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Officials Albums

We And Our Cadillac CD 1965

1Cadillac    he2.38
2Be My Baby    he2.55
3That'S When Your Heartaches Begin    he3.54
4Send Me Some Lovin'    he2.53
5Young And Beautiful    he2.31
6Rockin' Love    he2.52
7No Response    he1.37
8I'Ll Never Quite Get Over You    he3.16
9Sweet Little Sixteen    he2.14
10Oh Carol    he2.14
11Then She (He) Kissed Me    he3.02
12Bald Headed Woman    he2.07
13Kana Kapila  {Swedish}    he1.39
14I Got A Woman    he2.05
15A Tribute To Buddy Holly    he2.50
16Bird Dog    he1.54
17If You Need Me    he2.20
18Summertime Blues    he1.51
19Farmer John    he1.52
20Donna    he2.50


The Hep Stars CD 1966

1No Time    he2.43
2The Birds In The Sky    he3.10
3Consolation    he3.25
4Easy To Fool    he2.31
5Sound Of Eve    he3.09
6Isn'T It Easy To Say    he2.56
7Lady, Lady    he1.50
8Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream    he2.18
9Morning Comes After Night    he2.11
10I'Ve Said It All Before    he2.46
11Wedding    he2.58
12Sunny Girl    he2.20
13Hawaii    he1.27
14When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again    he2.44
15I Natt Jag Drömde  {Swedish}    he2.19
16Jag Vet  {Swedish}    he3.20
17Don'T    he3.05
18Malaika    he2.45
19It'S Nice To Be Back    he2.33


Jul Med Hep Stars LP 1967

1Christmas On My Mind  {English}    he1.57
2Pojken Som Jultombten Glömde    he 
3White Christmas  {English}    he 
4Alla Sover Utom Jag    he 
5Jingle Bells  (Hep Stars+Inconnu)  {English}    he 
6Christmas Today  {English}    he 
7Good King Wencelas  {English}    he 
8The Boy That Old Santa Forgot  {English}    he 
9Det Strålar En Stjärna    he 
10Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand    he 
11Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus    he 
12Stilla Natt    he 
13Dotter Sion    he 


It'S Been A Long Long Time CD 1968

1Enter The Young    he 
2Hope    he 
35 A. M.    he 
4It'S Time For A Change    he 
5Changing Away From You    he 
6It'S Been A Long Long Time    he3.01
7Musty Dusty    he 
8Spinning, Spinning, Spinning    he 
9There Is Love    he 
10Would You Like To Go    he 
11It'S Now A Winter'S Day    he 
12Another Time    he 


Songs We Sang '68 CD 1968

1Medley Folkpark  {Live Premier medley}    he
    Shake  {Medley Live 1967}    he
    Svenne I Love You  {Medley Live}    he
    We Say Yeah  {Medley Live}    he
2Let It Be Me  {Live}    he2.00
3Medley Folkpark  {Live Seconde partie}    he
    Going Out Of My Head  {Medley Live}    he
    Can'T Take My Eyes Off You  {Medley Live}    he
4You Keep Me Hangin' On  {Live}    he2.32
5Medley Folkpark  {Live Troisième partie}    he
    Svart-Vit Calypso  {Medley Live}    he
    Naturbarn  {Medley Live}    he
    Pata Pata  {Medley Live}    he
    Charlotte'S Children Game  {Medley Live}    he
6Medley Folkpark  {Live Quatrième partie}    he
    Groovy Summertime  {Medley Live}    he
    Shake  {Medley Live 1969}    he
7Holiday For Clowns    he2.14
8A Flower In My Garden    he2.09
9Save Your Heart For Me    he2.31
10Bilden Av Dig  {Swedish}    he2.12
11Suddenly Tomorrow Is Today    he3.00
12Warten Auf Den Tag  {German}    he2.37
13Songs We Sang  {Swedish}    he3.31
14Mot Okänt Land  {Swedish}    he3.01
15Någonting Har Hänt  {Swedish}    he3.12
16She Will Love You    he2.40
17Like You Used To Do    he2.59
18Let It Be Me    he2.54
19Groovy Summertime  {Live}    he2.32
20Tända På Varann  {Swedish}    he2.31
21I Sagans Land  {Swedish}    he2.31
22Speleman  {Swedish}    bb3.49
23Precis Som Alla Andra  {Swedish}    he2.23
24Speedy Gonzalez    he2.28
25Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg  {Swedish}    he4.23


Again CD 1970

1Travellin´Band    he 
2By Tomorrow    he 
3Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head    he 
4Mademoiselle Ninette    he 
5Livin`Doll    he 
6Gee Won`T You Follow Me    he 
7Looky Looky    he 
8Down On The Corner    he 
9Words    he 
10Cry Like A Baby    he 
11Storybook Children    he 
12Blue Suede Shoes    he 


California Maiden CD 1971

1Riverboat    he 
2Nothing    he 
3Do I Still Figure In Your Life    he 
4Come Home    he 
5Reflections Of You    he 
6Judas In Blue    he 
7Ten Years Later    he 
8Carolina    he 
9Going Back    he 
10Where The Hell I Am    he 
11California Maiden    he 


...Ur Spindelväv Och Damm The Hep Stars+Gummibandet LP 1977

1Hjärtats Röst  (Hep Stars)    he2.44
2Tror Du Att Jag Förlorad Är  (Hep Stars)    he3.24
3San Antonios Ros  (Hep Stars)    he2.55
4Rumba I Baldershage  (Hep Stars)    he2.29
5Det Är Så Hälsosamt Och Stärkande I Fjällen  (Gummibandet+Hep Stars)2.55
6Lilla Mamma  (Hep Stars)    he2.10
7Ösa Sand  (Hep Stars)    he2.28
8Oh El Baion  (Hep Stars)    he2.06
9Jamaica Go' Da'  (Hep Stars)    he1.58
10Bär Ner Mig Till Sjön  (Hep Stars)    he2.00
11Lo'Pan  (Hep Stars)    he2.37


Hep Stars Act II CD 1989

1You'Re By My Side    he2.03
2Don'T Throw It Awayc    he3.23
3Tears On My Pillow    he2.55
4Sky Driver    he2.04
5I Wanna Know    he2.45
6I'Ll Never Be The One    he3.29
7Breakin' Up    he3.11
8Sunny Girl    he2.47
9Close To Danger    he3.51
10Time    he4.02
11Surfin' Bird    he2.32


Officials Single

A Tribute To Buddy Holly 7" 1964

Kana Kapila 7" 1965

Summertime Blues 7" 1965

Farmer John 7" 1965

Cadillac 7" 1965

Bald Headed Woman 7" 1965

No Response 7" 1965

So Mystifying 7" 1965

Should I 7" 1965

Sunny Girl 7" 1966

Wedding 7" 1966

I Natt Jag Dromde 7" 1966

Consolation 7" 1966

Malaika 7" 1967

Mot Okant Land 7" 1967

She Will Love You 7" 1967

Christmas On My Mind 7" 1967

It'S Been A Long Long Time (Single) 7" 1968

Sagan Om Lilla Sofi 7" 1968

Let It Be Me 7" 1968

Tända På Varann 7" 1968

Die Spieluhr 7" 1968

Musty Dusty (Usa) 7" 1968

Holiday For Clowns 7" 1969

Speleman 7" 1969

Speedy Gonzales 7" 1969

Groovy Summertime 7" 1969

Cadillac (1977 Single)
The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 7" 1977

Buddy Is The King
The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 7" 1978


Hep Stars On Stage CD 1965

Oh! The Hep Stars LP 1967

Nästan Bästa På Svenska LP 1969

Hep Stars På Svenska LP 1969

How It All Started LP 1970

Bästa LP 1970

Svenne & Lotta Med Hep Stars 1966-1968
The Hep Stars+Svenne & Lotta LP 1973

Hep Stars Bästa Del 1 LP 1974

Hep Stars Bästa Del 2 LP 1978

20 Bästa LP 1980

1964-69 ! CD 1983

Från Cadillac Till Rolls Royce
The Hep Stars+Svenne & Lotta CD 1998
Hep Stars Gold Collection The CD 1998
Hep Stars Och Tages Och Shanes CD 1998
Collection The CD 2001
Cadillac Madness -40 Years 40 Hits 1964-2004 CD 2004

5 CD Album Orignal Serien CD 2012

50 Th Anniversary CD 2014

Like We Used To The Anthology 1965-1967 CD 2015

Others Albums & Singles

Lady Lady (Belgium) 7" 1967

Komm Little Thom 7" 1968

Malaika And The Hep Stars LP 1968

Save Your Heart For Me 7" 1969

Carolina 7" 1972
Music Shop
The Hep Stars+Gummibandet CD 1978

Someday Someone CDS 2004
Rarities CD 2015

Legend for the Songs
Songs BootlegLive or Unknow


5 A. M. 1968Singer
A Flower In My Garden 1968Singer
A Tribute To Buddy Holly 1964Singer
Aldus M'N Horoscoop 1968Singer
All Shook Up 2014Singer
Alla Sover Utom Jag 1967Singer
Another Time 1968Singer
Bald Headed Woman 1965Singer
Be My Baby 1965Singer
Beat Beat Beat 1966Singer
Beautiful Dreamer The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Bilden Av Dig 1967Singer
Bird Dog 1964Singer
Blue Suede Shoes 1970Singer
Breakin' Up 1989Singer
Bring It On Home To Me 2006Singer
Buddy Is The King The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
By Tomorrow 1970Singer
Bär Ner Mig Till Sjön 1977Singer
Cadillac 1965Singer
California Maiden 1971Singer
Can'T Take My Eyes Off You 1968Singer
Carolina 1971Singer
Changing Away From You 1968Singer
Charlotte'S Children Game 1968Singer
Christmas On My Mind 1967Singer
Christmas Today 1967Singer
Close To Danger 1989Singer
Come Home 1971Singer
Consolation 1966Singer
Cry Like A Baby 1970Singer
Dancing Party The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Det Finns En Stad 1968Singer
Det Strålar En Stjärna 1967Singer
Devil In Disguise 2014Singer
Die Spieluhr 1968Singer
Do I Still Figure In Your Life 1971Singer
Don'T 1966Singer
Don'T Throw It Awayc 1989Singer
Donna 1965Singer
Dotter Sion 1967Singer
Down On The Corner 1970Singer
Dreaming The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Easy To Fool 1966Singer
Enter The Young 1968Singer
Farmer John 1965Singer
Gee Won`T You Follow Me 1970Singer
Get Back 1969Singer
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand 1967Singer
Going Back 1971Singer
Going Out Of My Head 1967Singer
Good King Wencelas 1967Singer
Groovy Summertime 1967Singer
Hawaii 1966Singer
Hey, Let'S Celibrate 2014Singer
Hjärtats Röst 1977Singer
Hold Me The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Holiday For Clowns 1968Singer
Hope 1968Singer
I Got A Woman 1964Singer
I Got To Know The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
I Sagans Land 1966Singer
I Wanna Be With You 2014Singer
I Wanna Know 1989Singer
I'Ll Never Be The One 1989Singer
I'Ll Never Quite Get Over You 1965Singer
I'Ve Said It All Before 1966Singer
If You Need Me 1964Singer
Intro 2004Singer
Isn'T It Easy To Say 1966Singer
It'S Been A Long Long Time 1968Singer
It'S Nice To Be Back 1966Singer
It'S Now A Winter'S Day 1968Singer
It'S Time For A Change 1968Singer
Jag Vet 1966Singer
Jamaica Go' Da' 1977Singer
Jingle Bells The Hep Stars+Inconnu 1967Singer
Judas In Blue 1971Singer
Just Like Eddie The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1977Singer
Kana Kapila 1964Singer
Komm Little Thom 1968Singer
Lady, Lady 1966Singer
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 1966Singer
Let It Be Me 1967Singer
Like You Used To Do 1967Singer
Lilla Mamma 1977Singer
Lilla Sofi 1968Singer
Livin`Doll 1970Singer
Lo'Pan 1977Singer
Lonesome Town 1965Singer
Looky Looky 1970Singer
Lotta Min Vän 1969Singer
Love Is Coming Back 2004Singer
Mademoiselle Ninette 1970Singer
Malaika 1966Singer
Mashed Potatoes 1965Singer
Massa'S Mess 1967Singer
Medley 1967Singer
Medley Folkpark 1968Singer
Morning Comes After Night 1966Singer
Mot Okänt Land 1967Singer
Move It Baby The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Music Box 1979Singer
Musty Dusty 1968Singer
Naturbarn 1967Singer
No Response 1965Singer
No Time 1966Singer
Nothing 1971Singer
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus 1967Singer
Någonting Har Hänt 1967Singer
Oh Carol 1965Singer
Oh El Baion 1977Singer
One Way Ticket The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Only You 1965Singer
Pata Pata 1968Singer
Pojken Som Jultombten Glömde 1967Singer
Precis Som Alla Andra 1967Singer
Proud Mary 1967Singer
Rag Doll 1956Singer
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 1970Singer
Reach Out 1967Singer
Reach Out I'Ll Be There The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Reflections Of You 1971Singer
Rented Tuxedo 1965Singer
Riverboat 1971Singer
Rockin' Love 1965Singer
Rumba I Baldershage 1977Singer
Sagan Om Lilla Sofi 1968Singer
San Antonios Ros 1977Singer
Save Your Heart For Me 1967Singer
Send Me Some Lovin' 1965Singer
Shake 1967Singer
She Will Love You 1967Singer
Should I 1965Singer
Sky Driver 1989Singer
Slit A Släng The Hep Stars+Siw Malmkvist 1967Singer
So Mystifying 1965Singer
Someday Someone 1956Singer
Songs We Sang 1967Singer
Sound Of Eve 1966Singer
Speedy Gonzalez 1967Singer
Speleman 1967Singer
Spinning, Spinning, Spinning 1968Singer
Springtime For Drums The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Stilla Natt 1967Singer
Storybook Children 1970Singer
Such A Night 2014Singer
Suddenly Tomorrow Is Today 1967Singer
Summertime Blues 1964Singer
Sunny Girl 1966Singer
Surfin' Bird 1965Singer
Svart-Vit Calypso 1967Singer
Svenne I Love You 1968Singer
Sweet Little Sixteen 1965Singer
Sån'T Som Slog 1967Singer
Tallahassee Lassie 1965Singer
Tears On My Pillow 1989Singer
Ten Years Later 1971Singer
That'S When Your Heartaches Begin 1965Singer
The Birds In The Sky 1966Singer
The Boy That Old Santa Forgot 1967Singer
The Letter The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
The Music Box 1966Singer
Then She 1965 {(He) Kissed Me}Singer
There Is Love 1968Singer
Time 1989Singer
Travellin´Band 1970Singer
Tribute To Buddy Holly The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Tror Du Att Jag Förlorad Är 1977Singer
Twenty Flight Rock The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 1978Singer
Tända På Varann 1967Singer
Warten Auf Den Tag 1967Singer
We Say Yeah 1968Singer
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 1965Singer
Wedding 1966Singer
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? 1965Singer
What'D I Say 1965Singer
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 1966Singer
Where The Hell I Am 1971Singer
White Christmas 1967Singer
Whole Lotta Shak-In' Goin' On 1965Singer
Words 1970Singer
Would You Like To Go 1968Singer
You Keep Me Hangin' On 1967Singer
You'Re By My Side 1989Singer
Young And Beautiful 1965Singer
Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg 1968Singer
Åsa-Nisse Och Den Stora Kalabaliken 1968Singer
Ösa Sand 1977Singer

Legend for the Songs
Songs BootlegLive or Unknow

Alias or Working Title

Flower In My Garden 1968Singer

Legend for the Songs
Songs BootlegLive or Unknow

Associate to the Song

I Natt Jag Drömde Svenne & Lotta 1966Autor

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