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S.R.O. Ludvig Andersson CD 2004

1Before I Fade Away    la 4.18
2One Touch    la 4.12
3Northern Girl     la 4.07
4Deal With The Devil    la 3.59
51968    la 4.24
6Crazy Nights    la 4.13
7Neverending Dance    la 4.21
8E    la 3.41
9Fallen Man    la 4.26
10Stareyed Boy    la 3.27
11Fear & Loathing    la 5.15


Officials Single

One Touch
Ludvig Andersson CDS 2003

Northern Girl
Ludvig Andersson CDS 2004

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2006 Feel Florence CDMusician

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1968 Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Before I Fade Away Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Crazy Nights Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Deal With The Devil Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
E Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Fallen Man Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Fear & Loathing Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Interview Ludvig Andersson 2014Singer
La Riviera Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Ligger Bakom Ny ABBA-Skiva Ludvig Andersson 2014Singer
Neverending Dance Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
Northern Girl Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
One Take Ludvig Andersson 2003Singer
One Touch Ludvig Andersson 2003Singer
Skavlan Benny Andersson+Ludvig Andersson 2011Singer
Stareyed Boy Ludvig Andersson 2004Singer
The Silence Of The Dawn Benny Anderssons Orkester+Ludvig Andersson 2001Singer

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Associate to the Song

Eldorado High Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Famous Jack Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Feel Florence 2006Musician
For Iris Florence 2006Musician
Gender Jaded Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Give Me The Part Florence 2006Musician
Holly Golightly Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Into The Light Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Jekkyl N Hyde Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Kvar Florence 2006Musician
Light The Fuse 82'S Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Manhattan Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Mauritius Florence 2006Musician
Misfit Florence 2006Musician
Noel V/S Art Florence 2006Musician
Sakta Florence 2006Musician
Secret Track Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Stjärnor Och Himlar Florence 2006Musician
That'S Me With The Gun Ella Rouge 2005Autor
The L.A. Dogs Ella Rouge 2005Autor
Verklig Florence 2006Musician
Vintertid Florence 2006Musician
Weary Ella Rouge 2005Autor

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