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Officials Albums

Hunky Dory LP 1971

2Oh! You Pretty Things3.12
3Eight Line Poem2.53
4Life On Mars    fr3.48
7Fill Your Heart3.07
8Andy Warhol3.58
9Song For Bob Dylan4.12
10Queen Bitch3.13
11The Bewlay Brothers5.21
13The Supermen2.41
14Quicksand  {Demo}4.43
15The Bewlay Brothers  {Remix}5.19


Pinups CD 1973

2Here Comes The Night 
3I Wish You Would 
4See Emily Play 
5Everything'S Alright    ag 
6I Can'T Explain 
7Friday On My Mind 
9Don'T Bring Me Down 
10Shapes Of Things 
11Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 
12Where Have All The Good Times Gone 
13Growin' Up 
14Port Of Amsterdam 


Rare LP 1983

1Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola 
2Round And Round 
3Amsterdam    tk 
4Holy Holy 
5Panic In Detroit 
6Young Americans5.10
7Velvet Goldmine 
9John, I'M Only Dancing Again 
10Moon Of Alabama 
11Crystal Japan  {Instrumental} 


Five Years 1969-1973 CD 2015

1Space Oddity  {Remastered Version} 
2Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed  {Remastered Version} 
3Letter To Hermione  {Remastered Version} 
4Cygnet Committee  {Remastered Version} 
5Janine  {Remastered Version} 
6An Occasional Dream  {Remastered Version} 
7Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud  {Remastered Version} 
8God Knows I'M Good  {Remastered Version} 
9Memory Of A Free Festival  {Remastered Version} 
1The Width Of A Circle  {Remastered Version} 
2All The Madmen  {Remastered Version} 
3Black Country Rock  {Remastered Version} 
4After All  {Remastered Version} 
5Running Gun Blues  {Remastered Version} 
6Saviour Machine  {Remastered Version} 
7She Shook Me Cold  {Remastered Version} 
8The Man Who Sold The World  {Remastered Version} 
9The Supermen  {Remastered Version} 
1Changes  {Remastered Version} 
2Oh! You Pretty Things  {Remastered Version} 
3Eight Line Poem  {Remastered Version} 
4Life On Mars  {Remastered Version}    fr 
5Kooks  {Remastered Version} 
6Quicksand  {Remastered Version} 
7Fill Your Heart  {Remastered Version} 
8Andy Warhol  {Remastered Version} 
9Song For Bob Dylan  {Remastered Version} 
10Queen Bitch  {Remastered Version} 
11The Bewlay Brothers  {Remastered Version} 
1Five Years  {Remastered Version} 
2Soul Love  {Remastered Version} 
3Moonage Daydream  {Remastered Version} 
4Starman  {Remastered Version} 
5It Ain'T Easy  {Remastered Version} 
6Lady Stardust  {Remastered Version} 
7Star  {Remastered Version} 
8Hang On To Yourself  {Remastered Version} 
9Ziggy Stardust  {Remastered Version} 
10Suffragette City  {Remastered Version} 
11Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Remastered Version} 
1Five Years  {Remix} 
2Soul Love  {Remix} 
3Moonage Daydream  {Remix} 
4Starman  {Remix} 
5It Ain'T Easy  {Remix} 
6Lady Stardust  {Remix} 
7Star  {Remix} 
8Hang On To Yourself  {Remix} 
9Ziggy Stardust  {Remix} 
10Suffragette City  {Remix} 
11Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Remix} 
1Introduction  {Live} 
2Hang On To Yourself  {Live} 
3Ziggy Stardust  {Live} 
4Changes  {Live} 
5The Supermen  {Live} 
6Life On Mars  {Live}    fr 
7Five Years  {Live} 
8Space Oddity  {Live} 
9Andy Warhol  {Live} 
10My Death  {Live} 
11The Width Of A Circle  {Live} 
12Queen Bitch  {Live} 
13Moonage Daydream  {Live} 
14John I'M Only Dancing  {Live} 
15Waiting For The Man  {Live} 
16The Jean Genie  {Live} 
17Suffragette City  {Live} 
18Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Live} 
1Watch That Man  {Remastered Version} 
2Aladdin Sane  {Remastered Version} 
3Drive In Saturday  {Remastered Version} 
4Panic In Detroit  {Remastered Version} 
5Cracked Actor  {Remastered Version} 
6Time  {Remastered Version} 
7The Prettiest Star  {Remastered Version} 
8Let'S Spend The Night Together  {Remastered Version} 
9The Jean Genie  {Remastered Version} 
10Lady Grinning Soul  {Remastered Version} 
2Hang On To Yourself  {Live Stereo} 
3Ziggy Stardust  {Live Stereo} 
4Watch That Man  {Live Stereo} 
5Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud  {Live Stereo} 
6All The Young Dudes  {Live Stereo} 
7Oh! You Pretty Things  {Live Stereo} 
8Moonage Daydream  {Live Stereo} 
9Changes  {Live Stereo} 
10Space Oddity  {Live Stereo} 
11My Death  {Live Stereo} 
1Introduction  {Version 3} 
2Cracked Actor  {Live Stereo} 
3Time  {Live Stereo} 
4The Width Of A Circle  {Live Stereo} 
5Let'S Spend The Night Together  {Live Stereo} 
6Suffragette City  {Live Stereo} 
7White Light & White Heat  {Live Stereo} 
8Farewell Speech  {Live Stereo} 
9Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Live Stereo} 
1Rosalyn  {Remastered Version} 
2Here Comes The Night  {Remastered Version} 
3I Wish You Would  {Remastered Version} 
4See Emily Play  {Remastered Version} 
5Everything'S Alright  {Remastered Version}    ag 
6I Can'T Explain  {Remastered Version} 
7Friday On My Mind  {Remastered Version} 
8Sorrow  {Remastered Version} 
9Don'T Bring Me Down  {Remastered Version} 
10Shapes Of Things  {Remastered Version} 
11Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere  {Remastered Version} 
12Where Have All The Good Times Gone  {Remastered Version} 



1993 Singles Collection The CDSinger
1997 Essential David Bowie 1969-1974 CDSinger
2014 Nothing Has Changed CDSinger

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Complete Singles Collection The CD 2016

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Amsterdam 1983Singer
Beauty & The Beast 1978Singer
Everything'S Alright 1973Singer
Life On Mars 1971Singer/Autor

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Liv På Mars FRIDA 1975Autor
Perdu Sur Mars Philippe ELAN 2000Autor

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