
3Eagle  (Janne SCHAFFER)    ab 6.28
4S.O.S.  (Chris DE BURGH)    ab 3.22
5Se Me Escapa El Tiempo  (Marisol OTERO)  {Spanish Slipping Through My Fingers}    ab 3.54
6When All Is Said And Done  (Anne WOOD)    ab  
7Chiquitita  (FIRST AID KIT)  {Live}    ab  
8The Winner Takes It All  (Sarah DAWN FINER)    ab 3.38
9The Way Old Friends Do  (André RIEU)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.06
10Mamma Mia  (GLEE CAST)  {Glee Cast Version}    ab  
11Fernando  (PINK MARTINI+The VON TRAPPS)  {Swedish}    ab 3.52
12Chiquitita  (Laleh POURKARIM)    ab  
13Does Your Mother Know  (SUZI QUATRO+Andy SCOTT)    ab  
14Super Trouper  (FEY)    ab 3.56
15Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (CELTIC WOMAN)    ab 5.17
16I Have A Dream  (Susan BOYLE)    ab 4.09
17Waterloo  (NICOLE)  {German}    ab 2.42
18The Winner Takes It All  (Carla BRUNI)    ab 3.32
19Fernando  (CHER+Andy GARCÍA)    ab  
20My Love, My Life  (MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES+Meryl STREEP+Amanda SEYFRIED)  {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack}    mm 3.49
21Va Todo Al Ganador  (Rocío BANQUELLS)  {Spanish Live}    ab 4.29
22Der Sieger Hat Die Wahl  (Angelika MILSTER)  {German Aus "Mamma Mia"}    ab  
23Does Your Mother Know  (Magnus CARLSSON)  {Radio Edit}    ab  
24I'Ve Been Waiting For You  (Mazz MURRAY)    ab 3.08
25Lay All Your Love On Me  (Zara LARSSON)    ab  
26Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Clara LUCIANI)  {French}    ab 3.16

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