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Wojciech ERNEST

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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
1977 Oslo (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Gothenburg (Tour 77)(January 29) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Gothenburg (Tour 77)(January 30) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Copenhagen (Tour 77)(January 31) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Copenhagen (Tour 77)(February 1) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Berlin (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Colony (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Amsterdam (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Antwerp (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Essen (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Hannover (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Hamburg (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Birmingham (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Manchester (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Glasgow (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 London (Tour 77)(After Noon) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 London (Tour 77)(Night) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Sydney (Tour 77)(March 3) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Sydney (Tour 77)(March 4) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Melbourne (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Adelaide (Tour 77) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Perth (Tour 77)(March 10) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Perth (Tour 77)(March 11) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Perth (Tour 77)(March 12 After Noon) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
1977 Perth (Tour 77)(March 12 Night)) ABBA (Live) ConcertMusician
2001 Live In Melbourne Bootleg CDMusician
2001 Live In Perth (March 10) Bootleg CDMusician
2004 Live In Adelaide Bootleg CDMusician
2004 Live In Sydney Bootleg CDMusician

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SongsBootlegLive or Unknow

Dancing Queen ABBA 1977Musician
Dum Dum Diddle ABBA 1977Musician
Fernando ABBA 1977Musician
Get On The Carousel ABBA 1977Musician
He Is Your Brother ABBA 1974Musician
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do ABBA 1977Musician
I Wonder ABBA 1977 {(Departure)}Musician
I'M A Marionette ABBA 1977Musician
I'M An A ABBA 1977Musician
I'Ve Been Waiting For You ABBA 1977Musician
Intermezzo No. 1 ABBA 1974Musician
Jeg Har En Tulle Med Oyne Blå ABBA 1977Musician
Knowing Me, Knowing You ABBA 1977Musician
Mamma Mia ABBA 1975Musician
Money, Money, Money ABBA 1977Musician
Rock Me ABBA 1977Musician
S.O.S. ABBA 1977Musician
Sitting In The Palmtree ABBA 1974Musician
So Long ABBA 1977Musician
Thank You For The Music ABBA 1977Musician
That'S Me ABBA 1977Musician
The Girl With The Golden Hair ABBA 1977Musician
Tiger ABBA 1977Musician
Waterloo ABBA 1977Musician
When I Kissed The Teacher ABBA 1977Musician
Why Did It Have To Be Me? ABBA 1977Musician

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