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Cover Version Degli ABBA CD 2010

1S.O.S.    ab
2Money, Money, Money    ab
3Mamma Mia    ab
4Take A Chance On Me    ab
5Does Your Mother Know    ab
6I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do    ab
7Waterloo    ab
8Knowing Me, Knowing You    ab
9Dancing Queen    ab
10The Name Of The Game    ab
11S.O.S.  {Instrumental}    ab
12Money, Money, Money  {Instrumental}    ab
13Mamma Mia  {Instrumental}    ab
14Take A Chance On Me  {Instrumental}    ab
15Does Your Mother Know  {Instrumental}    ab
16I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  {Instrumental}    ab
17Waterloo  {Instrumental}    ab
18Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Instrumental}    ab
19Dancing Queen  {Instrumental}    ab
20The Name Of The Game  {Instrumental}    ab


Top 50 Karaoke 60' 70' 80' CD 2010

1Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano  {Italians Karaoke Cover version Di Renato Carosone} 3.31
2Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano  {Karaoke} 3.27
3Tintarella Di Luna  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Mina} 3.03
4Tintarella Di Luna  {Karaoke} 3.16
5S.O.S.  {English}    ab 3.16
6S.O.S.    ab 3.19
7Mamma Maria  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Dei Ricchi E Poveri} 3.00
8Mamma Maria  {Karaoke} 3.01
9Money, Money, Money  {English}    ab 3.08
10Money, Money, Money    ab 3.09
11Non Sono Una Signora  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Loredana Bertè} 3.34
12Non Sono Una Signora  {Karaoke} 3.34
13Donna Felicita'  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Dei Nuovi Angeli} 2.21
14Donna Felicita'  {Karaoke} 2.14
15Mamma Mia  {English}    ab 3.42
16Mamma Mia    ab 3.57
17Take A Chance On Me  {English}    ab 4.10
18Take A Chance On Me    ab 4.05
19Non Voglio Mica La Luna  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Fiordaliso} 3.43
20Non Voglio Mica La Luna  {Karaoke} 3.40
21Does Your Mother Know  {English}    ab 3.08
22Does Your Mother Know    ab 3.18
23Il Ballo Di Simone  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Giuliano E I Notturni} 2.31
24Il Ballo Di Simone  {Karaoke} 2.38
25I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  {English}    ab 3.15
26I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do    ab 3.29
27Io Ho In Mente Te  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Degli Equipe 84} 2.24
28Io Ho In Mente Te  {Karaoke} 2.40
29Waterloo  {English}    ab 3.05
30Waterloo    ab 3.07
31Sei Bellissima  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Loredana Bertè} 4.35
32Sei Bellissima  {Karaoke} 4.44
33Knowing Me, Knowing You  {English}    ab 3.53
34Knowing Me, Knowing You    ab 4.11
35Senza Luce  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Dei Dik Dik} 4.49
36Senza Luce  {Karaoke} 4.45
37Dancing Queen  {English}    ab 3.32
38Dancing Queen    ab 3.35
39Che Sarà  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Dei Ricchi E Poveri}    ho 3.41
40Che Sarà  {Karaoke}    ho 3.10
41Su Di Noi  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Pupo} 3.43
42Su Di Noi  {Karaoke} 3.48
43Quando, Quando, Quando  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Tony Renis} 2.47
44Quando, Quando, Quando  {Karaoke} 2.43
45The Name Of The Game  {English}    ab 3.25
46The Name Of The Game    ab 3.26
47Tuca Tuca  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Raffaella Carrà} 2.40
48Tuca Tuca  {Karaoke} 2.38
49Bandiera Gialla  {Italians Karaoke Cover Version Di Gianni Pettenati} 2.35
50Bandiera Gialla  {Karaoke} 2.50



Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Che Sarà 2010Singer
Dancing Queen 2010Singer
Does Your Mother Know 2010Singer
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 2010Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You 2010Singer
Mamma Mia 2010Singer
Money, Money, Money 2010Singer
S.O.S. 2010Singer
Take A Chance On Me 2010Singer
The Name Of The Game 2010Singer
Waterloo 2010Singer

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