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Deutsche Hit Parade
ABBA (Related) LP 1974

Die Grosse Star Parade
ABBA (Related) LP 1974

Springbok Hit Parade 16
ABBA (Related) LP 1974

Mitä Suomi Soittaa 1
ABBA (Related) LP 1975

Mitä Suomi Soittaa 2
ABBA (Related) LP 1975

Mitä Suomi Soittaa 7
ABBA (Related) LP 1976

Mitä Suomi Soittaa 5
ABBA (Related) LP 1976

Mitä Suomi Soittaa 11
ABBA (Related) LP 1977

Mitä Suomi Soittaa 10
ABBA (Related) LP 1977

Opus '75
ABBA (Related) LP 1977

Montreux Jazz Festival 25th Anniversary
ABBA (Related) CD 1991

Love Moods The Most Romantic Classics
ABBA (Related) CD 2004
ABBA Related ABBA (Related) CD 2016 Best ABBA Related ABBA (Related) CD 2017  

DVD & Videos

Unicef Gala (DVD) ABBA (Related) DVD 2004
ABBA Related 2014
ABBA (Related) DVD 2015

ABBA Related 2015
ABBA (Related) DVD 2016

ABBA Related 2016
ABBA (Related) DVD 2017

Legend for the Songs
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Aftonbön I Bästa TV-Fotöljen ABBA (Related) 1975Singer
Air ABBA (Related) 1972Singer
All Of Me ABBA (Related) 1964Singer
Alles Is Nu Veilig ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Amazing Grace ABBA (Related) 2004Singer
Anders Och Brita ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Anthem ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Apache ABBA (Related) 1999Singer
Aquarius ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
Aquarius/ Let The Sunshine In ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Auld Lang Syne ABBA (Related) 2011Singer
Ave Maria ABBA (Related) 2011Singer
Balladen Om Eugen Kork ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Beauty And The Beast ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
Being Alive ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Better And Better Day By Day ABBA (Related) 2016Singer
By The Devil ABBA (Related) 1973Singer
Che Si Dice, Che Strano Mistificare ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Cheek To Cheek ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Chic-A Chic-A Dee ABBA (Related) 1969Singer
Cirkeln ABBA (Related) 2014Singer
Claire ABBA (Related) 1999Singer
Come Together ABBA (Related) 1993Singer
Coupe´ In C Minor ABBA (Related) 2015Singer
Cuando Caminas ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Danny Boy ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
De Tempel ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Den Blomsterprydda Gondolen Gled ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Det Stod En Jungfru Uti En Hage ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Det Är Inte Klokt Va Han Är Snäll ABBA (Related) 2006Singer
Don'T Cry For Me Argentina ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Donna ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Du Måste Finnas ABBA (Related) 2014Singer
E Litta Vise Ville Ja Framstecke ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Ekorren ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Empty Track ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
En Herreman Så Stolt Och Båld ABBA (Related) 1965Singer
En Visa Vill Jag Sjunga Som Handlar Om Kalsborg ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Ensam I Skogen Sjöng Den Vackra Rose-Marie ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Ett Axplock Ur Vår Skivproduktion ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Ett Glatt Humör ABBA (Related) 2016Singer
Ett Urval Av Våra Förlags Rättigheter ABBA (Related) 1965Singer
Everything'S Alright ABBA (Related) 1996Singer
Fat Mammy Brown ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Folkvisa ABBA (Related) 1965Singer
Gabiella'S Song ABBA (Related) 2014Singer
Gabriellas Sång ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Gammal Fäbodpsalm ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Get Back ABBA (Related) 1993Singer
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand ABBA (Related) 1891Singer
Good Old Fashioned Music ABBA (Related) 1972Singer
Greensleeves ABBA (Related) 1600Singer
Guldet Blev Till Sand ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Gustav Lindströms Visa ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Hallelujah! ABBA (Related) 2007Singer
Happy End ABBA (Related) 1976Singer
Heaven Help My Heart ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Hej Mitt Vinterland ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Hej Tomtegubbar ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Helan Går ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Herdens Flöjt ABBA (Related) 1987Singer
Herdens Flöjt #1 ABBA (Related) 1987Singer
Herdens Flöjt #2 ABBA (Related) 1987Singer
Here Come That Lnely Night ABBA (Related) 2004Singer
Hoe Moet Ik Van Hem Houden ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Horgalåten ABBA (Related) 1940Singer
House Of The Rising Sun ABBA (Related) 1999Singer
Härlig Är Jorden ABBA (Related) 2004Singer
I Don'T Know How To Love Him ABBA (Related) 2002Singer
I En Röd Liten Stuga ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
I Fjol Så Gick Jag Med Herrarna I Hagen ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
I Know Him So Well ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Il Tempio ABBA (Related) 1965Singer
In The Bleak Midwinter ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
Ingrid Dardels Polska ABBA (Related) 1974Singer
It'S Good To Be Alive ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Ja Må Hon Leva ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Jag Har En Liten Melodi ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Jag Har Gett Mig Ut I Världen För Att Tjäna ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Jazzbacillen ABBA (Related) 1959Singer
Jesus Christ Superstar ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
Jesus-Christ Superstar Medley ABBA (Related) 2014Singer
Jingle Bells ABBA (Related) 1857Singer
Josefson ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Jungfru Jungfru Kär ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Karlsborgsvisan ABBA (Related) 1970Singer
Kom Op Nou ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Küss-Polka ABBA (Related) 1954Singer
La Felicidad ABBA (Related) 1968Singer
La Plaga ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser ABBA (Related) 2013Singer
Lagom Skönt ABBA (Related) 1964Singer
Lalala ABBA (Related) 1968Singer
Lasta Inte Mej ABBA (Related) 1964Singer
Laura, What`S He Got That I Ain`T Got ABBA (Related) 1967Singer
Le Temple ABBA (Related) 1973Singer
Leaving On The First Train ABBA (Related) 1978Singer
Line ABBA (Related) 1954Singer
Livs Levande ABBA (Related) 2015Singer
Loppan ABBA (Related) 1977Singer
Love Grows ABBA (Related) 2009 {(Where My Rosemary Goes)}Singer
Lullaby ABBA (Related) 2003 {(Apukád Erós Kezén)}Singer
Lullabye ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
Mama El Baion ABBA (Related) 1977Singer
Maria Madalena ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
May There Always Be Sunshine ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Merano ABBA (Related) 2013Singer
Min Kärlekssång Till Dig ABBA (Related) 1974Singer
Morning Has Broken ABBA (Related) 1999Singer
My Heart Will Go On ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Mössens Julafton ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
No Contest ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Nobody'S Side ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Nocturne ABBA (Related) 2000Singer
Noite Feliz ABBA (Related) 2007Singer
Non Illuderti Mai ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Non So Che Amore Sia ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Norwegian Wood ABBA (Related) 1965Singer
Noël Blanc ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Nu Har Viljus Här I Vårt Hus ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus ABBA (Related) 1967Singer
Nu Är Det Jul Igen ABBA (Related) 1980Singer
När Det Lider Mot Jul ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar ABBA (Related) 2017Singer
O Sole Mio ABBA (Related) 1974Singer
Oiche Chiom ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Old Blackie ABBA (Related) 2016Singer
Om Aftonen ABBA (Related) 1973Singer
One Night In Bangkok ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Peppar Peppar Ta I Trä ABBA (Related) 1974Singer
Peter Pan ABBA (Related) 2002Singer
Peter'S Denial ABBA (Related) 1996Singer
Petter Och Frida ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Pity The Child ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Polar Christmas Megamix ABBA (Related)+Inconnu 1981Singer
Put A Little Love In Your Heart ABBA (Related)+ABBA 1979Singer
Quartet ABBA (Related) 2009 {(A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)}Singer
Quiereme Mucho ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Ramona ABBA (Related) 2012Singer
Resan Till Landet I I Fjärran ABBA (Related) 1987Singer
Rock Your Baby ABBA (Related) 1999Singer
Romeo Y Julieta ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Rosen Och Fjärilen ABBA (Related) 1954Singer
Rudolf Med Röda Mulen ABBA (Related) 2017Singer
Rythmis Our Business ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Räven Raskar Over Isen ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Sadie, The Cleaning Lady ABBA (Related) 1968Singer
Saturday Night ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Sausalito ABBA (Related) 1965Singer
Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy-Rose ABBA (Related) 1973Singer
Schafe Mein Prinzchen ABBA (Related) 1972Singer
Scotland The Brave ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Sellado Con Un Beso ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Sen Dess Har Jag Inte Sett'En ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Send In The Clowns ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
She'S Leaving Home ABBA (Related) 1993Singer
Siko Chorepse Syrtaki ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Siko Horepse Syrtaki ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Silent Night ABBA (Related) 1816Singer
Sjung Och Le ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Skepp Som Mötas ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Skål! ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Some Enchanted Evening ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Somewhere ABBA (Related) 2010Singer
Sov Lilla Totte ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Stanna ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Stardust ABBA (Related) 1972Singer
Stewball ABBA (Related) 2015Singer
Strangers In The Night ABBA (Related) 1998Singer
Strawberry Fields Forever ABBA (Related) 1993Singer
Summertime ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Sunrise Sunset ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Superstar Playout ABBA (Related) 2004Singer
Svarta Silhuetter ABBA (Related) 2014Singer
Syrtaki ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Säg Det Med Ett Leenden ABBA (Related) 2016Singer
Så Länge Jag Lever ABBA (Related) 1968Singer
Så Milt Lyser Stjärnan ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Ten Thousand Miles ABBA (Related) 1977Singer
Terrace Duet ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
Tesslördan ABBA (Related) 1971Singer
Thank You For The Music ABBA (Related)+Benny Andersson 2016Singer
The American And Florence ABBA (Related) 2013Singer
The Arbiter ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
The Banjo'S Back In Town ABBA (Related) 1956Singer
The Journey To The Land Of Faraway ABBA (Related) 1988Singer
The Laughing Policeman ABBA (Related) 2007Singer
The Locomotion ABBA (Related) 1998Singer
The Long And Winding Road ABBA (Related) 1993Singer
The One Who Loves You Now ABBA (Related) 2013Singer
The Parade ABBA (Related)+ABBA 2008Singer
The Shepherd'S Flute 2 ABBA (Related) 1988Singer
The Shepherd'S Flute II ABBA (Related) 1988Singer
The Story Of Chess ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
The Temple ABBA (Related) 1996Singer
This Is The Moment ABBA (Related) 2002Singer
Till Anna ABBA (Related) 1971Singer
Titta Det Snöar ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Tjo, Va' De' Va' Livat I Holken I Lördags ABBA (Related) 1981Singer
Tre Små Pepparkaksgubbar ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
True Love ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
Tutto Va Bene ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Unknow Song ABBA (Related) 2008Singer
Unknown Polska ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Var Det Med Dej? ABBA (Related) 2005Singer
Vi Aro Musikanter ABBA (Related) 1900Singer
Vi Äger Drömmarna ABBA (Related)+Björn & Benny 2017Singer
Vinden Sjunger Samma Sång ABBA (Related) 1969Singer
Waikiki Tamoure ABBA (Related) 1998Singer
Wait Til Tomorrow ABBA (Related) 1978Singer
Waltzing Matilda ABBA (Related) 1895Singer
We Are On The Way-O ABBA (Related) 1998Singer
We Will Rock You ABBA (Related) 2009Singer
We Write The Story ABBA (Related) 2013Singer
What'S The Buzz ABBA (Related) 1973Singer
Whats The Buzz ,Strange Thing, Mystifying ABBA (Related) 1996Singer
Where I Want To Be ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
White Christmas ABBA (Related) 2011Singer
You And I ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
You Don'T Have To Say You Love Me ABBA (Related) 2003Singer
You'Ll Never Walk Alone ABBA (Related) 2009Singer

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