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Officials ABBA Related albums from 2005


The Complete Studio Recordings {9CD}


 Ring Ring {Remastered 1997} 
 Another Town, Another Train {Remastered 1997} 
 Disillusion {Remastered 1997} 
 People Need Love {Remastered 1997} 
 I Saw It In The Mirror {Remastered 1997} 
 Nina, Pretty Ballerina {Remastered 1997} 
 Love Isn'T Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) {Remastered 1997} 
 Me And Bobby And Bobby'S Brother {Remastered 1997} 
 He Is Your Brother {Remastered 1997} 
 She'S My Kind Of Girl {Remastered 1997} 
 I Am Just A Girl {Remastered 1997} 
 Rock'N'Roll Band {Remastered 1997} 
 Ring Ring {Swedish (Bara Du Slog En Signal) Remastered 2001} 
 Åh, Vilka Tider {Swedish} 
 Merry-Go-Round {Remastered 1994} 
 Santa Rosa {Remastered 1994} 
 Ring Ring {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht {German Remastered 1997} 
 Ring Ring {German Remastered 1997} 
 Waterloo {Remastered 1997} 
 Sitting In The Palmtree {Remastered 1997} 
 King Kong Song {Remastered 1997} 
 Hasta Mañana {Remastered 1997} 
 My Mama Said {Remastered 1997} 
 Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) {Remastered 1997} 
 Honey, Honey {Remastered 1997} 
 Watch Out {Remastered 1997} 
 What About Livingstone? {Remastered 1997} 
 Gonna Sing You My Lovesong {Remastered 1997} 
 Suzy-Hang-Around {Remastered 1997} 
 Ring Ring {Remix US Remastered 2001} 
 Waterloo {Swedish Remastered 1999} 
 Honey, Honey {Swedish Remastered 1994} 
 Waterloo {German Remastered 1999} 
 Hasta Mañana {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Ring Ring {Remix Single Version Remastered 1999} 
 Waterloo {French Remastered 1999} 
 Mamma Mia {Remastered 1997} 
 Hey, Hey Helen {Remastered 1997} 
 Tropical Loveland {Remastered 1997} 
 S.O.S. {Remastered 1997} 
 Man In The Middle {Remastered 1997} 
 Bang A Boomerang {Edit Remastered 1997} 
 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Remastered 1997} 
 Rock Me {Remastered 1997} 
 Intermezzo No. 1 {Instrumental Remastered 1997} 
 I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Remastered 1997} 
 So Long {Remastered 1997} 
 Crazy World {Remastered 1997} 
 Medley {Remixed And Remastered 1997} 
 Mamma Mia {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 When I Kissed The Teacher {Remastered 1997} 
 Dancing Queen {Remastered 1997} 
 My Love, My Life {Remastered 1997} 
 Dum Dum Diddle {Remastered 1997} 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You {Remastered 1997} 
 Money, Money, Money {Remastered 1997} 
 That'S Me {Remastered 1997} 
 Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Remastered 1997} 
 Tiger {Remastered 1997} 
 Arrival {Instrumental Remastered 1997} 
 Fernando {Remastered 1997} 
 Happy Hawaii {Remastered 1994} 
 La Reina Del Baile {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Conociéndome, Conociéndote {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Fernando {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Eagle {Remastered 1997} 
 Take A Chance On Me {Remastered 1997} 
 One Man, One Woman {Remastered 1997} 
 The Name Of The Game {Remastered 1996} 
 Move On {Remastered 1997} 
 Hole In Your Soul {Remastered 1997} 
 The Girl With The Golden Hair {Remastered 1997} 
 I Wonder (Departure) {Remastered 1997} 
 I'M A Marionette {Remastered 1997} 
 Al Andar {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Gracias Por La Música {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 As Good, As New {Remastered 1997} 
 Voulez-Vous {Remastered 1996} 
 I Have A Dream {Remastered 1997} 
 Angeleyes {Remastered 1997} 
 The King Has Lost His Crown {Remastered 1997} 
 Does Your Mother Know {Remastered 1997} 
 If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Remastered 1997} 
 Chiquitita {Remastered 1997} 
 Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {Remastered 1997} 
 Kisses Of Fire {Remastered 1997} 
 Summer Night City {Edit Remastered 1997} 
 Lovelight {Remastered 1996} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Remastered 1997} 
 Estoy Soñando {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Chiquitita {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Super Trouper {Remastered 1997} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Remastered 1997} 
 On And On And On {Remastered 1997} 
 Andante, Andante {Remastered 1997} 
 Me And I {Remastered 1997} 
 Happy New Year {Remastered 1997} 
 Our Last Summer {Remastered 1997} 
 The Piper {Remastered 1997} 
 Lay All Your Love On Me {Remastered 1997} 
 The Way Old Friends Do {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997} 
 Elaine {Remastered 1997} 
 Andante, Andante {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Felicidad {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Remastered 1996} 
 Head Over Heels {Remastered 1997} 
 When All Is Said And Done {Remastered 1997} 
 Soldiers {Remastered 1997} 
 I Let The Music Speak {Remastered 1997} 
 One Of Us {Remastered 1997} 
 Two For The Price Of One {Remastered 1997} 
 Slipping Through My Fingers {Remastered 1997} 
 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room {Remastered 1997} 
 Should I Laugh Or Cry {Edit Avec introduction} 
 No Hay A Quien Culpar {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 Se Me Esta Escapando {Spanish Remastered 1999} 
 The Day Before You Came {Remastered 1997} 
 Cassandra {Remastered 1993} 
 Under Attack {Remastered 1997} 
 You Owe Me One {Remastered 1997} 
 Waterloo {Alternate Mix} 
 Thank You For The Music {Demo Doris Day Edit} 
 Summer Night City {With Introduction Remastered 1994} 
 Lovelight {Edit Alternate Mix Remastered 1993} 
 Dream World 
 Voulez-Vous {Extended U.S. Remix Remastered 2001} 
 On And On And On {Extended Edit Remastered From the Videoclip} 
 Put On Your White Sombrero {Remastered 1997} 
 I Am The City {Remastered 1999} 
 ABBA Undeleted 

20 Golden Hits {CD}

 ABBA All Stars 

 Dancing Queen 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You 
 Money, Money, Money 
 Super Trouper 
 The Name Of The Game 
 I Have A Dream 
 The Winner Takes It All 
 Take A Chance On Me 
 Mamma Mia 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
 Does Your Mother Know 
 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
 One Of Us 
 Summer Night City 
 Thank You For The Music 

Music In Review {2DVD}


 Waterloo {Video Edited from Eurovision, Special Japan and Starparade for Music in Review} 
 WATERLOO - Ring Ring {Video Edit Music in Review} 
 Honey, Honey {Video Edited from Musikladen 1976 for Music in Review} 
 Mamma Mia {Video Edited from Musikladen 1976 for Music in Review} 
 WATERLOO - Hey, Hey Helen {Video Edit Music in Review} 
 So Long {Video Edited from Musikladen 1976 for Music in Review} 
 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Video Edited from Sylvester Tanzparty 1975 for Music in Review} 
 S.O.S. {Video Edited from Musikladen 1976 for Music in Review} 
 Dancing Queen {Video Edited from Disco, Musikladen, Royal Wedding and Secial Japan for Music in Review} 
 My Love, My Life {Video Edited from ABBAdabadoo and ABBA in Studio 2 for Music in Review} 
 When I Kissed The Teacher {Video Edited from ABBA in Studio 2 for Music in Review} 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You {Video Edited from ABBAdabadoo and Special Japan for Music in Review} 
 Money, Money, Money {Video Edited from Special Japan, ABBAdabadoo and ABBA in Studio 2 for Music in Review} 
 Fernando {Video Edited from ABBA in Studio 2 for Music in Review} 
 Take A Chance On Me {Video Edited from Starparade 1978 for Music in Review} 
 The Name Of The Game {Video Edited from videoclip for Music in Review} 
 Eagle {Video Edited from Starparade for Music In Review} 
 Thank You For The Music {Video Edited from Mike Yarwood Show 1978 and Special Japan for Music in Review} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Video Edited from Dick Cavett Meets ABBA for Music in Review} 
 Chiquitita {Edited from Videoclip for Music In Review for Music in Review} 
 Voulez-Vous {Video Edited from Aplauso 1979 for Music in Review} 
 Does Your Mother Know {Video Edited from Aplauso 1979 for Music In Review} 
 Summer Night City {Video Edited from Special Japan for Music in Review} 
 Super Trouper {Video Edited from Show Express for Music in Review} 
 When All Is Said And Done {Edited from Videoclip for Music in Review} 
 WATERLOO - One Of Us {Video Edit Music in Review} 
 The Day Before You Came {Video Edited from Show Express for Music in Review} 

Exitos Eternos {CD}


 Estoy Soñando {Remastered 1999} 
 Felicidad {Remastered 1999} 
 No Hay A Quien Culpar {Remastered 1999} 
 Ring Ring {Remastered 1999} 
 Hasta Mañana {Remastered 1999} 
 Mamma Mia {Remastered 1999} 
 Gracias Por La Música {Remastered 1999} 
 Se Me Esta Escapando {Remastered 1999} 
 La Reina Del Baile {Remastered 1999} 
 Conociéndome, Conociéndote {Remastered 1999} 
 Fernando {Remastered 1999} 
 Al Andar {Remastered 1999} 
 ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Remastered 1999} 
 Chiquitita {Remastered 1999} 
 Fernando {English Bonus Video} 

The Platinum Collection {3CD}


 Dancing Queen {Back To Your Roots Pwl Mix} 
 Eagle {Original Mix} 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You {Definitive Radio Edit} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Definitive Radio Edit} 
 Fernando {Dean's Delicious Mix} 
 Mamma Mia {Mama Mary's Radio Edit} 
 S.O.S. {Almighty Club Class Filtered Mix} 
 Voulez-Vous {Ian Stephens Mix} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Ian Stephens Mix} 
 Lay All Your Love On Me {Definitive Radio Edit} 
 The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Almighty Anthem Radio Edit} 
 Waterloo {Illusive Radio Edit} 
 The Name Of The Game {Breeze Mix} 
 Wrap Your Arms Around Me {Album Mix} 
 One Of Us {Original Mix} 
 The Platinum Megamix 
 S.O.S. {Almighty Club Class Mix} 
 The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Almighty Anthem Mix} 
 Angeleyes {Pop'd Up Mix} 
 On And On And On {Almighty Anthem Mix} 
 S.O.S. {Pop'd Up Mix} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Pop'd Up Mix} 
 The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Wayne G Circuit Anthem Mix} 
 Chiquitita {Definitive Mix} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Mike Coppock Mix} 

Gimme Gimme Gimme {CDS}


 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Ian Stephens Anthem Radio Edit} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Ian Stephens Mix} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Pop'd Up Mix} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Flight One Mix} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Extended} 

Money Money Money {CDS}


 Money, Money, Money {Marys Money Mad Radio Edit} 
 Money, Money, Money {Marys Money Mad Mix} 

On And On And On {CDS}


 On And On And On {Radio Edit} 
 On And On And On {Club Mix} 

Take A Chance On Me {CDS}


 Take A Chance On Me {Mr. Smiles Club Mix} 
 Take A Chance On Me {Instrumental Mr. Smiles Club Mix Instrumental} 

Mamma Mia Megamix {2CD}


 Megamix 1 
 Megamix 2 

Live Recording {CD}


 Waterloo {Live Recordings} 
 Voulez-Vous {Live Recordings} 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live Recordings} 
 Mamma Mia {Live Recordings} 
 Ring Ring {Live Recordings} 
 One Of Us {Live Recordings} 
 Fernando {Live Recordings} 
 Money, Money, Money {Live Recordings} 
 The Name Of The Game {Live Recordings} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Live Recordings} 
 Chiquitita {Live Recordings} 
 S.O.S. {Live Recordings} 
 Super Trouper {Live Recordings} 
 Dancing Queen {Live Recordings} 
 Thank You For The Music {Live Recordings} 

Golden Songs {CD}

 ABBA Stars 

 Take A Chance On Me 
 Dancing Queen 
 Mamma Mia 
 Honey, Honey 
 Super Trouper 
 Ring Ring 
 The Winner Takes It All 
 I Have A Dream 
 Happy New Year 
 Mamma Mia {Symphonic Version} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Symphonic Version} 
 Money, Money, Money {Symphonic Version} 
 Chiquitita {Symphonic Version} 

ABBA Chill Out {CD}


 Sawa KOBAYASHI - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Chill Out} 
 P. KURZ - Knowing Me, Knowing You {Chill Out} 
 IK SOUND - Money, Money, Money {Chill Out} 
 EUROSONIC - The Name Of The Game {Chill Out} 
 SD PROJECT - Dancing Queen {Chill Out} 
 VELVET SET - Fernando {Chill Out} 
 BLUE SYSTEM - Voulez-Vous {Chill Out} 
 STORM CORP - Mamma Mia {Chill Out} 
 KRESS - Chiquitita {Chill Out} 
 SPEACHLESS PROJECT - Does Your Mother Know {Chill Out} 
 C.C. MILES - Super Trouper {Chill Out} 
 Khaterine LARS - Take A Chance On Me {Chill Out} 

ABBAmania 2005 {CD}


 Belinda CARLISLE - Dancing Queen 
 Barbara SCHÖNEBERGER+Dirk BACH - Fernando 
 US5 - One Of Us {Live ABBAmania} 
 Doro PESCH+Dirk BACH - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
 Eliza LUMLEY - Honey, Honey 
 Lucy DIAKOVSKA - Chiquitita {Live} 
 ERASURE - Take A Chance On Me {ABBA-Esque} 
 Samantha FOX - The Winner Takes It All {Live} 
 Stefan BOCKELMANN - Does Your Mother Know 
 Kate HALL - Mamma Mia 
 Sydney YOUNGBLOOD - The Name Of The Game 
 Michelle HUNTZINGER - S.O.S. 
 RIGHT SAID FRED - Knowing Me, Knowing You 
 Hilton MCRAE+Siobhan MCCARTHY - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
 Barbara SCHÖNEBERGER - I Have A Dream {Live} 
 ABBAMANIA - Voulez-Vous {Live} 
 A*TEENS - Lay All Your Love On Me 
 Mariella AHRENS - Money, Money, Money {Live} 
 BANAROO - Waterloo 
 ABBAMANIA - Thank You For The Music {Live ABBAmania 2005} 
 Tanita TIKARAM - The Day Before You Came {Edit} 

Le Chanteur (DVD Box) {2DVD}

 Daniel Balavoine 

 Dieu Que C'Est Beau {Video Platine 45} 
 Daniel BALAVOINE+Frida - Belle {Video Live Champs Elysées}   

The Winner Takes It All {CDS}

 Laura Branigan 

 The Winner Takes It All {Album Version} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Edit Original Radio Version} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Edit Original Version} 

Showstoppers In Brass {CD}

 Brass Band Willebroek 

 Dancing Queen 

X&Y {CD}


 Fix You 

100 Musical-Hits {5CD}


 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Mamma Mia {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Can You Feel The Love Tonight {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Don'T Cry For Me Argentina {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Aquarius/ Let The Sunshine In {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Jesus Christ Superstar {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Honey, Honey {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - I Know Him So Well {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - One Night In Bangkok {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Beauty And The Beast {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Waterloo {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - I Have A Dream {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Somewhere {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - I Don'T Know How To Love Him {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Super Trouper {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - The Winner Takes It All {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Summer Nights {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - I Got Life {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Money, Money, Money {100 Musical-Hits} 
 _ABBA (RELATED) - Can You Feel The Love Tonight {100 Musical-Hits Version 2} 

50 Ar Vinnarna {DVD}


 Brita BORG+Siw MALMKVIST - Augustin {Video Live Television} 
 Björn LINDROTH - Nygammal Vals {Video} 
 Tommy KÖRBERG - Judy Min Vän {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 ABBA - Waterloo {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 Ted GÄRDESTAD - Satellit {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 Tomas LEDIN - Just Nu {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 Tommy KÖRBERG - Stad I Ljus {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 ONE MORE TIME - Den Vilda {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 

50 Ar Favoriter {DVD}


 Lena PHILIPSSON - Dansa I Neon {Video Live Television} 
 SVENNE & LOTTA - Bang En Boomerang {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 SOUND OF MUSIC - Alexandra {English Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 Lena ANDERSSON - Såg Det Med En Sång {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 Cecilia VENNERSTEN - Det Vackraste {Video Live Television} 
 Tomas LEDIN - Minns Du Hollywood {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 Lars BERGHAGEN - Min Kärlekssång Till Dig {Video Live} 
 NANNE - Avundsjuk {Video Live Melodifestivalen} 
 GEMINI - I Annorlunda Land {Video Live} 

 Natural Woman {2CD} 


 BRANDY & MONICA - The Boy Is Mine 
 Justin TIMBERLAKE - Cry Me A River 
 Elvis PRESLEY - Can'T Help Falling In Love 

40 Years Of Svensktoppen {3CD}


 Sven INGVARS - Säg Inte Nej, Säg Kanske 
 Jan MALMSJÖ - En Sång En Gång För Längesen 
 Hep Stars - I Natt Jag Drömde 
 Siw MALMKVIST - Mamma Är Lik Sin Mamma 
 Brita BORG - Ljuva Sextital 
 Bernt STAF - Familjelycka 
 Agnetha - Om Tårar Vore Guld 
 ABBA - Ring Ring {(Bara Du Slog En Signal) Remastered 2001} 
 Lena ANDERSSON - Är Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång 
 Hootenanny Singers - Omkring Tiggarn Från Luossa   
 Hootenanny Singers - Min Kärlekssång Till Dej 
 GEMINI - Gammaldags Musik 
 Tommy KÖRBERG - Drömmen Om Elin 
 Ted GÄRDESTAD - Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne 
 LILL-BABS - Välkommen Till Världen 
 SCHYTTS - Aj Aj Aj 
 RA TA TA+Frida - Så Länge Vi Ha Varan 
 Peter JÖBACK - Guldet Blev Till Sand {Live} 
 AINBUSK - Lassie 
 Tomas LEDIN - En Del Av Mitt Hjärta 
 Eva DAHLGREN - Vem Tänder Stjärnorna 
 BAO - Vår Sista Dans 

Pop Masters
Welthits - Deutsch Gesungen {2CD}


 Alexandra RUBIN - S.O.S. 
 MINIPOP KIDS - Straßen Unserer Stadt 
 Alexandra RUBIN - Jedes Mädchen Braucht Liebe 
 Franz ALTHOFF - Strolch 

 Absolute Schlager Hitmania {CD} 


 TWIN+MIA OCH ÅSA - Waterloo 
 The ATTIC - Ring Ring 
 BANANA GIRLS - Bang En Boomerang 
 C & J+Sandra O - Dansa I Neon 
 The ATTIC - Satellit 
 Anthony FUNKE - Det Vackraste 

Anc Galan {2DVD}


 Mats RONANDER - En Hederlig Mon {Video} 
 Mats RONANDER - Kött Och Blod {Video Live ANC Galan} 
 Mikael RICKFORS - Amazing Grace {English Video} 
 Eva DAHLGREN+Anders GLENMARK - The Long And Winding Road {English Video} 
 Tomas LEDIN - Take Good Care Of Your Children {English Video Live ANC Galan} 
 Tomas LEDIN - Donr Touch That Dial {Video} 
 Tomas LEDIN+Mikael RICKFORS+Eva DAHLGREN+Sanne SALOMONSEN+Mats RONANDER - It'S Never Too Late {English Video} 
 Anne-Lie RYDÉ - All For The Love Of Rock & Roll {English Video} 
 Tommy KÖRBERG - Som En Bro Över Mörka Vatten {Video Live ANC Galan} 
 Tommy KÖRBERG - Likgiltigheten {Video} 
 Tomas LEDIN - Hos Anc I Afrika {Video En Film Fran} 
 Tomas LEDIN+Mikael WIEHE - Intervju Fran 2005 {Video} 

Svenska Sommarklassiker 2005 {CD}


 Björn Jason LINDH - Brusa Högre Lilla Å 
 Helen SJÖHOLM - Come Give Me Love {English} 
 Hootenanny Singers - Dansen På Sunnanö 
 Mats OLIN - Jag Tror På Sommaren 
 Ted GÄRDESTAD - Sol, Vind Och Vatten 
 Tomas LEDIN - Sommaren Är Kort 
 Peter LUNDBLAD - Ta Mig Till Havet 
 Sven-Bertil TAUBE - Änglamark 

Lilla Kotten Sjunger Julvisor {CD}


 Arne WEISE+Helen SJÖHOLM+Sophie MOKVIST - Nu Är Det Jul Igen 
 Eva RÖSE - Karusellen 
 Albin WEIDENBLADH+Arne WEISE - Rudolf Med Röda Mulen 
 Claes JANSSON - Tomtegubben Som Hade Snuva 
 Eva RÖSE - Julpolska 
 Helen SJÖHOLM - Tomtefar Och Råttorna 
 Arne WEISE - Hej Tomtegubbar 
 Lamine DIENG+Leif JORDANSSON+Modesto SANCHEZ - Tre Pepparkaksgubbar 
 Eva RÖSE+Lamine DIENG+Micke HERRSTRÖM - Räven Raskar Over Isen 
 Eva RÖSE+Helen SJÖHOLM - Vi Aro Musikanter 
 Eva RÖSE - Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus/Tomten 

ABBA Jazz Live {2CD}

 Cotton Club Singers 

 Intro {Live} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live} 
 Mamma Mia {Live} 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live} 
 I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Live} 
 Take A Chance On Me {Live} 
 S.O.S. {Live} 
 Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {Live} 
 Fernando {Live} 
 Head Over Heels {Live} 
 Happy New Year {Live} 
 Dancing Queen {Live} 
 Thank You For The Music {Live} 
 Honey, Honey {Live} 
 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Live} 
 Super Trouper {Live} 
 Chiquitita {Live} 
 The Name Of The Game {Live} 
 I Have A Dream {Live} 
 Does Your Mother Know {Live} 
 One Man, One Woman {Live} 
 Waterloo {Live} 
 Money, Money, Money {Live} 
 The Winner Takes It All {Live} 

Sorry I Made You Cry {CD}

 The Czars 


The Dan Band Live {CD}

 The Dan Band 

 Come To Me (I Am Woman) {Live Free Your Mind} 
 ABBA Medley {Live} 

The Seventies {CD}

 The Dancing Queen Group 

 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 

Solid Gold {2CD}

 Deux Blondes 

 Does Your Mother Know 
 Thank You For The Music 
 Dancing Queen 
 Money, Money, Money 
 Take A Chance On Me 
 Super Trouper 
 I Have A Dream 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You 
 Mamma Mia 
 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
 The Name Of The Game 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
 The Winner Takes It All 
 Honey, Honey 
 Ring Ring 
 ABBA Megamix 
 As Good, As New 
 Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) 
 The Day Before You Came 
 Happy New Year 
 Hasta Mañana 
 Head Over Heels 
 Lay All Your Love On Me 
 One Of Us 
 Rock Me 
 So Long 
 Summer Night City 
 When I Kissed The Teacher 

La Coleccion Definitiva {2CD}

 Duo Dinamico 

 Oh Carol 
 Hello Mary Lou 

Lente {CD}


 In The Mood 
 ABBA Medley 

What A Difference {CD}


 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
 Can'T Take My Eyes Off You 

Basta {CD}

 Electric Banana Band+Trazan+Banarne 

 Electric Banana Tajm 
 Min Piraya Maja 
 Man Måste Bry Sig Om Hur Ungarna Mår 
 Den Vandrande Pinnen Lars 
 Jag Ska Bli Som En Delfin 
 Tropical Fruits 
 Banana Split 
 Jag Ska Bli En Byrakrat 
 Jag Vill Ha En Datamus 

Electric Banana Bands Och Trazan & Banarnes Bästa {CDS}

 Electric Banana Band 

 Jag Vill Ha En Datamus {Edit} 
 Pelikanen {Edit} 
 Tropical Fruits {Edit} 
 Jag Ska Bli Som En Delfin {Edit} 

Ella Rouge (Album) {CD}

 Ella Rouge 

 That'S Me With The Gun 
 Holly Golightly 
 Jekkyl N Hyde 
 The L.A. Dogs 
 Eldorado High 
 Into The Light 
 Light The Fuse 82'S 
 Gender Jaded 
 Famous Jack 
 Secret Track 

Eldorado High {CDS}

 Ella Rouge 

 Eldorado High {Edit Radio mix} 
 Eldorado High 

Kvinna & Man {CD}

 Lotta Engberg+Jarl Carlsson 

 Lotta ENGBERG - Aldrig Ska Jag Sluta Älska Dig 
 Lotta ENGBERG - För Kärlekens Skull 
 Lotta ENGBERG - Där Björkarna Susa 
 Lotta ENGBERG - Det Vackraste 
 Lotta ENGBERG - Älska Mig För Den Jag Är 

50 Years Of The Eurovision 1956-1980 {2DVD}


 Conny FROBOES - Zwei Kleine Italiener {German Video Live Television} 
 MASSIEL - Lalala {Spanish Video Live Television} 
 Frida BOCCARA - Un Jour Un Enfant {French Video Eurovision} 
 ABBA - Waterloo {Video Live Eurovision Song Contest} 
 MILK & HONEY+Gali ATARI - Hallelujah {Video Live Television} 

Music From The Musical Mamma Mia {CD}

 The Fabba Girls+The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra 

 Honey, Honey 
 The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Money, Money, Money {Instrumental} 
 The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Medley {The Name Of The Game & Take A Chance On Me & Thank You For The Music} 
 Mamma Mia 
 Dancing Queen 
 Our Last Summer 
 Lay All Your Love On Me 
 The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Eagle {Instrumental} 
 Super Trouper 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
 The Name Of The Game 
 One Of Us 
 Does Your Mother Know 
 The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Knowing Me, Knowing You {Instrumental} 
 Slipping Through My Fingers 
 The Winner Takes It All 
 When All Is Said And Done 
 Take A Chance On Me 
 I Have A Dream 
 Thank You For The Music 
 The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Medley {Waterloo & Dancing Queen & Fernando} 

ABBA Tributo {CD}

 Flash 5 

 Dancing Queen 
 Knowing Me, Knowing You 
 Take A Chance On Me 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
 Money, Money, Money 
 Super Trouper 
 The Winner Takes It All 
 Summer Night City 
 Honey, Honey 
 Lay All Your Love On Me 
 Mamma Mia 
 Does Your Mother Know 
 Ring Ring 
 The Name Of The Game 
 Thank You For The Music 

Shine (Remastered) {CD}


 Shine {Remastered} 
 Frida+CHIPS - One Little Lie {Remastered} 
 The Face {Remastered} 
 Twist In The Dark {Remastered} 
 Slowly {Remastered} 
 Heart Of The Country {Remastered} 
 Come To Me (I Am Woman) {Remastered} 
 Chemistry Tonight {Remastered} 
 Don'T Do It {Remastered} 
 Confort Me {Remastered} 
 That'S Tough {Remastered} 
 Shine {Extended Remastered} 

4xcd {4CD}


 Fernando {Remastered} 
 Jag Är Mig Själv Nu {Remastered} 
 Som En Sparv {Remastered} 
 Vill Du Låna En Man {Remastered} 
 Liv På Mars {Remastered} 
 Syrtaki {remastered} 
 Aldrig Mej {Remastered} 
 Guld Och Gröna Ängar {Remastered} 
 Ett Liv I Solen {Remastered} 
 Skulle De Va Skönt {remastered} 
 Var Är Min Clown {Remastered} 
 Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan {Remastered} 
 Ska Man Skratta Eller Gråta {Remastered} 
 Shine {English Remastered} 
 Frida+CHIPS - One Little Lie {English Remastered} 
 The Face {English Remastered} 
 Twist In The Dark {English Remastered} 
 Slowly {English Remastered} 
 Heart Of The Country {English Remastered} 
 Come To Me (I Am Woman) {English Remastered} 
 Chemistry Tonight {English Remastered} 
 Don'T Do It {English Remastered} 
 Confort Me {English Remastered} 
 That'S Tough {English Remastered} 
 Shine {English Extended Remastered} 
 Tell Me It'S Over {English Remastered} 
 I See Red {English Remastered} 
 I Got Something {English Remastered} 
 Strangers {English Remastered} 
 To Turn The Stone {English Remastered} 
 I Know There'S Something Going On {English Remastered} 
 Threnody {English Remastered} 
 Baby Don'T You Cry No More {English Remastered} 
 The Way You Do {English Remastered} 
 You Know What I Mean {English Remastered} 
 Frida+Phil COLLINS - Here We'Ll Stay {English Remastered} 
 I Know There'S Something Going On {English Single Edit Remastered} 
 Here We'Ll Stay {English Edit Solo Version Remastered} 
 Älska Mig Alltid {Remastered} 
 Ögonen {Remastered} 
 Även En Blomma {Remastered} 
 Sovrum {Remastered} 
 Hon Fick Som Hon Ville {Remastered} 
 Frida+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Remastered} 
 Lugna Vatten {Remastered} 
 Vem Kommer Såra Vem Ikväll {Remastered} 
 Sista Valsen Med Dig {Remastered} 
 Kvinnor Som Springer {Remastered} 
 Frida+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Remix Hasbrouck Heights Single Remastered} 
 Ögonen {Lemon Mix Remastered} 
 Även En Blomma {Extended Remastered} 

1xdvd {DVD}


 Frida About The 60'S {Video} 
 En Ledig Dag {Video Hyland Horna} 
 My Man {English Video Medley} 
 Just One Of Those Things {English Video Medley} 
 Mad About The Boy {English Video Medley} 
 Frida+Mona WESSMAN+Björn SKIFS+Sten NILSSON - Kalle På Spången {Video Live När stenkakan slog show} 
 I Min Blommiga Blå Krinolin {Video Live När stenkakan slog show} 
 Att Älska I Varens Tid {Video} 
 Min Soldat {Video Live När stenkakan slog show} 
 Söderhavets Sång {Video När Stenkakan Slog} 
 Bebi-Läv {Video Live Charlie Norman Show} 
 Gitarzan {Video Medley} 
 Frida About The 70'S {Video} 
 ABBA - Why Did It Have To Be Me? {English Video Live The Movie} 
 Rapport {Video Frida & Stig after Eurovision} 
 ABBA - Fernando {English Videoclip} 
 Interview With Frida, Bjorn & Benny {Video Barnjournalen} 
 Frida About The 80'S {Video Part 1} 
 The Making Of Something'S Going On {English Video} 
 Frida About The 80'S {Video Part 2} 
 Interview {Video Mandagsborsen} 
 Lite Grand I Örat {Video} 
 Here We'Ll Stay {English Videoclip} 
 I Know There'S Something Going On {English Videoclip} 
 Shine {English Videoclip} 
 To Turn The Stone {English Videoclip} 
 RA TA TA+Frida - Så Länge Vi Ha Varan {Videoclip} 
 Twist In The Dark {English Videoclip} 
 Come To Me (I Am Woman) {English Videoclip} 
 Heart Of The Country {English Video Razzel} 
 Frida About The 90'S {Video} 
 The Making Of DJuoa Andetag {Video} 
 Photo Sessions Of DJupa Andetag {Video} 
 The Making Of Aven En Blomma {Video} 
 Även En Blomma {Videoclips} 
 Ögonen {Videoclips} 
 Älska Mig Alltid {Videoclip} 
 Ögonen {Video Live Sverige Sojvet} 
 Frida+Jon LORD - The Sun Will Shine Again {English Videoclip} 
 The REAL GROUP+Frida - Dancing Queen {English Video Live Queen Silvia Birthday} 

Greatest Hits Vol 1 {CD}


 When I Kissed The Teacher 

Det Bästa Med Karin Och Anders Glenmark {CD}


 Mio Min Mio {Swedish} 
 Sniffin' Out The Snakes 
 When I Close My Eyes 
 Den Som Sa Det Var Det {Swedish} 
 Live On The Love 
 Just Like That 
 Copy Love {Remix 2005} 
 Beat The Beat 
 Another You, Another Me 
 Too Much Love Is Wasted 
 I Am The Universe 
 There'S No Way To Fool A Heart 
 I'M A Bitch When I See Red 
 Have Mercy 
 Anders GLENMARK - Äntligen {Swedish} 

Toppers In Concert 2005 {2CD}

 Gerard, René & Gordon 

 Reach Out {Live I'Ll Be There} 
 Amsterdam {Dutch Live} 
 Dancing Queen 
 Super Trouper {Live} 
 Intro {Live 1} 
 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live} 
 S.O.S. {Live} 
 Voulez-Vous {Live} 
 Take A Chance On Me {Live} 
 Mamma Mia {Live} 
 Waterloo {Live} 
 Intro {Live 2} 

Moods And Memories {CD}

 Pat Hannah 

 Tennessee Waltz 
 The Way Old Friends Do 
 Danny Boy 

Memories From A Dream {CD}

 Honest Touch 

 Lay All Your Love On Me 

Klassisk Kalvik II {CD}

 Finn Kalvik 

 Normann Andersen {Klassik} 
 Alle Som Blir Igjen {Klassik} 
 Trostevise {Klassik} 
 Livet Og Leken {Klassik} 
 Finn KALVIK+Malene KALVIK - Aldri I Livet {Klassik II} 
 Sommeröya {Klassik} 
 Finn KALVIK+Björn BERG+Amund MAARUD - Samfunnshus Blues {Klassik} 
 Velkommen Farvel {Klassik} 
 I Jomfruens Tegn {Klassik} 
 Å Vaere Barb En Sommerdag {Klassik} 
 Min Elskede Kom Hjem I Går {Klassik} 
 Måken {Klassik} 
 Finn KALVIK+Cajsa Stina AKERSTROM - Trostevise {Klassik Version 2} 

Heartfilled {CD}

 Lena-Maria Klingvall 

 Koppången {Swedish} 
 You'Ve Got A Friend 
 Ave Maria {Schubert Version} 
 Ave Maria {Bach Version} 
 When I Fall In Love 
 Bred Dina Vida Vingar 
 Amazing Grace 

Nordic Light {CD}

 Linda Lampenius 

 Linda LAMPENIUS+Anders EKBORG - Nocturne 
 Linda LAMPENIUS+Anders EKBORG - Glimmande Nymf 
 Kristina Från Dufvemåla Medley 
 Gammal Fäbodpsalm 

 Scooter LEE
By Request...The Disco/Dance Album {CD}

 Scooter Lee 

 Dancing Queen {English} 
 I Love The Nightlife 

Thank You For The Music {CD}

 Vera Lynn 

 Thank You For The Music 

Hung Up (Remix) {CDS}


 Hung Up 
 Hung Up {Tracy Young's Get Up and dance Groove edit} 
 Hung Up {Extended SDP extended vocal} 
 Hung Up {Bill Hamel Remix} 
 Hung Up {Chus & Ceballos Remix} 
 Hung Up {SDP Extended Dub} 

Mamma Mia! På Svenska {CD}

 Mamma Mia 

 Ouverture & Prologue {Instrumental} 
 Jag Har En Dröm 
 Honey, Honey 
 Money, Money, Money 
 Tack För Alla Sanger 
 Mamma Mia 
 Dancing Queen 
 I Tryggt Förvar Hos Mig 
 Super Trouper 
 Säg Ok Eller Nej 
 Entr'Acte {Instrumental} 
 En Av Oss 
 Väntar Inte Mamma På Dig 
 Reuben SALLMANDER - Jag Är Jag, Du Är Du 
 Sista Sommarn 
 Kan Man Ha En Solkatt I En Bur 
 Gunilla BACKMAN - Vinnaren Tar Allt 
 Tänk, Att Det Känns Som Vi 
 Jag Vill, Jag Vill, Jag Vill, Jag Vill, Jag Vill 
 Jag Har En Dröm {Reprise} 

Mamma Mia! (Edición En Español) {CD}

 Mamma Mia    

 Prólogo {Instrumental} 
 Mariona CASTILLO+Mónica VIVES FOX+Mamen MÁRQUEZ - Honey, Honey 
 NINA - Quiero, Quiero, Quiero 
 Mariona CASTILLO+Nando GONZÁLEZ+Bruno SQUARCIA - Gracias Por Dejarme Cantar Canciones 
 NINA - Mamma Mia 
 Marta VALDEVERDE+Paula SEBASTIÁN - Chiquitita 
 NINA+Marta VALDEVERDE+Paula SEBASTIÁN - Dancing Queen 
 Leandro RIVERA+Mariona CASTILLO+David ÁVILA - Fija Tu Amor En Mí 
 NINA+Marta VALDEVERDE+Paula SEBASTIÁN - Super Trouper 
 Mariona CASTILLO+Mónica VIVES FOX+Mamen MÁRQUEZ - ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) 
 Mariona CASTILLO+Bruno SQUARCIA - Cómo Puedo Jugar 
 Leandro RIVERA+Jaime ZATARAIN+David ÁVILA - Voulez-Vous 
 Entr'Acte {Instrumental} 
 Mariona CASTILLO - No Habrá Cuartel 
 NINA+Alberto VÁZQUEZ - Quien A Veces Llora 
 Alberto VÁZQUEZ+NINA - No Lo Ves 
 Marta VALVERDE+David ÁVILA - ¿Sabe Tu Mamá Dónde Estás? 
 Alberto VÁZQUEZ - Para Mí, Para Ti 
 Nando GONZÁLEZ+NINA - Un Verano 
 NINA+Mariona CASTILLO - Siento Que Se Aleja 
 NINA - Va Todo Al Ganador 
 Paula SEBASTIÁN+Bruno SQUARCIA - Te Has Fijado En Mí 
 Alberto VÁZQUEZ - Que Sí, Que Sí 
 Mariona CASTILLO - Ayer Soñé 

Mamma Mia Die Deutschen Hits {CD}


 _ABBA (RELATED) - Prologue & Mich Trägt Mein Traum {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Honey, Honey {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Money, Money, Money {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Danke Für Die Lieder {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Mamma Mia {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Chiquitita {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Dancing Queen {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Super Trouper {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Was Ist Das Für Ein Spiel? {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - S.O.S. {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Wenn Das Mami Wüsst {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Ich Bin Ich, Du Bist Du {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Der Sieger Hat Die Wahl {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Komm Und Wag'S Mit Mir {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Mich Trägt Mein Traum {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 MARCEL - Ich Sah Deine Tränen {Die Deutschen Hits} 
 _ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht {Die Deutschen Hits} 

Alla Tiders Melodifestival - 50 År {CD}


 CAROLA+Marie BERGMAN - Waterloo {English} 
 Cyndee PETERS - Stad I Ljus 


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