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Multi Karaoke Tribute To ABBA CD 2011

1Dancing Queen  {Karaoke}    ab4.21
2The Winner Takes It All  {Karaoke}    ab4.53
3Waterloo  {Karaoke}    ab2.47
4S.O.S.  {Karaoke}    ab3.29
5Money, Money, Money  {Karaoke}    ab3.25
6Fernando  {Karaoke}    ab4.33
7I Have A Dream  {Karaoke}    ab4.35
8Mamma Mia  {Karaoke}    ab3.16
9Dancing Queen  {Multiplex Version}    ab4.22
10The Winner Takes It All  {Multiplex Version}    ab4.53
11Waterloo  {Multiplex Version}    ab2.45
12S.O.S.  {Multiplex Version}    ab3.28
13Money, Money, Money  {Multiplex Version}    ab3.25
14Fernando  {Multiplex Version}    ab4.36
15I Have A Dream  {Multiplex Version}    ab4.30
16Mamma Mia  {Multiplex Version}    ab3.18


Legend for the Songs
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Dancing Queen 2011Singer
Fernando 2011Singer
I Have A Dream 2011Singer
Mamma Mia 2011Singer
Money, Money, Money 2011Singer
S.O.S. 2011Singer
The Winner Takes It All 2011Singer
Waterloo 2011Singer

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