datABBAse - DVD

_Various - ABBA Sing And Play ABBA

Release Date: 2022
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1She'S My Kind Of Girl  (B&B)  {Video Tommy BLOM version in The Seduction of Inga}    ab 3.13
2Dancing Queen  (B&B)  {Instrumental Video Young Nation}    ab 0.22
3Thank You For The Music  (B&B)  {Instrumental Video Rapport}    ab 1.06
4Fernando  (B&B)  {Instrumental Video Gomoron Sverige}    ab 1.00
5Belle  (Daniel BALAVOINE+FRIDA)  {French Video Live Champs Elysées}    ab 3.16
6Time  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+B. A. ROBERTSON+FRIDA)  {Video Live Harty Show}    ad 3.39
7Ring Ring  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Video Live Gast Hos Hagge}    ab
    Fernando  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Video Live Gast Hos Hagge}    ab
8I Have A Dream  (FRIDA)  {Video Live Unicef}    ab 4.02
9Chanter La Vie  (Nana MOUSKOURI+FRIDA)  {French Video Live Cadence 3}    ab 4.08
10Money, Money, Money  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Medley Live Jacob'S Stage}    ab
    Happy New Year  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Medley Live Jacob'S Stage}    ab
11Happy New Year  (BENNY+EUROPE)  {Video Listan}    ab 0.57
12Dancing Queen  (U2+B&B)  {Video Live Stockholm Concert}    ab 2.53
13Dancing Queen  (The REAL GROUP+FRIDA)  {Video Live Queen Silvia Birthday}    ab 3.38
14Money, Money, Money  (BAO)  {Video Live Trettondags Balums Pa Berwaldjallen}    ab 3.14
15Fernando  (B&B)  {Video Live IVor Novello Awards}    ab 0.40
16Waterloo  (BAO)  {Instrumental Video At Rival}    ab 1.11
17Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER+BENNY)  {Video Ett År Senare En Kväll För Anna Lindh}    ab 5.15
18Dancing Queen  (MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP+Julie WALTERS+Christine BARANSKI+BENNY)  {Video Movie Edit}    mm 3.36
19Waterloo  (MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP+Julie WALTERS+Christine BARANSKI+Pierce BROSNAN+Stellan SKARSGÅRD+Colin FIRTH+BJÖRN)  {Video Movie Edit}    mm 1.52
20Thank You For The Music  (BENNY)  {Video Friday Night With Jonathan Ross}    ab 1.11
21The Winner Takes It All  (Faith HILL+BENNY)  {Video Rock Hall Of Fame}    ab 5.18
22Thank You For The Music  (BAO)  {Video Moraeus Med Mera}    ab 3.56
23Sing ABBA Songs In Norwegian  (BJÖRN)  {Video Nrk TV}    ab 0.44
24Dancing Queen  (BENNY+Gunnar IDENSTAM)  {Instrumental Video Live 9000 Orgeln Pipor}    ab 2.37
25Take A Chance On Me  (TEAM MORAEUS+BENNY)  {Video}    ab 2.30
26Thank You For The Music  (B&B+MAMMA MIA)  {Video Oliver Awards}    mm 0.45
27Waterloo  (Rigmor GUSTAFSSON+Viktoria TOLSTOY+BENNY)  {Video Allsang Pa Skansen}    ab 3.00
28Live And Direct  (BENNY)  {Video I Let The Music Speak / Thank You For The Music / The Day Before You Came / I Wonder (Departure) / My Love, My Life}    ab 4.28
29The Winner Takes It All  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Front Row Bbc Radio 4}    ab 0.29
30Thank You For The Music  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Live The One Show}    ab 2.03
31Money, Money, Money  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Live Bbc Radio 2'S Piano Room}    ab 2.30
32Thank You For The Music  (Wencke MYHRE+BENNY)  {Video Live At Willkommen Bei Carmen Nebel}    ab 2.53
33When I Kissed The Teacher  (MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES+Jessica KEENAN WYNN+Alexa DAVIES+Celia IMRIE+BJÖRN)  {Video From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie}    mm 3.01
34Waterloo  (MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES+Hugh SKINNER+BENNY)  {Video From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie}    mm 2.49
35Thank You For The Music  (_ABBA (TRIBUTE)+BENNY)  {Video Opus Klassic Prize}    ab 3.32
36I Still Have Faith In You  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video First New Song!}    ab 0.59
37S.O.S.  (Helene FISCHER+B&B)  {Video Wetten Das}    ab 2.05
38Hey Grand Ol' Man  (BJÖRN)  {Video Tomas Ledin 70 Years Birthday Concert}    ab 4.19
39Ode To Freedom  (STRÅKENSEMBLEN KYIV SOLOISTS+ERIC ERICSON'S CHAMBER CHOIR+BENNY)  {Video Live At Konserthuset}    ab 4.22
40S.O.S.  (Ane BRUN+BENNY)  {Video No More Lullabies}    ab 3.12
41When All Is Said And Done  (Kylie MINOGUE+BENNY)  {Video Live Hyde Park}    ab 3.44
42Thank You For The Music  (The CHOIR BY ABBA MUSEUM+BENNY)  {Video Premiere Of ABBA-Choir}    ab 4.25
43On And On And On  (FIRE!+BENNY+Lars RUDOLFSSON+Mariam WALLENTIN)  {Video}    ab 7.03
44Waterloo  (GERRY & GARY WITH THEIR USED UNDERW+BENNY)  {Video At Ludvig Wedding}    ab 1.20
45Thank You For The Music  (_ABBA (TRIBUTE)+BENNY)  {Video Surprise Performance In ABBA Museum}    ab 3.41
46The Way Old Friends Do  (A&F)  {Video At Berns}    ab 3.16
47S.O.S.  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Live Svt Interview}    ab 0.54
48The Winner Takes It All  (Fernando VARELA+BENNY)  {Video Germany}    ab 3.22
49Does Your Mother Know  (BJÖRN)  {Video Live ABBA återkomsten}    ab 0.17
50Chiquitita  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video Tik Tok}    ab 0.17
51I Still Have Faith In You  (BENNY)  {Instrumental Video One Of Our First New Songs In Nearly 40 Years Out Now!}    ab 0.38
52Our Last Summer  (BENNY)  {Video Duett Med Luiismff What A Wonderful Version Tik Tok}    ab 0.48
53Dancing Queen  (B&B)  {Video Atlantis Studio}    ab 0.08
54Money, Money, Money  (BAO)  {Swedish Video Live At Galejan}    ab 3.08
55Lotties Schotties  (BAO)  {Swedish Video Live At Globen}    ab 1.40
56Ring Ring  (BAO)  {Swedish Video Live At Globen}    ab 2.32
57Hasta Mañana  (BAO)  {Video Live In Goteborg}    ab 3.13
58I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (BAO)  {Video Live Pa Goteborg}    ab 3.32
59Kisses Of Fire  (BAO)  {Video Live Pa Göteborg}    ab 3.36
60Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (BAO)  {Video Live Pa Göteborg}    ab 4.20
61Jag Är Blott En Man  (BAO)  {Swedish Video På Stockolm}    ab 3.47
62Tiveds Hambo  (BAO)  {Swedish Video På Stockolm}    st 2.21
63Put On Your White Sombrero  (BAO)  {Video Live Skansen 2019}    ab 3.34
64He Is Your Brother  (BAO)  {Video Live Skansen 2019}    ab 3.14
65Lovers (Live A Little Longer)  (BAO)  {Video Live Skansen 2019}    ab 3.33
66One Man, One Woman  (BAO)  {Video Live Skansen 2019}    ab 5.03
67On And On And On  (BAO)  {Video Live Skansen 2019}    ab 5.22
68Bang En Boomerang  (SVENNE & LOTTA)  {Swedish Video Live Melodifestivalen}    ab 3.04
69Fernando  (Lena ANDERSSON)  {German Video Live Television}    ab 2.47
70Happy New Year  (Helen SJÖHOLM)  {Video Swedish Television}    ab 4.13
71Waterloo  (GEMINI+Helen SJÖHOLM+Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Video Stockhom New Years Eve}    ab 3.02
72Intermezzo No. 1  (Anders ELJAS)  {Instrumental Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.38
73The Name Of The Game  (Jessica FOLCKER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 6.03
74Eagle  (Peter JÖBACK)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 5.08
75Does Your Mother Know  (Mikael RICKFORS+Mats RONANDER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 2.42
76When All Is Said And Done  (Nils LANDGREN)  {Video Jazz Festival}    ab 4.53
77Suzy-Hang-Around  (ELLA ROUGE)  {Video Live ABBAday}    ab 5.11
78Super Trouper  (MAMMA MIA+Sussie ERIKSSON+Gunilla BACKMAN+Charlotte STRANDBERG)  {Swedish Video Allsång På Skansen}    mm 3.56
79The Winner Takes It All  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Video Live Idrottsgalan}    ab 5.19
80Voulez-Vous  (The ORIGINAL BAND+Owe SANDSTRÖM)  {Video Allsång På Skansen}    ab 5.04
81Dancing Queen  (NANNE+Lena PHILIPSSON+BABBEN)  {Video Live Stjärnor Hos Babben}    ab 3.27
82Medley He Is Your Brother & People Need Love  (The CHOIR BY ABBA MUSEUM)  {Video Nyhetsmorgon}    ab 3.17
83Thank You For The Music  (Wolfgang HEILEMANN+Bettina TIETJEN)  {Video}    ab 3.00
84I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (WATERLOO+John-Ulf ANDERSON)  {Video ABBA The Show}    ab 3.24
85ABBA Medley  (MAMMA MIA THE PARTY)  {Video Live Allsång På Skansen}    mp 4.37
86S.O.S.  (NANNE+Jessica ANDERSSON)  {Video Live Doobidoo}    ab 3.23
87One Man, One Woman  (Björn SKIFS+Helen SJÖHOLM)  {Video Live Ja Jäklar I Min Lilla Låda}    ab 3.07
88Eagle  (Janne SCHAFFER)  {Video Musik På Skärva}    ab 6.12
89Take A Chance On Me  (NICK & SIMON)  {Video}    ab 3.19
90Thank You For The Music  (Tommy KÖRBERG+Helen SJÖHOLM+Peter JÖBACK)  {Video Live Musikal Hyllning Till Björn Och Benny (Don't Stop The Music TV4}    ab 0.58


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