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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Tomorrow: Little Miss Lea Salonga Vol. 2 LP 1981

1Chiquitita    ab 4.54
2Unknow Song    ch  


I'D Like To Teach The World To Sing
CD 1997

1Ngayon Pa Lang Tagumpay Ka Na  {Other Language}  
2I'D Like To Teach The World To Sing  {(In Perfect Harmony)}    af  
3Rainbow Connection  
5Chiquitita    ab 4.54
6Happiness  {(With Gerard Salonga)}  
7Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan  {Other Language}  
8Thank You For The Music    ab 3.31
9I Am But A Small Voice  
11Someone'S Waiting For You  
12Somewhere Over The Rainbow  
13Alphabet Song  
14When You Wish Upon A Star    km  
16The Greatest Love Of All  
17Top Of The World  


The Broadway Concert
CD 2002

1Overture  {Live} 3.30
2Maybe  (Katrice GAVINO)  {Live} 2.08
3I Can See It  {Live} 3.15
4I'Ve Never Been In Love Before  {Live} 4.44
5I Enjoy Being A Girl  {Live} 3.48
6Love, Look Away  {Live} 3.12
7Andrew Lloyd Webber Medley  {Live} 10.39
8Someone Else'S Story  {Live}    ab 4.56
9Nothing  {Live} 4.54
10You'Ll Never Get Away From Me  {Live}
    Wherever We Go  {Live You'Ll Never Get Away From Me}
11Too Much For One Heart  {Live} 3.34
12Where Is Love  {Live}
    As Long As He Needs Me  {Live Where Is Love}
13Someone To Watch Over Me  {Live} 5.40
14Someone Like You  {Live} 4.58
15Something Wonderful  {Live}
    Being Alive  {Live Something Wonderful}    hs



Legend for the Songs
SongsBootlegLive or Unknow

Being Alive 2002Singer
Chiquitita 1981Singer
I'D Like To Teach The World To Sing 1997Singer
Someone Else'S Story 2002Singer
Thank You For The Music 1997Singer
Time To Say Goodbye Il Divo+Lea Salonga 2014Singer
Unknow Song 1981Singer
When You Wish Upon A Star 1997Singer

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