datABBAse - DVD

_Covers - Famous ABBA Covers 2

Release Date: 2022
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1Honey, Honey  (SWEET DREAMS)  {Video Live Top Of The Pops}    ab 3.19
2Bang En Boomerang  (SVENNE & LOTTA)  {Swedish Video Live Melodifestivalen}    ab 3.04
3Oh! Mama Mia  (Karen CHERYL)  {French Video Live Television}    ab 3.15
4Thank You For The Music  (The CARPENTERS)  {Video Live Tonight Show}    ab 3.23
5J'Aime  (Michèle TORR)  {French Video Live Midi Première}    ab 2.34
6Chiquitita  (MENUDO+Ricky MARTIN)  {Spanish Video Live Television}    ab  
7Voulez-Vous  (MENUDO+Ricky MARTIN)  {Spanish Video Live Television}    ab  
8A Ty Se Ptas Co Ja  (Helena VONDRACKOVA)  {Czech Videoclip}    ab 3.53
9Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Mireille MATHIEU)  {French Video Stars}    ab 4.27
10Ca Va Mal  (Sylvie VARTAN)  {French Video Palmares}    ab 2.53
11Ich Sah Deine Tränen  (Marianne ROSENBERG)  {German Video}    ab 2.56
12Chanter La Vie  (Nana MOUSKOURI+FRIDA)  {French Video Live Cadence 3}    ab 4.00
13The Day Before You Came  (BLANCMANGE)  {Videoclip}    ab 4.19
14Soldiers  (Barbara DICKSON)  {Video Live Television}    ab 4.00
15Cassandra  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 2.57
16Met Kerst Ben Ik Alleen  (Andre HAZES)  {Dutch Videoclip}    ab 5.46
17Take A Chance On Me  (ERASURE)  {Video ABBA-Esque}    ab 3.45
18Sólo Hay Un Ganador  (PIMPINELA)  {Spanish Video Telemanias}    ab 4.44
19Thank You For The Music  (Vera LYNN)  {Video Clive James}    ab  
20The Winner Takes It All  (Beverley CRAVEN)  {Video Montage}    ab  
21Zwoele Zommer  (Dana WINNER)  {Dutch Video Television}    ab 3.44
22Chiquitita  (Sinead O'CONNOR)  {Videoclip}    ab 4.20
23The Day Before You Came  (Tanita TIKARAM)  {Videoclip}    ab 3.19
24Waterloo  (BANANARAMA)  {Video A Song For Eurotrash}    ab 2.20
25Take A Chance On Me  (Axelle RED+Adeline HALLIDAY)  {Video Live Samedi soir chez Estelle}    ab 3.15
26Dancing Queen  (A*TEENS)  {Videoclip}    ab 3.12
27Thank ABBA For The Music  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Video Britts Awards}    ab 4.10
28I Have A Dream  (WESTLIFE)  {Videoclip}    ab 4.21
29Money, Money, Money  (MADNESS)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 3.18
30Voulez-Vous  (CULTURE CLUB)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 4.25
31Chiquitita  (Stephen GATELY)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 4.47
32Dancing Queen  (S CLUB 7)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab  
33Does Your Mother Know  (B*WITCHED)  {Video Live in Dublin}    ab 3.09
34Dancing Queen  (Kylie MINOGUE)  {Video Live Sydney 2000}    ab 4.05
35Gracias Por La Música  (Rosa LOPEZ+Nuria FERGÓ)  {Spanish Video Live Operación Triunfo}    ab 3.49
36Lay All Your Love On Me  (Cliff RICHARD)  {Video World Tour 2003}    ab 4.29
37S.O.S.  (Dionne WARWICK)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab  
38I Have A Dream  (Barbara HENDRICKS)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab  
39The Winner Takes It All  (Thomas Di LEVA)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab  
40Bang A Boomerang  (FRIENDS)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab  
41Under Attack  (Magnus CARLSSON)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.31
42My Love, My Life  (Charlotte PERRELLI)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.00
43Eagle  (Peter JÖBACK)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.57
44On And On And On  (Mikael RICKFORS+The KITH+Mats RONANDER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.25
45Ring Ring  (AFRO-DITE)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab  
46Does Your Mother Know  (Mikael RICKFORS+Mats RONANDER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 2.42
47Arrival  (Mike OLDFIELD+Anita HEGERLAND)  {Instrumental Video Live}    ab 2.41
48S.O.S.  (James LAST)  {Instrumental Video Live A World Of Music}    ab  
49Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Nina HAGEN)  {Video Live Die Jubilaümsshow}    ab 3.13
50Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Shana VANGUARDE)  {Video Live At Mcm Top 50}    ab  
51Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER+BENNY)  {Video Ett År Senare En Kväll För Anna Lindh}    ab 5.07
52Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Wendy PETERS)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2}    ab 3.05
53S.O.S.  (Trisha PENROSE)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2}    ab 2.56
54Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Sissel KYRKJEBÖ)  {Video Live}    ab  
55Waterloo  (CAROLA+Marie BERGMAN+Marit BERGMAN)  {Video Live Alla Tiders Melodifestival}    ab 3.04
56La Reina Del Baile  (EDURNE)  {Spanish Video Operación Triunfo Gala 12}    ab 3.45
57Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht  (Marianne ROSENBERG)  {German Video Live Die Show}    ab 3.03
58Dancing Queen  (Belinda CARLISLE)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab 3.34
59Fernando  (Barbara SCHÖNEBERGER+Dirk BACH)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab  
60I Have A Dream  (Barbara SCHÖNEBERGER+Sydney YOUNGBLOOD)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab  
61The Winner Takes It All  (Samantha FOX)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab 3.14
62Super Trouper  (Max RAABE+PALAST ORCHESTER)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab 3.02
63One Of Us  (US5)  {Video Live ABBA Mania}    ab 3.43
64As Good, As New  (ALCAZAR+Magnus CARLSSON)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.23
65Vinnaren Tar Allt  (Gunilla BACKMAN+Robert WELLS)  {Swedish Video Live Rhapsody In Rock}    ab  
66Just Like That  (GEMINI)  {Official Video}    ab 3.28
67S.O.S.  (The RASMUS)  {Video Live Television}    ab  
68Super Trouper  (SCISSOR SISTER)  {Video Wetten Dass}    ab 2.10
69I Have A Dream  (Daniel O'DONNELL)  {Videoclip}    ab  
70Lay All Your Love On Me  (SYLVER)  {Videoclip}    ab  
71Waterloo  (TEXAS LIGHTNING)  {Video Live Television}    ab 2.54
72Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Les ENFOIRES+Claire KEIM+Kad MERAD)  {French Video Live Version 2007}    ab 1.23
73Money, Money, Money  (MARILLION)  {Video Live Marillion Weekend CenterParcs Port Zélande, The Netherlands}    ab 3.28
74Our Last Summer  (A*TEENS)  {Video Live In Malmo}    ab 3.49
75Does Your Mother Know  (Jerry WILLIAMS)  {Video Live Allsang Pa Skansen}    ab 3.50
76Waterloo  (Raffaella CARRÁ)  {Video Live Europasion}    ab 2.43
77Va Todo Al Ganador  (IL DIVO)  {Spanish Video Live At Coliseum In Pula}    ab 4.10
78Tack För Alla Sanger  (Gunilla BACKMAN)  {Swedish Video Live Allsång På Skansen}    ab 3.28
79Va Todo Al Ganador  (IL DIVO)  {Spanish Videoclip}    ab  
80Bang A Boomerang  (Jessica ANDERSSON)  {Video Live På Spåret}    ab 2.19
81The Winner Takes It All  (Michael BALL)  {Video Live Past & Present}    ab 4.11
82I Have A Dream  (Jason DONOVAN)  {Video Live Hyde Park}    ab 4.03
83Thank You For The Music  (Molly SANDEN)  {Video Live}    ab  
84Super Trouper  (Kylie MINOGUE)  {Video Live At Hyde Park Version 1}    ab  
85Happy New Year  (Tarja TURUNEN)  {Video Live Television}    ab  
86The Winner Takes It All  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Video Live Idrottsgalan}    ab 5.19
87The Winner Takes It All  (Laura BRANIGAN)  {Video Radio Edit Montage}    ab  
88Dancing Queen  (TEXAS LIGHTNING)  {Video Live Television}    ab  
89Bang A Boomerang  (OLSEN BROTHERS)  {Video Bingolotto}    ab 3.07
90Dancing Queen  (Lara FABIAN)  {Video Live Special Lara Fabian}    ab 1.32
91Chiquitita  (Amaia MONTERO)  {Spanish Video Qué Tiempo Tan Feliz}    ab 3.25
92Waterloo  (OLSEN BROTHERS)  {Video Bingolotto}    ab  
93Super Trouper  (SORAYA+Sandra POLOP)  {Spanish Video Operación Triunfo}    ab  
94Chiquitita  (TORMENTA)  {Spanish Video Live Teatro Colonial}    ab  
95S.O.S.  (Chris DE BURGH)  {Videoclip}    ab 3.18
96The Winner Takes It All  (John BARROWMAN)  {Video Live Television}    ab  
97The Name Of The Game  (Pernilla ANDERSSON+Nina PERSSON)  {Video Live Täck För Musiken}    ab 3.20
98Fernando  (Arielle DOMBASLE)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab  
99Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Jean-Pierre MADER+EMILE & IMAGE)  {Video Live La Grande Soiree ABBA}    ab 3.52
 Take A Chance On Me  (Natasha SAINT-PIER)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab
1Super Trouper  (Elisa TOVATI+JUDITH & YCARE)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab  
2Mamma Mia  (SHY'M)  {Video Live La Grande Soirée ABBA}    ab  
3The Winner Takes It All  (Julie ZENATTI)  {Video Live La Grande Soiree ABBA}    ab  
4S.O.S.  (Peter CETERA+Kim KEYES+Ronna REEVES)  {Video Live In Manila}    ab  
5The Way Old Friends Do  (Michael ENGLISH)  {Video TV Performance}    ab  
6One Of Us  (PANDORA)  {Videoclip}    ab 4.43
7Waterloo  (André RIEU)  {Instrumental Video Live in Maastricht}    ab  
8ABBA Medley  (André RIEU)  {Instrumental Video Live Television}    ab 5.15
9The Winner Takes It All  (Sarah DAWN FINER)  {Video Live Eurovision}    ab 2.35
10Waterloo  (Johnny LOGAN)  {Video Lotta På Liseberg}    ab 2.44
11Waterloo  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Video Live Brighton}    ab 1.16
12Zoals Vrienden Doen  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 3.27
13Knowing Me, Knowing You  (ARNO+Orly CHA)  {Video Live Television}    ab 5.06
14Mamma Mia  (GLEE CAST)  {Video Full Performance}    ab 2.22
15Dancing Queen  (NANNE+Lena PHILIPSSON+BABBEN)  {Video Live Stjärnor Hos Babben}    ab 3.25
16Does Your Mother Know  (SUZI QUATRO+Andy SCOTT)  {Video Live Die Ultimative Chart Show Spezial}    ab 3.01
17Mamma Mia  (ONE DIRECTION)  {Video Stockholm}    ab  
18Does Your Mother Know  (Magnus CARLSSON+Shirley CLAMP+Oscar ZIA)  {Video Live Lotta På Liseberg}    ab 4.35
19Chiquitita  (Laleh POURKARIM)  {Video Live Unicef Gala}    ab 3.53
20Va Todo Al Ganador  (NINA)  {Spanish Video Que Tiempo Tan Feliz}    ab 9.07
21Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (CELTIC WOMAN)  {Video Live In Dublin}    ab 5.17
22Waterloo  (ALIZÉE)  {Video Live Sidaction}    ab 2.43
23Waterloo  (NICOLE)  {German Video Live German Television}    ab 1.04
24S.O.S.  (NANNE+Jessica ANDERSSON)  {Video Live Doobidoo}    ab 3.20
25The Winner Takes It All  (Carla BRUNI)  {Video Live Au Grand Studio Rtl}    ab 3.35
26One Man, One Woman  (Björn SKIFS+Helen SJÖHOLM)  {Video Live Ja Jäklar I Min Lilla Låda}    ab 3.01
27Happy New Year  (O'G3NE)  {Video Live Muziekfeest Van Het Jaar}    ab 4.02
28Summer Night City  (Nils LANDGREN)  {Video Funky ABBA 2018}    ab 4.57
29Fernando  (CHER+Andy GARCÍA)  {Video Here We Go Again}    ab 3.30
30ABBA Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON)  {Video Live Toppers In Concert 2019}    ab 6.21
31Eagle  (Janne SCHAFFER)  {Video Musik På Skärva}    ab 6.12
32Super Trouper  (FEY)  {Video Live Desnuda Tour}    ab  
33One Of Us  (Mazz MURRAY)  {Video The Show Must Go On!}    ab 3.20
34Dancing Queen  (Natasha SAINT-PIER)  {Video Live ABBA Les enfants de la télé}    ab 3.02
35Se Me Esta Escapando  (Marisol OTERO)  {Spanish Video ABBA Acústico}    ab  
36La Reina Del Baile  (ALASKA)  {Spanish Video Telepasión}    ab 3.23
37I Have A Dream  (Connie TALBOT)  {Official Video}    ab  
38Chiquitita  (FIRST AID KIT)  {Video Live Don't Stop the Music TV4}    ab 4.08
39The Winner Takes It All  (Natasha SAINT-PIER)  {Video Symphonissime}    ab 4.31
40Waterloo  (Isabel PREYSLER)  {Video Mask Singer}    ab 1.43
41Mamma Mia  (LOIS LANE)  {Video ABBA Cover)| Npo Radio}    ab 3.32
42Mamma Mia  (Nolwenn LEROY)  {Video Les 20 Chansons De 2021}    ab 1.19
43Don'T Shut Me Down  (Gunilla BACKMAN)  {Video Live Nyårsbingo}    ab 4.05
44I Have A Dream  (Laura PAUSINI+MIKA)  {Video Live San Remo Festival}    ab 2.30

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