datABBAse - CD

_Various - Jnw ABBA Covers

Release Date: 26/08/2023
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer


1Acapella ABBA Cover Medley  (JNW)    ab
2Acapella ABBA Medley  (JNW)  {Vol 2}    ab
3Chiquitita  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
4Don'T Shut Me Down  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover Orchestral Version}    ab
5Fernando  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
6I Wonder  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
7Kisses Of Fire  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
8Lovelight  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
9Mamma Mia  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
10No Doubt About It  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
11Ode To Freedom  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover Acapella Version}    ab
12Ode To Freedom  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover Our ABBA Voyage}    ab
13One Man, One Woman  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover Version}    ab
14Our Last Summer  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
15Should I Laugh Or Cry  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
16Slipping Through My Fingers  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
17That'S Me  (JNW)    ab
18The Day Before You Came  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
19The Last Time  (JNW)  {Agnetha Fältskog Cover}    ag
20The Way Old Friends Do  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
21The Winner Takes It All  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover Harmony Breakdown}    ab
22The Winner Takes It All  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
23Under Attack  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
24When You Danced With Me  (JNW)  {ABBA Cover}    ab
25When You Danced With Me  (JNW)  {Acapella Version}    ab
26The Angels Cry  (JNW)    ag
27Under Attack  (JNW)    ab

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