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Officials Albums

Chess CD 1999

1Merano    ch4.21
2The Arbiter    ch4.05
3Nobody'S Side    ch3.58
4Chess    ch3.29
5Embassy Lament    ch1.30
6Anthem    ch3.07
7One Night In Bangkok    ch4.01
8Heaven Help My Heart    ch3.28
9I Know Him So Well    ch4.11
10Pity The Child    ch5.15
11You And I    ch3.38
12The Story Of Chess    ch3.12


Chess The Musical CD 2008


Mamma Mia CD 2008

1Mamma Mia    ab3.36
2Dancing Queen    ab3.50
3Take A Chance On Me    ab4.24
4S.O.S.    ab3.22
5The Winner Takes It All    ab5.13
6Money, Money, Money    ab3.09
7Lay All Your Love On Me    ab4.23
8Does Your Mother Know    ab3.35
9Super Trouper    ab4.34
10Chiquitita    ab5.32
11Knowing Me, Knowing You    ab4.11
12Waterloo    ab2.56
13Voulez-Vous    ab4.51
14I Have A Dream    ab4.38
15Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)    ab5.06


Singalong To Mamma Mia CD 2008

1Mamma Mia  {Singalong Version}    ab3.10
2Super Trouper  {Singalong Version}    ab4.26
3Take A Chance On Me  {Singalong Version}    ab3.32
4Dancing Queen  {Singalong Version}    ab3.47
5Chiquitita  {Singalong Version}    ab5.10
6The Winner Takes It All  {Singalong Version}    ab4.45
7Money, Money, Money  {Singalong Version}    ab3.21
8Voulez-Vous  {Singalong Version}    ab5.09
9S.O.S.  {(Singalong Version}    ab3.26
10Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Singalong Version}    ab4.05
11Waterloo  {Singalong Version}    ab2.33
12Thank You For The Music  {Singalong Version}    ab4.00
13I Have A Dream  {Singalong Version}    ab4.29
14The Name Of The Game  {Singalong Version}    ab3.54
15Eagle  {Singalong Version}    ab5.34
16Head Over Heels  {Singalong Version}    ab3.59
17Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Singalong Version}    ab4.44
18Under Attack  {Singalong Version}    ab3.48
19Ring Ring  {Singalong Version}    ab2.55
20Does Your Mother Know  {Singalong Version}    ab3.15
21Honey, Honey  {Singalong Version}    ab3.05
22Summer Night City  {Singalong Version}    ab3.34
23The Day Before You Came  {Singalong Version}    ab5.49
24I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  {Singalong Version}    ab3.13
25Fernando  {Singalong Version}    ab4.32
1Mamma Mia  {Karaoke}    ab3.13
2Super Trouper  {Karaoke}    ab4.28
3Take A Chance On Me  {Karaoke}    ab3.51
4Dancing Queen  {Karaoke}    ab3.46
5Chiquitita  {Karaoke}    ab5.16
6The Winner Takes It All  {Karaoke}    ab4.55
7Money, Money, Money  {Karaoke}    ab3.23
8Voulez-Vous  {Karaoke}    ab5.10
9S.O.S.  {Karaoke}    ab3.20
10Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Karaoke}    ab4.07
11Waterloo  {Karaoke}    ab2.33
12Thank You For The Music  {Karaoke}    ab3.58
13I Have A Dream  {Karaoke}    ab4.57
14The Name Of The Game  {Karaoke}    ab4.06
15Eagle  {Karaoke}    ab5.31
16Head Over Heels  {Karaoke}    ab3.58
17Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Karaoke}    ab4.53
18Under Attack  {Karaoke}    ab4.08
19Ring Ring  {Karaoke}    ab3.02
20Does Your Mother Know  {Karaoke}    ab3.20
21Honey, Honey  {Karaoke}    ab2.57
22Summer Night City  {Karaoke}    ab3.11
23The Day Before You Came  {Karaoke}    ab4.46
24I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  {Karaoke}    ab3.32
25Fernando  {Karaoke}    ab4.27


The Ultimate Experience To Mamma Mia CD 2008

1Dancing Queen    ab3.50
2Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)    ab5.06
3Waterloo    ab2.56
4Knowing Me, Knowing You    ab4.11
5Ring Ring    ab3.01
6Eagle    ab4.09
7The Visitors (Crackin' Up)    ab8.15
8Voulez-Vous    ab4.51
9Fernando    ab4.59
10Head Over Heels    ab3.52
11One Of Us    ab4.14
12S.O.S.    ab3.22
13Chiquitita    ab5.32
14The Name Of The Game    ab3.50
15Thank You For The Music    ab3.55
16Take A Chance On Me    ab4.24
17Lay All Your Love On Me    ab4.23
18Super Trouper    ab4.34
19Mamma Mia    ab3.36
20Money, Money, Money    ab3.09
21On And On And On    ab4.02
22Does Your Mother Know    ab3.35
23I Have A Dream    ab4.38
24Lovelight    ab4.07
25The Winner Takes It All    ab5.13
26Here Comes The Rain4.05
27The River4.08
28Under Attack    ab3.58
29Rock Me    ab2.28
30Summer Night City    ab3.51


Legend for the Songs
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Anthem 1999Singer
Chess 1999Singer
Chiquitita 2008Singer
Dancing Queen 2008Singer
Dancing Queen 2008Singer
Does Your Mother Know 2008Singer
Eagle 2008Singer
Embassy Lament 1999Singer
Fernando 2008Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 2008 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Head Over Heels 2008Singer
Heaven Help My Heart 1999Singer
Honey, Honey 2008Singer
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 2008Singer
I Have A Dream 2008Singer
I Know Him So Well 1999Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You 2008Singer
Lay All Your Love On Me 2008Singer
Lovelight 2008Singer
Mamma Mia 2008Singer
Merano 1999Singer
Money, Money, Money 2008Singer
Nobody'S Side 1999Singer
On And On And On 2008Singer
One Night In Bangkok 1999Singer
One Of Us 2008Singer
Pity The Child 1999Singer
Ring Ring 2008Singer
Rock Me 2008Singer
S.O.S. 2008Singer
Summer Night City 2008Singer
Super Trouper 2008Singer
Take A Chance On Me 2008Singer
Thank You For The Music 2008Singer
The Arbiter 1999Singer
The Day Before You Came 2008Singer
The Name Of The Game 2008Singer
The Story Of Chess 1999Singer
The Visitors 2008 {(Crackin' Up)}Singer
The Winner Takes It All 2008Singer
Under Attack 2008Singer
Voulez-Vous 2008Singer
Waterloo 2008Singer
You And I 1999Singer

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