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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Officials Albums

Ring Ring (International LP)
LP 1973

Waterloo (International LP)
LP 1974

LP 1975

Arrival (LP)
LP 1976

Album (LP) The
LP 1977

Voulez-Vous (LP)
LP 1979

Super Trouper (International LP)
LP 1980

Visitors (International LP) The
LP 1981

Officials Single

People Need Love (7'')
7" 1972

He Is Your Brother (7'')
7" 1972

Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) (7'')
7" 1973

Love Isn'T Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) (7'')
7" 1973

Waterloo (7'')
7" 1974

Honey, Honey (7'')
7" 1974

So Long (7'')
7" 1974

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (7'')
7" 1975

S.O.S. (7'')
7" 1975

Mamma Mia (7'')
7" 1975

Fernando (7'')
7" 1976

Dancing Queen (7'')
7" 1976

Money, Money, Money (7'')
7" 1976

Knowing Me, Knowing You (7'')
7" 1977

Name Of The Game (7'') The
7" 1977

Take A Chance On Me (7'')
7" 1978

Eagle (7'')
7" 1978

Summer Night City (7'')
7" 1978

Chiquitita (7'')
7" 1979

Does Your Mother Know (7'')
7" 1979

Voulez-Vous (7'')
7" 1979

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (7'')
7" 1979

I Have A Dream (7'')
7" 1979

Winners Takes It All
7" 1980

Super Trouper (7'')
7" 1980

One Of Us (7'')
7" 1981

Head Over Heels (7'')
7" 1982

Day Before You Came (7'') The
7" 1982

Under Attack (7'')
7" 1983

Happy New Year (First CD Single)
CDS 1999


Greatest Hits (International Version)
CD 1975
Greatest Hits Volume II
CD 1979

Gracias Por La Música (Album)
CD 1980

Singles The
CD 1982

CD 1986

Gold (Remastered 1992)
CD 1992

Oro (Remastered 1992)
CD 1993

Thank You For The Music (CD Box)
CD 1994

Love Stories
CD 1998

Singles Collection 1972-1982 (CDs)
CDS 1999

Classic ABBA (The Universal Masters Collection)
CD 2000

Definitive Collection (CD) The
CD 2001

18 Hits (European Edition)
CD 2005

Complete Studio Recordings The
CD 2005

Number Ones (Double CD)
CD 2006

Complete Studio Recordings (Simplified Version)
CD 2007

ABBA The Albums
CD 2008

Classic ABBA
CD 2009

Essential Collection The
CD 2012

Live At Wembley Arena
CD 2014

CD 2016

Arrival - The Singles Coloured Vinyl Singles Box
7" 2016

ABBA Gold -Greatest Hits 25th Anniversary
LP 2017

Album -The Singles Coloured Vinyl Singles Box The
7" 2017

DVD & Videos

ABBA The Movie (Video)
Video 1982

Winner Takes It All The
DVD 1999

ABBA In Concert (DVD)
DVD 2004

DVDS 2004

Last Video The
DVDS 2004

Super Troupers (DVD)
DVD 2004

16 Hits
DVD 2006

ABBA In Japan
DVD 2009

Others Albums & Singles

En Hälsning Till Vara Parkarrangörer (7'' Promo)
7" 1972

Live 77
7" 1977

Sång Till Görel (12'')
12" 1979

Hovas Vittne (12'')
12" 1981

Sumner Night City
7" 2018

Associates an a Album

1973 Ted Ted Gärdestad CDBacking Vocal
1977 Fenomenet ABBA Christer Borg BookSong Inspired

Legend for the Songs
Songs BootlegLive or Unknow


...Was Zusammen Gehört 2012Singer
1977 Concert Footage 1977Singer
21st Century ABBA Megamix 2002Singer
40th Anniversary Medley 2014Singer
5 Minuten Und Bjorn 2016Singer
A Van ABBA 1981Singer
A Wie ABBA 1981Singer
ABBA -The Special Australia 1977Singer
ABBA Album Knocks Coldplay Off The Top Spot 2008Singer
ABBA Anthem Ceremony Mix 2017Singer
ABBA Arriving In Australia 1977Singer
ABBA Arriving In France! 1980Singer
ABBA Arriving In The Netherlands 1976Singer
ABBA At Mamma Mia Premiere 2005Singer
ABBA At Mamma Mia! The Party 2016Singer
ABBA At Melbourne Town Hall 1977Singer
ABBA At The Moviesa 1999Singer
ABBA Attack 1998Singer
ABBA Attack 1998Singer
ABBA Being Presented With An Award 2005Singer
ABBA Classic Dance Mega Mix 2005Singer
ABBA Construction 1995Singer
ABBA Costumes 2010Singer
ABBA D.J. Mix 2003Singer
ABBA Gold 40th Anniversaery Edition Out Now 2014Singer
ABBA Gold 40th Anniversary Steelbox Edition 2014Singer
ABBA Gold Medley 1992Singer
ABBA Hits Medleys 2004Singer
ABBA I Kvadrat 1977Singer
ABBA In Australia Interview 2004Singer
ABBA In Kessel Buntes 1974Singer
ABBA In Out Of Phase Stereo 2013Singer
ABBA In Perth 1977Singer
ABBA Introducing Thier Favorits Hits 1999Singer
ABBA Live 1982 1979Singer
ABBA Live Medley 1977Singer
ABBA Mania Mix 1994Singer
ABBA Mania Odd Mix 1994Singer
ABBA Medley 2001Singer
ABBA Medley Hit Mix 2017Singer
ABBA Mega Medley 2001Singer
ABBA Megamix 2002Singer
ABBA Minimix 1994Singer
ABBA Mix DJ M 2008Singer
ABBA Museum Promo Video 2017Singer
ABBA On Tour In 1977 1977Singer
ABBA Promo Megamix 1996Singer
ABBA Rare Mixes 2013Singer
ABBA Restaurant Opens In Sweden 2016Singer
ABBA Special Interview 1982Singer
ABBA Special Medley 1982Singer
ABBA Special Mega Mix 1992Singer
ABBA Spezial 2002Singer
ABBA Talking About Their Career 2002Singer
ABBA Tekk No 1995Singer
ABBA The Album 2010Singer
ABBA Ultimate Megamix 2008Singer
ABBA Undeleted 1994Singer
ABBA Undeleted Supermix 2007Singer
ABBA Vs Wonder Woman 2002Singer
ABBA Win Golden Lion Award 1974Singer
ABBAcadabra I Megamix 1992Singer
ABBAcadabra II Megamix 1992Singer
ABBAcadabra Mix II 2002Singer
ABBAdabba Doo Medley 1976Singer
ABBArama 2015Singer
ABBAworld On Cnn News 2010Singer
ABBAworld On Euronews 2010Singer
ABBAworld On Itn News 2010Singer
ABBAworld On Sky News 2010Singer
ABBAworld Ouverture 2010Singer
About ABBA 1976Singer
Absolute ABBA Interview 2000Singer
After ABBA 2010Singer
Al Andar 1980Singer
Album Arrival 2010Singer
Ali ABBA 1981Singer
Alley Cat 1975Singer
Am Laufenden Band Interview 2008Singer
And The Wind Cries Mary 1979Singer
Andante, Andante 1980Singer
Angeleyes 1978Singer
Another Interview 2003Singer
Another Town, Another Train 1972Singer
Arga Unga Män, Förenen Eder! 1970Singer
Around The World 2010Singer
Arrival 1976Singer
Arrival In The Movie 1977Singer
Arriving In London 1976Singer
As Good, As New 1979Singer
Asley Meets ABBA In The Elevator 1977Singer
Australian TV Interview 1977Singer
Australian Tour 1977Singer
Autumn Days 2002Singer
Baby 1998Singer
Back On The Road -Harvey Andrews On ABBA 1996Singer
Bambino 1981Singer
Band Intro 1975Singer
Bang A Boomerang 1974Singer
Barbara-Ann Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
Barnvisor 1973Singer
Bbc Symphonie ABBA 2008Singer
Behind The Scene 1978 1978Singer
Behind The Scene 1980 1980Singer
Bei Sonne Oder Regen 2012Singer
Best Ever ABBA Dance Megamix 2000 2003Singer
Bjorn Message In German 1981Singer
Blue Peter TV Show 1978Singer
Blue Plaque In Brighton 2017Singer
Bonne Annee A Tous Nos Amis Francais 1980Singer
Bonne Années À Tous Les Français 1978Singer
Bonus Question 1981Singer
Burning My Bridges 2002Singer
California Here I Come 2008Singer
Cassandra 1982Singer
Chiquitita 1978Singer
Christmas Greetings 1982Singer
Christmas Greetings 2 2006Singer
Christmas Greetings 4 2006Singer
Christmas Medley 2001Singer
Closing 2012Singer
Collection Of Christmas Greetings 2001Singer
Congratulating Disco TV Show On 100 Th Show 1979 1979Singer
Conociéndome, Conociéndote 1980Singer
Crazy World 1974Singer
Credits 2006Singer
Crying Over You 1978Singer
D.J. Polar Remix 2002Singer
Dance 1973 {(While The Music Still Goes On)}Singer
Dance Mania Mix 2002Singer
Dancing In The Moonlight 2004Singer
Dancing Queen 1975Singer
Dancing Queen Medley ABBA+Mamma Mia 2014Singer
Dancing Reina 2013Singer
Danish Medley 1972Singer
Danny Boy 1979Singer
De ABBA Film 1977Singer
De Premiere 1977Singer
Demo Medley 2000Singer
Denmark Medley 2003Singer
Der Kleine Klaus 1986Singer
Deutsch Presentation 2006Singer
Dick Cavett Interview 1981Singer
Dick Cavett Medley 2003Singer
Disco Europe Express 2017Singer
Disco Introduction 1975Singer
Disco Introvision 2002Singer
Disillusion 1973Singer
Dmc Greatest Mix 2006Singer
Does Your Mother Know 1979Singer
Doing The Omoralisk Schlager Festival 2005Singer
Don Laine Show Interview 1976Singer
Don Lane Satellite Interview 1977Singer
Don Mclean Hotel Room Interview 1976Singer
Don'T Fence Me In 1981Singer
Dream World 1978Singer
Dressing Room 2010Singer
Dum Dum Diddle 1976Singer
Dutch Interview 2013Singer
Eagle 1977Singer
Edmonton Press Conference 1979Singer
Ekorren 1978Singer
Elaine 1980Singer
En France 1974-1980 2011Singer
En Hälsning Till Våra Parkarrangörer 1972Singer
En Song Om Sommar 2002Singer
End Credits 1976Singer
End Of The Show 1978Singer
Entracte 2008Singer
Entrevista Con Björn 1982Singer
Epilogue 2012Singer
Es Wächst Zusammen 2012Singer
Estoy Soñando 1979Singer
Euro 92 2003Singer
Extra Long Medley 2003Singer
Fairfax Rag 1973Singer
Fan Interview 2002Singer
Felicidad 1980Singer
Feliz New Year 2013Singer
Finale 1996Singer
Fred'S Spanish Medley 2003Singer
Free As A Bumble Bee 1978Singer
From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel 2011Singer
Funky Feet 1976Singer
Gammal Fäbodpsalm 1979Singer
Ge Mig En Chans 1981Singer
German Presentation 1982Singer
Get On The Carousel 1977Singer
Get Ready ABBAworld 2010Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 1979 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Vs Hung Up ABBA+Madonna 2008Singer
Give Me Pop P Diamond+Jay B Digital+ABBA 2011Singer
Givin' A Little Bit More 1981Singer
Going Strong 2004Singer
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 1973Singer
Goodbye To The 70'S 1979Singer
Gracias For La Musik ABBA+Covers 2008Singer
Gracias For The Music 2013Singer
Gracias Por La Música 1980Singer
Greatest Hits 2010Singer
Greatest Hits Make The Greatest Gifts 2015Singer
Greatest Mix 2011Singer
Greetings To Dutch Fans 1976Singer
Greetings To Japanese Fans 1978Singer
Hanging On The Ring Ring ABBA+Blondie 2010Singer
Happy Hawaii 1976Singer
Happy New Year 1980Singer
Happy New Year Greetings 1978Singer
Happy New Year Vs The Perfect Year ABBA+Dina Carroll 2016Singer
Hasta Mañana 1973Singer
Have You Never Been Mellow Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
He Is Your Brother 1972Singer
Head Over Heels 1981Singer
Helan Går 1978Singer
Hello From ABBA 2005Singer
Hello Japanese Fans 1980Singer
Hello Melbourne 1977Singer
Help Me Rhonda Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
Here Comes Rubie Jamie 1974Singer
Hey, Hey Helen 1974Singer
High And Mighty 2009Singer
Hole In Your Soul 1977Singer
Holiday Andy Gibb+ABBA 1978Singer
Honey, Honey 1973Singer
Hovas Vittne 1981Singer
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 1974Singer
I Get Around 1973Singer
I Have A Dream 1979Singer
I Just Wanna Be Your Everything Andy Gibb+ABBA 1978Singer
I Just Want To Be Your Everything Andy Gibb+ABBA 1978Singer
I Just Wasn'T Thinking 1988Singer
I Let The Music Speak 1981Singer
I Want You 1975Singer
I Wonder 1977 {(Departure)}Singer
I'M A Marionette 1977Singer
I'M An A 1976Singer
I'M Still Alive 1979Singer
I'Ve Been Waiting For You 1974Singer
If It Wasn'T For The Nights 1978Singer
If You Love Me Let Me Know Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
Im Pop-Himmel 2012Singer
In The Arms Of Rosalita 1978Singer
In The Can 2004Singer
In The Mood 1977Singer
Interactive Scrapbook With Details Of All ABBA'S #1 Hits 2006Singer
Intermezzo No 1 2014Singer
Intermezzo No. 1 1974Singer
International Sleeve Gallery 2006Singer
Interview & Polar Studio Visit 1978Singer
Interview At The Melbourne Town Hall 2005Singer
Interview Over Sos 2008Singer
Interview Part 2 1981Singer
Interview With ABBA Members 1988Singer
Interview With Agnetha 2005Singer
Interview With Agnnetha And Frida About Christmas In Sweden 1982Singer
Interview With All ABBA Members, 2004Singer
Interview With Benny And Bjorn 1982Singer
Interviews With ABBA Members 1980Singer
Interviews, Sketches, TV Reports And Appearances 2005Singer
Introducao 2012Singer
Introduction 2003Singer
Introduction 2010Singer
It'S Alright Darling 1988Singer
It'S Been Swell 1988Singer
It'S Better Now 2004Singer
Ja Må Hon Leva 1981Singer
Jailhouse Rock Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
Jam Session Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
Japan Medley 1981Singer
Japan Special Presentation 1978Singer
Jeg Har En Tulle Med Oyne Blå 1977Singer
Johan På Snippen 1977Singer
Just A Notion 1978Singer
Just Like That 1982Singer
Karaoke Introduction 2003Singer
King Kong Song 1973Singer
Kisses Of Fire 1979Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You 1976Singer
La Reina Del Baile 2010Singer
La Reina Del Baile 1980Singer
Lady Bird/Tomorrow 1979Singer
Late 70'S 1996Singer
Late 80'S 1996Singer
Late Late Breakfast Show Interview 1997Singer
Lay All Your Love On Me 1980Singer
Le Bussiness ABBA 2009Singer
Les Secrets D'Un Bussiness 2009Singer
Lessions In Love-Mix 2002Singer
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 1981Singer
Live 1977 1977Singer
Live 1979 1979Singer
Live 77 1977Singer
Live Another Medley 77 1977Singer
Live At Wembley Arena 2014Singer
Live At Wembley Mix.Mp3 2014Singer
Live In Sweden Medley 2003Singer
Live In Sydney 1977Singer
Live Medley 2008Singer
Losers In Love 2004Singer
Lotties Schotties 1981Singer
Love Isn'T Easy 1973 {(But It Sure Is Hard Enough)}Singer
Lovelight 1978Singer
Lovers 1978 {(Live A Little Longer)}Singer
M.J.M. 2001Singer
Magazine Articles Collection 2002Singer
Making Of The National TV Spots 1976Singer
Mamma Mia 1975Singer
Mamma Mia Medley ABBA+Mamma Mia+Covers 2005Singer
Mamma Mia Movie Premiere 2008Singer
Mamma Mia Movie Premiere In Stockholm 2008Singer
Mamma Mia Parody 1976Singer
Man In The Middle 1974Singer
Mania Mix 2009Singer
Mastermegamix 2002Singer
Me And Bobby And Bobby'S Brother 1973Singer
Me And I 1980Singer
Med En Enkil Tulipen 1999Singer
Medley 1995 2005Singer
Medley 95 1995Singer
Medley ABBA 2002Singer
Medley Dancing Queen & Fernando 1978Singer
Medley Dancing Queen & I'Ve Been Waiting For You 2014Singer
Medley Does Your Mother Know & Hole In Your Soul 1979Singer
Medley Eagle & Fernando 2014Singer
Medley Eagle & Thank You For The Music 1978Singer
Medley End Credits 1976Singer
Medley Fernando & Dancing Queen 2006Singer
Medley Fernando & Summer Night City 2006Singer
Medley Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! & Super Trouper 1981Singer
Medley Greetings & Happy New Year 2015Singer
Medley Jingle Bells & Greetings 2015Singer
Medley Just A Notion & Hey Hey Helen 2002Singer
Medley Just A Notion Megamix 2003Singer
Medley Knowing Me, Knowing You & People Need Love 2014Singer
Medley Lay All Your Love On Me & The Visitors 2001Singer
Medley Live 2004Singer
Medley Live 74-75 2014Singer
Medley Mamma Mia & Does Your Mother Know 2006Singer
Medley Mamma Mia Vs Does Your Mother Know 2016Singer
Medley Of Swedish Children' Songs 1973Singer
Medley Our Last Summer & Arrival 2014Singer
Medley S. O. S. & Waterloo 2006Singer
Medley Scaramouche & Antonio Fran Borneo 1977Singer
Medley Slipping Through My Fingers & Me And I 1981Singer
Medley So Long & Alley Cat 1975Singer
Medley The Name Of The Game & Eagle 1979Singer
Medley The Name Of The Game & My Love, My Life 2014Singer
Medley The Visitors & Lay All Your Love On Me 2002Singer
Medley The Visitors And Lay All Your Love On Me 2004Singer
Medley The Winner Takes It All & Super Trouper 2006Singer
Medley Waterloo & Sos 2006Singer
Medley: Free As A Bumble Bee & Rubber Ball Man & Crying Over You 2013Singer
Medleygimme! Gimme! Gimme! & Super Trouper 2015Singer
Mega Millenium Mix 2002Singer
Megamedley 1999Singer
Megamix 1992Singer
Merry Christmas Everybody 1982Singer
Midnight Special 1975Singer
Mike Yarwood Sketch Interview 1978Singer
Millenium Megamix 2001Singer
Mix 1 Dance Part 2009Singer
Mix 2 Slow Part 2009Singer
Mix 3 Remakes 2009Singer
Mix Of Songs 2001Singer
Money, Money, Money 1976Singer
Monsieur, Monsieur 1976Singer
More ABBA Gold Medley From Spain 1992Singer
Motorbike Ride 1998Singer
Move On 1977Singer
Movie Interview 2005Singer
Multi Megamix 1997Singer
Musikladen Interview 1976Singer
My Mama Said 1973Singer
Mysterious Times Sash!+Tina Cousins+ABBA 2008Singer
National Commercial 1976Singer
News Report 1979Singer
Nicht Zu Alt Für Sex 2012Singer
Nightbird Interview 1974Singer
Nina, Pretty Ballerina 1972Singer
No Hay A Quien Culpar 1981Singer
No Man'S Land 2004Singer
Nu Är Det Jul Igen 1981Singer
Nul Points 2 Interviews 1997Singer
Official Photo Book Medley 2014Singer
Okay Report 1979Singer
Olivia! 1978Singer
On Top Of Old Smokey 1975Singer
One Man, One Woman 1977Singer
One Of Us 1981Singer
Opening Medley 2012Singer
Opp I Det Blå 1994Singer
Oro Grandes Exitos Medley 1992Singer
Our Island 2004Singer
Our Last Summer 1980Singer
Out Of Sight 2004Singer
Outro 1998Singer
Overture -Prologue 2008Singer
Party Mix Medley 2001Singer
People Need Love 1972Singer
Perry'S Mega Video Mix 2003Singer
Photo Sessions & Interview 1978Singer
Pick A Bale Of Cotton 1975Singer
Picture Gallery 2004Singer
Please Mr Please Olivia Newton-John+ABBA+Andy Gibb 1978Singer
Polar Music Medley 1997Singer
Polar Xmas Megamix 1983 1983Singer
Polkan Går 1977Singer
Pre-ABBA Medley 2003Singer
Presentation Soirée ABBA 2011Singer
Presentation Special Japan 2008Singer
Primera Parte 2007Singer
Prolog - Menschen Brauchen Liebe 2012Singer
Put A Little Love In Your Heart ABBA (Related)+ABBA 1979Singer
Put On Your White Sombrero 1980Singer
På Galhammarudden 2014Singer
Radio Special 1979Singer
Rapport 1978Singer
Recording ABBA - The Album 1977Singer
Red Roses For A Blue Lady Gunnar Nilsson+ABBA 1970Singer
Reina Danzante 1980Singer
Remenber The Days Of The Old Schoolyard Olivia Newton-John+Andy Gibb+ABBA 1978Singer
Rikky Rock'N'Roller 1974Singer
Ring Ring 1973Singer
Rock Me 1974Singer
Rubber Ball Man 1979Singer
Rum & Coca Cola 1998Singer
S Comme Son 2009Singer
S.O.S. 1974Singer
Saga ABBA & Société Sans Monnaie 2017Singer
Santa Rosa 1972Singer
Scaramouche 1977Singer
Scotland The Brave 1979Singer
Se Me Esta Escapando 1981Singer
Shop 2010Singer
Should I Laugh Or Cry 1981Singer
Show Express Satelite Announcement 1980Singer
Sitting In The Palmtree 1973Singer
Sketch Interview 1978Singer
Skål! 1982Singer
Slipping Through My Fingers 1981Singer
So Long 1974Singer
Soldiers 1981Singer
Something On My Mind 1988Singer
Spanish Flea 1965Singer
Special Interview 2005Singer
Special Of The Week Interview 2003Singer
Spoken Intro 1994Singer
Stikkan Anderson 1976Singer
Stoned 1977Singer
Story Of A Mini Musical 1977Singer
Summer Night City 1978Singer
Super Trouper 2013Singer
Super Trouper 1980Singer
Super Trouper Interview 2005Singer
Suzy-Hang-Around 1973Singer
Sång Till Görel ABBA+Stig Anderson 1979Singer
Take A Chance On Me 1977Singer
Thank You For The Music Of Benny Andersson And Björn Ulvaeus 2002Singer
That'S Me 1976Singer
The 2002 Love'S Unkind Mix 2002Singer
The ABBA Christmas Greetings Collection 2005Singer
The ABBA Fast Times Mix 2002Singer
The ABBA Mega Reconstruction Mix 2002Singer
The ABBA Mega-Mega-Mega Medley 2002Singer
The ABBA Megamix 2003Singer
The ABBA Pot Pourrè 2005Singer
The Album 2010Singer
The Arrival 1977Singer
The Best Ever ABBA Dance Mix 2008Singer
The Best Ever Mega Dance Mix 2002Singer
The Boy Is Mine ABBA+Brandy & Monica 2015Singer
The Costumes 2010Singer
The Day Before You Came 1982Singer
The Days Of The Old Schoolyard Olivia Newton-John+Andy Gibb+ABBA 1978Singer
The Devil In Miss Jones 2004Singer
The Dream Mix 2002Singer
The Final Megamix 2004Singer
The Girl With The Golden Hair 1977Singer
The History Mix 1998Singer
The Interview 2013Singer
The Invitation 1982Singer
The Jams On 'The Queen And I' Being Banned 1991Singer
The King Has Lost His Crown 1978Singer
The Last Video 2004Singer
The Medley Of The Year 2002Singer
The Mega 70'S Hit Mix 2002Singer
The Mixes The Best Ever Dance Megamix 2000 2000Singer
The Movie 1978Singer
The Movie Extracts 1978Singer
The Name Of The Game 1977Singer
The Parade ABBA (Related)+ABBA 2008Singer
The Pictures 2006Singer
The Piper 1980Singer
The Rap Mix 2002Singer
The Special 2005Singer
The Ultimate Mega Mix 2013Singer
The Unauthorised Interview 1982Singer
The Visitors 2010Singer
The Visitors 1981 {(Crackin' Up)}Singer
The Way Old Friends Do 1979Singer
The Winner Takes It All 1980Singer
The Winner Takes It All 1980Singer
This Is ABBA 1977Singer
Tiger 1976Singer
Tiveds Hambo 1986Singer
Tiveds Hambo & Hovasvittne 2013Singer
Tour Souvenir Programme Gallery 2005Singer
Tropical Loveland 1975Singer
Tunnel Of Love 2010Singer
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2011Singer
Two For The Price Of One 1981Singer
Two For The Price Of The Music ABBA+Britney Spears 2012Singer
Tyck Om Varann 1970Singer
Ultimate ABBA Mix! 2016Singer
Una Voce Poco Fa 1979Singer
Undeleted Medley 1994Singer
Under Attack 1982Singer
Under My Sun 1979Singer
Untitled 1973Singer
Untitled Jam 1979Singer
Untitled Song 2002Singer
Va Todo Al Ganador 1980Singer
Videos Collections 2005Singer
Viggsö 2010Singer
Vinner Schlagerfestivalen I Brighton 2006Singer
Visitors Medley 2007Singer
Vive ABBA 1978Singer
Voulez Vous A Move Around The World ABBA+Daft Punk+Mc Young 2013Singer
Voulez-Vous 1979Singer
Voulez-Vous Interview 2005Singer
Waltzing Matilda 1977Singer
Watch Out 1973Singer
Waterloo 1973Singer
We Are ABBA 1978Singer
Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht 1973Singer
What About Livingstone? 1973Singer
What'S New -Waterloo Interview 1994Singer
When All Is Said And Done 1981Singer
When I Kissed The Teacher 1976Singer
When The Waves Roll Out To Sea 1982Singer
Willesee Interview 1977Singer
Wonderama Interview 1976Singer
Worlds And Music 1980Singer
You Owe Me One 1982Singer
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! 1980 {(Amor Esta Noche)}Singer
Åh, Vilka Tider 1972Singer

Legend for the Songs
Songs BootlegLive or Unknow

Alias or Working Title

'Til The Night Is Gone 1980Singer
15e Oktober-Låten 1981Singer
A Bit Of Myself 1977Singer
A Crazy World 1974Singer
A Man After Midnight 1979Singer
A Simple Four-Letter Word 1977Singer
A Spoken Word 1972Singer
ABBAcadabra Mix 1994Singer
Amantes 1979 {(Viven Un Poco Mas)}Singer
Amerika 1979Singer
An Angel Passing Through My Room 1981Singer
An Angel Walked Through My Room 1981Singer
An Angel'S Passing Through My Room 1981Singer
Andate 1980Singer
Another Morning Without You 1981Singer
Antonio Från Borneo 1977Singer
Arribo 1982Singer
Arrival In Dalecarlia 1976Singer
Baby I Won'T Come Back 1973Singer
Bach-Låten 1974Singer
Bara Du Slog En Signal 1973Singer
Been And Gone And Done It 1979Singer
Belsebub 1978Singer
Besos De Fuego 1979Singer
Big John 1977Singer
Billy Boy 1977Singer
Blinka Lilla Stjärna 1980Singer
Boogaloo 1975Singer
Chiquita 1978Singer
Chiquitita Angelina 2004Singer
Christmas Message 2002Singer
Christmas Songs 1976Singer
Coachman'S Farm 1976Singer
Como Lo Hacen Los Vejos Amigos 1980Singer
Como Nuevo 1979Singer
Como Si Fuera Nuevo 1979Singer
Contemplation 1972Singer
DVD Extras 1999Singer
Daddy Don'T Get Drunk On Christmas Day 1980Singer
Dame Dame Dame 2012Singer
Dame Todo Tu Amor A Mi 1982Singer
Dame Una Oportunidad 1981Singer
Dance With The Devil 1974Singer
Dancing Queen 1976Singer
De-Constructed Dance Mix 1995Singer
Debe Ser Rock And Roll 1977Singer
Debo Reir O Llorar 1982Singer
Den Första 1981Singer
Den Lidande Fågeln 1982Singer
Didn'T I 1974Singer
Dinero, Dinero, Dinero 1979Singer
Dixie 1974Singer
Dr. Claus Von Hamlet 1978Singer
Dr. Klaus 1975Singer
Dream Land 1978Singer
Dum De Dum 1975Singer
El Andar 1980Singer
El Nombre Del Juego 1979Singer
El Paso 1982Singer
El Rey Ha Perdido Su Corona 1979Singer
Elaine Elaine Elaine 1980Singer
Encore 1979Singer
Esses Vad Det Svänger När Man Spelar Jazz 1980Singer
Every Good Man Needs A Helping Hand 1983Singer
Fernando 1975Singer
Fiol 1976Singer
Folk Medley 1975Singer
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 2010Singer
Gold Medley 1992Singer
Got A Hole In My Soul 1979Singer
Grandpa'S Banjo 1972Singer
Greetings From Sweden 1993Singer
Hades 1978Singer
Hamlet III 1975Singer
Happy Birthday To You 1981Singer
Happy Srteet 2009Singer
Harry 1982Singer
Hawaii 1976Singer
Hawaii Feliz 1979Singer
He Estado Esperando Por Ti 1979Singer
Hej Gamle Man ! 1969Singer
Heroes 1978Singer
High High 1977Singer
High On Your Love 1977Singer
Hold Me Close 1980Singer
Honey-Pie 1973Singer
Honeysuckle Rose 1974Singer
Horn Per 1978Singer
Hurry 1982Singer
I Am A Tiger 1976Singer
I Am Just A Girl 1972Singer
I Am The City 1982Singer
I Believe In You 1977Singer
I Can Do It 1979Singer
I Know A Song 1979Singer
I Owe You One 1982Singer
I Saw It In The Mirror 1970Singer
I'Am An A 1977Singer
I'D Give Anything To Be Back Home In... 1972Singer
I'M Gonna Sing You A Lovesong 1973Singer
I'M The Tiger 1976Singer
Ich Hab Angst 1978Singer
In The City 1982Singer
In The Waiting Room Of Love 2006Singer
Ing. Saltet 1974Singer
Interludes 1900Singer
Intermedio No. 1 1976Singer
Interviews 1900Singer
Intros 1900Singer
Jackass 1980Singer
Joanne 1977Singer
Kalle Skändare 1978Singer
Kamelo 1982Singer
Katakusom 1978Singer
Klocklåt 1973Singer
Kålsupare 1978Singer
Kålsupare II 1978Singer
Lo Hago, Lo Hago , Lo Hago 1981Singer
Los Amantes 1979 {(Viven Un Poco Mas)}Singer
Love For Me Is Love Forever 1977Singer
Luz De Amor 1978Singer
Mama 1974Singer
Mama Mia 2009Singer
Mamma 1974Singer
Mamma Mia 1975Singer
Me Debes Une 1982Singer
Medleys 1900Singer
Mega Remix 1992Singer
Memory Lane 1976Singer
Merry-Go-Round 1972Singer
Mi Amor, Mi Vida 1982Singer
Mi Amore 1981Singer
Mi Otro Yo 1982Singer
More Gold Medley 1992Singer
Mountain Top 1978Singer
Mr Sex 1973Singer
My Love, My Life 1976Singer
Name Of The Game 1977Singer
National Sings Out 1976Singer
National Song 1976Singer
Nationalsånget 1981Singer
Nu Alla 1980Singer
Nu Er Det Jul Igen 1981Singer
Number One, Number One 1976Singer
Nummer 1 1981Singer
Ny Alla 1980Singer
Ode To Dalecarlia 1976Singer
Ojos Angelicales 1979Singer
Ojos De Angel 1979Singer
Olle Olle 1977Singer
On And On And On 1980Singer
Opus 10 1981Singer
Padre 1980Singer
Pandemonium 1978Singer
Peasants 1981Singer
Piccolino 1980Singer
Pick Bale Of Cotton 1975Singer
Pig Party On Mallorca 1980Singer
Polken Går 1977Singer
Quiere Vd...? 1979Singer
Quieres? 1979Singer
Reggae 1975Singer
Reina Bailarina 1979Singer
Ricky Rock'N'Roller 1974Singer
Ring It In 1976Singer
Rio De Janeiro 1976Singer
Rock 'N' Roll 1975Singer
Rock 'N' Roll 1977Singer
Rock'N'Roll Band 1972Singer
Rosalita 1978Singer
S.O.S. 1974Singer
Salute To Stig 1981Singer
She'S My Kind Of Girl 1969Singer
Sherwood 1980Singer
Si No Fuera Por Las Noches 1979Singer
Sjömansvisa 1977Singer
Song 'X' 1979Singer
Spansk II 1980Singer
Special Usa Megamix 1992Singer
Stop And Listen To Your Heart 1974Singer
Super Trooper 2009Singer
Svantes Inferno 1978Singer
Sång Till Gudrun 1981Singer
Tack Till Folkparkerna 1972Singer
Take Me In Your Armpit 1979Singer
Tango 1975 {(Fernando)}Singer
Tango 1981 {(Head Over Heels)}Singer
Tanto Tiempo 1974Singer
Te He Estado Esperando 1975Singer
Ten Tin Soldiers 1980Singer
Tengo Un Sueño 1979Singer
Terra Del Fuego 1974Singer
Thank You For The Music 1976Singer
The City 1982Singer
The Eagle 1977Singer
The Queen And I 1975Singer
The Rock'N Roll Band 1972Singer
The Story Of My Life 1980Singer
The Story Of My Life II 1980Singer
The Story Of My Life III 1980Singer
Three Wise Guys 1978Singer
Tidernas Blåsning 1979Singer
Tierra De Amor Tropical 1975Singer
Tigre 1976Singer
To Live With You 2005Singer
Turn Me On 1974Singer
Turn Out The Light 1973Singer
Twinkle Twinkle 1981Singer
Una Noche De Verano 1981Singer
Underbar 1981Singer
Waterloo 1974Singer
We Are A Simple Four-Letter Word 1977Singer
Where The Sunshine Is 1973Singer
Who'S Gonna Love You 1973Singer
Why Did It Have To Be Me? 1976Singer
Wind 1982Singer
Winner Takes It All 1980Singer
X 1979Singer
Yarrafat 1980Singer
Yippee Yay 1977Singer
¿Lo Sabe Tu Madre? 1979Singer
¿Sabe Tu Madre? 1979Singer
Äntligen Krig 1980Singer

Legend for the Songs
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Associate to the Song

Baker Street Gerry Rafferty 1978Song Inspired
Big Bad John Jimmy Dean 1961Song Inspired
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 1975Song Inspired
Come Give Me Love Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Do It Again The Beach Boys 1968Song Inspired
Du Har En Vän Lena Andersson+Stig Anderson 1971Backing Vocal
Gitarren Och Jag Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Glöm Dig Själv För En Dag Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
I'M Not In Love Ten Cc 1975Song Inspired
Jag Kommer Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
Jag Ska Fånga En Ängel Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Kaliforniens Guld Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Kom I Min Fantasi Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Muchachita Miguel Gallardo 1984Song Inspired
Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Ramanagaram Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Rock Your Baby George Mccrae 1974Song Inspired
Skolsång Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Sol, Vind Och Vatten Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Sommaren Som Aldrig Säger Nej Malta 2000Song Inspired
Stenansiktet Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
The Real Slim Shady Eminem 2000Song Inspired
Tom Tom Käre Vän Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
Tänk Om Man Bara Kunde Svara På Frågor Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
Universum Ted Gärdestad 1973Backing Vocal
Vårnattsmelodi Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal

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