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Russell WATSON


Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Platinum Collection
CD 2010


Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

A Bad Harvest Kristina+Russell Watson+Helen Sjöholm+Madeleine Rose Yen+Ensemble 2009Singer
Ave Maria 2010Singer
Dreams Of Gold Kristina+Kevin Odekirk+Greg Stone+Russell Watson 2009Singer
Emperors And Kings Kristina+Louise Pitre+Joy Hermalyn+David Hess+Russell Watson+Helen Sjöholm+Ensemble 2009Singer
Gold Can Turn To Sand Kristina+Russell Watson+Helen Sjöholm+Claire Tendl 2009Singer
Golden Wheat Fields Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Claire Tendl 2009Singer
Here I Am Again Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson 2009Singer
In The Dead Of Darkness Kristina+Russell Watson 2009Singer
I´Ll Be Waiting There Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson 2009Singer
Miscarriage Kristina+Russell Watson+Louise Pitre 2009Singer
No! Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Kevin Odekirk 2009Singer
Peasants At Sea Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Ensemble 2009Singer
Queen Of The Prairie Kristina+Russell Watson+Claire Tendl+Madeleine Rose Yen+Josh Caggiano+Helen Sjöholm+David Hess+Joy Hermalyn+Raymond Jaramillo Mcleod 2009Singer
Stone Kingdom Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson 2009Singer
Twilight Images Calling Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson 2009Singer
We Open Up The Gateways Kristina+Robert Ousley+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Kevin Odekirk+Louise Pitre+David Hess+Ensemble 2009Singer
Where You Go I Go With You Kristina+Helen Sjöholm+Russell Watson+Claire Tendl+Ensemble 2009Singer
Wild Cat Money Kristina+Russell Watson+Ensemble 2009Singer
Wild Grass Kristina+Raymond Jaramillo Mcleod+Russell Watson+Ensemble 2009Singer

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