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ABBAABBA+BLONDIE - Hanging On The Ring Ring {Matt Pop Mix}6x
ABBA+MAMMA MIA - Dancing Queen {ABBA & Mamma Mia Version} 
ABBA+PIG&DAN - Voulez-Vous {Remix Oliver Heldens Mashup} 
ABBA+Stig ANDERSON - Sång Till Görel {Swedish}10x
ABBA+VAN HALEN - Super Jumper {Mashup from Super Trouper & Jumper} 
ABBA+_ABBA (TRIBUTE) - He Is Your Brother {Live Music For Unicef}4x
40th Anniversary Medley2x
ABBA Gold 40th Anniversaery Edition Out Now 
ABBA Gold 40th Anniversary Steelbox Edition 
ABBA Gold Medley3x
ABBA Undeleted 
ABBA Undeleted {Edit Part III}2x
ABBA Undeleted {Edit Part II}2x
ABBA Undeleted {Edit Part I}4x
ABBArama {Megamix By Matt Pop} 
Al Andar {Spanish Remastered 1999}10x
Alley Cat {Live Omkring Et Flyggel} 
Andante, Andante {Demo Alternate Mix}4x
Andante, Andante {Remastered 1997}15x
Andante, Andante {Spanish Remastered 1999}12x
Angeleyes {Edit German Single} 
Angeleyes {Remastered 1997}20x
Another Town, Another Train {Remastered 1997}17x
Arrival Commercial ABBA {Uk First Version} 
Arrival In The Movie {Live} 
Arrival {Instrumental Matt Pop Mix}4x
Arrival {Instrumental Museum Remix}4x
Arrival {Instrumental Remastered 1997}15x
As Good, As New {Live At Wembley Arena}2x
As Good, As New {Live Rotterdam} 
As Good, As New {Remastered 1997}22x
Baby {Demo Undeleted Medley}2x
Bang A Boomerang {1986 Edit} 
Bang A Boomerang {Remastered 1997}21x
Bonne Annee A Tous Nos Amis Francais {French Live Edited from Stars for ABBA en France DVD} 
Bonne Années À Tous Les Français {French Live Sur Son 31} 
Burning My Bridges {Extended Mix}2x
Burning My Bridges {Undeleted Medley}2x
California Here I Come {Live Edited from Five Minute Saloon for Super Trouper Documentary} 
California Here I Come {Live Five Minute Saloon}4x
Cassandra {Live Show Express 82}3x
Cassandra {Remastered 1993}21x
Cassandra {Remastered 1997} 
Chiquitita {Edit MTV} 
Chiquitita {Edit Magic of ABBA USA} 
Chiquitita {Edit Musikladen 79}3x
Chiquitita {Edit Os Grande Sucessos} 
Chiquitita {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation} 
Chiquitita {Live ABBA in Concert} 
Chiquitita {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Chiquitita {Live Unicef Gala}7x
Chiquitita {Remastered 1997}26x
Chiquitita {Spanish Remastered 1999}14x
Christmas Greetings4x
Conociéndome, Conociéndote {Spanish Remastered 1999}11x
Crazy World {Remastered 1997}20x
Crying Over You {Undeleted Medley} 
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) {Remastered 1997}25x
Dancing Queen {Alan Coulthard Edit Mix} 
Dancing Queen {Alan Coulthard Remix}2x
Dancing Queen {Demo Extra Intro andVerses In Original Order}2x
Dancing Queen {Demo Extra Verse} 
Dancing Queen {Demo With Lost Verse}3x
Dancing Queen {Demos ABBADiego} 
Dancing Queen {Dmc International English & Spanish Mix} 
Dancing Queen {Downmix} 
Dancing Queen {Edit Grand Collection} 
Dancing Queen {Edit MTV} 
Dancing Queen {Edit The Magic of ABBA} 
Dancing Queen {Instrumental Onsdagsmix Demo} 
Dancing Queen {Live At Wembley Arena}2x
Dancing Queen {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997}2x
Dancing Queen {Live Olivia}5x
Dancing Queen {Live The Movie}3x
Dancing Queen {Matt Pop Getting In The Swing mix} 
Dancing Queen {Matt Pop Remix} 
Dancing Queen {Original Full Length Version} 
Dancing Queen {Remastered 1997}34x
Dancing Queen {Remix DMC} 
Dancing Reina {& Spanish Version} 
Dick Cavett Medley {Live Demo Lead Vocals Only} 
Disillusion {Remastered 1997}18x
Does Your Mother Know {Demo The Rock Version} 
Does Your Mother Know {Early Mix ABBA In Switzerland}8x
Does Your Mother Know {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation} 
Does Your Mother Know {Edit} 
Does Your Mother Know {Live At Wembley Arena}2x
Does Your Mother Know {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997} 
Does Your Mother Know {Remastered 1992} 
Does Your Mother Know {Remastered 1997}23x
Don Lane Satellite Interview {Interview} 
Don'T Fence Me In {Live Dick Cavett Meets ABBA} 
Dream World16x
Dream World {Early Version}2x
Dum Dum Diddle {Live ABBA-Dabba-Doo}3x
Dum Dum Diddle {Matt Pop Mix}2x
Dum Dum Diddle {Remastered 1997}21x
Dum Dum Diddle {Remix B-POP Productions}3x
Dutch Interview {Chiquitita} 
Eagle {Edit Collection 2000} 
Eagle {Edit From ABBA With Love} 
Eagle {Edit Gold Remastered 1993} 
Eagle {Edit The Movie}3x
Eagle {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Eagle {Matt Pop Synthwave Mix} 
Eagle {Medley Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997} 
Eagle {Remastered 1997}25x
Eagle {Single Edit Remastered}3x
Eagle {Single Edit}5x
Elaine {Remastered 1997}30x
En Hälsning Till Våra Parkarrangörer {Swedish Promo Single}9x
Estoy Soñando {Spanish Remastered 1999}12x
Felicidad {Spanish Remastered 1999}13x
Feliz New Year {& Spanish version} 
Fernando {Edit MTV} 
Fernando {Edit Os Grande Sucessos} 
Fernando {Edit} 
Fernando {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Fernando {Live Midnight Special}2x
Fernando {Live Olivia}3x
Fernando {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March) Remastered 1997}2x
Fernando {Live Top Of The Pops}4x
Fernando {Mono} 
Fernando {Musikladen 76 Alternate Mix} 
Fernando {Remastered 1997}31x
Fernando {Snippet From TV Show} 
Fernando {Spanish Remastered 1999}9x
Fernando {Swedish Demo {Swedish Undeleted Medley 1975}}2x
Free As A Bumble Bee {Undeleted Medley}3x
From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel {Demo}6x
Gammal Fäbodpsalm {Instrumental Live ABBA in Concert} 
Gammal Fäbodpsalm {Instrumental Live At Wembley Arena}6x
Gammal Fäbodpsalm {Instrumental Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)}2x
Gammal Fäbodpsalm {Instrumental Live Milwaukee (Tour 79-80)}2x
Ge Mig En Chans {Swedish Live Dick Cavett Meet ABBA} 
Get On The Carousel {B-Pop Remastered Live Version}3x
Get On The Carousel {Live The Movie}2x
Get On The Carousel {Matt Pop Live Edit}3x
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Bonkers Mix} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {DMC International English & Spanish Mix} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Edit Gold} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Edit US Promo Single} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Hot Tracks Remix}2x
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live At Wembley Arena}2x
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live Dick Cavett show} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Maurice West Bootleg Tomorrowland mix} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Remastered 1992} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Remastered 1997}25x
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Remix 4qu4 Edit} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! {Alias} 
Givin' A Little Bit More {Undeleted Medley}4x
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong {Give Myself To Mix} 
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong {Live Copenhagen (Tour 74-75)(November)} 
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong {Remastered 1997}28x
Gracias For The Music {& Spanish Mix} 
Gracias Por La Música {Spanish Remastered 1999}11x
Greatest Mix {The MasterDmc} 
Greetings To Dutch Fans {Live Toppop} 
Greetings To Japanese Fans {Live}2x
Hamlet III6x
Hamlet III {Part 2} 
Hamlet III {Remix Semi Extended Version} 
Happy Hawaii {Instrumental Demo Filtered Out Voiceover} 
Happy Hawaii {Remastered 1994}24x
Happy New Year {Remastered 1997}20x
Happy New Year {Remix Multi Language} 
Hasta Mañana {Remastered 1997}28x
Hasta Mañana {Spanish Remastered 1999}13x
He Is Your Brother {Live The Movie}4x
He Is Your Brother {Matt Pop Remix} 
He Is Your Brother {Remastered 1997}24x
Head Over Heels {Alternate mix}4x
Head Over Heels {Remastered 1997}31x
Hej Gamle Man ! {Swedish Remastered 1994}23x
Helan Går {Swedish Live} 
Here Comes Rubie Jamie {Undeleted Medley}8x
Hey, Hey Helen {Matt Pop Mix} 
Hey, Hey Helen {Remastered 1997}23x
Hidden Mix {Uncredited ABBA Medley}4x
Hole In Your Soul {Live ABBA in Concert} 
Hole In Your Soul {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Hole In Your Soul {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)}2x
Hole In Your Soul {Remastered 1997}23x
Honey, Honey {B-Pop Honeycomb Dance Remix} 
Honey, Honey {Demo Rare Vocal Mix} 
Honey, Honey {Remastered 1997}34x
Honey, Honey {Swedish Remastered 1994}15x
Honey, Honey {Swedish} 
Hovas Vittne {Swedish Extended Polar Remix} 
Hovas Vittne {Swedish}10x
I Am Just A Girl {Remastered 1997}15x
I Am The City {Edit}2x
I Am The City {Extended} 
I Am The City {Karaoke Oops}2x
I Am The City {Matt Pop'S Vibrant & Electrified Mix}2x
I Am The City {Remastered 1999}23x
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Demo Rare Vocal Mix With Extra Verse}2x
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Edit Système 2 (February 1975)} 
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Extended Os Grande Sucessos}4x
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Remastered 1997}23x
I Have A Dream {Edit Collection 2000} 
I Have A Dream {Edit MTV} 
I Have A Dream {Edit Os Grande Sucessos} 
I Have A Dream {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
I Have A Dream {Live Late Late Breakfast Show (December 1982)} 
I Have A Dream {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997}2x
I Have A Dream {Live Tokyo (Tour 79-80)(March 17)}2x
I Have A Dream {Matt Pop Club Mix} 
I Have A Dream {Remastered 1992} 
I Have A Dream {Remastered 1997}23x
I Let The Music Speak {Remastered 1997}14x
I Saw It In The Mirror {Remastered 1997}16x
I Saw It In The Mirror {Remix Ghost Versions} 
I Wonder (Departure) {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March 4) Remastered 1994}8x
I Wonder (Departure) {Remastered 1997}23x
I'M A Marionette {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March 4)} 
I'M A Marionette {Live The Movie}3x
I'M A Marionette {Remastered 1997}25x
I'M An A {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March 3)} 
I'M Still Alive {Live At Wembley Arena}5x
I'M Still Alive {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)} 
I'M Still Alive {Live Paris (Tour 79-80)}3x
I'M Still Alive {Live Tokyo (Tour 79-80)(March 17)}2x
I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Extended}5x
I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Live The Movie}2x
I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Remastered 1997}32x
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Alternate Japan Mix} 
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Edit Gold Remasterd 1996} 
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation}2x
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Live Remix Mike Yarwood}7x
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Live Stockholm (Tour 79-80)} 
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Matt Pop Remix}2x
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Remastered 1997}23x
Intermezzo No. 1 {Instrumental Live At Wembley Arena}2x
Intermezzo No. 1 {Instrumental Live The Movie}2x
Intermezzo No. 1 {Instrumental Remastered 1997}16x
Japan Medley {Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation} 
Japan Special Presentation {Interview} 
Just A Notion {Undeleted Medley} 
Just Like That {Matt Pop Mix}2x
Just Like That {Na Na Na Version}2x
Just Like That {Original Slow Version}2x
Just Like That {Remix Complete Story} 
Just Like That {Remix Sax} 
Just Like That {Saxophone Version}2x
Just Like That {Undeleted Medley}2x
King Kong Song {Remastered 1997}23x
King Kong Song {ThorSven Halloween Remix} 
King Kong Song {Watching A Movie Mix} 
Kisses Of Fire {ABBA In Switzerland Alternate Mix}3x
Kisses Of Fire {Remastered 1997}20x
Kisses Of Fire {Remix (Matt Pop'S Higher Than The Sky Edit)} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Demo Rare Vocal Mix With Intro} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Dmc International English~Spanish Mix} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Edit Collection 2000} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Edit MTV} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Edit Os grande Sucessos} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Extended} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live At Wembley Arena}5x
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live Dick Cavett}2x
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Matt Pop Mix (Tears In My Eyes Mix)} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Remastered 1997}31x
La Reina Del Baile {Spanish Remastered 1999}11x
Lay All Your Love On Me {Disconet Raul Dance Mix}3x
Lay All Your Love On Me {Edit From DVD Remastered} 
Lay All Your Love On Me {Edit The ABBA Collection} 
Lay All Your Love On Me {Extended 12''}4x
Lay All Your Love On Me {Remastered 1997}27x
Lay All Your Love On Me {Vocal Mix} 
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room {Christmas Mix}2x
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room {Remastered 1997}16x
Live 77 {Live Flexi-Disc Medley}3x
Live At Wembley Arena {Live 30 Sec Trailer}2x
Live At Wembley Mix.Mp3 {Live} 
Lotties Schotties {Instrumental Live Dick Cavett Meets ABBA} 
Love Isn'T Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) {Remastered 1997}23x
Lovelight {Alternate Mix Stripped Down Version} 
Lovelight {Edit Alternate Mix Remastered 1993}2x
Lovelight {Edit German Single}2x
Lovelight {Edit Promo} 
Lovelight {Edit Singles Collection Remastered 1999}3x
Lovelight {Remastered 1996}18x
Lovelight {Remix Fake Live Wembley Arena 1979} 
Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {ABBA In Switserland Early Mix}2x
Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {B-Pop Tribal Remix} 
Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {Karaoke Oops}2x
Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {Remastered 1997}17x
Mamma Mia {ABBA Megamix} 
Mamma Mia {Dmc International English & Spanish Mix} 
Mamma Mia {Instrumental Live} 
Mamma Mia {Live Midnight Special}2x
Mamma Mia {Live The Movie}2x
Mamma Mia {Live Top Of The Pops (11/01/1976)}6x
Mamma Mia {Remastered 1997}31x
Mamma Mia {Spanish Remastered 1999}11x
Man In The Middle {Alternate Mix}4x
Man In The Middle {Karaoke Oops}2x
Man In The Middle {Remastered 1997}15x
Me And Bobby And Bobby'S Brother {Remastered 1997}16x
Me And I {Live Dick Cavett}3x
Me And I {Matt Pop'S Words And Music Mix} 
Me And I {Remastered 1997}17x
Medley ABBA {Live (74-75 part1)} 
Medley Lay All Your Love On Me & The Visitors {Epic Mix} 
Medley Live 74-75 {Live} 
Medley Mamma Mia Vs Does Your Mother Know {Remix 136} 
Medley Slipping Through My Fingers & Me And I {Live Dick Cavett Show}3x
Medley The Name Of The Game & Eagle {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997} 
Medley The Visitors & Lay All Your Love On Me {Remix (Hinrg)}2x
Medley {Live ABBAdabadoo}3x
Medley {Live Medley End Credits ABBA in Australia}3x
Medley {Remix Remastered 1994} 
Medley {Remixed And Remastered 1997}20x
Medley- Free As A Bumble Bee & Rubber Ball Man & Crying Over You2x
Merry-Go-Round {Remastered 1994}15x
Money, Money, Money {Demo Rare Vocal Version}2x
Money, Money, Money {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Money, Money, Money {Live Japanese TV Special}6x
Money, Money, Money {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March) Remastered 1997}5x
Money, Money, Money {Live The Movie} 
Money, Money, Money {Remastered 1992} 
Money, Money, Money {Remastered 1997}36x
Monsieur, Monsieur {Demo Swedish Radio}7x
More ABBA Gold Medley From Spain3x
Move On 
Move On {Edit Golden Ballads} 
Move On {Remastered 1997}22x
My Love, My Life {Extended} 
My Love, My Life {Remastered 1997}31x
My Mama Said {Matt Pop Remix}4x
My Mama Said {Matt Pop'S Flared Funk Mix} 
My Mama Said {My Oh My Mix Radio Edit By Dj Aandre}2x
My Mama Said {Remastered 1997}15x
National Commercial {Live}6x
Nina, Pretty Ballerina {2019 Matt Pop Club Mix} 
Nina, Pretty Ballerina {Remastered 1997}20x
No Hay A Quien Culpar {Spanish Remastered 1999}16x
Nu Är Det Jul Igen {Swedish Live Mel Sondock's Hitparade}5x
Official Photo Book Medley 
On And On And On 
On And On And On {Edit Thank You For The Music CD Box}2x
On And On And On {Extended Edit Remastered From the Videoclip}2x
On And On And On {Extended Full Length Stereo Mix}9x
On And On And On {Live Dick Cavett Remastered 1997}2x
On And On And On {Live Dick Cavett}5x
On And On And On {Remastered 1997}20x
On Top Of Old Smokey {Live Full Version} 
One Man, One Woman {Matt Pop Remix} 
One Man, One Woman {Matt pop remix 2018} 
One Man, One Woman {Remastered 1997}29x
One Of Us {Edit MTV} 
One Of Us {Remastered 1997}29x
Oro Grandes Exitos Medley2x
Our Last Summer {Demo} 
Our Last Summer {Edit Golden Ballads} 
Our Last Summer {Matt Pop'S Age Of No Regret Mix}2x
Our Last Summer {Remastered 1997}20x
Our Last Summer {VOCAL MIX} 
People Need Love {Remastered 1997}25x
Polar Music Medley 
Pre-ABBA Medley 
Put On Your White Sombrero {Remastered 1997}17x
Rikky Rock'N'Roller {Extended} 
Rikky Rock'N'Roller {Undeleted Medley}2x
Ring Ring {Alias (Single Remix)} 
Ring Ring {German Remastered 1997}9x
Ring Ring {Live Tommy Cooper Show}10x
Ring Ring {Remastered 1997}23x
Ring Ring {Remix Single Version Remastered 1999}7x
Ring Ring {Remix US Remastered 2001}9x
Ring Ring {Spanish Remastered 1999}12x
Ring Ring {Spanish, German & Swedish}7x
Ring Ring {Swedish (Bara Du Slog En Signal) Remastered 2001}15x
Ring Ring {Swedish Live (Bara Du Slog En Signal) Melodifestavlen}3x
Rock Me {Australian Edit} 
Rock Me {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Rock Me {Live The Movie}5x
Rock Me {Remastered 1997}24x
Rock'N'Roll Band {Live Copenhagen (Tour 74-75)(November)} 
Rock'N'Roll Band {Live Eskilstuna (Festfolket 75)}4x
Rock'N'Roll Band {Remastered 1997}14x
Rubber Ball Man {Edit Undeleted Digitalized} 
Rubber Ball Man {Extended Polar Remix} 
Rubber Ball Man {Skye Brooks High Scream Dance Remix} 
Rubber Ball Man {Undeleted Medley} 
S.O.S. {Edit} 
S.O.S. {Live At Wembley Arena}4x
S.O.S. {Live Japanese TV Special}3x
S.O.S. {Live Midnight Special} 
S.O.S. {Live Musikladen 75}4x
S.O.S. {Live Seaside Special}6x
S.O.S. {Live The Movie}3x
S.O.S. {Live Top Of The Pops}2x
S.O.S. {Remastered 1992} 
S.O.S. {Remastered 1997}23x
S.O.S. {Saturday Night Live}9x
Santa Rosa {Live World Popular Song Festival}5x
Santa Rosa {Remastered 1994}15x
Scaramouche {Instrumental Undeleted Medley}2x
Se Me Esta Escapando {Spanish Demo Rare Early Mix Filtered Vocals}2x
Se Me Esta Escapando {Spanish Remastered 1999}9x
She'S My Kind Of Girl {Remastered 1997}13x
Should I Laugh Or Cry {Edit Avec introduction}5x
Should I Laugh Or Cry {Matt Pop Mix} 
Should I Laugh Or Cry {Remastered 1997}21x
Sitting In The Palmtree {Remastered 1997}17x
Slipping Through My Fingers {Demo} 
Slipping Through My Fingers {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation} 
Slipping Through My Fingers {Instrumental}4x
Slipping Through My Fingers {Live Dick Cavett} 
Slipping Through My Fingers {Medley Live Dick Cavett}2x
Slipping Through My Fingers {Remastered 1997}15x
So Long {Live The Movie}3x
So Long {Live Top Of The Pops (December 1974)} 
So Long {Remastered 1997}26x
Soldiers {Remastered 1997}15x
Summer Night City {Demo Undeleted Medley} 
Summer Night City {Edit Os Grande Sucessos} 
Summer Night City {Edit Standard Version Remastered 1997}19x
Summer Night City {Live ABBA in Concert}4x
Summer Night City {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Summer Night City {Live Dick Cavett} 
Summer Night City {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)} 
Summer Night City {News Center 9h} 
Summer Night City {Remix Museum edit} 
Summer Night City {With Introduction Remastered 1994}15x
Super Trouper {Demo Early mix filtered vocals} 
Super Trouper {Edit OGS} 
Super Trouper {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation} 
Super Trouper {Live Dick Cavett Remastered 1997}4x
Super Trouper {Live Dick Cavett} 
Super Trouper {Matt Pop Mix} 
Super Trouper {Matt Pop'S 40th Anniversary Remix}2x
Super Trouper {Remastered 1997}33x
Suzy-Hang-Around {Matt Pop Mix}2x
Suzy-Hang-Around {Remastered 1997}19x
Take A Chance On Me {Edit Les Rendez-Vous du Dimanche} 
Take A Chance On Me {Edit MTV} 
Take A Chance On Me {Instrumental Demo Undeleted Medley} 
Take A Chance On Me {Live 1979 Single Version Remastered Deluxe Edition}4x
Take A Chance On Me {Live At Wembley Arena}2x
Take A Chance On Me {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997}4x
Take A Chance On Me {Live Olivia}5x
Take A Chance On Me {Remastered 1997}35x
Take A Chance On Me {Star Parade 78}2x
Thank You For The Music {DMC International English & Spanish Mix} 
Thank You For The Music {Demo Doris Day Edit}7x
Thank You For The Music {Doris Day Short Edit}2x
Thank You For The Music {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers} 
Thank You For The Music {Live Late, Late breakfast show}3x
Thank You For The Music {Live 20/20} 
Thank You For The Music {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Thank You For The Music {Live Japanese TV Special} 
Thank You For The Music {Live Nöjesmaskinen}3x
Thank You For The Music {Live The Movie End Credits} 
Thank You For The Music {Live The Movie}2x
Thank You For The Music {Museum Edit}3x
Thank You For The Music {Remastered 1997}25x
That'S Me {Extended 8 track cartridge USA} 
That'S Me {Matt Electro Mix}2x
That'S Me {Matt Pop Mix} 
That'S Me {Remastered 1997}23x
That'S Me {Remix Matt Pop Edit} 
The ABBA Megamix 
The Best Of ABBA Medley 
The Day Before You Came {Argentina Edit} 
The Day Before You Came {Demo Without Agnetha}2x
The Day Before You Came {Live Show Express 82}4x
The Day Before You Came {Matt Pop Mix}2x
The Day Before You Came {Remastered 1997}32x
The Day Before You Came {USA Promotional Edit} 
The Interview 
The King Has Lost His Crown {Early Mix ABBA In Switzerland}2x
The King Has Lost His Crown {Matt Pop'S Flared Funk Mix}3x
The King Has Lost His Crown {Remastered 1997}16x
The Last Video {Edit}5x
The Name Of The Game {Edit Absolute ABBA}2x
The Name Of The Game {Edit Hits II} 
The Name Of The Game {Edit Magic of ABBA} 
The Name Of The Game {Edit Os Grande Sucessos} 
The Name Of The Game {Edit The Movie} 
The Name Of The Game {Edit The Singles} 
The Name Of The Game {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
The Name Of The Game {Medley Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997} 
The Name Of The Game {Remastered 1996}33x
The Piper {Remastered 1997}23x
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Edit The Visitors 12'' US Promo} 
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Extended Original Hot Mix Special DJ}2x
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Medley HiNRG} 
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Remastered 1996}22x
The Visitors {B-Pop Numb & Frozen Dance Remix} 
The Visitors {Mexican Single Edit}4x
The Visitors {Remix Project Disclosure}2x
The Way Old Friends Do {Live ABBA in Concert} 
The Way Old Friends Do {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
The Way Old Friends Do {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997}25x
The Way Old Friends Do {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) ABBA in Concert Extract} 
The Way Old Friends Do {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1993} 
The Winner Takes It All {Demo A Capella Version} 
The Winner Takes It All {Edit Collection 2000} 
The Winner Takes It All {Edit MTV History}2x
The Winner Takes It All {Edit OGS} 
The Winner Takes It All {Edit Slipping Through My Fingers Japan Compilation} 
The Winner Takes It All {RKL Winners Mix} 
The Winner Takes It All {Remastered 1997}31x
Tiger {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March 3)} 
Tiger {Live The Movie}2x
Tiger {Matt Pop'S Yellow Eyes Mix}2x
Tiger {Remastered 1997}27x
Tiveds Hambo & Hovasvittne {MIX Mundo ABBA} 
Tiveds Hambo {Instrumental}4x
Tiveds Hambo {Swedish Live Här är det liv for Stig anderson}8x
Tropical Loveland {Remastered 1997}22x
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star {Medley} 
Two For The Price Of One {Demo Rare Snippet} 
Two For The Price Of One {Demo}4x
Two For The Price Of One {Edit Original Lyrics} 
Two For The Price Of One {Live Dick Cavett Remastered 1997}5x
Two For The Price Of One {Live Dick Cavett}2x
Two For The Price Of One {Remastered 1997}15x
Una Voce Poco Fa {Italians Live ABBA in Concert Documentary Rehersal} 
Undeleted Medley {(Another Version) Part 1} 
Undeleted Medley {(Another Version) Part 2} 
Undeleted Medley {Version 3 Box Set} 
Undeleted Medley {Version 4 Box Set} 
Undeleted Medley {Version 5 Box Set} 
Undeleted Medley {Version 6 Box Set} 
Undeleted Medley {Version 7 Box Set} 
Under Attack {Bernd Scheiber remix} 
Under Attack {Demo Early Mix} 
Under Attack {Edit Cold ending}5x
Under Attack {Karaoke Original Footage} 
Under Attack {Live Show Express}3x
Under Attack {Live} 
Under Attack {Remastered 1997}30x
Under Attack {Vocal Mix} 
Under My Sun {Live Part 1 & 2}4x
Untitled Jam {Instrumental Live ABBA in Concert Documentary Rehersal} 
Voulez-Vous 40th Anniversary Reissue 
Voulez-Vous {Edit ABBA Story} 
Voulez-Vous {Edit Gold} 
Voulez-Vous {Edit Grand Collection} 
Voulez-Vous {Edit MTV} 
Voulez-Vous {Extended U.S. Remix Remastered 2001}8x
Voulez-Vous {From DVD Remastered} 
Voulez-Vous {Glowing In The Dark Matt Pop Club Mix 2019} 
Voulez-Vous {Live ABBA in Concert} 
Voulez-Vous {Live At Wembley Arena}6x
Voulez-Vous {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)} 
Voulez-Vous {Remastered 1996}16x
Watch Out {Karaoke Oops} 
Watch Out {Out Of Phase Stereo} 
Watch Out {Remastered 1997}19x
Waterloo {Alternate Mix}10x
Waterloo {Demo BBC Radio 1 Jingle}2x
Waterloo {Dmc 40th International Mix} 
Waterloo {Edit MTV} 
Waterloo {Edit Os} 
Waterloo {French & Swedish}4x
Waterloo {French Remastered 1999}13x
Waterloo {German Remastered 1999}10x
Waterloo {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Waterloo {Live Eurovision Song Contest (After Wining)}5x
Waterloo {Live Eurovision Song Contest}6x
Waterloo {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5) Remastered 1997}3x
Waterloo {Live Top Of The Pops (10 April 1974)}3x
Waterloo {Live Top Of The Pops (December 1974)}3x
Waterloo {Live Top Of The Pops (May 1974)}2x
Waterloo {Live Top of The Pops (30 April 1974)}4x
Waterloo {Remastered 1997}20x
Waterloo {Swedish & English Version} 
Waterloo {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen After Winning}3x
Waterloo {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen}6x
Waterloo {Swedish Remastered 1999}13x
Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht {German Matt Pop Mix} 
Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht {German Remastered 1997}12x
What About Livingstone? {Remastered 1997}22x
What About Livingstone? {Want to Buy Me a...Choc Mix} 
When All Is Said And Done 
When All Is Said And Done {Demo Original full length version}2x
When All Is Said And Done {Instrumental Matt Pop Mix Instrumental} 
When All Is Said And Done {Instrumental}4x
When All Is Said And Done {Matt Pop's Still Striving For The Sky Mix}2x
When All Is Said And Done {Remastered 1997}18x
When All Is Said And Done {Remastered From DVD} 
When I Kissed The Teacher {Early Mix}2x
When I Kissed The Teacher {Live The Movie}2x
When I Kissed The Teacher {Remastered 1997}29x
When The Waves Roll Out To Sea {Instrumental Edit BBC} 
Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Live ABBA-Dabba-Doo}6x
Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Live At Wembley Arena}3x
Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Live The Movie}2x
Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Remastered 1997}21x
You Owe Me One {Karaoke Oops}2x
You Owe Me One {Remastered 1997}18x
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish Remastered 1999}12x
Åh, Vilka Tider {Swedish}18x
1974 ABBA TRIBUTE SHOWMamma Mia {Live Cannizaro Festival London} 
A*TEENSCan'T Help Falling In Love 
Dancing Queen {Live Chile} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Earthbound Late Show Remix}3x
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Extended}2x
Happy New Year {Extended} 
Happy New Year {Radio Edit}2x
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday3x
Knowing Me, Knowing You3x
Lay All Your Love On Me 
Mamma Mia {Giuseppe remix} 
Mamma Mia {Radio Version} 
Mamma Mia {Spanish}2x
Medley {Pierre J'S Radio Mix} 
Medley {Radio Mix} 
One Night In Bangkok4x
One Of Us 
Super Trouper {Karaoke} 
Super Trouper {Pinocchio Remix}5x
Super Trouper {The Bold & The Beautiful GlamourMix}3x
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish}4x
ABAYI Have A Dream 
ABBA 99The Winner Takes It All {Live} 
ABBA EXPERIENCEDance (While The Music Still Goes On) 
ABBA FEVERGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live BRT Radio} 
ABBA LIVE TVMamma Mia {Spanish Live Mañanas de TVE} 
Super Trouper 
ABBA LUSHOne Man, One Woman {ABBA Cover By Toni Lee Tribute Duo} 
Tiger {ABBA Cover By Toni Lee Tribute Duo} 
ABBA MAMMA MIASummer Night City {Live Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, Teatro Feevale} 
The Name Of The Game {Live} 
ABBA MANIA ITALIAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
Super Trouper {Italians}2x
Voulez-Vous {Italians} 
ABBA SHOWHey, Hey Helen {Live In Matterello} 
On And On And On {Live} 
Presenta ABBA The Story 
S.O.S. {Marniga Di Brenzoner} 
Voulez-Vous {Live Corso Di Batteria Online E Lezioni Di Batteria Online Cristian Colusso} 
ABBA STARSHoney, Honey {Live Metropol TV} 
ABBA THE CONCERTConociéndome, Conociéndote {Spanish Live Alicante} 
Medley 1 {Live Alicante} 
My Love, My Life {Live Alicante}4x
Ring Ring {Spanish Live Alicante}2x
ABBA THE HISTORYMedley Honey Honey & Bang-A-Boomerang & So Long {Live Fique Em Casa E Cante Comigo} 
Ring Ring Medley {Live Fique Em Casa E Cante Comigo} 
ABBA THE MUSICMedley {Live Solidária} 
ABBA VISIONOn And On And On {Live} 
ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+B. A. ROBERTSON+FRIDA+Don BLACK - Time {ABBAcadabra A Musical Adventure (Ep)}8x
ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Fabienne THIBEAULT - Imagine-Moi {French ABBAcadabra} 
ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Finola HUGHES - When Dreamers Close Their Eyes {Live} 
ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Maurice BARRIER+Marie FRAMBOISE - Pareils Et Mêmes {French ABBAcadabra} 
ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Michael PRAED+Finola HUGHES+Sylvester MCCOY - Carabosse Super Show {Live} 
ABBAcadabra Medley 
ABBAcadabra {Portuguese} 
Aladino Fanfarrao {Portuguese} 
Branca De Neve E O Espelho {Portuguese}2x
Branca De Neve E O Principezinho {Portuguese} 
Cinderela E O Soldainho {Portuguese}3x
Délivrés {French Version 2012} 
I Am The Seeker3x
L'Étoile Filante {French} 
Larguem A Cassete {Portuguese}2x
Like An Image Passing By7x
Notre Mariage {French Live Les noces de carabosse} 
O Nariz De Pinoquio {Portuguese}3x
O Sonho Dre Joao {Portuguese} 
Os Amigos {Portuguese} 
Que Mal Fizemos Nos {Portuguese} 
Rainha Ma Superstar {Portuguese} 
S.O.S. {French Version 2012} 
Voici Les Invités {French Version 2012} 
When Dreamers Close Their Eyes {ABBAcadabra A Musical Adventure (Ep)}2x
Eagle {Original Mix} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You 
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Definitive Mix}2x
Money, Money, Money 
Summer Night City3x
Summer Night City {Remix} 
Take A Chance On Me 
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) 
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Edit} 
ABBADREAMHole In Your Soul {Live} 
Take A Chance On Me {Live} 
Tiger {Live} 
ABBAGAINBjörn Presenterent I'M Still Alive {Dutch Live in Antwerpen} 
ABBAGIRLSThank ABBA For The Music 
ABBAGOLDLay All Your Love On Me {Live Concert Hommage} 
ABBALIVE AUSTRALIAWhen I Kissed The Teacher {Live} 
ABBAMANNIA ARGENTINAGracias Por La Música {Spanish Live}2x
ABBAMIAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live O Tributo Nacional A ABBA} 
Waterloo {Live Tributo Aos ABBA Portugal Ao Vivo Na TVI} 
ABBANI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
Better To Have Loved2x
Get On The Carousel 
I Am The Seeker 
I'M An A 
I'M Still Alive 
Just A Notion 
Love For Me Is Love Forever2x
Please Change Your Mind 
ABBATIMEEagle {Live TV}2x
That'S Me 
ABBORNChiquitita {Spanish Live SPAIN TOUR 2015} 
Fernando {Spanish}2x
Happy New Year {Live} 
Happy New Year {Official Version} 
I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Live In Málaga} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You 
Live 2 {Live} 
Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Live Málaga} 
ABORBA'SDoes Your Mother Know 
ACE OF BASEAll That She Wants 
Beautiful Life 
Cruel Summer 
ADOLPHSON & FALKAstronaut {Swedish} 
Orkanens Öga {Swedish} 
AGATASólo Hay Un Ganador {Spanish} 
A&FJesus Christ Superstar Mix2x
Jesus-Christ Superstar Medley 
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Live Radio Luxembourg} 
När Det Lider Mot Jul {Matt Pop Mix}2x
The Way Old Friends Do {Live At Berns}4x
AGNETHA'S AFFAIRDoes Your Mother Know {Live} 
AILTONDu Måste Finnas {Remix} 
AINBUSKAllt Gott {Swedish} 
Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer {Swedish Blomstarteid} 
Drömmarnas Golv {Swedish Live}3x
Drömmarnas Golv {Swedish} 
En Julsaga {Swedish}3x
Förevigt Nu {Swedish} 
Gunatt {Swedish} 
Honung Och Salt {Swedish} 
Härlig Är Jorden {Swedish} 
Jag Har Gått Inunder Stjärnorna {Swedish} 
Jag Saknar Dig Ibland {Swedish Radio version}2x
Kom Så Far Vi Härifrån {Swedish} 
Lassie {Swedish Live} 
Lassie {Swedish}9x
Min Gud {Swedish}2x
Om Du Nånsin Börjar TVeka {Swedish} 
Sommarkort {Swedish} 
Stolt Att Vara Kvinna {Swedish} 
Säg Vad Kärlek Är {Swedish} 
Till Mig {Swedish Live Nyhetsmorgon TV4} 
Under Stjärnan {Swedish} 
Varje Steg Du Tar {Swedish Live}2x
Älska Mej {Swedish Live}2x
Älska Mej {Swedish}5x
AKKAHoney, Honey {Live} 
ALASKALa Reina Del Baile {Spanish Live Telepasión} 
ALBATROSVolo Az 504 {Spanish} 
ALBRENZA & REIT FANSKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live Youtube} 
ALCAZARALCAZAR+Danny SAUCEDO - Medley {Live Melodifestivalen 2013}2x
ALCAZAR+Magnus CARLSSON - As Good, As New {Live 30th Anniversary Show}2x
ABBA Medley {Live Sommarkrysset 2013} 
ABBA-Hyllning {Live} 
Blame It On The Disco 
Dancing Queen {Live Så Skall Det Låta}2x
Funky Feet3x
Good Lovin2x
In The Name Of Love2x
Medley {Live Allsang Pa Skansen 2018}2x
Stay The Night 
Voulez-Vous {Live At Allsang Pa Skansen} 
When All Is Said And Done {Live Malmö} 
Young Guns (Go For It) 
ALEXANDRADancing Queen {Live Mi Nombre Es} 
ALICE & RITHokus Pokus {Danish} 
ALIZÉEHung Up {Live Television} 
Waterloo {Live Sidaction}2x
ALL ABOUT EVEThe Winner Takes It All 
ALLADoes Your Mother Know {Live Medley Björn & Benny Concert} 
On And On And On {Live Medley Björn & Benny Concert}3x
ALLIAThe Winner Takes It All 
ALWAYS FRIDAYMoney, Money, Money 
ALYONAHappy New Year 
The Winner Takes It All 
AMERITZ KARAOKETiger {Karaoke Ameritz}2x
ANGELA & CONSUELOFernando {Spanish}2x
ANGELUSChiquitita {Spanish El Coro De Lujo!} 
ANTHEM LIGHTSMamma Mia Medley2x
ANY VEGETABLEThe Name Of The Game2x
ARABESQUERock Me After Midnight 
ARELYSTan Bueno Como Nuevo {Spanish Live Sabado Sensacional} 
ARMY OF LOVERSHasta Mañana2x
ARNOARNO+Orly CHA - Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live Television} 
ARRIVALAs Good, As New {Live Final Selectia NatIonala Eurovision} 
Dancing Queen {Live Drummer's Abba Tribute Whole Lotta} 
Funky Feet 
Just A Notion3x
Mamma Mia {Live Bingolotto} 
What About Livingstone? 
I Do {Live Bingolottos Uppesittarkväll} 
ASHDoes Your Mother Know 
Lay All Your Love On Me2x
Ta Maman Sait-Elle Que T'Es Là ? {French} 
Waterloo {French}2x
ASTAIREWrap Your Arms Around Me {Extended} 
AT VANCEMoney, Money, Money 
The Winner Takes It All 
Bay City Lights 
Bright Eyes 
Cam Me4x
Cam Me {Remix Adrian Lux & Blensde}3x
Dance Like You Mean It8x
Gloomy June5x
Gloomy June {Live Remix} 
Here'S Johnny3x
I'M July Amanda 
Load Up 
Love Child {Swedish} 
Poets And Idiots4x
Schools Out {Swedish} 
Things We Left Behind6x
Untergang Lion 
ATTAQUE 77¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish}2x
AVICIIAVICII+BJÖRN & BENNY+The CHOIR - We Write The Story {Eurovision}4x
AVICII+BJÖRN & BENNY - We Write The Story {Edit Eurovision}10x
AYSATDancing Queen {Live ABBA Destination Eurovision 2019 1ere Demi-Finale} 
Adam ANTGoody Two Shoes 
Strip {Edit} 
Adam LOPEZWhen All Is Said And Done2x
Adam PÅLSSONFör Kärlekens Skull {Swedish} 
Jag Ska Fånga En Ängel {Swedish Live Guldbaggegalan} 
Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne {Swedish} 
Sol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish Live Ebbots Ark} 
AgnethaAgnetha FÄLTSKOG+Arne JANSSON+Bruno WINTZEL - Nu Skall Du Bli Stilla {Swedish}3x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+BLACK EYED PEAS - If I Thought You'D Ever Shut Up {Rikkirok vs orangefuzzz almighty mix} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Björn ULVAEUS+The OTHERS - Värkänslor {Swedish Live Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Björn ULVAEUS - Jag Det Är Varen {Swedish Live Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Björn ULVAEUS - Medley Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott {Swedish Live}6x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Björn ULVAEUS - Så Här Börjar Kärlek {Swedish}12x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Alla Färger {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Jag Vill Va' Som Du {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Jag Är Kung {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Karusellvisan {Swedish}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Maskeradbalen {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Min Ponny {Swedish}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Pelle Jöns {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - På Söndag {Swedish}4x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Tre Vita Råttor {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Vattenvisan {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Våra Valpar {Swedish}3x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Christian ULVAEUS - Önskevisa {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Gary BARLOW - I Should Have Followed You Home {Live Children In Need}7x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Gary BARLOW - I Should´Ve Followed You Home10x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Gary BARLOW - I Should´Ve Followed You Home {Remix 7th Heaven Radio Edit}3x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Ingvar FÄLTSKOG - En Sommar Med Dej {Swedish Live} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Jörgen EDMAN - Någonting Händer Med Mej {Swedish}3x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Jörgen EDMAN - Sjung Denna Sang {Swedish}4x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Bjällerklang {Swedish Julens Musik}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Bjällerklang {Swedish Remastered}4x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Hej Mitt Vinterland {Swedish Julens Musik} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Hej Mitt Vinterland {Swedish Remastered}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Jag Såg Mamma Kyssa Tomten {Swedish Julens Musik} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Jag Såg Mamma Kyssa Tomten {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Mössens Julafton {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Nej Se Det Snöar {Swedish Julens Musik}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Nej Se Det Snöar {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Nu Står Jul Vid Snöig Port {Swedish Julens Musik}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Nu Står Jul Vid Snöig Port {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish Julens Musik} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish Remastered}3x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - När Det Lider Mot Jul {Swedish Julens Musik} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - När Det Lider Mot Jul {Swedish Remastered}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Potpurri {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Så Milt Lyser Stjärnan {Swedish Remastered} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - Så Milt Lyser Stjärnan {Swedish} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Linda ULVAEUS - TVå Små Röda Luvor {Swedish Remastered}2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Ola HAKANSSON - Fly Like The Eagle {Remastered}10x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Ola HAKANSSON - The Way You Are {Remastered}8x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Peter CETERA - I Wasn'T The One (Who Said Goodbye)10x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Peter CETERA - I Wasn'T The One (Who Said Goodbye) {Remix Spangish Version} 
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Peter CETERA - Yo No Fui Quien Dijo Adios {Spanish}7x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Tomas LEDIN - Medley Never Again & Ya Nunca Mas2x
Agnetha FÄLTSKOG+Tomas LEDIN - Never Again & Ya Nunca Mas Mix 
A Fool Am I4x
ABBA'S Agnetha Making Comeback {Radio Sweden} 
Allting Har Forandrat Sej {Swedish}4x
Are You Gonna Throw It All Away6x
Back On Your Radio6x
Back On Your Radio {Track By TracK Exclusive} 
Borsta Tandtrollen Bort {Swedish}3x
Bridgit Bardot Song {Swedish} 
Bubble {Track By Track} 
Can'T Shake Loose {AOR Mix}3x
Can'T Shake Loose {Extended}2x
Can'T Shake Loose {Remastered}13x
Click Track {Remastered}5x
Click Track {The BucaBeach Extended Mix} 
Concerto D'Amore {German}4x
Dance Your Pain Away15x
Dance Your Pain Away {7th Heaven Mirrorball Mix} 
Dance Your Pain Away {Carhill Mix Edit} 
Dance Your Pain Away {DUP Remix} 
Dance Your Pain Away {Extended Smash Mode}3x
Dance Your Pain Away {Robb White Remix} 
Dance Your Pain Away {Track By Track Exclusive} 
Das Fest Der Pompadour {German}3x
Den Jag Väntat På {Swedish}3x
Det Handlar Om Kärlek {Swedish}3x
Doktorn {Swedish}5x
Dom Har Glömt {Swedish Live at Sommarnöjet}3x
Dom Har Glömt {Swedish}7x
Dröm Är Dröm Och Saga Saga {Swedish}6x
Du Ska Minnas Mig {Swedish}4x
Dutch Interview {Divorce TWTIA} 
Dutch Interview {WYAAM} 
Då Finns Du Hos Mig {Swedish}3x
Ein Kleiner Mann In Einer Flasche {German}5x
En Egen Trädgård {Swedish}3x
En Gång Fanns Bara Vi TVå {Swedish}5x
En Sommar Med Dej {Swedish}3x
En Stilla Flirt {Swedish Live Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott}5x
En Sång Och En Saga {Swedish}5x
En Sång Om Sorg Och Glädje {Swedish}6x
Every Good Man {Live}5x
Eyes Of A Woman {Remastered}4x
Fly Me To The Moon6x
Fragezeichen Mag' Ich Nicht {German}3x
Framför Svenska Sommaren {Swedish}6x
Följ Med Mig {Swedish}6x
Försonade {Swedish}3x
Ge Dej Till Tåls {Swedish}2x
Geh' Mit Gott {German}7x
Glöm Honom {Swedish}4x
Gulleplutt {Swedish}5x
Gulligullan {Live Broadcast as part of a radio programme in Sweden} 
Han Lämnar Mig För Att Komma Till Dig {Swedish}3x
Here For Your Love5x
Hjärtats Kronprins {Swedish}2x
Hjärtats Saga {Swedish}3x
I Can'T Reach Your Heart4x
I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed7x
I Keep Turning Off Lights {Remastered}5x
I Should´Ve Followed You Home {Live Children In Need Rocks}4x
I Should´Ve Followed You Home {Track By Track} 
I Stand Alone9x
I Was A Flower7x
I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever {Remastered}4x
I Won'T Be Leaving You {Remastered}5x
I Won'T Let You Go {Extended Remastered}5x
I Won'T Let You Go {Remastered}21x
Ich Denk' An Dich {German}3x
Ich Suchte Liebe Bei Dir {German}3x
If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind18x
If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind {Almighty Dub Mix} 
If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind {Almighty Mix} 
If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind {Almighty Radio Edit} 
If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind {Blue Remix} 
If You Need Somebody Tonight6x
It'S So Nice To Be Rich {Remastered}9x
Jag Har Förlorat Dig {Swedish}4x
Jag Ska Inte Fälla Några Tårar {Swedish}2x
Jag Skall Aldrig Mina Lika Vil Om {Swedish Edit Démo}2x
Jag Skall Göra Allt {Swedish}3x
Jag Var Så Kär {Swedish Edit}6x
Jag Var Så Kär {Swedish}11x
Jag Vet {Swedish Demo}2x
Jag Vill Att Du Skall Bli Lycklig {Swedish}3x
Just One Heart {Remastered}4x
Kanske Var Min Kind Lite Het {Swedish}3x
Kom Folj Mig I Min Balong {Swedish Edit CD ROM version}2x
Kom Folj Mig I Min Balong {Swedish}3x
Komm' Doch Zu Mir {German}3x
Kungens Vaktparad {Swedish}6x
La Última Vez {Spanish}5x
Lek Med Dina Dockor {Swedish}2x
Let It Shine11x
Let It Shine {B-Pop Reworked Remix}2x
Let It Shine {Edit Single}3x
Let It Shine {Johan Ekelund remix} 
Litet Solskensbarn {Swedish}3x
Little White Secrets5x
Ljuva Sextital {Swedish}4x
Love In A World Gone Mad7x
Love Me With All Your Heart6x
Man {Remastered}7x
Maybe It Was Magic9x
Medley Of A Jag Det Är Varen & Det Blir Varen {Swedish Live Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott}3x
Mein Schönster Tag {German}3x
Min Farbror Jonathan {Swedish}4x
Mina Ogon {Swedish}10x
Mister Persuasion {B-Pop Dance Remix}4x
Mister Persuasion {Remastered}4x
Mitt Sommarland {Swedish}7x
My Colouring Book5x
Många Gånger Än {Swedish}8x
Nu Skall Du Bli Stilla {Swedish Edit Agnetha Version}6x
Nu, Skall Vi Opp, Opp, Opp {Swedish Live Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott}2x
Nya Ord {Swedish}5x
När Du Tar Mej I Din Famn {Swedish}9x
När Jag Var Fem {Swedish}3x
När Var Det Så Skönt {Swedish Demo}3x
Och Han Väntar På Mej {Swedish}4x
Om Tårar Vore Guld {Swedish}12x
Once Burned, Twice Shy {Remastered}5x
One Way Love {Joseph Watt Razormaid! remix} 
One Way Love {Remastered}5x
P & B {Remastered}6x
Past Forever5x
Past, Present And Future3x
Perfume In The Breeze9x
Perfume In The Breeze {Track By Track} 
Petrus Förnekar Jesus {Swedish} 
Remember Me5x
Robinson Crusoe {German}3x
S.O.S. {Swedish}19x
Save Me (Why Don'T Ya) {Remastered}4x
Sealed With A Kiss6x
Sealed With A Kiss {Lovely Summer Vision Mix} 
Señor Gonzales {German}6x
Señor Gonzales {Swedish}3x
Shame {Remastered}5x
Skål Kära Vän {Swedish}3x
Slutet Gott, Allting Gott {Swedish}4x
Snövit Och De Sju Dvärgarna {Swedish}4x
Som En Vind Kom Du Till Mej {Swedish}4x
Som Ett Eko {Swedish}4x
Sometimes When I'M Dreaming8x
Sometimes When I'M Dreaming {Soundfactory Radio Mix}2x
Sonny Boy {German}4x
Sov Gott Min Lilla Vän {Swedish}4x
Spela Vår Sång {Swedish}7x
Stand By My Side {Remastered}7x
Stay {Remastered}6x
Så Glad Som Dina Ögon {Swedish}2x
Sången Föder Dig Tillbaka {Swedish}4x
Ta Det Bara Med Ro {Swedish}4x
Tack For En Underbar Vanlig Dag {Swedish Live Sommarnöjet}8x
Tack For En Underbar Vanlig Dag {Swedish}9x
Tack Sverige {Swedish}3x
Tag Min Hand Låt Oss Bli Vänner {Swedish}4x
Take Good Care Of Your Children {Remastered}4x
Tausend Wunder {German}3x
The Angels Cry {Remastered}7x
The End Of The World4x
The Heat Is On2x
The Heat Is On {Remastered}11x
The Heat Is On {Super Dance Music Mix}4x
The Last Time13x
The One Who Loves You Now10x
The Queen Of Hearts15x
Tio Mil Kvar Till Korpilombolo {Swedish}4x
To Love {Remastered}5x
Turn The World Around {Remastered}3x
Tänk Va Skönt {Swedish}4x
Tågen Kan Gå Igen {Swedish}3x
Utan Dej, Mitt Liv Går Vidare {Swedish}3x
Var Det Med Dej? {Swedish}4x
Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra? {Swedish}13x
Vi Har Hunnit Fram Till Refrängen {Swedish}7x
Visa I Åttonde Månaden {Swedish}6x
We Got A Way5x
We Move As One {Remastered}4x
We Should Be Together {Remastered}3x
Weihnachtsgrüße {German Live} 
Wer Schreibt Heut' Noch Liebesbriefe {German}2x
What Now My Love6x
When You Really Loved Someone20x
When You Walk In The Room12x
When You Walk In The Room {Almighty Mix}2x
When You Walk In The Room {Almighty Radio Edit} 
When You Walk In The Room {Edit Alternate Version} 
When You Walk In The Room {Edit [Soundfactory dark vocal edit} 
When You Walk In The Room {Instrumental Remix Sound Factory Dub Instrumental} 
When You Walk In The Room {Ocean Drive Remix} 
When You Walk In The Room {Sound Factory Radio Edit}3x
Wie Der Nächste Autobus {German}2x
Wie Der Wind {German}3x
Wrap Your Arms Around Me {Edit} 
Wrap Your Arms Around Me {Remastered}17x
You'Re There {Remastered}8x
Zigenarvän {Swedish}7x
Är Du Som Han? {Swedish}5x
Agnetha MUNTERJag Vet Ett Litet Hotell {Swedish Live Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott}3x
Ainsley HARRIOTTAinsley HARRIOTT+Natalie LOWE - Voulez-Vous {Live Tango Strictly Come Dancing} 
Alan BONNERCassandra 
The Day Before You Came 
Alan ESTRADAAlan ESTRADA+Natalia SOSA - Muriendo Lento {Spanish} 
Albert HAMMONDMedley Exitos 
Alberto VÁZQUEZSellado Con Un Beso {Spanish} 
Alejandra PERLUSKYSi No Estás A Mi Lado {Spanish Live Primeras Damas} 
Alf ROBERTSONHej Gamle Man ! {Swedish} 
Alice SKINNERAlice SKINNER+Emily RIPLEY - You Have To Be There {Live} 
Alina LESNIKMoney, Money, Money 
Aliona APINAOi, Oi, Oi {Italians} 
Amaia MONTEROChiquitita 
Chiquitita {Spanish} 
Amaia ROMEROAmaia ROMERO+Rosa LOPEZ - Gracias Por La Música {Spanish Live OT gala Navidad} 
Chiquitita {Spanish}2x
Amalia BRIGHTMANArrival 
Amanda HOLDENAmanda HOLDEN+Sheridan SMITH - I Know Him So Well 
Amanda MÅRTENSSONDu Måste Finnas {Swedish} 
Amanda SEYFRIEDAmanda SEYFRIED+Hugh JACKMAN - Epilogue 
Amberian DAWNLay All Your Love On Me 
Amelia ANDRYSZCZYKS.O.S. {Live SZANSA NA SUKCES - Semi-Final 1 Eurovision} 
Amy DEASISMONTAmy DEASISMONT+Kalle MORAEUS - Du Är Min Man {Swedish Live} 
Ana DIAZFait Accompli {Swedish Så Mycket Bättre 2020}2x
Ana VICTORIAThe Winner Takes It All 
Anastasia STOTSKAYANobody'S Side {Russian Live Moscow Cast} 
Anders DAHLHole In Your Soul {Instrumental} 
Lovers (Live A Little Longer) {Instrumental} 
Anders EKBORGAnders EKBORG+Sofia HELIN - Som Stjärnor Små {Swedish} 
Bridge Over Troubled Water {Live En Stilla Jul} 
För Dig {Swedish} 
Gabriellas Sång {Swedish Live En Stilla Jul} 
Han Som Vunnit Allt {Swedish}8x
Koppången {Swedish} 
Little Drummer Boy 
Nysnö {Swedish} 
O Helga Natt {Swedish Live Bingolotto} 
The Saviour 
Vinden I Min Själ {Swedish}2x
You Were The One 
Anders ELJASHerdens Flojt {Swedish} 
Anders FUGELSTADIngenting Är Längre Som Förut {Swedish} 
Anders GLENMARKAnders GLENMARK+Murray HEAD - One Night In Bangkok {Live Chess New York Musical} 
Anders GLENMARK+Sös FENGER - Kom Karavaner {Swedish} 
Det Är Mitt Liv -Det Är Jag {Swedish} 
Högre Standard {Swedish} 
I Min Säng {Swedish}2x
Jag Finns Här För Dig {Swedish} 
Leva Länge {Swedish} 
Som En Sol {Swedish Live Go'Kväll} 
Som En Sol {Swedish}2x
Sunny Girl {Swedish Live Björn & Benny Concert}2x
Vackrare {Swedish}2x
Äntligen {Swedish} 
Anders WIHKAnders WIHK+Steve GADD+Svante HENRYSSON - Voulez-Vous {Instrumental} 
Andre HAZESMet Kerst Ben Ik Alleen {Dutch} 
Andrea MILLERAndrea MILLER+Gargarita LUNA - Conociéndome, Conociéndote {Spanish DJ Non Stop Club Remixes}4x
Andreas BIEBERHasta Mañana {German} 
André RIEUThank You ABBA {Instrumental} 
The Way Old Friends Do {Instrumental Romantics Moments II} 
Andy WILLIAMSIf We Only Had The Time2x
Ane BRUNAne BRUN+Benny ANDERSSON - S.O.S. {Live No More Lullabies} 
Angela CARRASCOAngela CARRASCO+Camilo SESTO+Teddy BAUTISTA - Todo Estará En Paz {Spanish}3x
Angela SIMILEASimfonia Iernii {Romanian} 
Angelika MILSTERAngelika MILSTER+Dagmar HELLBERG - Ich Kann Ihn Verstehen {German} 
Angelika MILSTER+Mats HELLGREEN - Jeder Gegen Jeden Allein {German} 
Einfach So {German}3x
Anita HEGERLANDWaterloo {Live ABBA Nrk TV} 
Anita LINDBLOMDet Är Nå'T Mysko {Swedish} 
En Dans På Rosor {Swedish}4x
En Karusell {Swedish} 
Nej Jag Ångrar Ingenting {Swedish}4x
Sånt Är Livet {Swedish}4x
Anita MEYERThe Way Old Friends Do {Live Ahoy Concert} 
Ann CHRISTYGelukkig Zijn {Dutch} 
In Rook Vergaan {Dutch}2x
Toen Ik De Leraar Kuste {Dutch} 
Ann-Louise HANSSONArrivederci Frans {Swedish}4x
Det Är Kärlek Jag Vill Ha {Swedish} 
Min Greve Av Luxemburg {Swedish}5x
Anna HEARTDecirme Adiós {Spanish} 
Anna STADLINGAnna STADLING+Helen SJÖHOLM - Julens Ljus {Swedish Live Barndomsvännerna Nyhetsmorgon TV4} 
Anna STADLING+Helen SJÖHOLM - När Allt Det Här Är Över {Swedish Live Nobel Gala}2x
Ikaros {Swedish Björn Afzelius} 
Anna-Lena LÖFGRENMåndag, Måndag {Swedish}4x
Anne REBURNHappy New Year 
Lay All Your Love On Me2x
Anne RENÉEHasta Mañana {French} 
Anne WOODDance (While The Music Still Goes On) 
Divine Discontent Teaser 
The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down6x
Anne-Lie RYDÉAnne-Lie RYDÉ+Sylvia LINDENSTRAND - I Know Him So Well 
Anne-Marie DAVIDTout Ira Bien {French} 
Anne-Sofie VON OTTERAnne-Sofie VON OTTER+Elvis COSTELLO+Benny ANDERSSON+Örjan HÖGBERG+Jonas LINDGREN+Mattias HELLDÉN - Like An Angel Passing T7x
After The Rain 
Broken Bicycles / Junk3x
Butterfly Wings4x
Heaven Help My Heart 
I Walk With You, Mama3x
Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren {Swedish} 
Money, Money, Money 
Annemarie EILFELDAnnemarie EILFELD+Ireen SHEER+Axel FISCHER - Lay All Your Love On Me {Live}2x
Arina De WITTGreen Green Grass Of Home 
Arne LAMBERTHArne LAMBERTH+Sven-Olof WALLDOFF - Nana {Swedish} 
Arne LAMBERTH+Sven-Olof WALLDOFF - Störst Av Allt Är Kärleken {Swedish} 
Fröken Blåklint {Swedish} 
Natten Har Sin Egen Sang {Instrumental} 
Arturo SANDOVALArturo SANDOVAL+FRIDA - Andante, Andante {Spanish}8x
Aryana SAYEEDKamak Kamak & Alay Joo {Live At The Polar Music Prize} 
B*WITCHEDABBA Medley {Live Festival Hall, Melbourne} 
Does Your Mother Know2x
B. J. THOMASRaindrops Keep Falling On My Head 
BABBAAngeleyes {Live Pyjama Party} 
Hole In Your Soul {Live Melbourne Zoo} 
S.O.S. {Live} 
When All Is Said And Done {Live} 
When I Kissed The Teacher {Live Pyjama Party} 
BACKBONE SLIPKnowing Me, Knowing You 
BAGGIODoes Your Mother Know {Live}2x
BAHOZ & BARANTake Her Far Away 
BALKANEROSBALKANEROS+Emina BAJTAREVI - Money, Money, Money {Live Television} 
BALTIKBALTIK+Björn JAYSON LINDH - Every Raindrop Means A Tear 
BALTIK+Björn JAYSON LINDH - Keep On The Sun 
BALTIK+Björn JAYSON LINDH - No Registration Please 
BALTIK+Björn JAYSON LINDH - Wildness Meant My Freedom 
BALTIK+Janne SCHAFFER - Leslie Briggs {Instrumental} 
BALTIK+Janne SCHAFFER - Round And Round 
BALTIK+Tomas LEDIN - City Girl 
BANANA GIRLSBang En Boomerang {Swedish} 
BANANARAMASummer Night City {Live} 
BARBADOSUng Och Vild {Swedish} 
BB BANDDancing Queen 
BEE GEESToo Much Heaven 
BELAERNAI'Ve Been Waiting For You 
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Helen SJÖHOLM+Tommy KÖRBERG - De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester {Swedish}3x
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Helen SJÖHOLM+Tommy KÖRBERG - O Klang Och Jubeltid {Swedish}2x
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Helen SJÖHOLM - Det Föll En Sten Från Mitt Hjärta {Swedish Live På Stockolm}5x
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Helen SJÖHOLM - Du Är Min Man {Swedish Live Uppsala} 
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Helen SJÖHOLM - Lätt Som En Sommarfjäril {Swedish Live På Turné} 
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Helen SJÖHOLM - Medley Sommaren Du Fick & Story Of A Heart 
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Kalle MORAEUS - Karneval I Venedig {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER+Tommy KÖRBERG+Helen SJÖHOLM - One Man, One Woman {Live På Stockolm}2x
Aj Aj Aj Vilken Röd Liten Ros {Swedish Live På Turné} 
Alla Goda Ting {Instrumental} 
Allt Syns När Man Är Naken {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Augustin {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Badinerie {Instrumental Live På Turné}2x
Bara Bara Du {Swedish Live Uppsala} 
Bara Bara Du {Swedish}3x
Beatrice {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Birthday Waltz For Mona {Instrumental} 
Blickuspolska Nr. III {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
Bonde Söker Fru {Swedish}4x
Bortom Sol Och Måne {Swedish Live På Stockolm} 
Brudmarsch {Instrumental} 
Bälter Svens Paradpolkett {Swedish Live På Turné} 
Cadillac {Live Pa Göteborg}3x
Calle J-S Vals {Instrumental} 
Cirkus Finemang {Instrumental Live ABBA The Museum} 
Cirkus Finemang {Instrumental}4x
Cirkus Finemang {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Crush On You10x
De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Det Är Vi Ända {Swedish Live På Turné}6x
Du Frälste Mig I Sista Stund {Swedish}2x
Du Är Min Man {Swedish Live På Turné}3x
Du Är Min Man {Swedish}11x
En Dag I Sänder {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg}2x
En Dag I Sänder {Swedish}8x
En Dans På Rosor {Instrumental}2x
En Natt I Köpenhamn {Swedish}5x
En Svala Gör Ingen Sommar {Swedish} 
Fait Accomplit9x
Fait Accomplit {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Fait Accomplit {Swedish Live Uppsala} 
Fait Accomplit {Swedish}3x
Finalpotpurri {Instrumental Live Pa Göteborg} 
Finalpotpurri {Swedish Live På Turné}2x
Flickornas Rum {Instrumental} 
Få, Få {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
Födelsedagsvals Till Mona {Instrumental Live På Turné} 
För Dig {Swedish Live På Turné} 
För Dig {Swedish}3x
Gamle Svarten {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Glasgow Boogie {Instrumental Live Pa Göteborg} 
Glasgow Boogie {Instrumental Live På Turné} 
Glasgow Boogie {Instrumental Live Uppsala} 
Glasgow Boogie {Instrumental} 
Godnattvisa {Instrumental}3x
Hardangervidda {Instrumental} 
Hardangervidda {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
Hawaii {Live Uppsala} 
Hawaiian War Chant {Live Pa Göteborg}2x
Helens Brudvals {Instrumental} 
Hem Till Mamma {Swedish} 
Isabella Rahm {Swedish} 
Jag Hör {Swedish}4x
Jag Är Blott En Man {Swedish Live På Stockolm} 
Jehu {Instrumental} 
Julpotpurri {Swedish} 
Julvals {Instrumental}2x
Kara Syster {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Kara Syster {Swedish}9x
Kisses Of Fire {Live Pa Göteborg}4x
Klinga Mina Klockor {Swedish Live På Turné}2x
Knalle Juls Vals {Swedish}3x
Knasluvan {Instrumental} 
Kärlekens Tid {Swedish} 
Laureen {Instrumental} 
Lyckan Kommer, Lyckan Går {Swedish}3x
Lätt Som En Sommarfjäril {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
Lätt Som En Sommarfjäril {Swedish} 
Marsch Militaire {Swedish} 
Marsch Pannkaka {Instrumental} 
Mas Alla Del Sol Y Una Melena {Spanish} 
Medley Story Of A Heart & Sommaren Du Fick {Remix}3x
Midnattsdans {Swedish} 
Midsommarpolka {Instrumental}2x
Minnena Bleknar Med Tiden {Swedish} 
Mitt Hjärta Klappar För Dig {Swedish}2x
Moon River {Swedish Live På Turné}3x
Månstrålar Klara {Swedish}2x
Mössens Julafton {Swedish När Nätterna Blir Långa}2x
New Song {Instrumental Live På Stockolm} 
Nu Mår Jag Mycket Bättre {Swedish} 
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish} 
Nyårsballongen {Swedish Live At Babel} 
Nyårsballongen {Swedish}3x
När TVenne Hjärtan Slå Samma Slag {Swedish Live På Turné} 
Någonting Att Äta {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
O Sole Mio {Spanish Live På Turné}2x
O Sole Mio {Spanish Live} 
Om Du Var Jag {Swedish}4x
On And On And On {Live Uppsala} 
Our Last Dance5x
Our Last Dance {Early version} 
P.S. {Instrumental}2x
Put On Your White Sombrero {Live Uppsala} 
På En Solskenpromenad {Instrumental} 
Rattvikarlnas Ganglat {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera}2x
Riksettan {Instrumental} 
Ring Ring {Swedish Live Skansen} 
Rowing On The Serpentine {Live Hyde Park}2x
Saknadens Rum {Swedish}3x
Saknadens Rum, Karlekens Tid {Swedish Live Anna Lindh concert} 
Schottis I Tyrolen {Instrumental} 
Sit Tight {Live På Stockolm}2x
Skenbart {Swedish}2x
Snedseglarn {Instrumental Live På nya äventyr}2x
Snedseglarn {Instrumental} 
Sommaren Du Fick {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Sommaren Du Fick {Swedish}7x
Songmarsch {Instrumental}4x
Stora Skuggan {Instrumental} 
Story Of A Heart14x
Summa Summarum {Swedish} 
Svarta Silhuetter {Swedish Live På Stockolm}2x
Sång Från Andra Vaningen {Instrumental Sweden} 
Thank You For The Music {Live Moraeus Med Mera} 
The Stars3x
The Stars {Live Allsnag Pa Skansen} 
Tiveds Hambo {Swedish Live På Stockolm} 
Tobakshandlarvisa {Swedish Live På Turné} 
Tomtarnas Vaktparad {Swedish} 
Tomten Har Åkt Hem {Swedish}3x
Tomtestomp {Instrumental} 
Trettondagsmarschen {Instrumental Live Glasgow} 
Trettondagspolska {Instrumental} 
True Love {Live Pa Göteborg}2x
True Love {Swedish Live På Turné} 
Upp Till Dig {Swedish}3x
Vilar Glad. I Din Famn {Swedish}2x
Vitalins Vals {Instrumental Live På Turné} 
Vitalins Vals {Instrumental}2x
Vår Sista Dans {Swedish Live Glasgow} 
Vår Sista Dans {Swedish Live Pa Göteborg} 
Vår Sista Dans {Swedish Live På Turné} 
Vår Sista Dans {Swedish Live På nya äventyr Full Version} 
Vår Sista Dans {Swedish Live På nya äventyr} 
Vår Sista Dans {Swedish}9x
Waterloo {Instrumental Live At Rival} 
Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Live Pa Göteborg}12x
Wienerbrot {Instrumental}2x
You Are My Man5x
BETWEEN THE LINESGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {ABBA Metal Cover} 
Last Castaway 
BJORN AGAINBJORN AGAIN+_ABBA (RELATED) - Little Drummer Boy {Full Version}2x
Chiquitita {Live Wembley 94}3x
Fernando {Live Wembley 94} 
Just Like That {Live Wembley 94}2x
Keeping The Dream Alive 
Love'S Not Just For Christmas 
S.O.S. {Live ABBA Performed By ABBA Tribute In Isolation} 
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town3x
Underneath The Tree 
BJORN IDENTITYEagle {Live At The Market Place Theatre} 
Fernando {Live At The Market Place Theatre} 
S.O.S. {Live} 
B&BAtt Finnas Till {Swedish Remastered}10x
Barnen Sover {Instrumental} 
Cecilia {Instrumental} 
Comment On Sirius {Madonna Sampling ABBA} 
Dancing Queen {Instrumental Live Young Nation} 
Det Där Med Kärlek {Swedish Remastered}10x
Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjälpa {Swedish Remastered}17x
Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjälpa {Swedish} 
En Carousel3x
En Karusell {Swedish Remastered}11x
En Karusell {Swedish} 
Fanfare Of The Ice Hockey World Championships '81 {Instrumental}3x
Ge Oss En Chans {Swedish Remastered}8x
Hey Musikant {German Remastered}11x
Hot Shit 
I Am Agadir Till Bergshagen {Demo} 
Inga Theme {Instrumental Remastered}14x
Inga Theme {Instrumental} 
Interview {Live Hyde Park} 
Jingle Bells {Instrumental Live Rapport}2x
Jingle Bells {Live Veronica special}4x
Kalles Visa {Swedish Remastered}8x
Kalles Visa {Swedish} 
Kära Gamla Sol {Swedish Remastered}10x
Lilla Du, Lilla Vän {Swedish Remastered}10x
Liselott {Swedish Remastered}9x
Livet Går Sin Gång {Instrumental}2x
Livet Går Sin Gång {Swedish Remastered}8x
Love Has It'S Way {Remastered}13x
Lycka {Swedish Remastered}13x
Merry-Go-Round {Remastered}2x
Någonting Är På Väg {Instrumental} 
Nånting Är Pä Väg {Swedish Remastered}10x
Pastor Jackson Told To Ulrika {Live Démo} 
På Bröllop {Swedish Remastered}11x
Rock'N'Roll Band {Remastered}6x
She'S My Kind Of Girl 
She'S My Kind Of Girl {Remastered}10x
Silent Night {Live}4x
Thank You For The Music {Instrumental Live Rapport}2x
Thank You For The Music {Live Oliver Awards} 
The Wild Heart {Demo} 
To Live With You12x
Träskofolket {Swedish Remastered}9x
Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung {Swedish Remastered}20x
Välkommen In I Gänget {Swedish Remastered}8x
Was Die Liebe Sagt {German Remastered}7x
BLACKBIRDEagle {Live At Ekdom In De Ochtend}2x
BLANCMANGEThe Day Before You Came {Remastered}2x
BLONDIEHeart Of Glass 
Llámame {Spanish} 
BLOSSOMSThe Winner Takes It All {Live Radio 1'S Piano Sessions} 
BLUE MARBLEGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live ABBA Cover At Ekdom In De Ochtend} 
BLUE SWEDEHooked On A Feeling {Edit}2x
BOBBY & JEMIMAMamma Mia {Live} 
BONNIE & JOSEChiquitita {Dutch} 
Herinnering {Dutch} 
I Have A Dream {Dutch Live} 
Zoals Vrienden Doen {Dutch Live Nederland Muziekland} 
Zoals Vrienden Doen {Dutch} 
BOOTLEG ABBADancing Queen {Live In Holland 2014} 
BRACELETBRACELET+ZELO - Breakaway {Rap Version} 
Kpop Medley {Live Eurovision Band Covers} 
Wild Heart3x
BRAVOAndante, Andante 
Estoy Soñando {Spanish} 
Lay All Your Love On Me 
Save Your Kisses For Me2x
BUBAMARAMoney, Money, Money2x
Bailey RUSHLOWMamma Mia {Acoustic Medley} 
Barbara DICKSONI Know Him So Well 
I Know Him So Well {Live Solo version} 
Someone Else'S Story {(Version 2014)}2x
The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down {Demo} 
The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down {Live}2x
The Silence Of The Dawn5x
Barbra STREISANDI Know Him So Well {From Chess (Album Session Outtake)} 
Benjamín ROJASBenjamín ROJAS+Felipe COLOMBO - Medley ABBA {Live Tu Cara Me Suena} 
BennyBenny ANDERSSON+Anders ELJAS - When The Waves Roll Out To Sea {Instrumental} 
Benny ANDERSSON+Anders GLENMARK - Efter Regnet {Instrumental Piano version} 
Benny ANDERSSON+DIAM'S - Money, Money, Money {Instrumental Live Arrival 40 Aniversary}2x
Benny ANDERSSON+Gunnar IDENSTAM+BENNY ANDERSSONS ORKESTER - En Skrift I Snön {Swedish Live Orgeln Med 9000 Pipor}6x
Benny ANDERSSON+Gunnar IDENSTAM - Dancing Queen {Instrumental Live} 
Benny ANDERSSON+Helen SJÖHOLM - Kom Och Dansa {Swedish} 
Benny ANDERSSON+Helen SJÖHOLM - My Vintage Boyfriend 
Benny ANDERSSON+Helen SJÖHOLM - Nyårsballongen {Swedish} 
Benny ANDERSSON+Helen SJÖHOLM - Varvinterkarek {Swedish} 
Benny ANDERSSON+Karin DAHLBERG+Andrew CANNING - En Skrift I Snön {Swedish Uppsala version} 
Benny ANDERSSON+ORSA SPELMÄN - Brudmarsch Från Delsbo {Instrumental} 
Benny ANDERSSON+ORSA SPELMÄN - Bränd-Pers Vals {Instrumental} 
Benny ANDERSSON+ORSA SPELMÄN - Fiolen Min {Instrumental}3x
Benny ANDERSSON+ORSA SPELMÄN - Fryksdalsdans {Instrumental Nr. 2} 
Benny ANDERSSON+ORSA SPELMÄN - Gladan {Instrumental} 
Benny ANDERSSON+ORSA SPELMÄN - Lotties Schotties {Instrumental}6x
Benny ANDERSSON+UPPSALA DOMKYRKAS GOSSKÖR+Olle MORAEUS - En Skrift I Snön {Swedish Live Luciamorgon} 
2nd Best To None {Oopsed}5x
Aldrig {Instrumental Piano version}2x
Anthem {Instrumental Piano version} 
Chess {Instrumental Piano version}3x
Dancing Queen {Instrumental Demo} 
Dans På Vindbryggan {Instrumental}2x
Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer {Instrumental}6x
Der Kleine Franz & Mountain Duet {Live Icethesite} 
Duo Jag {Instrumental}2x
E.K. Football Tune '922x
Elias Död {Instrumental} 
Embassy Lament {Instrumental Piano version} 
En Skrift I Snön {Instrumental Piano version} 
Engelsfors {Instrumental (Reprise)} 
Engelsfors {Instrumental}3x
Flickornas Rum {Instrumental Piano version}4x
Födelsedagsvals Till Mona {Instrumental Medley Moraeus Med Mera} 
Födelsedagsvals Till Mona {Instrumental}5x
Happy New Year {Instrumental Piano version} 
Happy New Year {Instrumental} 
Hjælp Søges Den Jeg Vil Være Østre Gasværk Teater {Danish Live} 
I Gott Bevar {Instrumental Piano version} 
I Let The Music Speak {Instrumental Piano version}2x
I Want To Be Old {Instrumental} 
I Wonder (Departure) {Instrumental Piano version} 
Ida Svävar 1 {Instrumental}2x
Ida Svävar 2 {Instrumental} 
Inledningsvisa {Instrumental}2x
Jacob'S Stage Medley {Instrumental Live}2x
Jag Hör {Instrumental Piano Version}2x
Jrôsbivisa {Instrumental}3x
Klinga Mina Klockor {Swedish Edit}12x
Klinga Mina Klockor {Swedish Rehearsal one} 
Klinga Mina Klockor {Swedish}5x
Kärlekens Tid {Swedish Live Katerina church for Anna Lindh Memoria}2x
Laureen {Swedish} 
Ludvigs Leksakspolka {Instrumental} 
Långsammazurkan {Instrumental} 
Machopolska {Instrumental}2x
Medley On Piano {Instrumental} 
Medley {Instrumental Live Money Money Money / Sunny Girl / Sos / Happy Ne Year} 
Medley {Instrumental Live} 
Midnattsdans {Instrumental Piano version} 
Minoos Rum 1 {Instrumental} 
Minoos Rum 2 {Instrumental} 
Money, Money, Money {Instrumental Live BBC Radio 2'S Piano Room} 
Money, Money, Money {Instrumental Live Royal Albert Hall} 
Money, Money, Money {Instrumental Piano Version} 
Mountain Duet {Instrumental Piano version} 
My Love, My Life {Instrumental Piano version}2x
Målarskolan {Instrumental Piano version} 
Målarskolan {Instrumental}3x
Novell # 1 {Instrumental}2x
Nu Öppna Alla Grindar {Instrumental Alias}3x
Om Min Syster {Instrumental}2x
Play ABBA On Piano {Instrumental} 
Play Musicales On Piano {Instrumental} 
Provlyssningsavsnitt {Swedish Axels Tid, Lars Lerin Illustrated} 
Red Christmas {Instrumental Ring Tone}6x
Secret Track {Instrumental}2x
Sekelskiffesidyll {Instrumental} 
Skallgång {Instrumental}3x
Snart Premiär För Benny Anderssons Nya Musikal {Swedish} 
Som Stjärnor Små {Instrumental Live At Park Aveny Hotell in Gothenburg, Sweden}2x
Someone Else'S Story {Instrumental Piano version} 
Song 1 {Live Hemlig Gäst Inviger Skedvibröd} 
Songmarsch {Instrumental Palme Documentary version} 
Speech {At ABBA Museum Friends Day} 
Stjuls {Instrumental} 
Stockholm By Night {Instrumental Piano version} 
Stockholm By Night {Instrumental}3x
Sunny Girl {Instrumental Live Yle Television} 
Sång Från Andra Vaningen {Instrumental Sång 1}2x
Teater Krokodil {Instrumental} 
Thank You For The Music {Instrumental Piano version}2x
Thank You For The Music {Instrumental The Movie DVD Menu} 
The Day Before You Came {Instrumental Piano version}3x
Tittis Sång {Instrumental}2x
Trolskan {Instrumental}2x
Tröstevisa {Instrumental Piano version} 
Vals Effer Efraim Andersson {Instrumental}3x
Waterloo {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
You And I {Instrumental Piano version} 
Återföreningen {Instrumental} 
Benny NEYMANKind Van De Wind {Dutch} 
Wonderbaarlijk Magisch {Dutch} 
Bernie NOLANThe Winner Takes It All 
Beth SACKSBeth SACKS+DJ ARON - Voulez-Vous {Edit Mauricio Moura}2x
Beverley CRAVENThe Winner Takes It All 
Billy BREMNERShatterproof 
Billy G-SONI Saw It In The Mirror3x
There'S A Little Man6x
Billy JOELJames 
Birgitta WOLLGÅRDBirgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT+Niklas STRÖMSTEDT+BJÖRN & BENNY - Mamma Mia {Swedish}2x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Att Finnas Till {Swedish}3x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Det Var Det Ingenting På {Swedish} 
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - En Karusell {Swedish}2x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - En Sondag I Maj {Swedish}3x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Jag Älskar Björn Och Benny {Swedish}3x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Kära, Färval {Swedish} 
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Natten Lång {Swedish}3x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Om Och Om Och Om Och Om Och Igen {Swedish}3x
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - The Christmas Song {Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire} 
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Tänd Ett Ljus {Swedish} 
Birgitta WOLLGÅRD+SALUT - Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung {Swedish} 
Alltför Sent {Swedish} 
Höstregn {Swedish} 
Inga Mörka Moln {Swedish} 
Merry-Go-Round {Remix Background Oopsed} 
My Whole World Is Falling Down4x
One Man, One Woman 
When All Is Said And Done2x
Björn SKIFSBjörn SKIFS+AGNES - When You Tell The World You'Re Mine 
Björn SKIFS+Helen SJÖHOLM - One Man, One Woman {Live}2x
Björn SKIFS+Jacob SAMUEL - If I Had A Hammer 
Björn SKIFS+Nina SÖDERQVIST - Goodbye 
Björn SKIFS+Tomas LEDIN - Medley {Live Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen}2x
Break The Spell 
Fångad I En Dröm {Swedish}4x
Håll Mitt Hjärta {Swedish} 
Jag Blundar Och Drömmer {Swedish} 
Med Varann {Swedish}10x
Michelangelo {Swedish (Med Så Svara Då)}2x
Michelangelo {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen 2014} 
Mitt Liv Blev Musik {Swedish}3x
One Night In Bangkok 
Solglasögon & Sommarbil {Swedish} 
Solglasögon Och Sommarbil {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
The Arbiter {Edit Remixée} 
The Hungry Years 
Underbart Är Kort {Swedish} 
When The Night Comes 
B&BBjörn ULVAEUS+Agnetha FÄLTSKOG - Olds Songs Medley {Edit Remix From Videoclip} 
Björn ULVAEUS+FRIDA - ABBA Party In Modern Tate London {Live} 
Björn ULVAEUS+Tony ROTH - Hyllar Hansi Schwarz {Live På Västerviks Visfestival Juli} 
A Simple Board Game {Interview Demo Of The Song "The Deal", Sang By Björn Ulvaues} 
About ABBA The Museum 
Finns Det Flickor {Swedish Live}7x
Frida Parle Français {French Interview} 
Fröken Fredricksson {Swedish}9x
Goat'S Coat2x
Gomt Är Inte Glomt {Swedish}7x
Kvinnan I Mit Liv {Swedish}10x
Partaj Aj Aj {Swedish}14x
Raring {Swedish}20x
Saknar Du Något Min Kära {Swedish}10x
Tangokavaljeren {Swedish Live Räkna de lyckliga stunderna}7x
Titta In Min Litta Kajuta {Swedish Live}7x
Vill Du Ha En Van {Swedish}8x
Vår Egan Sång {Swedish}10x
Blandine AGGERYThe Winner Takes It All {Live La Voix} 
Bo Blixten DAHLMANBo Blixten DAHLMAN+Olle WIDESTRAND+Roger PALM+Sam BENGTSSON - Hela Familjen Går Ut Med Geten {Swedish} 
Bonita DELANEYLike An Angel Passing Through My Room 
Bonnie SAINT CLAIREKarel Uit Één Stuk {Dutch} 
Brian De LORENZOI Wonder (Departure) 
Brita BORGBrita BORG+Rolf BENGTSSON - Jo-Jo-Nä-Nä-Men {Swedish}3x
Brita BORG+Rolf BENGTSSON - Lyssna Bara Till Ditt Unga Hjärta {Swedish} 
Ljuva Sextital {Swedish}10x
Britta PHILIPSWrap Your Arms Around Me 
Britta PHILLIPSWrap Your Arms Around Me 
Bruno LOMASVenga El Amor {Spanish}7x
Bruno MITSOGIANNISGuldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Live Jonkoping Concert} 
Bruno WINTZELBruno WINTZEL+Agnetha FÄLTSKOG - Vad Star Pa {Swedish}2x
Bryan SMITHNina, Pretty Ballerina {Instrumental} 
Bryn TERFELBryn TERFEL+Nina STEMME - Give Me My Song2x
Béla LÁSZLÓThe Day Before You Came 
CANYONSBang En Boomerang {Swedish}2x
Jag Har Väntat På Dig {Swedish}2x
So Long 
CAPTAIN & TENNILLEAmame Una Vez Mas {Spanish}2x
CARAMBAAhllo {Swedish} 
Aithio {Swedish}3x
Ali Baba {Swedish}2x
Anna Kapoae {Swedish} 
Donna Maya {Swedish} 
Eine Feine {Swedish}2x
Fido {Swedish}2x
Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot {Swedish}4x
Spottnjik {Swedish}2x
CARL DAVIS ORCHESTRAVoulez-Vous {Instrumental} 
Du Gamla, Du Fria {Swedish Swedish National Anthem} 
Fångad Av En Stormvind {Swedish} 
Just The Way You Are 
Mickey {Swedish} 
Oh! Happy Day 
Se Oli Silloin Ljuva Sextital {Finnish} 
Så Länge Jag Lever {Swedish} 
Woman In Love 
CELESTEIntro Espana 
CELTIC WOMANLike An Angel Passing Through My Room2x
CHAMPAGNEOh Me Oh My Goodbye 
CHARLES-BAPTISTEBravo Tu As Gagné {French} 
CHERChiquitita {Spanish}2x
Dancing Queen 
Fernando {Live In Las Vegas} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2x
One Of Us 
Waterloo {Live America Got Talent} 
ChessCHESS+Adam PASCAL+Idina MENZEL - 1956 Budapest Is Rising {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Adam PASCAL+Idina MENZEL - Commic Newspapers {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Adam PASCAL+Idina MENZEL - Press Conference {Live London 2008}2x
CHESS+Adam PASCAL - Florence Quits {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Adam PASCAL - One Night In Bangkok {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Adam PASCAL - Pity The Child {Live London 2008 Short Version} 
CHESS+Adam PASCAL - Pity The Child {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Alexandra BURKE - He'S A Man, He'S A Child {Live Chess Eno} 
CHESS+Anastasia STOTSKAYA+Alexander SUKHANOV - You And I {Russian Live Russian production of CHESS} 
CHESS+Anders EKBORG+Helen SJÖHOLM - Florence Lämnar Freddie {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Anders EKBORG+Helen SJÖHOLM - Merano {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Anders EKBORG - Vem Ser Ett Barn {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Anders GLENMARK - Merano {Live Chess in Concert} 
CHESS+Anders GLENMARK - Pity The Child {Live Chess in Concert} 
CHESS+Björn SKIFS - The Arbiter {Original Version}5x
CHESS+Björn SKIFS - The Arbiter {Single mix} 
CHESS+Björn ULVAEUS - The Arbiter {Demo} 
CHESS+Cassidy JANSON - Nobody'S Side {Chess ENO} 
CHESS+Clarke PETERS+Adam PASCAL+Josh GROBAN - Interview {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+David BEDELLA+Josh GROBAN - Molokov And Anatoly {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+David BEDELLA - The Soviet Machine {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+David CARROLL - Anthem {Broadway Version} 
CHESS+David CARROLL - Where I Want To Be {Broadway Version}2x
CHESS+ENSEMBLE - Capablanca {Live Presentation for Helsinki 2018} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON - I Know Him So Well {Edit Original London Version}2x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON - I Know Him So Well {Original Version}11x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON - Lo Creo Conocer {Spanish}3x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Murray HEAD+Tommy KÖRBERG+Denis QUILLEY - The Deal (No Deal) {Original Version} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG+Barbara DICKSON - Epilogue2x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG+Barbara DICKSON - The Story Of Chess {Original Version}2x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG+Barbara DICKSON - You And I {Edit Chess Pieces} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG+Barbara DICKSON - You And I {Original Version} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG - Argument {Original Version} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG - Mountain Duet {Original Version}2x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE - Florence Quits {Original Version}2x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE - Heaven Help My Heart {Original Version}4x
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE - Nobody'S Side {Edit 7" Remixed Version} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE - Nobody'S Side {Live Stockholm 84} 
CHESS+Elaine PAIGE - Nobody'S Side {Original Version}6x
CHESS+Emma KERSHAW+Simon CLARK - Florence And Molokov {Live Danish Production} 
CHESS+Emma KERSHAW - Nobody'S Side {Live Danish Production} 
CHESS+Harry GOZ+David CARROLL+Paul HARMAN+Judy KUHN - Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility) {Broadway Version} 
CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG - Ungren '56 {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM+Tommy KÖRBERG - Drömmar Av Glas {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM+Tommy KÖRBERG - Möte På En Bro {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM - Inte Jag {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM - Lämna Inga Dörrar På Glänt {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM - Om Han Var Här {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}2x
CHESS+Idina MENZEL+Josh GROBAN - You And I {Live London 2008 Reprise} 
CHESS+Idina MENZEL+Kerry ELLIS - I Know Him So Well {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Idina MENZEL - Heaven Help My Heart {Live London 2008}3x
CHESS+Idina MENZEL - Mountain Duet {Live London 2008}2x
CHESS+Idina MENZEL - Nobody'S Side {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Josefin NILSSON+Helen SJÖHOLM - Jag Vet Vad Han Vill {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}2x
CHESS+Josefin NILSSON - Han Är En Man, Han Är Ett Barn {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}5x
CHESS+Josh GROBAN - Anatoly And The Press {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Josh GROBAN - Anthem {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Judy KUHN+David CARROLL+Marcia MITZMAN - You And I {Broadway Version Finale Reprise} 
CHESS+Judy KUHN+David CARROLL+Marcia MITZMAN - You And I {Broadway Version Reprise} 
CHESS+Judy KUHN+David CARROLL+Marcia MITZMAN - You And I {Broadway Version}2x
CHESS+Judy KUHN+Marcia MITZMAN - I Know Him So Well {Broadway Version}2x
CHESS+Judy KUHN+Phillip CASANOFF - How Many Women {Broadway Version} 
CHESS+Judy KUHN - Heaven Help My Heart {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
CHESS+Judy KUHN - Nobody'S Side {Broadway Version} 
CHESS+Judy KUHN - Someone Else'S Story {Broadway Version}4x
CHESS+Karin GLENMARK+Tommy KÖRBERG - Mountain Duet {Live Chess in Concert} 
CHESS+Karin GLENMARK - Nobody'S Side {Live Chess in Concert} 
CHESS+Karin GLENMARK - Someone Else'S Story {Live Chess in Concert} 
CHESS+Kerry ELLIS - Someone Else'S Story {Live London 2008}3x
CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Anthem {Instrumental Bonus Tracks}2x
CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Chess {Instrumental Edit Chess Pieces}2x
CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Chess {Instrumental Original Version}5x
CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Opening Ceremony {Instrumental Original Version} 
CHESS+Lena ERICSSON+Karin GLENMARK - I Know Him So Well {Live Chess in Concert} 
CHESS+Maria YLIPÄÄ - Om Han Var Här {Live Presentation for Helsinki 2018} 
CHESS+Marti PELLOW - The Arbiter {Live London 2008}2x
CHESS+Marti PELLOW - The Story Of Chess {Live London 2008} 
CHESS+Michael CORMICK - The Story Of Chess {Live Danish Production} 
CHESS+Murray HEAD+Anders GLENMARK - One Night In Bangkok {Original Version}12x
CHESS+Murray HEAD+Elaine PAIGE - The American And Florence {Original Version}2x
CHESS+Murray HEAD - One Night In Bangkok {Extended 12" Remix}4x
CHESS+Murray HEAD - One Night In Bangkok {Remastered}4x
CHESS+Murray HEAD - One Night In Bangkok {Single Edit}3x
CHESS+Murray HEAD - One Night In Bangkok {Tough Guys Remix} 
CHESS+Murray HEAD - Pity The Child {Original Version}4x
CHESS+Neal BEN-ARI+Judy KUHN - Lullaby (Apukád Erós Kezén) {Broadway Version}3x
CHESS+Per MYRBERG+Helen SJÖHOLM+Rolf SKOGLUND+Tommy KÖRBERG - Kvartett (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility) {Swedish Live 
CHESS+Per MYRBERG+Tommy KÖRBERG - Anatoly Och Molokov {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Per MYRBERG - Glöm Mig Om Du Kan {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}2x
CHESS+Peter BAMBER+Alan BYERS+Leslie FYSON+Vernon MIDGLEY - Embassy Lament {Original Version}4x
CHESS+Phillip CASANOFF - One Night In Bangkok {Broadway Version} 
CHESS+Phillip CASANOFF - Pity The Child {Broadway Version} 
CHESS+Rolf SKOGLUND - Jag Vill Se Schack {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}4x
CHESS+Silvie PALADINO+Amy VEE - I Know Him So Well {Live Newcastle Cast} 
CHESS+Sissel KYRKJEBÖ - Someone Else'S Story {Live Chess In Concert 1989}2x
CHESS+Stig ROSSEN - Anatoly And The Press {Live Danish Production}2x
CHESS+Stig ROSSEN - Anthem {Live Danish Production} 
CHESS+The AMBROSIAN SINGERS - Merchandisers {Original Version} 
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG+Anders GLENMARK - The Russian And Molokov {Live Chess in Concert}2x
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG+Denis QUILLEY - The Russian And Molokov {Original Version}2x
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG+Denis QUILLEY - Where I Want To Be {Original Version} 
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG+Elaine PAIGE+Denis QUILLEY+Björn SKIFS - Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility) {Original Versio2x
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG+Murray HEAD+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON - Endgame {Original Version}2x
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG - Anthem {Live Chess in Concert}3x
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG - Anthem {Live Stockholm 84} 
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG - Anthem {Original Version}7x
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG - Där Jag Ville Vara {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG - Historien Om Schack {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002} 
CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG - I Mitt Hjärtas Land {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}2x
CHESS+Zubin VARLA+Emma KERSHAW - 1956 Budapest Is Rising {Live Danish Production} 
CHESS+Zubin VARLA+Emma KERSHAW - Commic Newspapers {Live Danish Production} 
CHESS+Zubin VARLA+Emma KERSHAW - Press Conference {Live Danish Production} 
1956 Budapest Is Rising {Chess Live On Broadway} 
A Sakk Történrte {Hungrian} 
Aki Nem Más, Mint Én {Hungrian} 
Alku 1 {Hungrian}3x
Alku 2 {Hungrian} 
Alku 3 {Hungrian} 
Anatoly And Molokov {Live Prince Edward 87} 
Anthem {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
Bangkok {Instrumental} 
Bevezetés {Hungrian Introduction} 
Cast & Orchestra Rehearsal {Live London Coliseum} 
Chess Excerpts 
Chess Game {Instrumental Live London 2008 Part II} 
Chess Medley 
Chess {Instrumental Live Stockholm 2002} 
Das Musical {German Live Die Theater Chemnitz} 
Der Kleine Franz {Bonus Tracks}2x
Der Kleine Franz {Live Danish Production}2x
Der, Hvor Jeg Vil Være {Danish Where I Want To Be} 
Du Og Jeg {Danish You And I} 
Embassy Lament {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
Embassy Lament {Live Danish Production} 
Global Television {Live London 2008} 
Golden Bangkok {Instrumental Live London 2008} 
Happy New Year {Russian Live Russian Cast} 
Historien Om Skak {Danish The Story Of Chess} 
I Know Him So Well {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
Instrumental Medley {Instrumental Chess Live On Broadway} 
Interview {Danish Interview} 
Introduction {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
Japan Promo 2015 {Japanese Live} 
Követségen {Hungrian} 
Merano {Edit Chess Pieces} 
Merano {Instrumental Chess Live On Broadway} 
Merano {Live Danish Production} 
Merano {Live London 2008} 
More Chess Excerpts 
Moscow Trailer {Russian Version 2020} 
Már Ismerem Ot {Hungrian} 
Never Change A Winning Team 
Nobody'S Side {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
Nu Ser Jeg Ham Klart {Danish I Know Him So Well} 
Nyitány {Instrumental} 
One Night In Bangkok {Demo Démo 2} 
One Night In Bangkok {From Chess - Remastered 2016}2x
One Night In Bangkok {Live Chess in Concert} 
One Night In Bangkok {US Single Edit} 
Ouvertyr {Instrumental Live Stockholm 2002}2x
Pity The Child {Sakk Production}2x
Press Conference {Live Bonus Tracks}2x
Prologue {Chess Live On Broadway} 
Prologue {Instrumental Live London 2008} 
På Folketeateret Medley {Live Norwegian} 
Senki Nincs Melletted {Hungrian} 
Someone Else'S Story {Korea} 
The American And Florence {Live Chess In Concert 1989} 
The Arbiter {Extended 12"}3x
The Soviet Machine {Live Chess in Concert} 
The Story Of Chess {Edit Pieces} 
Trailer {Japanese Japan Cast} 
Where I Want To Be {Live London 2008} 
CHICAGOHard To Say I'M Sorry/Get Away 
If You Leave Me Now2x
CHILDREN MEDIEVAL BANDI Know There'S Something Going On 
Un Ángel Pasa En Mi Habitación {Spanish} 
CINEMASólo Hay Un Ganador2x
CLASSOCMamma Mia {Greek} 
CLUB 96Sa Muutsid Kõik {Estonian Josefin Nilsson Cover} 
CO.RO.CO.RO.+TALEESA - There'S Something Going On 
COMMON FATESI Know There'S Something Going On 
CONTEXTChiquitita {Live}2x
COPY CATSCOPY CATS+MASH - Does Your Homosapien Know 
CORINAIk Laat Je Niet Gaan {Dutch}2x
CORNWALLThe Winner Takes It All {Live} 
CORO VITALEChiquitita {Spanish} 
COTTON CLUB SINGERSI'Ve Been Waiting For You {Live TV2.Hu/Fem3cafe} 
COWBOY BENGTSCOWBOY BENGTS+Helen SJÖHOLM - Hjemme På Emdrupvej {Swedish}2x
COWBOY BENGTS+Helen SJÖHOLM - Härliga Tid Som Randas {Swedish} 
COWBOY BENGTS+Helen SJÖHOLM - Tant Simpa Dansar Rock'N'Roll {Swedish}3x
Ceci N'Est Pas Un Quatuor À Cordes {Swedish Entracte} 
Den Suckande Sjömannen {Swedish} 
En Vanlig Dag {Swedish} 
Gagnef Stajl {Swedish} 
Getabocksfamn {Swedish} 
Grundämnenas Herre {Swedish} 
Har Du Varit Med Om Det {Swedish} 
I But Pink Sheet {Swedish} 
Jeg Liger En Kone {Swedish} 
Kabyss Adjöss {Swedish} 
Mia Franzén {Swedish} 
Noskonen {Swedish II (Prolog)} 
Noskonen {Swedish} 
Sol-O-Fiol {Swedish (En Moralitet)} 
Succéchottis {Swedish} 
Tallerne Står Ljufva {Swedish} 
Tre Frågor Från Bixby {Swedish} 
Vi Är Cowboy Bengts {Swedish Reprise} 
Vi Är Cowboy Bengts {Swedish}4x
Viva La Esperanza {Spanish} 
CRACK OF DAWNThe Visitors 
CRAIC 'N' ROLLMoney, Money, Money 
CULTURE CLUBKarma Chameleon 
Camillas CHOICENyårsballongen 
Carina JAARNEKIngenting Mer, Ingenting Mindre {Swedish People Need Love}2x
Carl Erik THORNDet Är Natt I Min Stad {Swedish} 
Carla BRUNIThe Winner Takes It All 
The Winner Takes It All {Live Session} 
Carla MORRISONEstoy Soñando {Spanish} 
Carli TORNEHAVEHallå Mary Lou {Swedish}4x
Carmen PIHomenajearon En Vivo A ABBA {Spanish Live} 
Carola SMITCarola SMIT+Danny MALANDO - Happy New Year 
Carolin FORTENBACHERDurch Meine Finger Rinnt Die Zeit {German Live} 
Eagle {Live} 
Sitting In The Palmtree {Live} 
Carré ALBERSCarré ALBERS+Yvar De GROOT - Epic ABBA Medley2x
Cecilia LORENZCecilia LORENZ+Shannon AREIAS - ABBA Medley 
Cecilia VENNERSTENDet Vackraste {Swedish Live BingoLoto} 
Det Vackraste {Swedish}3x
Celeste BUZONGonna Sing You My Lovesong 
Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra? {Swedish} 
Cesar COSTAChiquitita {Spanish} 
La Historia De Mi Amor {Spanish} 
Charlie GRÖNVALLBeat It {Live Idol Sverige TV} 
I Believe I Can Fly {Live} 
Running Wild {Live}4x
What Are Words {Live}2x
CHARLIE NORMAN ORCHESTRACharlie NORMAN+FRIDA - Minns Oss {Swedish Live Charlie Norman Show} 
Charlie NORMAN+Robert WELLS - Ring Ring {Swedish} 
Charlie RICHThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World2x
Charlotta SAARISlipping Through My Fingers 
Charlotte HANNAHAndante, Andante 
Charlotte JACONELLICharlotte JACONELLI+Kerry ELLIS - I Know Him So Well {Chess} 
Charlotte PERRELLIFlower In My Garden 
Gröna Små Äpplen {Swedish} 
Take Me To Your Heaven2x
The Girl 
Charly LUSKEThe Winner Takes It All {Sterrennl Jouw Feest} 
Chioma EZEOKEChiquitita 
Chris DE BURGHLady In Red 
Christer LINDARWMe And I {Live TV}2x
Christer PETERSGuldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish} 
Christian ULVAEUSChristian ULVAEUS+Sofia TRETOW - Mitt Namn Är Blom {Swedish}3x
Christina AGUILERASick Of Sittin'2x
Cilla BLACKKnowing Me, Knowing You 
Cissy HOUSTONCissy HOUSTON+Whitney HOUSTON - I Know Him So Well3x
Claes Af GEIJERSTAMClaes Af GEIJERSTAM+Kikki DANIELSSON - Beatles Medley {Live Lite grand i örat} 
Disco Shack3x
Here Comes That Lonely Night4x
Om Hela Världen Sjöng En Sång {Swedish}5x
Claire PÉROTClaire PÉROT+Emmanuel MOIRE - S.O.S. {Live La Grande Soirée ABBA} 
Clara HENRYClara HENRY+ALCAZAR - Världen Behöver Just Dig {Swedish Live}2x
Claudia BARBOSAI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
Claudia JUNGDer Sieger Hat Die Wahl {German} 
Durch Meine Finger Rinnt Die Zeit {German}2x
Claudia MOLINAChiquitita {Spanish} 
Cliff RICHARDEvil Woman 
Lay All Your Love On Me4x
Lay All Your Love On Me {Live} 
We Don'T Talk Anymore 
Cody FROSTLay All Your Love On Me {Live The Voice Ukblind Auditions 1} 
Colin COLLIERHow Long Should I Wait {(For You To Call Tonight)} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You 
Colin ROMAINBravo Tu As Gagné {French} 
Conchita WURSTConchita WURST+Dana INTERNATIONAL - Waterloo {Live}2x
Connie FRANCISConnie FRANCIS+Agnetha FÄLTSKOG - Cuando Calienta El Sol {Spanish Remix} 
Cuando Calienta El Sol {Spanish} 
Invierno Triste Azul {Spanish} 
Conor WALTONNobody'S Side2x
Cristian CABEYTUWaterloo 
Cugini Di CAMPAGNAAnima Mia {Italians} 
Cyndi LAUPERThe End Of The World 
Céline DIONCéline DION+Tommy KÖRBERG - Beauty And The Beast {Duo With Tommy Körberg} 
DAECOLMDancing Queen 
DALIDADouce Nuit, Sainte Nuit {French} 
DAME GUITAReina Amor {Spanish} 
DANCING DREAMThank You For The Music {Live Featuring ABBA Tribute From New York City} 
DANCING FEVERMamma Mia {Live The ABBA Tribute Show TV3} 
DANGER ZONEGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live ABBA Lockdown Collaboration} 
DARBIANThe Winner Takes It All 
DARINDARIN+Petra MARKLUND - Sommaren Är Kort {Live Allsång På Skansen} 
DAVID & THE SIX MARTINI BANDMamma Mia {Live That'S Amore} 
DEANDancing Queen 
DIE GRANATENWaterloo {German} 
ABBA Greatest Hits2x
DR WATTThe Winner Takes It All 
DR. JOHNIko Iko 
DRUPIVado Via {Italians} 
DUO DINAMICOOh Carol {Spanish} 
Dalarnas SPELMANSFÖRBUNDGärdebylåten {Instrumental} 
Dami IMWaterloo {Live At The Australian National Final} 
Dan DANIELL+FRIDA - 1865 {German}3x
Dan DANIELL+FRIDA - I Have A Dream6x
Dan DANIELL+FRIDA - Ich Leb' Im Traum {German Alias} 
Dan DANIELL+FRIDA - Lieber Gott {German}10x
Lieber Gott {German 2009 Version} 
Out Of The Darkness {Eurovision 2016} 
Dan PERLMANDisco Samba 
Dan PESSELLThe Winner Takes It All 
Dana DRAGOMIRChiquitita {Instrumental Svenska Instrumental Musik}2x
Dana WINNERDana WINNER+Belle PEREZ - I Know Him So Well {Live} 
Ik Zing Vandaag Een Lied {Dutch} 
O Holy Night {Live in Bokrijk}2x
Paris, Du Bist Wie Eine Rose {German} 
Put On Your White Sombrero {Live Beautiful Life Concert} 
Silent Night {Live in Bokrijk} 
Zoals Vrienden Doen {Dutch Live Voorst Nationaal} 
Zwoele Zommer {Dutch Edit Radio Versie}2x
Zwoele Zommer {Dutch}10x
Daniel ABBADaniel ABBA+Gustavo Emmanuel ROCA - Just Like That 
Daniel BALAVOINEDieu Que C'Est Beau {French}2x
Daniel DIGESDaniel DIGES+Ruth LORENZO - Fantasma De La Opera {Spanish} 
Va Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Mamma Mía El Musical}2x
Daniel MARINDoes Your Mother Know {Swedish With & corine (Abba cover)} 
Daniel O'DONNELLThe Way Old Friends Do 
Daniele ALAN-CARTERDaniele ALAN-CARTER+MERCEDESZ - The Prayer {Andrea Bocelli And Celine Dion Music For Hope} 
Danny SAUCEDODanny SAUCEDO+MAPEI+Esther KIRABO - Good Times {Live At The Polar Music Prize 2019} 
David BOWIEDancing Out In Space 
David CARROLLAnthem 
David HARRISAnthem {Live}2x
De LEIDSE SLEUTELTJESPony, Pony, Pony {Dutch} 
Demis ROUSSOSLet It Be Me 
Dennis De YOUNGSomeone Else'S Story 
Where I Want To Be3x
Despina VANDIMamma Mia {Greek} 
Diane CHANDLERI'Ve Been Waiting For You 
Diane ENGLANDThe Winner Takes It All 
Dionne WARWICKMundo ABBA Mix 
Thank You For The Music {Live 30th Anniversary Show} 
Dizzie TUNESRa-Ta-Ta {Swedish} 
Donika NIMANIEveryday 
Jättefina Ord 
Donna SUMMERDonna SUMMER+FRIDA - To Turn The Stone {Skye Brooks' remix virtual duet} 
Donna SUMMER+Tina ARENA - No More Tears {Live} 
Bad Girls 
To Turn The Stone 
Doris DAYFly Me To The Moon 
Dwayne GRETZKYS.O.S. {Live Indie88 Black Box Sessions} 
E-ROTICMoney, Money, Money 
Thank You For The Music 
EARTH, WIND & FIRESeptember 
September {Live Unicef Gala} 
EBBAOn And On And On2x
EBBOTSånt Är Livet {Live Melodifestivalen}2x
EDELWEISSBring Me Edelweiss2x
EDURNEEDURNE+Sandra POLOP - Dancing Queen {Spanish Operación triunfo Musicales}2x
Amanecer {Spanish Spain}2x
La Reina Del Baile {Spanish Live Operación Triunfo Gala 12} 
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish}2x
EIVORDansadu Vindur {Icelandic} 
EL BESO DEL ESCORPIÓNVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish} 
ELECTRIC BANANA BAND+TRAZAN+BANARNE - Man Måste Bry Sig Om Hur Ungarna Mår {Swedish} 
Allt Som Rör Sig, Lyser Eller Låter {Swedish (Morfar Och Kaninen)} 
Banankontakt {Swedish Av Tredje Graden} 
Banarne For President {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Då Är Det Ball Med Rock 'N' Roll {Swedish}2x
Håll Himalaya Rent {Swedish} 
Kameleont {Swedish} 
Pelikanen {Swedish (Remake)} 
Pelikanen {Swedish}2x
Swedish Mouse Mafia / Dis-Ko {Swedish} 
Zvampen {Swedish} 
ELLA ROUGEEldorado High7x
Eldorado High {Edit Radio mix} 
Famous Jack 
Gender Jaded 
Hey Come Over2x
Holly Golightly 
Into The Light 
Jekkyl N Hyde6x
Light The Fuse 82'S 
Secret Track 
Suzy-Hang-Around {Live ABBADay}2x
That'S Me With The Gun 
The L.A. Dogs 
EMELLANMeisje Uit Ballangen {Dutch} 
EMILIABig Big World5x
Good Sign 
Like Chocolate 
Twist Of Fate2x
ENRIQUE & ANAHasta Mañana {Spanish}2x
ERASUREGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live Hamburg 79} 
Over The Rainbow 
Take A Chance On Me {ABBA-Esque}3x
Take A Chance On Me {Live Manchester 77} 
ERLANDOERLANDO+Natali NOOR - Lost And Found2x
ERNAFLORERNAFLOR+Krystina LOUISE - The Winner Takes It All {Live Boracay Native Puts Reggae Twist To Abba Abs-Cbn News} 
ESANGDancing Queen {The Voice Kids Phfinals} 
Eduardo LAURAThe Winner Takes It All {Live Catalan Adapten Un Gran Tema D'ABBA Al Valencià Els Duels 2 Family Duo 2019 
Egyházi GÉZAForog A Kerék {Hungrian} 
El CORO DE LES VEUS DE LA MEMORIAMamma Mia {Spanish Live Got Talent España} 
El GRAN JEFELa Reina Del Baile {Spanish}2x
Elaine PAIGEI Know Him So Well {Edit US} 
I Know Him So Well {Live UK Tour} 
Nobody'S Side {Live From Chess Inc Interview With Sir Tim Rice}3x
Thank You For The Music {Live} 
Elaman AYAGANOVI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Live X Factor Kazakhstan Show 6 Season 7 Episode 16} 
Elin KRISTOFFERSENThank You For The Music 
Elisa LINDSTRÖMWaterloo {Live Så Skall Det Låta}2x
Elisabeth ANDREASSENElisabeth ANDREASSEN+Jan WERNER - You And I 
Gabriellas Sång {Swedish} 
Elisabeth MELANDERElisabeth MELANDER+Tommy KÖRBERG - Celebrating You & Me 
Elvis COSTELLOKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live} 
Elvis PRESLEYTreat Me Nice2x
Elín EYWaterloo 
Emelie JOHANSSONDu Måste Finnas {Swedish} 
Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet 
Emil SIGFRIDSSONStad I Ljus {Swedish} 
Emilio SOLOHasta Mañana {Spanish} 
Emily SCHULTHEISS.O.S. {Live} 
Emma NORDINDen Jag Ville Vara {Swedish} 
Eric CLAPTONLay Down Sally 
Eric SAADETed Gärdestad Hyllning {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen 2019 Interval Act Semi 3} 
Erik RUNESONErik RUNESON+Björn SKIFS - Slow Train Coming 
Eros RAMAZZOTTIEros RAMAZZOTTI+Tina TURNER - Can'T Stop Thinking Of You 
La Cosa Mía Bella {Spanish} 
Eugenia MIRANDAFernando {Portuguese} 
Eva CSPERGIS.O.S. {Hungrian} 
Eva LOFGRENHeaven Help My Heart2x
Eva MAZIKOVAZvon, Zvon {Slovak} 
Evan DANDOEvan DANDO+The LEMONHEADS - Knowing Me, Knowing You 
FABULOUS FOURThis Land Is Your Land 
FEYSuper Trouper 
FIRE!FIRE!+Lars RUDOLFSSON+Mariam WALLENTIN - On And On And On {Live}2x
FIRST AID KITChiquitita {Live}3x
Come Give Me Love {Swedish}2x
FISSUNIXIs There A Soul Out There ? 
FLASHDum Dum Diddle {Spanish}5x
For Iris2x
Give Me The Part2x
Kvar {Swedish} 
Noel V/S Art 
Sakta {Swedish} 
Stjärnor Och Himlar {Swedish}9x
Verklig {Swedish} 
Vintertid {Swedish}2x
FridaFRIDA+CHIPS - One Little Lie {Remastered}7x
FRIDA+Claes Af GEIJERSTAM - Aquarius {Live Lite Grand I Orat} 
FRIDA+Claes Af GEIJERSTAM - Let'S Get This Show On The Road {Live Lite Grand I Orat} 
FRIDA+Claes Af GEIJERSTAM - Lite Grand I Orat {Swedish Live} 
FRIDA+Donna SUMMER - To Turn The Stone {RBK Remix}2x
FRIDA+Helen SJÖHOLM - Aquarius {Medley of two versions} 
FRIDA+Jon LORD - In The Bleak Midwinter {Live Alle jahre wieder}5x
FRIDA+Jon LORD - The Sun Will Shine Again15x
FRIDA+Jon LORD - The Sun Will Shine Again {Live Cologne Vulkanhalle}2x
FRIDA+Lars BERGHAGEN - Vi Vet Allt, Men Nästan Inget {Swedish}6x
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON+Tomas LEDIN+Håkan HAGEGÅRD - Änglamark {Swedish}4x
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Hasbrouck Heights Single Mix} 
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Matt Pop Mix} 
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Remastered}19x
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Remix Hasbrouck Heights Single Remastered} 
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Remix Vox} 
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Single Remix}5x
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - Alla Mina Bästa År {Swedish Spaceclub mix} 
FRIDA+Marie FREDRIKSSON - What A Wonderful World {Live Musik på Borggården}2x
FRIDA+Mona THELMÉ - Lilla Frun {Swedish Live Charlie Norman Show} 
FRIDA+Phil COLLINS - Here We'Ll Stay {Erroneous Remix}5x
FRIDA+Phil COLLINS - Here We'Ll Stay {Remastered}11x
FRIDA+RA TA TA - As Long As I Have You8x
FRIDA+Tommy KÖRBERG - After The Love Has Gone {Live Lite Grand I Orat}4x
FRIDA+WHITE STRIPES - I Know There'S Something Going On {With The Nation's Army} 
Aldrig Mej {Swedish Remastered}9x
Allting Skall Bli Bra {Swedish}5x
Att Älska I Varens Tid {Swedish Live När stenkakan slog}3x
Baby Don'T You Cry No More {Remastered}9x
Barnen Sover {Swedish Live Peter Himmelstrand}4x
Barnen Sover {Swedish}12x
Bebi-Läv {Swedish Live Charlie Norman Show}4x
Chemistry Tonight {Remastered}8x
Come To Me (I Am Woman) {Live Razzel TV show}2x
Come To Me (I Am Woman) {Remastered}18x
Confort Me {Remastered}6x
Din {Swedish}11x
Don'T Do It {Remastered}12x
Du Betonar Kärlek Lite Fel {Swedish}5x
Du Var Framling Här I Går {Swedish}6x
Du Är Så Underbart Rar {Swedish}7x
Dutch Interview {IKTSGO}2x
Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår {Swedish}5x
Dé É Någé Visst Mé Dé {Swedish Live}2x
En Dag Om Våren {Swedish (Take 2)} 
En Gång Är Ingen Gång {Swedish}6x
En Kväll Om Sommarn {Swedish}8x
En Ledig Dag {Swedish Live Hylands Hörna}7x
En Ledig Dag {Swedish}14x
En Liten Sång Om Kärlek {Swedish}9x
En Lång Och Ödslig Väg {Swedish}5x
En Ton Av Tystnad {Swedish}8x
Ett Liv I Solen {Swedish Remastered}8x
Fernando {Live Qx Galan} 
Fernando {Swedish Remastered}26x
Fernando {Swedish} 
Fire And Ice {Live Lite Grand I Orat}5x
Frida Interview On Nationwide {Interview From Television Programme} 
Försök Och Sov På Saken {Swedish}8x
Gitarzan {Swedish Live} 
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand {Swedish Betlehems Stjärna, Ps. 134}7x
Guld Och Gröna Ängar {Swedish Remastered}7x
Guld Och Gröna Ängar {Swedish Remix Wall Street Shuffle} 
Gunga I En Hammock {Swedish Live Gast Host Hagge} 
Harlig Ar Var Jord {Swedish Live On Melodifestivalen} 
Harlig Ar Var Jord {Swedish}11x
Heart Of The Country {Big Country Version} 
Heart Of The Country {Live Razel TV Show} 
Heart Of The Country {Remastered}12x
Here We'Ll Stay {Edit Solo Version Remastered}3x
Hon Fick Som Hon Ville {Swedish Remastered}9x
Hon Fick Som Hon Ville {Swedish Remix}3x
I Don'T Wanna Be Alone {Unreleased Snippet Demo}3x
I Got Something {Remastered}6x
I Have A Dream {Live UNICEF}2x
I Know There'S Something Going On 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Fred Falke Remix Edit} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Fred Falke Remix} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Junge Junge Remix} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Lindstrøm Radio Remix By B-Pop} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Lindstrøm Remix}4x
I Know There'S Something Going On {Matt Pop Mix} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Remastered}19x
I Know There'S Something Going On {Remix Frida's Party' Rework} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Remix Tom Remx} 
I Know There'S Something Going On {Single Edit Remastered}7x
I See Red {Remastered}8x
Interview {Interview} 
Jag Blir Galen När Jag Tänker På Dig {Swedish}8x
Jag Ska Stannet {Swedish Alias} 
Jag Är Beredd {Swedish}7x
Jag Är Mig Själv Nu {Swedish Remastered}12x
Kom Och Sjung En Sång {Swedish}5x
Kvinnor Som Springer {Swedish Remastered}10x
Lange Leve Fingret {Swedish Live Den stora Utflyckten} 
Lite Grand I Örat {Swedish Live Medley from the DVD} 
Liv På Mars {Swedish Remastered}13x
Liv På Mars {Swedish}2x
Lugna Vatten {Swedish Remastered}8x
Lycka {Swedish}8x
Mad About The Boy {Live Stand By}2x
Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan {Swedish Remastered}10x
Medley Allting Ska Bli Bra & Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek {Swedish}6x
Min Egen Stad {Swedish}18x
Min Soldat {Swedish Live När stenkakan slog}3x
Morning Has Broken13x
My Man {Live Stand By}4x
Mycket Kär {Swedish}6x
Nu Vissla Vi Ett Slag {Swedish}10x
När Det Lider Mot Jul {Swedish}5x
När Du Blir Min {Swedish}5x
Ole Lukköje {Swedish Live När stenkakan slog} 
Peter Pan {Swedish}19x
Peter, Kom Tillbaka {Swedish}5x
Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott {Swedish}6x
Saltwater {Live Musik på Borggården} 
Sen Dess Har Jag Inte Sett'En {Swedish}6x
Shine {Extended 12''} 
Shine {Extended Remastered}3x
Shine {Extended} 
Shine {Remastered}20x
Shot Down In Action {Live}2x
Simsalabim {Swedish}9x
Sista Valsen Med Dig {Swedish Remastered}11x
Ska Man Skratta Eller Gråta {Swedish Remastered}7x
Skulle De Va Skönt {Swedish remastered}11x
Skulle De Va Skönt {Swedish} 
Slowly {Remastered}16x
Som En Sparv {Swedish Remastered}6x
Sovrum {Swedish Remastered}10x
Stilla Natt {Swedish Live Uppesittarkväll}2x
Strangers {Remastered}8x
Suzanne {Swedish}7x
Syrtaki {Swedish remastered}9x
Så Synd Du Måste Gå {Swedish}9x
Söderhavets Sång {Swedish Live När stenkakan slog} 
Tango I Det Gröna {Swedish Live Stig Anderson Story}5x
Telegram För Fullmånen {Swedish}8x
Tell Me It'S Over {Remastered}13x
That'S Tough {Remastered}11x
The Face {Remastered}12x
The Way You Do {Remastered}10x
Threnody {Remastered}14x
To Turn The Stone {Remastered}14x
To Turn The Stone {Single Edit}4x
Tre Kvart Från Nu {Swedish}10x
Twist In The Dark {B-POP Sharp & Narrow Electro Remix}3x
Twist In The Dark {Remastered}8x
Vad Gör Det Att Vi Skiljs För I Afton {Swedish Live När stenkakan slog}2x
Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek {Swedish Medley} 
Var Är Min Clown {Swedish Remastered}7x
Vem Kommer Såra Vem Ikväll {Swedish Remastered}9x
Vi Möts Igen {Swedish}5x
Vi Är Alla Bara Barn I Början {Swedish}9x
Vill Du Låna En Man {Swedish Remastered}11x
Words Of Love {Live Lite Grand I Orat} 
You Know What I Mean {Remastered}10x
Älska Mig Alltid {Swedish Remastered}7x
Även En Blomma {Swedish Extended Remastered}3x
Även En Blomma {Swedish Matt Pop Mix} 
Även En Blomma {Swedish Remastered}18x
Ögonen {Swedish Extended}2x
Ögonen {Swedish Lemon Mix Remastered}2x
Ögonen {Swedish Lemon Mix}2x
Ögonen {Swedish Remastered}10x
FRIENDSDance With Me 
I Won'T Let You Go 
Kisses Of Fire2x
FUGEESRumble In The Jungle 
Endless Love 
I Don'T Wanna Be Alone9x
Open Me Up 
Faith HILLFaith HILL+Benny ANDERSSON - The Winner Takes It All {Live Rock Hall Of Fame}3x
Felicia TAKMANDitt Problem {Swedish} 
Felix MARTINGuldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish} 
Fernando BLADYSVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish} 
Fernando VARELAFernando VARELA+Benny ANDERSSON - The Winner Takes It All {Live Germany} 
Fia NYSTRÖMDet Är För Sent {Swedish} 
Filippa GIORDANOFilippa GIORDANO+FRIDA - La Barcarolle {French}5x
The Winner Takes It All {Live} 
Fini BELDAVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish} 
Finn KALVIKFinn KALVIK+Cajsa Stina AKERSTROM - Lilla Vackra Anna {Swedish}2x
Finn KALVIK+Cajsa Stina AKERSTROM - Trostevise {Swedish}3x
Aldri I Livet {Swedish}9x
Alle Som Blir Igjen {Swedish}2x
Bokseren {Swedish} 
Finne Meg Sjæl {Swedish} 
Frostbitt {Norwegian} 
Fyll Mine Seil {Swedish} 
Here In My Heart3x
Here In My Heart {Edit}5x
Hubbles Teleskop {Norwegian}2x
Ingen Vei Hjem {Norwegian}4x
Ingenting Varer Evig {Norwegian} 
Jag Väntar Vid Min Mila {Swedish} 
Klokkene Ringer For Deg {Norwegian} 
Kom Ut, Kom Fram {Swedish}5x
Kyss Med Smak Av Târer {Norwegian}2x
Malene {Swedish} 
Natt Og Dag {Swedish}5x
Normann Andersen {Swedish Klassik} 
On The Run3x
Ord For Ord {Swedish} 
På Flukt, Elva {Swedish}2x
Refrenger {Swedish} 
Ride Ranke {Swedish} 
Stjärnorna {Swedish} 
The Last Of The Vikings4x
Trostevise {Swedish Klassik Version 2} 
Velkommen Farvel {Swedish} 
Wake Up To Love4x
Å Være Barn En Sommerdag {Danish} 
Finn SJÖBERGFinn SJÖBERG+Rolf ALEX - Lelleby Boogie {Swedish} 
Fon ROMANDancing Queen {Live Hoy por Hoy Cadena Ser}2x
Francis-Luis CANTOSAgnetha Fältskog {Spanish} 
Benidorm {Spanish} 
Esta Rumba Esta De Moda {Spanish} 
Et Maintenant {Instrumental}2x
Gracias Por Todo {Spanish} 
Hasta Mañana {Spanish} 
Ya Es Navidad {Spanish}2x
Franck POURCELSuper Trouper {Instrumental} 
The Name Of The Game {Instrumental} 
Frank HOLGERHeu, Gras, Kirschen {German} 
Françoise HARDYFrançoise HARDY+Serge GAINSBOURG - Comment Te Dire Adieu {French} 
Freddy QUINNJunge Komm Bald Wieder {German} 
Frida BOCCARAUn Jour Un Enfant {French}2x
Frida HYVÖNENFrida HYVÖNEN+FIRST AID KIT - Everybody Knows {Live Leonard Cohen At Dramaten} 
Balkongmannen {Swedish} 
Drömmen Om Dig {Swedish} 
Förlorat Dig {Swedish} 
Imponera På Mig {Swedish}2x
Kvinnor Och Barn {Swedish} 
Postcards {Live With Benny On Skills}2x
Sjön {Swedish Live Grammis} 
Sjön {Swedish} 
Fridha LUNDELLWhen All Is Said And Done 
GABBAHEYDancing Queen 
GAROUGAROU+Isabelle BOULAY+Christophe MAÉ - Waterloo {Live Medley Du Jury France 2}2x
GEMINIAnother You, Another Me9x
Ave Maria {Swedish} 
Beat The Beat 
Copy Love 
Copy Love {Remix 2005} 
Den Som Sa Det Var Det {Swedish}2x
Ghost Town 
Have Mercy2x
I Am The Universe2x
I'M A Bitch When I See Red3x
In The Middle Of Nowhere 
Jul Jul Strålande Jul {Swedish} 
Just Like That8x
Just Like That {Edit Speed Up}3x
Kanske Till Julen {Swedish} 
Live On The Love 
Mio Min Mio {Swedish}11x
Mio Moj Mio {Russian}3x
Mio My Mio6x
Nar Vi Narmar Oss Jul {Swedish}2x
Nearly There 
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish} 
Slow Emotion3x
Slow Emotion {Remix Drop The Gun} 
Sniffin' Out The Snakes 
Stilla Natt {Swedish} 
There'S No Way To Fool A Heart2x
Too Much Love Is Wasted 
When I Close My Eyes2x
Wild About That Girl3x
Wild About That Girl {Extended} 
GERARD, RENÉ & GORDONABBA Medley 2019 {Live In Concert 2019} 
ABBA Medley {Version 2017}2x
GHOSTDoes Your Mother Know 
I'M A Marionette 
GITTEHappy End {German}3x
GLEE CASTDancing Queen 
Hung Up {Madonna) (Tina Cohen-Chang}2x
Mamma Mia {Glee Cast Version}3x
GLEEThe Winner Takes It All2x
GLI ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live} 
GRNTThank You For The Music 
GROWING GIRLSNär Jag Kysste Lärar'N {Swedish} 
GRUPO TIPTu Fuiste El Ganador {Spanish} 
GUSTAF SJÖKVISTS KAMMARKÖR+Benny ANDERSSON - Innan Gryningen {Swedish (2015 Version)} 
GUSTAF SJÖKVISTS KAMMARKÖR+Benny ANDERSSON - Kärlekens Tid {Swedish (2015 version)}2x
Anthem {Swedish Live Nobel Banquet} 
Kärlekens Tid {Swedish}2x
Vilar Glad. I Din Famn {Swedish Acapella} 
Gabriela SBRIGLIOY Me Llegastes Tu {Spanish} 
Gaby JANSENIch Lass Dich Nicht Geh'N {German} 
Gaby SILVAHasta Mañana {Spanish Live Spanish en Pasion de Sabado} 
Gary BROWNHappy Hawaii 
George MANTASMamma Mia {Greek Cover} 
George MCCRAERock Your Baby3x
Georges MOUSTAKIMarche De Sacco Et Vanzetti {French} 
Gerard HESENWhen All Is Said And Done 
Gerry RAFFERTYBaker Street2x
Getty KASPERSDe Eerste Liefde Is Een Feest {Dutch}2x
Giancarlo NISIGiancarlo NISI+GLI EPOCA - ABBA Mix {Live Cantando Ballando} 
Gigliola CINGQUETTIThe Winner Takes It All {Live al Bravo caffè di Bologna} 
Giorgio MORODERUnderdog 
Gloria RAUDJÄRVThank You For The Music {Live Väikesed Hiiglased} 
Gunilla BACKMANGunilla BACKMAN+Charlotte STRANDBERG+Sussie ERIKSSON - Medley {Live Skansken,Nationaldagen} 
Allt Vi Nânsin Ville {Swedish}2x
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Live} 
Kanske Kärlek Är Allt {Swedish} 
Mamma Mia {Swedish} 
Nobody'S Side {Live (Chess) Bingolotto} 
Vinnaren Tar Allt {Swedish}4x
Gunnar NILSSONRed Roses For A Blue Lady2x
Gunnar WIKLUNDEn Serenad Till Dej {Swedish}4x
Tusen Och En Natt {Swedish} 
Gustavo Emmanuel ROCASolo Piensa En Mi {Spanish} 
Tu No Vas A Jugar {Spanish} 
Uno De Nosotros {Spanish} 
Görel CRONADet Var Då {Swedish} 
En Doft Av Apelsin {Swedish} 
En Ljummen Kväll I Maj {Swedish} 
Eve {Swedish} 
Fader Okänd {Swedish} 
Höst Röst {Swedish} 
Kan Du {Swedish} 
Kärlek Kommer Kärlek Går {Swedish}3x
Min Vilda Längtan {Swedish} 
Rafael {Swedish} 
Röda Skor {Swedish} 
Sjunde Ön {Swedish} 
Stockholm {Swedish} 
Utan Dej, Mitt Liv Går Vidare {Swedish} 
Gösta EKMANGösta EKMAN+Benny ANDERSSON - Fru Vennermans Sång {Swedish}4x
H & CLAIREH & CLAIRE+GEMINI - Another You, Another Me {Matt Pop'S Moment In The Sun Mix} 
Another You, Another Me2x
H.P. PROJECTCrilu' In Bangkok {Italians} 
HARPO+Lena MARIA - Hjalp Mig Rune {Swedish} 
Moviestar {Swedish} 
HEIMAHappy New Year 
HELLOWEENLay All Your Love On Me 
HENRIKSNär Jag Tar Dej I Min Famn {Swedish Alias} 
Crystal Clear 
When We Were Kids 
Hjälp SökesHJALP SOKES+Johan ULVESON+Magnus ROOSMANN - Som En Hägring {Swedish}9x
HJALP SOKES+Johan ULVESON+Magnus ROOSMANN - Stackars Axels Sång {Swedish}8x
HJALP SOKES+Magnus ROOSMANN - Själv Är Bästa Dräng {Swedish}8x
HJALP SOKES+Sofia PEKKARI+Johan ULVESON+Magnus ROOSMANN - Final {Swedish}8x
HJALP SOKES+Sofia PEKKARI+Magnus ROOSMANN - Ro Hit En Dyckert {Swedish}8x
HJALP SOKES+Sofia PEKKARI - Bortom Sol Och Måne {Swedish}14x
HJALP SOKES+Sofia PEKKARI - Den Jag Ville Vara {Swedish}9x
HJALP SOKES+Sofia PEKKARI - Svarta Silhuetter {Swedish}11x
Ouvertyr {Instrumental}7x
Vågar Jag Älska Dig {Swedish}8x
Hootenanny Singers500 Miles Away From Home {Live}2x
Ack, Göta Konungarike {Swedish} 
Adjö Farväl {Swedish}2x
Aldrig Mer {Swedish Live Länspumpen}5x
Aldrig Mer {Swedish}3x
Angående Ulla Winblads Lustresa Till Första Torpet {Swedish} 
Ann-Margret {Swedish} 
Anna Bella Mirafior {Swedish} 
Ave Maria No Moro {Swedish} 
Avskedssång Till Finnmarksskalden Broder Joachim {Swedish} 
Baby Those Are The Rules10x
Björkens Visa {Swedish}2x
Blomman {Swedish}4x
Bonnie Ship The Diamond 
Britta {Swedish} 
Brittisk Ballad {Swedish} 
Bröllopsvisa {Swedish} 
Början Till Slutet {Swedish}4x
Casanova {Swedish} 
Darlin' {Swedish} 
Darling {Live Television} 
Den Dagen Den Sorgen {Swedish} 
Den Gyllene Fregatt {Swedish}2x
Den Gyllene Fågeln {Swedish} 
Den Sköna Helen {Swedish} 
Det Som Lever Får Se {Swedish} 
Det Är Skönt Att Vara Hemma Igen {Swedish} 
Du Dansar Om Sommarn {Swedish} 
Du Eller Igen {Swedish} 
Du Ska Bara Tro På Hälften {Swedish}2x
Där Björkarna Susa {Swedish} 
Där Skall Jag Bo {Swedish} 
Elenore {Swedish}2x
Elin Och Herremannen {Swedish} 
En Balad Om Franske Kungens Spelmän {Swedish Verrsion 1972}2x
En Gång Är Ingen Gång {Swedish}3x
En Man Och En Kvinna {Swedish} 
En Sång En Gång För Längesen {Swedish}3x
En Visa Om Arton Svanar {Swedish} 
En Visa Vill Jag Sjunga Som Handlar Om Min Lilla Vän {Swedish}2x
Fermati In Me {Italians}2x
Finns Det Liv Så Finns Det Hopp {Swedish} 
Fritiof Anderssons {Swedish Paradmarsch} 
Fritiof Anderssons {Swedish Polka} 
Fröken Fredriksson {Swedish}2x
Fåfängans Marknad {Swedish} 
Gabriella {Italians}2x
Gabrielle {Dutch}2x
Gabrielle {Finnish} 
Gabrielle {Swedish}6x
Godnattsaga {Swedish} 
Greensleeves {Swedish} 
Gå Sion, Din Konung Att Möta {Swedish Julens Musik}4x
Hej Dunkom Så Länge Vi Levo {Swedish} 
Hem Till De Mina {Swedish} 
Hjärtats Saga {Swedish}3x
Horgalåten {Swedish}2x
Här Är Den Sköna Sommar {Swedish} 
I Fjol Så Gick Jag Med Herrarna I Hagen {Swedish}3x
I Lunden Den Gröna {Swedish} 
Ida Och Frida Och Anne-Marie {Swedish} 
Jag Väntar Vid Min Mila {Swedish}5x
Jag Älskar {Swedish} 
Jungfrun Och Sjömannen {Swedish} 
Jungman Jansson {Swedish} 
Karlsborgsvisan {Swedish} 
Kevin Berry 
Kom Ut, Kom Fram {Swedish} 
Kullerullvisan {Swedish}2x
Körsbär Utan Kärnor {Swedish} 
La Mamma {Spanish}7x
Laura (Vad Är Den Han Har Som Fattas Mej) {Swedish} 
Lera Och Sten {Swedish} 
Lev Som Du Lär {Swedish} 
Lilla Vackra Anna {Swedish} 
Linnea {Swedish} 
Love Comes, Love Goes 
Mamma, Pappa Och Barn {Swedish}2x
Marianne {Finnish} 
Marianne {Swedish}7x
Marie-Christina {Swedish} 
Mary'S Boy Child2x
Min Gröna Dal {Swedish} 
Min Älskade Hon Gick Sig I Min Lustgård {Swedish} 
Mrs. O'Grady {Swedish}3x
Måltidssång {Swedish}2x
Mårten Gås {Swedish (Sångsolist" Berka)}2x
Natt Mot Morgon {Swedish} 
No Time4x
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish Julens Musik}2x
Nya Vindar {Swedish} 
Om Aftonen {Swedish} 
Om Jag Kunde Skriva En Visa {Swedish} 
Omkring Tiggarn Från Luossa {Swedish}8x
Per Ols Per Erik {Swedish} 
Rose Marie 
Rosen Och Fjärilen {Swedish} 
Silver Och Guld Och Gröna Skogar {Swedish} 
Sjösalavals {Swedish} 
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue 
Sunny Girl {Swedish}2x
Så Länge Du Älskar Är Du Ung {Swedish}2x
Så Länge Jag Lever {Swedish} 
Tesslördan {Swedish} 
The Fugitive 
The Long Black Veil {Swedish} 
This Land Is Your Land {Live} 
Tiden {Swedish}4x
Till Gumman På Thermopolium Boreale Och Hennes Jun {Swedish} 
Till Min Syster {Swedish} 
Vals I Valparaiso {Swedish} 
Varuti Avmålas Ulla Winblads Hemresa Från Hessinge {Swedish} 
Vid Roines Strand {Swedish} 
Vinden Sjunger Samma Sång {Swedish} 
Vårkänning {Swedish} 
Vårt Samtal I Morse {Swedish} 
When I Was Young 
Who'S Gonna Hold Your Hand 
HORVÁTH BANDAsi, Asi {Hungrian} 
HOW DO IKnowing Me, Knowing You 
Hana ZAGOROVAHana ZAGOROVA+Helena VONDRACKOVA - Slapej, Slapej {Czech} 
Hana ZAGOROVA+Petr REZEK - Asi, Asi {Czech} 
Majak {Czech} 
Tak Málo Si Me Vsímás {Czech} 
Hanna FERMDu Måste Finnas {Swedish Live Television Strömstadstjärnan} 
Hanne KROGHMan Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan {Swedish} 
Hans SMEDBERGDå Lever Jag Blott För Dig {Swedish} 
Harry BRANDELIUSGrädde På Moset {Swedish}4x
Hazell DEANAndante, Andante3x
Does Your Mother Know {The Matt Pop Remixes} 
Happy New Year {(Matt Pops Champagne Mix)}2x
S.O.S. {Extended Ross Alexander Club Mix} 
The Winner Takes It All 
Helen SJÖHOLMHelen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Genom Varje Andetag {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Jag Har Bara Ögonblick {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Jag Vill Följa Med {Swedish Live Nyhetsmorgon}2x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Jag Vill Följa Med {Swedish}3x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Jag Älskar Dig {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Sakta Stiger Solen {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - Sylvesters Resa {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders WIDMARK - You Can'T Come Home Without Leaving First 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anna STADLING - In The Bleak Midwinter {Live Nyhetsmorgon TV4} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Anna STADLING - Wateraid {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Benny ANDERSSON - Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish Live Luciamorgon (Uppsala)} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Benny ANDERSSON - Vinterhamn {Swedish Live Luciamorgon Uppsala}2x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Karin GLENMARK - Fernando {Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Louise HOFFSTEN+Anna STADLING - Aftonpsalm {Swedish Ola Magnell} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Maria YLIPÄÄ - Kristina Medley 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Nils LANDGREN - One Man, One Woman {Live Kulturhuset Stadsteatern}2x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Ola SALO - Kommer Du Ihåg {Swedish} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Peter JÖBACK - Allsang På Grensen {Swedish Live 2015} 
Helen SJÖHOLM+Peter JÖBACK - Nygammal Vals {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen}2x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Peter JÖBACK - När Jag Faller {Swedish Live Världens Kväll För Alla Barn}2x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Peter JÖBACK - När Jag Faller {Swedish}4x
Helen SJÖHOLM+Rigmor GUSTAFSSON+Anna STADLING - Önska Dig En Stilla Natt {Swedish Live}2x
Helen SJÖHOLM+SOLALA - Vår Bästa Tid Är Nu {Swedish} 
Allt Under Himmelens Fäste {Swedish} 
Babel {Swedish (For Mina Kara)} 
Barpianisten {Swedish} 
Blott En Dag {Swedish} 
Come Give Me Love 
Don'T Cry For Me Argentina {Live I Love Musicals}2x
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
E Viva España {Spanish Live Allsång På Skansen} 
En Ny Tid {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen 2020} 
En Ny Tid {Swedish} 
Ett Hemligt Rum {Swedish Live} 
Euforia {Swedish} 
Fanfar {Swedish} 
Fernando {Live Invigning Av Malmö Arena} 
Flodens Bottenva {Swedish} 
Gabriellas Sång {Swedish}3x
Guldgrävarsång {Swedish Eva Dahlgren} 
Han Har Ett Sätt {Swedish} 
Hemma {Swedish Live Nyhetsmorgon} 
Hemma {Swedish Live Opening Concert At ABBA Museum} 
Horgalåten {Swedish} 
Jag Är Elden {Swedish} 
Korallreven Och Vintergatan {Swedish Så Mycket Bättre} 
Kvinnan För Dig {Swedish}2x
Ljudet Av Ett Regn {Swedish} 
Längesen I December {Swedish} 
Låt Det Va {Swedish} 
Man Borde Inte Sova {Swedish} 
Money, Money, Money {Live Medley Björn & Benny Concert}2x
New York {Swedish} 
Nygammal Vals {Swedish} 
Samma Här {Swedish} 
Skarpnäck {Swedish Livet Är En Schlager} 
Som Skapta För Varandra {Swedish} 
Somebody That I Used To Know {Live Från Halltorps gästgiveri} 
Someone Else'S Story 
Så Vände Vinden {Swedish} 
Tusen Tankar {Swedish} 
Valborg {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen} 
Varje Sår Söker Ett Sår {Swedish} 
Vid Vassen Av Den Krökta Ström {Swedish} 
You Have To Be There3x
Ärlighet {Swedish} 
Helena VONDRACKOVAThe Heat Is On 
Helene BØKSLEHelene BØKSLE+Espen GRJOTHEIM - Guldet Blev Til Sand {Swedish Live} 
Helene BØKSLE+Espen GRJOTHEIM - Spare Skrift I Sand {Swedish Live} 
Helene FISCHERFeliz Navidad {Spanish}2x
Hervé VILARDAttends-Moi {French} 
Hilton MCRAEKnowing Me, Knowing You 
Håkan WIKLUNDWatch Out 
IL DIVOVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Live at Coliseum in Pula} 
Va Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Va Todo Al Ganador Live In Japan}2x
IL VOLOIL VOLO+BELINDA - Constantemente Mía {Spanish} 
IZKOIZKO+JOHNNING - Golden {Swedish} 
Idina MENZELHeaven Help My Heart {Live}4x
Ingelin DAHLYou Have To Be There 
Inger-Lise RYPDALInger-Lise RYPDAL+GRO ANITA SCHØNN+Lizzy STEIN - He Is Your Brother 
Inger-Lise RYPDAL+Jahn TEIGEN - Honey, Honey 
Inger-Lise RYPDAL+Jannike KRUSE+Espen GRJOTHEIM+Tommy FREDVANG+Knut Marius DJUPVIK - Happy New Year {Live Nowegian Televis 
Inger-Lise RYPDAL+Stein INGEBRIGTSEN - Bang En Boomerang {Swedish} 
Dancing Queen 
Fernando {Norwegian} 
Ingman & His Orchestra NICKAnthem 
Iris NOËLLEThe Winner Takes It All 
Irma SCHULTZThe Name Of The Game 
Isabella BEXELLMamma Mia {Swedish} 
Isabella MACIASMamma Mia {Spanish} 
Isac STADELLIsac STADELL+Janne SCHAFFER - I Den Stora Sorgens Famn {Swedish Live This Is Ted} 
Isak DANIELSONI'Ll Be Waiting 
J. C. BARRETOSay What You Feel 
JAKARANDAJust Like That {Album Version}2x
JANICEJANICE+AMWIN+LASH+Sabina DDUMBA - Queen {Medsyster Version} 
JANICE+Molly PETTERSSON HAMMAR+AMWIN+LASH - Queen {Live Guldbaggegalan 2019} 
JAVIERADu Måste Finnas {Swedish}2x
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish} 
JESUS-CHRIST SUPERSTAR MUSICALTodo Estará En Paz {Spanish Chile Cast} 
JHHIHey, Hey Helen 
JIGSNina Fina Ballerina {Swedish} 
JORDYClose To You 
JORNI Know There'S Something Going On2x
Jacke SJÖDINJacke SJÖDIN+Helen SJÖHOLM - Kärlek In The Stream 
Jacques OFFENBACHLa Vie Parisienne 
Jakob KARLBERGOm Du Tror Att Jag Saknar Dig {Swedish} 
James LASTABBA Medley {Instrumental Live String Of Hits} 
Jan MALMSJÖEn Sång En Gång För Längesen {Swedish}4x
Hej Clown {Swedish}8x
Pigalle-Pigalle {Swedish} 
Pity The Child 
Jan UTBULTJan UTBULT+Pia ÅHLUND - When I Kissed The Teacher2x
Jan WERNEROne Night In Bangkok 
Jan-Vincent JOHANSENJan-Vincent JOHANSEN+Janne SCHAFFER - Sol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish} 
Janne LUCASGo Now 
Växeln Hallå {Swedish Live Bingolotto} 
Janne SCHAFFERJanne SCHAFFER+Björn JAYSON LINDH+Leif STRAND+Nacka SÅNGENSAMBLE - Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand {Instrumental} 
Janne SCHAFFER+Björn JAYSON LINDH+Leif STRAND+Nacka SÅNGENSAMBLE - När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar {Instrumental} 
Janne SCHAFFER+Björn JAYSON LINDH - Brusa Högre Lilla Å {Instrumental} 
Janne SCHAFFER+Sonja ALDÉN - Mellan Raderna {Swedish Live Doobidoo}2x
Janne SCHAFFER+Ted GÄRDESTAD - Het Sand {Instrumental} 
Blunda Och Se {Swedish 2005 Version} 
Blunda Och Se {Swedish} 
Bromma Struttin´ {Instrumental} 
Claire {Swedish} 
Diggin' You {Swedish} 
Eagle {Live ABBAday 2011}2x
Härifrån Till Evigheten {Instrumental} 
Hästar Har Ingen Humor {Swedish} 
Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne {Swedish} 
Med Betoning På Ljus {Instrumental} 
Miss Missy {Instrumental} 
Mountain High 
Munväder {Swedish} 
Norrland {Instrumental} 
Rebeckas Dröm {Swedish} 
Send In The Clowns {Instrumental} 
September {Instrumental Inspelad 1985, nyredigerad 1993} 
Swedish Mouse Mafia {Swedish} 
Test For Opening Concert {Instrumental} 
The Reason {Live ABBAday 2011}4x
Var Som En Anka {Swedish} 
Våren {Swedish} 
Årets Längst Dag {Swedish} 
Janne ÖNNERUDDu {Swedish} 
Janneke De ROOJanneke De ROO+ANITA+PIRATENKOOR DE STORMVOGELS - Zoals Vrienden Doen {Dutch Live Television} 
Jarl KULLEJag Är Blott En Man {Swedish}6x
Ture Sventon {Swedish}2x
Jason MANFORDAnthem2x
Javier ALVAREZJavier ALVAREZ+Ana LAAN - The Name Of The Game {Live} 
Javier ALVAREZ+Diego HARRIS - One Of Us {Live} 
Javier ALVAREZ+Rafa SPUNKY - If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Live} 
Javier DOMÍNGUEZI Should´Ve Followed You Home 
Jean-Pierre MADERJean-Pierre MADER+EMILE & IMAGE - Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live La Grande Soiree ABBA} 
Jennifer ZAMUDIOPut On Your White Sombrero 
Jenny BERGGRENGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live Tivoli Friheden} 
Jenny DANIELSSuper Trouper 
Jenny SALÉNSLjuva Sextital 
Jerry WILLIAMSJerry WILLIAMS+Graham TAINTON - Medley {Live Andra Pipel} 
Ave Maria No Morro 
I Can Only See You 
Rikky Rock'N'Roller4x
Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller 
You Never Can Tell {Live Polar Prize} 
Jessica ANDERSSONCalleth You, Cometh I 
Can'T Hurt Me Now {Live Melodifestivalen} 
Go Slow 
Party Voice 
Vintersaga {Swedish} 
Jevanni LETFORDJevanni LETFORD+Eugenius MUSICA+Andreas LIBEROS - Dancing Queen 
Jill DRESKISummer Night City {Power Mix} 
Jill FALLONAngeleyes 
Jill JOHNSONJill JOHNSON+Tommy KÖRBERG - Always On My Mind 
Jill JOHNSON+Tommy KÖRBERG - I Väntan På Julen {Swedish} 
Himlen Är Oskyldigt Blå {Swedish Live Så Mycket Bättre TV4} 
Jimmy AHLÉNJimmy AHLÉN+Janne SCHAFFER - By The Fire 
Jimmy AHLÉN+Janne SCHAFFER - Gruvornas Dal {Swedish} 
Jimmy AHLÉN+Janne SCHAFFER - Himmelen I Mig {Swedish} 
Jimmy AHLÉN+Janne SCHAFFER - Mot En Helt Ny Stad {Swedish} 
Jimmy AHLÉN+Janne SCHAFFER - Solstorm {Swedish} 
Jimmy AHLÉN+Janne SCHAFFER - Victorias Vals {Swedish} 
Jive BUNNYSummer Night City 
Joan ELLISI Don'T Love You Anyway 
I'Ve Been Waiting For You 
Jodie GILLIESHeaven Help My Heart {Live Australian stage version} 
Joe HARRISDenk Niet Te Veel {Dutch} 
Joe JACKSONKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live Roma}2x
Joey NICEFOROThe Winner Takes It All 
Johan BAKKEBeatrice {Swedish Akustisk} 
Johan-Helmich ROMANJohan-Helmich ROMAN+NATIONALMUSEI KAMMERORKESTER - Lilla Drottningholmsmusiken {Instrumental} 
Johanne BLOUINBravo Tu As Gagné {French} 
John GRANTJohn GRANT+VILLAGERS - My Love, My Life 
John-Ulf ANDERSONResan Till Spanien Eller Du Sjömatros Allt Uti Blåa Kläder {Instrumental} 
Solola {Instrumental} 
Johnny HALLIDAYEt Maintenant {French} 
Johnny LOGANWaterloo {Live Lotta På Liseberg} 
Johnny NASHHold Me Tight 
Johnny TILLOTSONRed Roses For A Blue Lady 
Jon LORDJon LORD+Kasia LASKA - The Sun Will Shine Again {Live Romania 2009} 
Jonathan CASPERBeneath The Surface 
Didn'T You Know 
The Monster'S Revenge {K.O.Lab Remix} 
There'S No Time, Just Love3x
Josefin NILSSONJosefin NILSSON+Marie NILSSON - Josefins Sång {Swedish Live At Kulturförening Roxy, Visby} 
Josefin NILSSON+Mikael RICKFORS - Lyckliga Dagar {Swedish} 
Josefin NILSSON+Totta NÄSLUND - Alltid Inom Mig {Swedish}4x
Heaven And Hell8x
Heaven And Hell {Remastered} 
High Hopes And Heartaches4x
High Hopes And Heartaches {Dance-remix:long version}2x
High Hopes And Heartaches {Extended} 
High Hopes And Heartaches {Remastered} 
Kan Inte Leva Utan Dig {Swedish Live} 
Leave It To Love 
Leave It To Love {Remastered}2x
Med Hjärtats Egna Ord {Swedish Melodifestivalen 2005}4x
Midnight Dancer2x
Now You See Him, Now You Don'T4x
Now You See Him, Now You Don'T {Extended} 
Surprise, Surprise6x
Surprise, Surprise {Remastered} 
Tears In Heaven2x
The Film I'D Like To See2x
We Won'T Be Going Anywhere4x
When I Watch You In Your Sleep3x
Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing5x
Josh CHARMFeel So Good 
Josh GROBANGold Can Turn To Sand {Bonus Track}3x
Joshua Lee TURNERMamma Mia 
Juampi MANDELMANMoney, Money, Money {Spanish} 
Judith NIJLANDGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live A Jazz Tribute To ABBA 2019} 
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
I Have A Dream 
Voulez-Vous {French} 
Judy KUHNJudy KUHN+Seth RUDETSKY - Someone Else'S Story {Live From Chess Seth Concert Series} 
Judy STONEHasta Mañana 
Julia FREJÄlska Mig {Swedish} 
Julia LINDHOLMABBA Medley {German Live Meine Schlagerwelt} 
ABBA Medley {German Live Sommer Bei Uns - Waldheim} 
ABBA Medley {German Live Willkommen Bei Carmen Nebelapr} 
Dancing Queen {German} 
Danke Für Die Lieder {German} 
S.O.S. {German} 
Super Trouper {German} 
Julia LÓPEZJulia LÓPEZ+Manuel GARRIDO - Va Todo Al Ganador {Spanish} 
Julian LENNONCreo Que Voy A Llorar {Spanish} 
Saltwater {25 aniversary edition} 
Juliana GOMESThe Winner Takes It All 
Julienne TAYLOROne Of Us 
Julio IGLESIASDas Lied Unserer Liebe {German} 
Quiereme Mucho {Spanish} 
Junior BRIELLELivet Är Underbart 
Jurgen DREWSBei Nacht In Bangkok {German}3x
K & K SINGERSMale Miasto {Polish} 
Prosze Pozwól Mi {Polish} 
S.O.S. {Polish} 
Super Trouper {Polish} 
K'S CHOICEDoes Your Mother Know 
KADIATOULonely Sometimes {Swedish} 
KALY & THE RINGTONESS.O.S. {Live Abba kaly's music challenge s02 e05} 
KARAOKE KNIGHTSHead Over Heels {Karaoke} 
KARAOKE LIBRARYDer Sieger Hat Die Wahl {German Karaoke Full Vocal Version In The Style Of Mamma Mia!} 
KASBOPlaces We Don'T Know {Ford Remix} 
KAUNAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRAMy Love, My Life {Live ABBA In Symphony In Vilnius} 
Please Don'T Go 
Where I Want To Be {Live Chess Japan} 
KICKGe Mig Lite Mer {Swedish} 
Kör Bara Kör {Swedish Extended} 
Kör Bara Kör {Swedish Radio Edit}4x
KIND SOULHappy New Year 
KIYOKO & VEGASuzy-Hang-Around {Instrumental} 
KRISTIAN THOMAS COMPANYWaterloo {Live Isolation Idol During Lockdown} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Anders EKBORG+Helen SJÖHOLM+Jan ÅSTRÖM+Marianne MÖRCK+Lars TIBELL - Präriens Drottning {Swedish} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Anders EKBORG+Åsa BERGH+Tommy JUTH+Helen SJÖHOLM - Skördefest {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Anders EKBORG - Stanna {Swedish}3x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Anders EKBORG - Vildgräs {Swedish}4x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Bo Christer HJÄLTE+Agneta Von HOFSTEN+Anders EKBORG+Peter JÖBACK - Prolog {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+David HESS+ENSEMBLE - He´S Our Pilot {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+David HESS+Joy HERMALYN+Kevin ODEKIRK+ENSEMBLE - A Sunday In Battery Park {Live Carnegie Hall}4x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Ed DAMRON+Helen SJÖHOLM+Åsa BERGH+Ylva NORDIN+Marianne MÖRCK - Tånk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Hans-Christian QUIST - Begravning Till Sjöss {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG+Bo Christer HJÄLTE+Agneta Von HOFSTEN - Kom Till Mig Alla {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG+Bo Christer HJÄLTE+Agneta Von HOFSTEN - Min Lust Till Dej {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG+Mathilde FORSLUND - Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG+Mathilde FORSLUND - Missväxt {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG+Peter JÖBACK+Åsa BERGH+Tommy JUTH - Vi Öppnar Alla Grindar {Swedish}3x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Anders EKBORG - Här Har Du Mej Igen {Swedish} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Claire TENDL+Madeleine Rose YEN+Josh CAGGIANO+ENSEMBLE - Home {Live Carnegie Hall}5x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Claire TENDL - Gold Can Turn To Sand {Live Carnegie Hall}5x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+ENSEMBLE - Summer Rose {Live Carnegie Hall}5x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+ENSEMBLE - With Child Again {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Jan ÅSTRÖM - Hjälp Mig Trösta {Swedish} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON+Claire TENDL+ENSEMBLE - Where You Go I Go With You {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON+Claire TENDL - Golden Wheat Fields {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON+ENSEMBLE - Peasants At Sea {Live Carnegie Hall} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON+Kevin ODEKIRK - No! {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON - Here I Am Again {Live Carnegie Hall} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON - I´Ll Be Waiting There {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON - Stone Kingdom {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM+Russell WATSON - Twilight Images Calling {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM - Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Edit} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM - Du Måste Finnas {Swedish}10x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM - Duvemålå Hage {Swedish}3x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM - Hemma {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM - Min Astrakan {Swedish}3x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Helen SJÖHOLM - Path Of Leaves And Needles {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Joy HERMALYN+Helen SJÖHOLM+Jessica VOSK+Louise PITRE+Walter CHARLES - American Man {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Kevin ODEKIRK+Greg STONE+Russell WATSON - Dreams Of Gold {Live Carnegie Hall} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Kevin ODEKIRK - Down To The Sea {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Kevin ODEKIRK - To The Sea {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Louise PITRE+Helen SJÖHOLM - Miracle Of God {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Louise PITRE - Never {Live Carnegie Hall}3x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Peter JÖBACK+Helen SJÖHOLM+Sally PALMQUIST PROCOPÉ - Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish}10x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Peter JÖBACK+Lars LEISHEM+Anders EKBORG - Drömmen Om Guld {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Peter JÖBACK - Ut Mot Ett Hav {Swedish Reprise} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Peter JÖBACK - Ut Mot Ett Hav {Swedish}4x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Russell WATSON+ENSEMBLE - Wild Cat Money {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Russell WATSON+Helen SJÖHOLM+Madeleine Rose YEN+ENSEMBLE - A Bad Harvest {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Russell WATSON+Louise PITRE - Miscarriage {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Russell WATSON - In The Dead Of Darkness {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Tommy JUTH+Peter JÖBACK+Marianne MÖRCK+Åsa BERGH - A Sunday In Battery Park3x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Tommy JUTH - Från New York Till Stillwater {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Åsa BERGH+Anders EKBORG - Missfall {Swedish} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Åsa BERGH+Helen SJÖHOLM+Jan ÅSTRÖM+Lars TIBELL+Olov HAUGAN - Vill Du Inte Gifta Dej Med Mej {Swedish} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Åsa BERGH+Helen SJÖHOLM+Marianne MÖRCK+Tommy JUTH - Löss {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Åsa BERGH+Helen SJÖHOLM - Ett Herrans Underverk {Swedish} 
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Åsa BERGH+Tommy JUTH+Marianne MÖRCK+Anders EKBORG+Helen SJÖHOLM - Överheten {Swedish}2x
KRISTINA MUSICAL+Åsa BERGH - Aldrig {Swedish}2x
All Who Are Grieving {Live Carnegie Hall} 
Bönder På Havet {Swedish}2x
Down To The Sacred Wave {Live} 
Down To The Waterside {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
Ett Herrans Underverk {Swedish Live Ur Kristina Från Duvemåla}2x
Excerpt From Finland {Swedish}3x
Hjälp Mej Trösta {Swedish Live Stockholm 2001} 
Här Har Du Mig Igen {Live Svenska Teatern} 
Jag Har Förlikat Mej Till Slut {Swedish} 
Kamfer Och Lavendel {Swedish}2x
Overture {Live Carnegie Hall}2x
Rising From The Myth And Legend {Live Carnegie Hall} 
Stanna {Swedish Live Svenska Teatern} 
Storan Malmö Musikteater {Swedish} 
Var Hör Vi Hemma {Swedish} 
Vildgräs {Swedish Live Svenska Teatern} 
You Have To Be There {Live Carnegie Hall}4x
Kadri SAVVA JAKadri SAVVA JA+Guido SOOLÄTE - A Flower In My Garden {Estonian} 
Kalle GNESTADe Vi Vill Ha {Instrumental} 
Midsommar På Maderö {Instrumental} 
Schottis På Viggsö {Instrumental} 
Tango I Det Gröna {Instrumental Pettersson}2x
Tiveds Hambo {Instrumental} 
Valsen Om Frans-Oskar {Instrumental} 
Kalle MORAEUSKalle MORAEUS+Bengn JANSON - Jag Såg Mamma Kyssa Tomten {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+Hej KALLE - Hawaiian War Chant 
Kalle MORAEUS+Hej KALLE - Koppången {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+Hej KALLE - Till Min Dotter {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+Hej KALLE - Vi Har Dansat {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+Hej KALLE - Viva La Esperanza {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+Lisa MISKOVSKY - Klockor Ring For Mig {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+Lisa MISKOVSKY - Upp Gläd Er Alla {Swedish} 
Kalle MORAEUS+ORSA SPELMÄN - Min Dröm {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen}2x
Kalle MORAEUS+ORSA SPELMÄN - Min Dröm {Swedish}2x
Kalle MORAEUS+ORSA SPELMÄN - Underbart {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera} 
Kalle MORAEUS+ORSA SPELMÄN - Underbart {Swedish Melodifestivalen 2010} 
Kalle MORAEUS+ORSA SPELMÄN - Underbart {Swedish}6x
Kalle MORAEUS+Sanna NIELSEN - Beatrice {Swedish Live Allsnag Pa Skansen} 
Beatrice {Swedish}9x
Behover {Swedish} 
Benny The Cat3x
Dagdrommar {Swedish} 
En Fridens Man {Swedish}2x
Jag Måste Drömma {Swedish} 
Jag Såg I Öster {Swedish} 
Jul Jul Strålande Jul {Swedish}3x
Komma Hem {Swedish} 
Maj Lundin {Swedish} 
Om Du Fanns Koar {Swedish} 
Om Sommaren {Swedish} 
På Festplatsen {Swedish} 
Route 66 
Sjömansjul På Hawaii {Swedish} 
Solschottis {Swedish} 
Sommartid {Swedish} 
Stanna Kvar Hos Mig {Swedish} 
Kalomoira SARANTIKalomoira SARANTI+Giwrgos XRISTOU - Dancing Queen2x
Karen CHERYLOh! Mama Mia {French} 
Vive Les Hommes {French}3x
Karin GLENMARKKarin GLENMARK+Anders GLENMARK - Flyga Fri {Swedish} 
Karin GLENMARK+Anders GLENMARK - Kall Som Is {Swedish} 
Karin GLENMARK+Tommy KÖRBERG+Anders GLENMARK - Efter Regnet {Swedish}4x
Gipsy Gipsy 
Mio Min Mio {Swedish Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
Xanadu {Swedish} 
Karina IGLESIASI Know There'S Something Going On 
Karla HERRARTEVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Live La Academia Kids 2} 
Katherine JENKINSAnthem2x
Kellian SMITHThe Winner Takes It All 
Kelly Clarkson STRONGERVilar Glad. I Din Famn {Swedish} 
Kerry ELLISAnthem 
You Have To Be There2x
Kicki MORBERGHär Är Mitt Liv {Swedish}2x
Men Natten Er Vår {Swedish}4x
En Annan Stad, En Annan Vän {Swedish} 
Papaya Coconut {Swedish} 
Kirsten SIGGAARDEndnu Engang {Swedish} 
Kirsti HUKEKirsti HUKE+Ola KVERNBERG+Erik NYLANDER - The Day Before You Came 
Kjell Inge TORGERSENAldri I Livet {Swedish} 
Kjerstin DELLERTO, Min Carl Gustaf {Swedish}5x
Koren ADITack {Swedish} 
Kristin LIDSTRÖMBortom Sol Och Måne {Swedish Live Trettondagskonsert}2x
Kylie MINOGUEKylie MINOGUE+Benny ANDERSSON - When All Is Said And Done {Live Hyde Park}9x
Super Trouper {Live Hyde Park} 
Winter Wonderland2x
LA BANDAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
LA CUMBIAChiquitita {Spanish} 
LA LA BANDMamma Mia 
LA TROVAMamma Mia {Spanish Live}2x
LAS JORGEDancing Queen {Live Elegidos}2x
LECIA & LUCIENNEWaterloo {Danish} 
LEONCome Home To Me 
LET THE MUSIC PLAYLay All Your Love On Me 
The Day Before You Came 
LEX TRIOAlam Indah {Indonesian} 
LILL-BABSDen Spanska Loppan {Swedish} 
Gröna Granna Sköna Sanna Sommar {Swedish}4x
Gummi-Boll {Swedish} 
Just A Letter To Me Won'T You Send 
Kyss Mig, Honey, Honey {Swedish} 
Letkis-Jenka {Swedish} 
Leva Livet {Swedish}5x
Leve Kärleken {Swedish} 
Ra-Ta-Ta {Swedish} 
Tänk Så Skönt {Swedish} 
Välkommen Till Världen {Swedish}9x
Willkommen Auf Erden {German} 
Är Du Kär I Mej Ännu, Klas-Göran {Swedish}5x
LINDAStop Niet {Dutch} 
LISE & GERTRUDSatelite {Swedish} 
Set Yourself Free5x
Sometimes {Live Partiprogrammet 21-8-2014} 
LONEY DEARNo Leaf Clover & Wherever I May Roam {Live At The Polar Music Prize Ceremony} 
LORE GChiquitita {Spanish} 
LOREENEuphoria {Live Melodifestivalen} 
LOST IN THE ORCHESTRASuper Trouper {Reprise D'ABBA} 
LOTTEDans Med Mig {Danish} 
LOVE STORYShe'S My Kind Of Girl {Japanese} 
LOVERSLay All Your Love On Me 
La BANDA AL ROJO VIVOVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish} 
La Gaylia FRAZIERLa Gaylia FRAZIER+Lena PHILIPSSON - Mio Min Mio {Live} 
Laleh POURKARIMChiquitita 
Sol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish} 
Lara ALCÁZARThe Winner Takes It All 
Lara FABIANABBA Medley {Live In Kiev} 
Medley ABBA {Live Nantes} 
Lara SISCARMedley Dancing Queen & Waterloo {Spanish} 
Lars SVENSONEnkelbeckasin {Instrumental} 
Fågelsång I Sverige {Instrumental} 
Gröngöling {Instrumental} 
Gök {Instrumental} 
Kattuggla {Instrumental} 
Nötväcka {Instrumental} 
Sävsångare {Instrumental} 
Lasse LÖNNDAHLMin Pullover {Swedish} 
Tusen Och En Natt {Swedish}3x
Lasse WELLANDERLasse WELLANDER+LENA - Fri Som En Fågel {Swedish}3x
Lasse WELLANDER+Lena LARSSON - Is There A Chance 
Lasse WELLANDER+Mats RONANDER - Old School Boogie {Instrumental}4x
Lasse WELLANDER+Stefan NIKVIST - In My Heart And Soul {Swedish}5x
Anitras Dance {Swedish}2x
Anthem {Instrumental}3x
Barkbrödslåten {Swedish} 
Boeves Psalm {Swedish} 
Chess {Instrumental}3x
Fiendens Fiende {Swedish} 
Mellan Hägg Och Syren {Instrumental} 
Out Of The Shadows {Instrumental} 
Samba Loelek {Instrumental}3x
Ta Mig Till Havet {Swedish} 
The Parting Glass {Instrumental}2x
Tröstevisa {Swedish} 
Ut Mot Öppet Hav {Swedish} 
Vingar {Instrumental} 
Laura BRANIGANGloria 
The Winner Takes It All {Main Mix} 
Lauren HAWKINSI'Ve Been Waiting For You 
Lauren WILLIAMSHeaven Help My Heart {Live Version 2014} 
Laurent VOULZYRockollection {Spanish}2x
Lea LAVENFernando {Finnish} 
Lea SALONGASomeone Else'S Story {Live} 
Leif BLOOMSLeif BLOOMS+Mona GUSTAFSSON - När Jag Kysste Lärar'N {Swedish}2x
Lena ANDERSSONLena ANDERSSON+Stig ANDERSON - Du Har En Vän {Swedish} 
Barn {Swedish}3x
Better To Have Loved {Than Never Loved At All}2x
Cecilia {Swedish} 
Den Gamla Va Gen {Swedish}2x
Det Bästa Som Finns {Swedish} 
En Junikväll {Swedish} 
En Visa Om Arton Svanar {Swedish}3x
Fernando {German ... und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah} 
Forever I Am Yours 
Glöm Dig Själv För En Dag {Swedish}2x
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 
Hasta Mañana {Swedish}4x
Hej Du Glada Sommar {Swedish} 
Heute Treffensich Die Leute {German} 
Härlig Är Jorden {Swedish Ps 297) Julens Musik} 
I Paris En Natt {Swedish} 
Jag Har Väntat På Dig {Swedish} 
Jag Kommer {Swedish}3x
Kawaisonako {Japanese} 
Kärlek Kan Göra Ont {Swedish} 
Mary Did You Know 
Natt Mot Morgon {Swedish} 
Nu Ser Jag Allting Klart {Swedish} 
O Tysta Ensamhet {Swedish}3x
Om Sommaren Sköna {Swedish} 
Once In David'S Royal City 
River Grave 
S.O.S. {German}3x
Skapelsens Hemlighel {Swedish} 
Sol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish}2x
Stilla Natt, Heliga Natt (Ps. 114) {Swedish Julens Musik} 
Straight Line4x
Såg Det Med En Sång {Swedish}11x
Söderjäntans Söndag {Swedish} 
The Language Of Love4x
Tom Tom Käre Vän {Swedish} 
Tänk Om Man Bara Kunde Svara På Frågor {Swedish} 
Världen Som Var Min {Swedish}2x
Vårnattsmelodi {Swedish} 
Är Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång {Swedish Live Bingolotto} 
Är Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång {Swedish}6x
Lena ERICSSONEn Enda Jord {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen} 
Lena MARTELLI'Ve Been Waiting For You 
Lena PHILIPSSONLena PHILIPSSON+NANNE+Christer SJÖGREN+Ola SALO - Rock You Like A Hurricane {Live Melodifestivalen} 
Dancing Queen {Live En Kväll För Vår Drottning 2013} 
Lena-Maria KLINGVALLSol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish}2x
Thank You For The Music 
Lene SIELBare En Af Dem {Danish} 
If This Is Our Last Dance 
Nina, Pretty Ballerina 
Thank You For The Music 
Lennart GRAHNLennart GRAHN+Nya SHANES - Ozi Mcdozi {Swedish} 
Leo MORACCHIOLIDancing Queen 
Leonard TGo! If There'S No Love 
Les ENFOIRESLes ENFOIRES+Patrick BRUEL+Patrick FIORI+Christophe WILLEM - The Winner Takes It All {Live} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live Sketch Eurovision} 
Lill LINDFORSDe' E' Så Man Dånar {Swedish}3x
Den Gamla Biografien {Swedish} 
Du Har En Vän {Swedish}4x
Lilly MEDancing Queen 
Lina HEDLUNDLina HEDLUND+Hanna HEDLUND - Dancing Queen {Live Karantänsession}2x
Linda EDERLinda EDER+Peter CALO - Fernando {Live} 
Linda LAMPENIUSKristina Från Dufvemåla Medley {Instrumental} 
Linda SUNDBLADS.O.S. {Swedish Live Alla Tiders Hits} 
S.O.S. {Swedish} 
Lindsey GEORGEI Know There'S Something Going On4x
Linnea HENRIKSSONMamma Är Lik Sin Mamma {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen}2x
Lisa AJAXJag Måste {Swedish}2x
Känn En Doft Av Kärleken {Swedish}2x
Lisa MISKOVSKYLisa MISKOVSKY+Kalle MORAEUS - Klockor Ring For Mig {Swedish Live Grattis Kronprinsessan} 
Lisa NILSSONÄnglamark {Swedish Live Så Mycket Bättre}2x
Lisa ONODancing Queen 
Lisa STOKKELisa STOKKE+Gunilla BACKMAN - ABBA Medley {Live Allsang På Grensen} 
Nobody'S Side {Live Chess Olympiade}2x
Liza ÖHMANLiza ÖHMAN+_ABBA (TRIBUTE) - Vi Kan Börja Om {Swedish}2x
Loa FALKMANLoa FALKMAN+Kalle MORAEUS - För Mycké Dig & För Lite Mig {Swedish Live Nyårsbingo} 
Lonnie DONEGANI Lost My Heart On The 542 {English version of "Ljuva Sextital"} 
Los DEL VALLES.O.S. {Spanish} 
Los HORÓSCOPOS DE DURANGOSolo Piensa En Mi {Spanish}3x
Los NIKISMamma Mia {Spanish} 
Los SECRETOSEn Mi Habitación {Spanish}2x
Los VILLALOBOSChiquitita {Spanish} 
Lotta ENGBERGLeva Livet {Swedish} 
Lotta HEDLUNDBarndomshemmet {Swedish}2x
Louise PITREBravo Tu As Gagné {French} 
Loïc NOTTETLoïc NOTTET+Gwendal MARIMOUTOU - The Winner Takes It All {Live La Chanson Secrète} 
Rhythm Inside {Belgium} 
Lu JANDROConociéndome, Conociéndote {Spanish} 
La Reina Del Baile {Spanish} 
Lucy DIAKOVSKALucy DIAKOVSKA+Kerstin DAHL-BOQUIST - Wieder Allein {German} 
Lucy May BARKERThe Name Of The Game {Live Mamma Mia'S Breakfast Television Toronto} 
Ludvig ANDERSSON1968 
Before I Fade Away 
Deal With The Devil 
Fallen Man 
Fear & Loathing 
Northern Girl  
One Touch4x
Stareyed Boy 
Luisito MORAEl Ganador {Spanish Costa Rica Salsa 2019} 
Lulia GRAMAMamma Mia {Internet Parody} 
LÊ BANG GIANGHappy New Year {Live Vietnamse Bff Band Mai Chí Công Phan Linh Hoa B?O Khuong Nh?C Xuân Hot} 
LØV & TOM HUGOKom Ut, Kom Fram {Swedish} 
MADNESSMoney, Money, Money2x
Our House 
MADONNAMADONNA+ABBA - Like An Angel Passing Through My Room {Duet Mix}2x
Hung Up3x
Hung Up {Demo}2x
Hung Up {Duet Mix} 
Hung Up {Edit}2x
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room2x
Veras {Spanish} 
MAGAZIN LIVEABBA Jetzt! {Live At Nightstyle Solothurn} 
MAJELLAAndante, Andante 
MALTASommar'N Som Aldrig Säger Nej {Swedish} 
MAMMA MANIAChiquitita {Live} 
Mamma Mia The PartyABBA Medley {Live Allsång På Skansen}2x
ABBA Medley {Live During The Mammagalan To Celebrate The Mother´S Day In Sweden} 
I Let The Music Speak {Live English version}2x
I'M A Marionette {Live ABBA Fans Day} 
I'M A Marionette {Live English Premiere} 
I'Ve Been Waiting For You {Live English Premiere} 
If It Wasn'T For The Nights {Live Swedish version} 
Medley Hole In Your Soul & On And On And On {Live Swedish version} 
Medley So Long & Honey Honey {Live English Premiere} 
Musikalmedley {Swedish Live Sommarkrysset TV4 Framför Ett Fartfyllt} 
Mamma MiaMAMMA MIA+Alberto VÁZQUEZ+NINA - No Lo Ves {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Alberto VÁZQUEZ - Que Sí, Que Sí {Spanish}2x
MAMMA MIA+Amanda SEYFRIED+Julie WALTERS+Christine BARANSKI+Pierce BROSNAN+Stellan SKARSGÅRD - Dancing Queen {From Mamma Mi2x
MAMMA MIA+Amanda SEYFRIED+Julie WALTERS+Christine BARANSKI - Angeleyes {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Amanda SEYFRIED+Pierce BROSNAN+Lily JAMES - Knowing Me, Knowing You {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Sound 
MAMMA MIA+Amanda SEYFRIED - Lay All Your Love On Me {Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Amanda SEYFRIED - The Name Of The Game {Soundtrack}2x
MAMMA MIA+Andrew LANGTREE+Lisa STOKKE - Lay All Your Love On Me2x
MAMMA MIA+Andy GARCÍA - Fernando {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack}3x
MAMMA MIA+Annette WIMMER+Annika BRUHNS+Carolin FORTENBACHER - Dancing Queen {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Annika BRUHNS+Carolin FORTENBACHER - Chiquitita {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Ashley LILLEY+Rachel MCDOWALL - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Soundtrack Full Version}7x
MAMMA MIA+Ashley LILLEY+Rachel MCDOWALL - Honey, Honey {From 'Mamma Mia!' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Carolin FORTENBACHER+Annette WIMMER+Annika BRUHNS+ENSEMBLE - Money, Money, Money {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Carolin FORTENBACHER+Peggy POLLOW - Durch Meine Finger Rinnt Die Zeit {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Carolin FORTENBACHER - Einer Von Uns {German Live}2x
MAMMA MIA+Celine PURCELL - Honey, Honey {Dutch Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Cusch JUNG+Carolin FORTENBACHER - Unser Sommer {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Elisa TOVATI - Laisse Moi L'Amour Aussi {French Live La Grande Soirée ABBA} 
MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI+SONG XIN YANG+LIN YI - Honey, Honey {Chinese} 
MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI+Yu TAO+Fu ZHENHUA+Linsen SEN - Thank You For The Music {Chinese} 
MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI - I Have A Dream {Chinese} 
MAMMA MIA+Frank LOGEMANN+Carolin FORTENBACHER+ENSEMBLE - Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Gunilla BACKMAN - Vinnaren Tar Allt {Swedish} 
MAMMA MIA+Jane ZHANG - The Winner Takes It All {Chinese Reprise} 
MAMMA MIA+Jessica KEENAN WYNN+Alexa DAVIES - I Wonder (Departure) {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Jessica KEENAN WYNN+Alexa DAVIES - Mamma Mia {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Julie WALTERS+Christine BARANSKI - Chiquitita {Movie Edit}2x
MAMMA MIA+Julie WALTERS+Christine BARANSKI - I'Ve Been Waiting For You {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Jörg NEUBAUER+Peggy POLLOW - Leg Dein Herz An Eine Leine {German Live}2x
MAMMA MIA+Kevin SCHRÖDER - Wenn Das Mami Wüsst {German Live}2x
MAMMA MIA+Leandro RIVERA+Jaime ZATARAIN+David ÁVILA - Voulez-Vous {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Leandro RIVERA+Mariona CASTILLO+David ÁVILA - Fija Tu Amor En Mí {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES+Hugh SKINNER - Waterloo {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES+Hugh SKINNER - Why Did It Have To Be Me? {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES+Jessica KEENAN WYNN+Alexa DAVIES+Celia IMRIE - When I Kissed The Teacher {From Mamma Mia Here We Go A3x
MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES - Andante, Andante {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack}2x
MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES - I Have A Dream {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Lily JAMES - The Name Of The Game {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Eliza LUMLEY+Melissa GIBSON - Honey, Honey5x
MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Nicolas COLICOS - The Name Of The Game2x
MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Paul CLARKSON+Hilton MCRAE+Nicolas COLICOS - Thank You For The Music 
MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+The COMPANY - Under Attack2x
MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE - I Have A Dream {Version 1999} 
MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE - Voulez-Vous3x
MAMMA MIA+Louise PLOWRIGHT+Jenny GALLOWAY+Siobhan MCCARTHY - Dancing Queen {Original Cast London} 
MAMMA MIA+Louise PLOWRIGHT+Neal WRIGHT - Does Your Mother Know 
MAMMA MIA+Mariona CASTILLO+Bruno SQUARCIA - Cómo Puedo Jugar {Spanish}5x
MAMMA MIA+Mariona CASTILLO+Mónica VIVES FOX+Mamen MÁRQUEZ - Honey, Honey {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Mariona CASTILLO+Mónica VIVES FOX+Mamen MÁRQUEZ - ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Mariona CASTILLO+Nando GONZÁLEZ+Bruno SQUARCIA - Gracias Por Dejarme Cantar Canciones {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Mariona CASTILLO - Ayer Soñé {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Mariona CASTILLO - No Habrá Cuartel {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Marta VALDEVERDE+Paula SEBASTIÁN - Chiquitita {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP+Amanda SEYFRIED - Slipping Through My Fingers {Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP+Christine BARANSKI+Stellan SKARSGÅRD+Amanda SEYFRIED+Julie WALTERS+Pierce BROSNAN - Dancing Queen {2x
MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP+Lily JAMES+Amanda SEYFRIED - My Love, My Life {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack}2x
MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP - The Day Before You Came {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Meryl STREEP - The Winner Takes It All {Mamma Mia Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+NINA+Mariona CASTILLO - Siento Que Se Aleja {Spanish}2x
MAMMA MIA+NINA+Marta VALDEVERDE+Paula SEBASTIÁN - Super Trouper {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+NINA - Mamma Mia {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+NINA - Quiero, Quiero, Quiero {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+NINA - Va Todo Al Ganador {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Paul CLARKSON - Our Last Summer3x
MAMMA MIA+Paula SEBASTIÁN+Bruno SQUARCIA - Te Has Fijado En Mí {Spanish} 
MAMMA MIA+Peggy POLLOW+Anna-Katharina MEIER+Ekaterini TSAPANIDOU - Honey, Honey {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Peggy POLLOW+ENSEMBLE - Unter Beschuss {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Peggy POLLOW+Frank LOGEMANN+Cusch JUNG+Ulrich ALLROGGEN - Danke Für Die Lieder {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Peggy POLLOW+Ulrich ALLROGGEN - Was Ist Das Für Ein Spiel? {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Pierce BROSNAN+Meryl STREEP - When All Is Said And Done {Soundtrack}2x
MAMMA MIA+Pierce BROSNAN+Stellan SKARSGÅRD+Amanda SEYFRIED+Meryl STREEP - Our Last Summer {Soundtrack} 
MAMMA MIA+Reuben SALLMANDER - Jag Är Jag, Du Är Du {Swedish} 
MAMMA MIA+SHADOW - Mamma Mia {Chinese} 
MAMMA MIA+SHADOW - Money, Money, Money {Chinese} 
MAMMA MIA+Simone KLEIN - 'T Glipt Me Door Mijn Vingers {Dutch Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Simone KLEIN - De Winnaar Krijgt De Macht {Dutch Live}2x
MAMMA MIA+Simone KLEIN - Een Van Ons {Dutch Live}2x
MAMMA MIA+Simone KLEIN - Money, Money, Money {Dutch Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY+Lisa STOKKE - Slipping Through My Fingers3x
MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY - One Of Us2x
MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY - The Winner Takes It All 
MAMMA MIA+Ulrich ALLROGGEN+Michael KUNZE - Komm Und Wag'S Mit Mir {German Live} 
MAMMA MIA+Yu TAO - Knowing Me, Knowing You {Chinese} 
ABBA Mashup {Dutch Live Koffietijd} 
Agradeço A Melodia {Portuguese Brasilian Cast} 
Als 'K Maar Weet Hoe Het Heet {Dutch Live}2x
Bom Pra Mim, Pra Você {Portuguese Live} 
Celebrates 15 Years In London Medley2x
Chiquitita {Dutch Live} 
Chiquitita {Korean Korean} 
Chiquitita {Spanish Live Escena Del Musical Lima, Perú} 
Chiquitita {Spanish Live Mamma Mia! Barcelona 2015}2x
Chiquitita {Swedish}2x
Comme Une Attaque {French Live}2x
Como Hay Que Jugar {Spanish Live Argentina Cast} 
Daj Mi! Daj Mi! Daj Mi! {Polish} 
Dancing Queen {Chinese} 
Dancing Queen {De Cast Van Vlanderen Doet Een In Kot!}2x
Dancing Queen {Edit Reprise}2x
Dancing Queen {Italians Final Milano} 
Dancing Queen {Japanese Live} 
Dancing Queen {Live Broadway} 
Dancing Queen {Multi-Language Mix} 
Dancing Queen {ON KERRI-ANNE} 
Dancing Queen {Polish} 
Dancing Queen {Russian Moscow Cast} 
Dancing Queen {Swedish Live encore at Svenska Teatern} 
Dancing Queen {Swedish} 
Dis, A Quoi Tu Joues {French Live} 
Does Your Mother Know {Instrumental Movie Edit}5x
Does Your Mother Know {Japanese Live} 
Een Offensief {Dutch Live}2x
En Av Oss {Swedish}2x
En Pleno Ataque {Spanish Live Teatro Opera Citi} 
Entr'Acte {Instrumental Polska Production} 
Entr'Acte {Instrumental}3x
Entracto {Instrumental}3x
Fija Tu Amor En Mí {Spanish Live Mexico Cast}3x
Finale {Italians}2x
Geef Me Geef Me Geef Me! {Dutch Live} 
Gib Mir, Gib Mir, Gib Mir! {German Live} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Korean Korean} 
Gracias Por La Música {Spanish Live Mexico Cast} 
Happy New Year {Russian} 
Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing 
Hasta Mañana {Live From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie} 
Honey, Honey {French Live} 
Honey, Honey {Japanese Live} 
Honey, Honey {Korean Korean} 
Honey, Honey {Polish} 
Honey, Honey {Swedish} 
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Japanese Live} 
I Have A Dream {Russian} 
I Heb Een Droom {Dutch Live} 
I Tryggt Förvar Hos Mig {Swedish} 
Ik Wil Ik Wil Ik Wil Ik Wil Ik Wil {Dutch Live} 
Ja To Wiem, Ty To Znasz {Polish}2x
Jag Har En Dröm {Swedish} 
Kan Man Ha En Solkatt I En Bur {Swedish} 
Kisses Of Fire {From Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Movie Soundtrack}2x
Knowing Me, Knowing You {Russian Live Russian Cast} 
L'Un De Nous {French Live} 
La Loi Du Plus Fort {French Live} 
Laisse Moi L'Amour Aussi {French Live}2x
Lay All Your Love On Me {Japanese Live In Tokyo (Version 3)} 
Lay All Your Love On Me {Korean Korean} 
Lay All Your Love On Me {Portuguese} 
Le Temps Me Glisse Entre Les Doigts {French Live} 
Ma Vie C'Est La Musique {French Live}2x
Mamma Mia Medley {All Languages Part II} 
Mamma Mia Medley {All Languages Part I} 
Mamma Mia Medley {El musical (C5n - Noches Mías)} 
Mamma Mia {Czech} 
Mamma Mia {Danish Finale Danish Cast} 
Mamma Mia {Dutch Live} 
Mamma Mia {Edit Reprise} 
Mamma Mia {French Live} 
Mamma Mia {German Live} 
Mamma Mia {Japanese Live In Tokyo (Version 3)} 
Mamma Mia {Japanese Live}2x
Mamma Mia {Korean Korean} 
Mamma Mia {Live At ABBA Museum} 
Mamma Mia {Polish Powitanie pólmilionowego pasazera Dreamlinera} 
Mamma Mia {Russian Moscow Cast} 
Mamma Mia {Swedish} 
Medley {Live Greek Rising Star} 
Medley {Live West End} 
Medley {Spanish Live En El Metro De Madrid} 
Money, Money, Money {French Live} 
Money, Money, Money {Italians Il Musical} 
Money, Money, Money {Korean Korean} 
Money, Money, Money {Live Broadway}4x
Money, Money, Money {Live Norwegian Norway Cast} 
Money, Money, Money {Russian Live Russian Cast} 
Money, Money, Money {Russian} 
Money, Money, Money {Spanish Live Extracto Del Musical Mamma Mía Lima, Perú} 
Money, Money, Money {Spanish Live Mexico Cast}2x
Money, Money, Money {Swedish} 
O Último Verão {Portuguese Live} 
On The Eighth Day Of Christmas Mamma Mia! Gave To Me {London Cast} 
One Of Us {Korean Korean} 
One Of Us {Portuguese} 
One Of Us {Russian Live Russian Cast} 
Onze Zomer {Dutch Live Antwerpen} 
Our Last Summer {Korean Korean} 
Ouverture & Prologue {Instrumental} 
Pak Je Kans {Dutch Live} 
Powitanie Pólmilionowego Pasazera Dreamlinera Lot-U! {Polish} 
Quero Quero Quero {Portuguese Live} 
Qui Je Suis ! Qui Sommes-Nous ? {French Live} 
S.O.S. {Italians Live Showcase} 
S.O.S. {Korean Korean} 
S.O.S. {Portuguese Live Todo Seu} 
S.O.S. {Portuguese Live} 
S.O.S. {Russian Live Russian Cast} 
S.O.S. {Russian} 
S.O.S. {Swedish} 
Si Maman Permet {French Live} 
Siento Que Se Aleja {Spanish Live Mexico Cast} 
Sista Sommarn {Swedish} 
Slipping Through My Fingers {Japanese Live} 
Slipping Through My Fingers {Korean Korean} 
Spaar Al Je Liefs Voor Mij {Dutch Live} 
Sua Mãe Não Pode Saber {Portuguese Live}2x
Summer Night City {Live London 99} 
Super Trouper {Russian Live Russian Cast} 
Super Trouper {Swedish} 
Säg Ok Eller Nej {Swedish} 
Tack För Alla Sanger {Swedish} 
Thank You For The Music {Japanese Live} 
Thank You For The Music {Korean Korean} 
Thank You For The Music {Soundtrack Hidden Bonus} 
Thank You For The Music {With Love And Thanks From The Cast Of Mamma Mia!} 
The Musical On Broadway {Medley} 
The Name Of The Game {Portuguese Amateur con Marianna Troccoli y Hélio Inagake} 
The Party {Live Excepts} 
To Atak Jest {Polish} 
Tout Un Été {French Live} 
Un Homme Après Minuit {French Live} 
Un Verano {Argentina}2x
Un Verano {Spanish Live Mexico Cast} 
Under Attack {Japanese Live}3x
Under Attack {Korean Korean} 
Viens Tenter Ta Chance {French Live} 
Voulez-Vous {Dutch Live} 
Voulez-Vous {Swedish} 
Väntar Inte Mamma På Dig {Swedish} 
Waterloo {Hungrian Live (Hungarian Cast)} 
Waterloo {Hungrian Live Hungarian Madách Színház Abba Részlet} 
Waterloo {Swedish}2x
Weet Je Moeder Dat {Dutch Live}2x
Zaryzykuj Mnie {Polish} 
¿Es Un Juego O Qué? {Spanish Live Mexico Cast} 
MAMMA TUYAVen Verano {Spanish} 
MANDO DIAOMANDO DIAO+Tommy KÖRBERG - 24 Hours From Tulsa {Live At På Spåret} 
MANDYKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live Zet Abba Naar Haar Hand} 
MANUELAHappy Hawaii {German} 
Señor Gonzales {German} 
MARGALUZWaterloo {Spanish}4x
MARIA LUCIAHeaven Help My Heart 
Nobody'S Side2x
MARIEL & FRIENDThe Visitors 
Burning My Bridges {Extended} 
I'Ve Been Waiting For You3x
Thank You For The Music3x
MARISELASi No Te Hubieras Ido {Spanish} 
Y Dime Que Paso {Spanish}3x
MARLEEN & MARTYHappy Hawaii {German} 
MAS QUE COPLAChiquitita {Spanish} 
MELINDAChiquitita {Spanish} 
MEMBERSDoes Your Mother Know 
MENUDOMENUDO+Ricky MARTIN - Chiquitita {Spanish}3x
MENUDO+Ricky MARTIN - One Night In Bangkok 
MENUDO+Ricky MARTIN - Voulez-Vous {Spanish}2x
MERCEDESZIf It Wasn'T For The Nights6x
The Winner Takes It All {Live Allsång På Skansen}2x
METALLICADancing Queen {Live At Globen Arena stockholm} 
MIASMAS.O.S. {Live} 
MILAN, PAUL & ELADas Ist O.K. {German} 
Geh An Den Rosen Nicht Vorbei {German} 
Sing, Wenn Du Mal Traurig Bist {German} 
MILK & COFFEEABBA Medley {Live Cantando Ballando} 
ABBA Mix {Live Da Millevoci} 
MIRANDADon {Spanish} 
Felicidad {Spanish}2x
MISTHERIAMISTHERIA+Kelly SIMONZ - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live From Mark Boals Trilogy Tour In Kagoshima} 
MIVAGut Zusammen {Swedish} 
MNT SKOPJEDancing Queen {Live Serbo-Croate}2x
MOCEDADESEres Tu {Spanish} 
Muriendo Lento {Spanish Live} 
MON AMOURAutumn Days2x
I'M Nothing Without You 
MOONLIGHTERSOoh Wakka Do Wakka Dey {Swedish} 
Tänk Att Va' Lektyrfotograf {Swedish} 
MOONSTONEThe Visitors 
MUTINEGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2x
MVPMoney, Money, Money 
Magdaléna BOHÁCOVÁMagdaléna BOHÁCOVÁ+Matej ZELENKA - Fernando 
Magnus CARLSSONMagnus CARLSSON+Helen SJÖHOLM+Hans EK - Heroes 
Magnus CARLSSON+Jessica ANDERSSON - En Stilla Väntan {Swedish Live Nyhetsmorgon TV4} 
Magnus CARLSSON+Sofia KÄLLGREN - Jag Går Dit Du Går {Swedish}3x
Blanca Navidad {Spanish} 
Ge Mig Sommar {Swedish} 
Möt Mig I Gamla Stan {Swedish} 
Nar Vi Narmar Oss Jul {Swedish}2x
Santa La Noche {Spanish} 
Tillsammans {Swedish} 
Under Attack {Live 30th Anniversary Show} 
When All Is Said And Done {Live Nyhetsmorgon}2x
You Will Be Found 
Änglamark {Swedish Live Så Mycket Bättre TV4} 
Magnus LINDBERGLjustero {Swedish}3x
Magnus UGGLARing Ring {Swedish} 
Maite KELLYMaite KELLY+Roland KAISER - Klinget Hell Ihr Glocken {German Live Das Adventsfest Der 100.000 Lichter} 
Maite KELLY+Roland KAISER - Klinget Hell Ihr Glocken {German} 
Malena ERNMANMalena ERNMAN+Anne-Sofie VON OTTER - Barcarolle {Italians} 
Malena ERNMAN+Helen SJÖHOLM - Now We Are Free {Live Allsång På Skansen} 
Malena ERNMAN+Helen SJÖHOLM - Sankta Klara Klocka {Swedish} 
Gabriella Sång {Swedish Live Bingolottos Uppesittarkväll}2x
Sankta Klara Klocka {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen} 
Manolo MUÑOZSpeedy Gonzalez {Spanish} 
Map OYACABSo Long 
Marga VERDURASChiquitita {Spanish} 
Margherita SADARegina Di Tutti Noi {Italians} 
Marguerite MACLEANThank You For The Music2x
Maria MADDALENA CALVIThank You For The Music {Italians}2x
Maria MOHNNatt Og Dag {Swedish} 
Maria RÅDSTENVad Som Än Händer {Swedish} 
Maria YLIPÄÄMaria YLIPÄÄ+Benny ANDERSSON - Hemma {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera}3x
Maria YLIPÄÄ+Robert NOACK - Min Lust Till Dig {Live Allsång På Skansen}3x
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Live At Friends Arena} 
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Live allsång På Skansen}3x
Marianne KOCKVackra Sagor Är Så Korta {Swedish}4x
Marianne MENDTEin Zufall {German} 
Marianne ROSENBERGNur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht {German} 
Marie FREDRIKSSONAlone Again 
Marie SERNEHOLTDisconnect Me 
Himlen I Min Famn 
Salt And Pepper 
Marie-Louise EKMANPuder {Swedish}2x
Teater Krokodil {Swedish} 
Marina KAPUROWhen I Kissed The Teacher {Russian Live ABBAmania Show Show} 
Marina PRIORS.O.S. 
Marisol OTEROMarisol OTERO+Flor OTERO - Lo Conozco Muy Bien {Spanish I Know Him So Well}2x
Hay Solo Un Ganador {Spanish Live 2020 Version} 
Hay Solo Un Ganador {Spanish The Winner Takes It All}3x
Hay Solo Un Ganador {Spanish Versión Grabada Con Coros Y Orquesta}4x
I Have A Dream {Live Acústico} 
My Love, My Life {Live} 
Se Me Escapa El Tiempo {Spanish Slipping Through My Fingers}5x
Si No Estás A Mi Lado {Spanish Du Måste Finnas}3x
Yo Lo Soñé {Spanish I Have A Dream}2x
Maritza HORNDitt Horn Är Min Passion {Swedish} 
Martin LJUNGBetlehems Stjärna {Swedish} 
Martin RIVERFIELDMartin RIVERFIELD+The WHEELS OF FORTUNE BAND - Dancing Queen {Live Bingolotto} 
Mary MAGDELENADancing Queen 
Mathias SVENSSONMathias SVENSSON+Lennart WADÉN - When All Is Said And Done 
Matilda LINDELLMatilda LINDELL+Riltons VÄNNER - Money, Money, Money 
ABBA Medley {Livestream Session} 
One Of Us 
Mats OLINJag Tror På Sommaren {Swedish}3x
Jag Vill Vara En Tok {Swedish} 
Mats PAULSONGyllne Morgon {Swedish}3x
Mats RONANDERMats RONANDER+Kim LARSEN - Gör Mig Lycklig Nu {Swedish}2x
Mats RONANDER+Mauro SCOCCO - Solsken Efter Regn3x
Better Move On 
För Kärlekens Skull {Swedish} 
Gör Mig Lycklig Nu {Swedish Live} 
I Min Faders Hus {Swedish} 
Klubbrock {Swedish}3x
Kött Och Blod {Swedish} 
Luft Under Vingarna {Swedish Feat. Sanne Salomonsen} 
Luft Under Vingarna {Swedish Live TV4} 
Malla Motel {Swedish} 
On And On And On 
On And On And On {Live Berns Salonger} 
Sverige {Swedish} 
Tequila Land 
Matthew EVANSWhy Did It Have To Be Me 
Mauri Antero NUMMINENSom En Gummiboll Kommer Jag Tillbaks Till Dej {Swedish} 
Maya HAKVOORTNobody'S Side {From The Musical Chess} 
Mazz MURRAYAndante, Andante 
One Of Us 
Melania LENOIRMelania LENOIR+Natalia COCIUFFO - Lo Conozco Bien {Spanish}3x
Melanie CMelanie C+Emma BUNTON - I Know Him So Well3x
Melanie C+Emma BUNTON - I Know Him So Well {Live Shepherd' Bush Empire}2x
Melissa LOTOSúper Compañía {Spanish} 
Meredith BRAUNI'M Still Alive3x
Someone Else'S Story {From 'Chess'} 
Meryl STREEPMeryl STREEP+Bette MIDLER+Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+Goldie HAWN+CHER - What A Wonderful World 
Mezcal MARIACHILay All Your Love On Me {Instrumental} 
Waterloo {Instrumental} 
Mia MAMAHoney, Honey 
Mia NEGOVETICThe Winner Takes It All {Live Concert} 
Mia ZIMMERMANAndante, Andante2x
Slipping Through My Fingers 
Michael B. TRETOW+CARAMBA:Zoltan Zulls Julhälsning {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW+Ola BRUNKERT:Ali ABBA {Live}4x
Michael B. TRETOW+Sofia TRETOW:Children Of The Night10x
Michael B. TRETOW+Ted GÄRDESTAD:Sputnik 
Michael B. TRETOW:Apans Sång {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Betlehems Stjärna 
Michael B. TRETOW:Bottom Coming Up2x
Michael B. TRETOW:Brief Intermission 
Michael B. TRETOW:Brief Intermission No.1 
Michael B. TRETOW:Buy, Buy, Buy2x
Michael B. TRETOW:Den Makalösa Manicken {Swedish}5x
Michael B. TRETOW:Det Var Bättre Förr {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Doc Mcgurgle'S Babylonian Lizard Tooth Oil3x
Michael B. TRETOW:Dr. Gerhards Liniment {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Du Maste Se Var Du Gar {Swedish}3x
Michael B. TRETOW:Eldorado Americana {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Elitgymnasten {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Ett Besök På Riksmixningsverket {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Feelings 
Michael B. TRETOW:Gnällpipan {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Godda, Godda, Godda! {Swedish Version 2} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Godda, Godda, Godda! {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:He Can'T Sing 
Michael B. TRETOW:Hesitating Hanna 
Michael B. TRETOW:Hystereo 
Michael B. TRETOW:I Can See What You Mean 
Michael B. TRETOW:I Really Am A Fool For You 
Michael B. TRETOW:Ibland {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Jag Drömmer Om En Jul Hemma {Swedish}2x
Michael B. TRETOW:Jag Såg Mamma Kyssa Tomten 
Michael B. TRETOW:Jag Är Galen {Swedish (I Kex)} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Jinglemaskinens Klagan {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Keep Your Hands To Yourself 
Michael B. TRETOW:Let'S Boogie3x
Michael B. TRETOW:Lillan {Instrumental} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Moonbeams2x
Michael B. TRETOW:Musikteknik {Swedish Sida A} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Musikteknik {Swedish Sida B} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Nervös {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Paper Dolls8x
Michael B. TRETOW:Raplat Fran Nylle {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Robot Man 
Michael B. TRETOW:Russin {Swedish Version 2} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Russin {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Sagan Om Guldlock Och De Tre Trollen {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Sagosang {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Sandwich4x
Michael B. TRETOW:Sangen Om De Tre Sma Trollen {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Se Var Du Gar {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:She'S Gone 
Michael B. TRETOW:Signatur {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Spotnjik {Swedish}2x
Michael B. TRETOW:Sångfrökens Jul {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Telefånen {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:That'S The Way The Cookie Crumbles 
Michael B. TRETOW:Troll {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Trolle E Bäst {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Trolle Är Bäst {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Trollena Bruses Visa {Swedish} 
Michael B. TRETOW:Tutti Frutti {Swedish En Jättgrouvy Melodi}2x
Michael BALLAnthem {Chess} 
Happy New Year 
Michèle RICHARDJe Connais Un Ange {French} 
Michèle TORRJ'Aime {French Live}2x
J'Aime {French}2x
Miguel GALLARDOTu Amante O Tu Enemigo {Spanish}2x
Mikael RAMELMikael RAMEL+Michael B. TRETOW - Loving Enemy 
Mike LOVEOn And On And On 
Mike OLDFIELDArrival {Instrumental}2x
Mike TYSONOne Night In Bangkok2x
Milena WARTHONChiquitita {Portuguese} 
Mireille MATHIEUBlue Bayou {French} 
Bravo Tu As Gagné {French}7x
La Première Étoile {French} 
Vive Le Vent {French}2x
Miriam BRYANTDu Med Dig {Swedish} 
Mollie MINOTTSkin {Swedish Live} 
Molly SANDENFör Kärlekens Skull {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera 2015} 
Mona WESSMANGör Som Jag {Swedish} 
Monica ASPELUNDHasta Mañana {Finnish} 
Monica NARANJOI Ain'T Gonna Cry 
Monica ZETTERLUNDGröna Små Äpplen {Swedish}4x
Montserrat CABALLÉMontserrat CABALLÉ+Shirley VERRETT - Barcarolle {French} 
Morgan JAMESThe Day Before You Came2x
Måns ZELMERLÖWMåns ZELMERLÖW+Lucie JONES - ABBA Medley {Live Eurovision You Decide}2x
Heroes {Live Melodifestivalen 2015} 
N ERICSONTelefånen {Swedish} 
NACKA SKOGLUNDVi Hänger Me {Swedish}4x
NADYAPase Por Ti {Spanish}2x
NANNENANNE+BROLLE+The BOPPERS - Framför Låten The King {Swedish Live Lotta På Liseberg TV4} 
NANNE+BROLLE - Elvis Medley {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
NANNE+BROLLE - Whole Lotta Shak-In' Goin' On {Live Nyhetsmorgon TV4} 
NANNE+Charlie GRÖNVALL+Peter GRÖNVALL - I Know There'S Something Going On {Live At ABBA Museum Vip Party} 
NANNE+Charlie GRÖNVALL+Peter GRÖNVALL - Wrap Your Arms Around Me {Live At ABBA Museum Vip Party} 
NANNE+HOCKEY-KÖREN - Vi Är Dom Tuffaste {Swedish} 
NANNE+Jessica ANDERSSON - S.O.S. {Live Doobidoo}2x
NANNE+Lena PHILIPSSON+BABBEN - Dancing Queen {Live Stjärnor hos Babben}2x
NANNE+Lena PHILIPSSON+Jessica ANDERSSON - En Jävel På Kärlek {Live Lotta På Liseberg 2014} 
NANNE+Nick BORGEN - Ett Vackert Par {Swedish} 
NANNE+Per ANDERSSON - Jättekänd {Swedish Det Var För Fan Jag}2x
Avundsjuk {Swedish} 
Bad To The Bone 
Bring It On Home To Me {Live Bingolotto} 
Bro Över Mörka Vatten {Swedish} 
C'Mon {Swedish} 
Carpool Karaoke2x
Da Doo Ron Ron {Live Rock 'N Roll Will Never Die} 
Det Fanns En Tid {Swedish} 
Drama Queen {Swedish}2x
E.T. På Rikight {Swedish}2x
En Rastlös Själ {Swedish}5x
Ensamhet {Swedish} 
Evig Kärlek {Swedish Radio Mix}3x
Explosivt {Swedish} 
Fernando {Swedish Live Allsang pa skansen} 
Fördomar {Swedish} 
Heaven´S On Fire2x
Håll Om Mig {Swedish}2x
I Can'T Dance2x
I Don'T Wanna Talk About It3x
I Have Nothing {Live Melodifestivalen} 
I Natt Är Jag Din {Swedish}3x
If The Kids Are United 
Ingen Dansar Dåligt {Swedish (Lika Bra Som Jag)}2x
Ingen Dansar Dåligt {Swedish Karaoke} 
Inte Lätt Att Leva Med {Swedish} 
Jag Ger Aldrig Upp {Swedish} 
Jag Har Inte Tid {Swedish} 
Jag Måste Kyssa Dig {Swedish} 
Jag Sträcker Mig Mot Himlen {Swedish Album Version} 
Jättekänd {Swedish Live Bingolotto} 
Kan Du Ge Dig Fan På {Swedish}5x
Kul I Jul {Swedish}4x
Lyckos Dig {Swedish} 
Medley {Swedish Live Allsång i Svenljunga} 
Medley {Swedish Live Bingolotto} 
Men {Edit} 
Men {Original Mix Full Lenght}2x
Midnatt Råder {Swedish} 
Många Karlar, Lite Tid {Swedish} 
Nannes Sommarvisa {Swedish} 
När Mannen Kom Till Jorden {Swedish} 
Om Du Var Min {Swedish Radio Mix} 
Oops {Swedish} 
Pissenisse {Swedish} 
Ren Och Skär Plåga {Swedish} 
Should I Stay Or Should I Go 
Shubidudumdum {Swedish} 
Sitter Här Och Älskar Dig {Swedish} 
Som En Bro Över Mörka Vatten {Swedish} 
Svarta Änkan {Swedish} 
Vem Som Helst {Swedish} 
NASHVILLE TRAINAnother Town, Another Train2x
Hasta Mañana 
Honey, Honey 
I Am Just A Girl {Instrumental}2x
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
I'Ve Been Waiting For You 
People Need Love2x
Please Change Your Mind10x
Ring Ring 
Why Did It Have To Be Me?2x
NAVIBANDMamma Mia {Live Legends Belarusian TV-Show}2x
NELLIELay All Your Love On Me 
NEWKIDDu Måste Finnas {Swedish Så Mycket Bättre TV4} 
NEWSCASTDancing Queen 
NEXT STAR THEThe Winner Takes It All 
Waterloo {German} 
NINAVa Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Live Gala 150Aniversario Stage Entertaitment} 
Va Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Live Que Tiempo Tan Feliz} 
NIRVANAFoo Fighters Bg 
NOISE REACTIONSummer Night City 
NOVA MEDIAMin Egen Stad {Swedish} 
NRG FAZEI Know Him So Well {96 (2016 Edit)} 
Nana MOUSKOURIChanter La Vie {French (La Part Des Anges)}2x
Chiquitita {French (Dis-Moi Pourquoi)} 
Ich Leb' Im Traum {German} 
Natali NOORNatali NOOR+Elsa LEVAHN - Never Mind 
Natalie PEREZLa Historia De Otra Vida {Spanish Live Primeras Damas III} 
Nawfal SHAMOUNNina O Nineveh {Arabic Assyrian Song}2x
Ned SYLVANLove Ain'T No Loser 
Negra LIEu Não Sei Como Amá-Lo {Portuguese Jesus Cristo Superstar Brazil} 
Neil SEDAKAThat'S When The Music Takes Me 
Ngoc LANTinh Mai Van Xanh {Vietnamse} 
Nia REESNia REES+Anna VAUGHAN - Money, Money, Money {A-Z Challenge, 26 Songs In 26 Days} 
Nicolas REYNOBravo Tu As Gagné {French} 
Niklas ANDERSSONAnthem {Swedish} 
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish} 
Niklas STRÖMSTEDTNiklas STRÖMSTEDT+Vicki BENCKERT - Förlorad Igen {Swedish}2x
Där Finns Inga Ord {Swedish} 
Nilgün ATÝLGANOldu Mu {Turkish} 
Nils LANDGRENNils LANDGREN+Viktoria TOLSTOY+Benny ANDERSSON - When All Is Said And Done2x
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free {Live At The Polar Music Prize} 
Summer Night City 
Nils-Åke RUNESONRealize 
Nina HAGENLike An Angel Passing Through My Room {German Live Sweden}2x
Nina SÖDERQVISTDu Måste Finnas {Swedish Live Så Skall Det Låta} 
Ninel CONDE¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! {Spanish}4x
Ninni BAUTISTANinni BAUTISTA+Anna WERNER+Erik MJÖNES - Gabriellas Sång {Hyllning Till Michael Nyqvist Lotta Pa Grensen}2x
Nisse HELLBERGSånt Är Livet {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen 2020} 
Noah STEWARTI Have A Dream 
Noemi BAIOCCHIFernando {Italians Live Estate Con Noi In TV} 
Noonie BAOCome Give Me Love 
Nora BROCKSTEDTEr Du Gla' I Meg Ennå Karl Johan? {Norwegian} 
Tro Lilla Hjärta {Swedish} 
Norman GUNSTONSalute To ABBA 
Nucio DI VOCOTi Amo,Amo Te {Italians} 
Nungshitula PONGENERNungshitula PONGENER+Merenyangla PONGENER+Rümen PONGENER - Happy New Year {Live Hindi TV} 
O'G3NEABBA Medley {Live Beste Zangers 2016} 
Happy New Year {Live Muziekfeest Van Het Jaar} 
Thank You For The Music {Live} 
Waterloo {Live} 
OCTÀMBULIMoney, Money, Money2x
The Winner Takes It All {Live Canet} 
Waterloo {Live Cadena Ser} 
OMELETMotel {Italians} 
ONE DIRECTIONMamma Mia {Live Stockholm}2x
Calming Rain 
Den Vilda {Swedish}6x
Get Out 
Highland {Edit} 
Kvarnen {Swedish} 
Living In A Dream2x
Moments Of Passion 
No One Else Like You 
Skuggan Bakom Dig {Swedish} 
Song Of Fête 
Symphony Of Doom 
The Wilderness Mistress2x
Vägskälet {Swedish} 
OPERACION TRIUNFOLay All Your Love On Me {Live TV}2x
Mamma Mia Medley {Spanish Live Musicales Gala 13-2005} 
OPUS IIIOPUS III+Janne SCHAFFER - 6,30 A Sunday Morning 
OPUS III+Janne SCHAFFER - General Mojo'S Well Laid Plan 
OPUS III+Janne SCHAFFER - I See The World From My Window 
OPUS III+Janne SCHAFFER - Natural Talking Boy 
ORGANICAI Know There'S Something Going On 
Orsa SpellmanORSA SPELMÄN+Benny ANDERSSON - Solskenslåten -Kullerullvisan {Instrumental} 
ORSA SPELMÄN+Tina AHLIN - Den Forsta Sommaren {Swedish} 
ORSA SPELMÄN+Tina AHLIN - Dängan {Swedish Live}2x
ORSA SPELMÄN+Tina AHLIN - Får Jag Gömma Några Drömmar {Swedish Live}3x
ORSA SPELMÄN+Tina AHLIN - Får Jag Gömma Några Drömmar {Swedish} 
ORSA SPELMÄN+Tina AHLIN - Följ Med I Tåget {Swedish Live} 
Arrival {Instrumental Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
Bluespolska {Instrumental} 
Drömpolska {Instrumental} 
Hjortingen {Instrumental}2x
Horgalåten {Instrumental}3x
Inledningsvisa {Instrumental Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
Juleshow 2013 {Swedish (Parte 3)}2x
Koppången {Instrumental} 
Kyrkpolskan {Instrumental} 
Lilla Cilla {Instrumental} 
Mor´Kullor {Instrumental}2x
New Dehli {Instrumental}2x
Norsk Export {Instrumental}2x
Orrängsvalsen {Instrumental} 
Västerdarlingen {Instrumental} 
OSLO FAGOTTKORLike An Angel Passing Through My Room 
OURCHIVESFriend {Swedish} 
Oanna DIMAOne Of Us 
Ola SALOOla SALO+Peter JÖBACK - Sing Me Out {Live Melodifestivalen}2x
Satellit {Swedish} 
Olivia NEWTON-JOHNOlivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB - If You Love Me Let Me Know {Live Olivia} 
Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB - Jam Session {Live}6x
Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB - TV Special 
Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA - Thank You For The Music {Live Olivia!} 
Do It Again {Live Jam Session} 
Have You Never Been Mellow {Live At The Flamingo Casino Las Vegas} 
Long Live Love 
Waterloo {Live Brighton}2x
Olle PERSSONThose Birds Flying Above Us {Live Polar Prize} 
Ollek SHEPPERTS.O.S. {ABBA Cover} 
Orietta BERTIUna Bambola Inutile {Italians} 
Oscar LENNERHAGThe Winner Takes It All 
Oscar STEMBRIDGEI Have A Dream {Live} 
Losing You 
Too Much 
Oscar ZIAThe Winner Takes It All {Live Så Skall Det Låta} 
Oskar NILSSONOskar NILSSON+Benny ANDERSSON - Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera}3x
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Live Concert} 
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Live Friends Arena} 
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Nypremiär På 20-Årsjubilerande} 
Oskar PERSSONTiveds Hambo {Swedish Live Stikkan Hyllning} 
Ove FLODINOve FLODIN+Kalle GNESTA - Den Skrattande Polisen {Swedish}4x
Owe SANDSTRÖMThe Wwf Costume {Swedish Live Konserthuset Växjö} 
P.W.(H)ELLHead Over Heels 
PDancing Queen 
PAOLLAMamma Mia {Live} 
PASTELLERNAHan Är Din Broder {Swedish} 
Ingenting Mer Och Ingenting Mindre {Swedish} 
Kärlek E' Svårt De' {Swedish} 
PERLADiga Que Me Quer {Portuguese} 
Fernando {Portuguese} 
Hasta Mañana {Portuguese} 
O Jogo Ja Acabou {Portuguese} 
Paz De Um Grande Amor {Portuguese} 
Recordar É Viver {Portuguese}3x
Sonho Que Sou Uma Águia {Portuguese}3x
Super Amor {Portuguese} 
PETER & MATILDADen Jag Ville Vara {Swedish} 
Knife In The Kitchen 
Strangers In The Night 
Strangers In The Night {Extended 12''}2x
We'Re So Glad (That He'S Yours) 
When The Lady Shakes 
PIMPINELASólo Hay Un Ganador {Spanish}3x
PINK FLOYDSee Emily Play 
POP STAR KIDSHoney, Honey 
POPPY KINGPOPPY KING+Connor ROBERTSON+Alice HARVEY - I Know There'S Something Going On 
PORKYEso Es Todo, Amigos 
POTATOJUICEChiquitita {Russian Live ABBA Cover TV5 Tribute Show} 
PRETTY MAID COMPANYNina, Pretty Ballerina 
Pale HONEYLay All Your Love On Me2x
Papa DEEEagle 
Patricia LEWISABBA Medley2x
I Won'T Let You Go 
Paty CANTÚMamma Mia 
Paul KRIBBEAnthem {From The Musical Chess}2x
Paul MAURIATHead Over Heels {Instrumental}2x
Paul SAHLINAndante, Andante {Swedish} 
Pedro FERNANDEZEl Ganador Se Lo Lleva Todo {Spanish} 
Pene CORRIDAMamma Mia 
Per GESSLEIt Must Have Been Love {Live En Kväll För Marie Fredriksson SVT} 
Per MYRBERGBrittisk Ballad {Swedish} 
Den Glade Bargaren I San Remo {Swedish} 
Ronsard Och Herdinnan {Swedish} 
Vals Ombord {Swedish} 
Pernilla ANDERSSONPernilla ANDERSSON+Nina PERSSON - The Name Of The Game {Live Täck För Musiken}2x
Dansa Med Dig {Swedish} 
Koltrast Vid Haväng {Swedish} 
Peter CETERAPeter CETERA+Ronna REEVES - S.O.S.6x
Peter CINCOTTIWhat Now My Love {Titre Bonus} 
Peter HOLLENSPeter HOLLENS+Bailey PELKMAN - ABBA Disco Medley 
Peter JEZEWSKIPeter JEZEWSKI+Gunilla BACKMAN - Two Burning Stars 
Peter JOHANNSONPeter JOHANNSON+Matilda GRÜN - Den Jag Ville Vara {Swedish} 
Peter JOHANSSONPeter JOHANSSON+Matilda GRÜN - Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Live} 
Peter JÖBACKPeter JÖBACK+Caroline SHEEN - Something {Live The Witch Of Eastweak An Evening At Joe} 
Peter JÖBACK+Cookies N BEANS - Decembernatt {Swedish Live Nyhetsmorgon} 
Peter JÖBACK+Helen SJÖHOLM - Bang En Boomerang {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Peter JÖBACK+Helen SJÖHOLM - Come What May {Live I Love Musicals} 
Peter JÖBACK+Helen SJÖHOLM - När Jag Faller {Swedish Live En Kväll Tillsammans} 
Peter JÖBACK+Helen SJÖHOLM - Som Skapta For Varann {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen}2x
Peter JÖBACK+Joseph CLARKE+Joachim BERGSTRÖM+Kathryn WILLIAMS+Jessica FOX+Mariah HARGROVE - Shape Of You 
Peter JÖBACK+LAAKSO - Italy Vs Helsinki 
Peter JÖBACK+Sara ISAKSSON - Änglar I Snön {Swedish} 
Peter JÖBACK+Tommy KÖRBERG - Decembernatt {Halleluja Live Tack For Musiken} 
Annars Vore Jag Inte Jag {Swedish Livet Är En Schlager} 
Arthur'S Theme {Best That You Can Do} 
Call Me By Your Name 
Call Me By Your Name {Live TV4 Tillsammans Mot Cancer} 
Come What May {Moulin Rouge}2x
Det Ingen Annan Vet {Swedish} 
Du Har Förlorat Mer Än Jag {Swedish} 
Du Är Min Längtan {Swedish} 
Eagle {Live 30th Anniversary Show}4x
En Andra Chans {Swedish} 
En Sensation {Swedish}2x
En Sång Om Oss {Swedish} 
Gold Can Turn To Sand {Kristina Från Duvemåla}3x
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Edit Single version} 
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Live}2x
Gå Inte Förbi {Swedish} 
Hon Ser Inte Mig {Swedish} 
Jag Blundar I Solens Sken {Swedish} 
Jag Kommer Hem Igen Till Jul {Swedish} 
Jag Står För Allt Jag Gjort {Swedish} 
Jul Jul Strålande Jul {Swedish}2x
Jul Nu Igen {Swedish} 
Let'S Kiss {(Like Angels Do)} 
Music Of The Night {The Phantom Of The Opera} 
Nu När Jag Funnit Dig {Swedish} 
När Natt Flyr {Swedish Live Låten Nyhetsmorgon} 
När Natt Flyr {Swedish} 
O Helga Natt {Swedish} 
Om Du Lämnar Mig {Swedish} 
Pity The Child {Chess}2x
Precis Som Vanligt {Swedish} 
She {Live} 
She'S Like A Butterfly 
Show Me Love {Live Polar Music Prize}2x
Sommarens Sista Sång {Swedish} 
Stockholm I Natt {Swedish Acoustic Version} 
Stockholm I Natt {Swedish Live En Kväll Med Peter Jôback} 
Stockholm I Natt {Swedish Sond Factory RadioMix} 
Stockholm I Natt {Swedish}3x
Summer Wine 
The Mask2x
This Time 
Tonight {Special Single Version} 
Under My Skin 
Ut Mot Ett Hav {Swedish}2x
Vem Ser Ett Barn {Swedish} 
Viskar En Bön {Swedish Live Hela Sverige Skramlar} 
Peter KRAUSHokus Pokus Fidibus {German} 
Petra MARKLUNDPetra MARKLUND+Nils LANDGREN - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You {Live Polar Music Prize} 
Lill-Babs Medley {Swedish Live En Hyllning Till Svensk Musik}2x
Tack För Alla Sanger {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen}3x
Petra MEDEPetra MEDE+Måns ZELMERLÖW - What Is Eurovision {Live Semi-Final 2 Opening Acteurovision Song Contest} 
Petula CLARKAmor Es Mi Cancion {Spanish} 
Hasta Mañana {French}3x
La Vallée {French} 
Phil COLLINSEn Mi Corazon Vivirás {Spanish} 
You Know What I Mean {Extended} 
You Know What I Mean {Live} 
Philip JALMELIDPhilip JALMELID+Anders EKBORG+Gunilla BACKMAN - No Deal {Live At Dalhalla} 
Philip JALMELID+Kristin LIDSTRÖM - Endgame {Live Trettondagskonsert} 
Vildgräs {Swedish Live Trettondagskonsert}2x
Where I Want To Be 
Philippe ELANPhilippe ELAN+RESIDENTIE ORKEST, THE HAGUE - Donne-Moi Ton Amour {French Live Chansons Symphoniques} 
Philippe ELAN+RESIDENTIE ORKEST, THE HAGUE - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien {French Live Chansons Symphoniques} 
Philippe ELAN+Therese STEINMETZ - Barcarolle {French}2x
Philippe ELAN+Therese STEINMETZ - Les Moulins De Mon Coeur {French} 
Accorde-Moi Ma Peine {French}2x
Amsterdam {French} 
Comte D'Été {French} 
Donne-Moi Ton Amour {French Live Hellevoetsluis in theater De Twee hondjes} 
Donne-Moi Ton Amour {French}2x
Fernando {French Live}2x
I Let The Music Speak {Live} 
L'Été Est Là {French}2x
La Voix De Frida {French}3x
Muriel {French}2x
Pia DOUWESPia DOUWES+Uwe KRONER - Nobody'S Side 
Polina GAGARINAA Million Voices {Russia} 
Pugh ROGEFELDTHär Kommer Natten {Swedish} 
QATTANAMoney, Money, Money {Live} 
RA TA TASå Länge Vi Ha Varan {Swedish}11x
RANKARNAPlease Change Your Mind 
RAVAILLACZ En Riktig Jävla Schlager {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen Semi}2x
En Riktig Jävla Schlager {Swedish}4x
RE-COVERKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live ABBA Unplugged} 
REIKChiquitita {Spanish} 
RICCHI & POVERISera Porque Te Amo {Spanish} 
ROCK & ABBAWaterloo 
ROSTROS OCULTOSDame Solo Una Razon {Spanish} 
El Final {Spanish} 
ROXETTENo Sé Si Es Amor {Spanish} 
The Look {Live Concert For Victoria & Daniel} 
RUDI EN CORLEAAndante, Andante {Live} 
Ramin KARIMLOOAnthem {Live Chess Dc Production} 
Ramona ROXDancing Queen 
Ramón ORLANDOAndante, Andante {Spanish} 
Raquel RIQUELMENo Hay A Quien Culpar {Spanish} 
Raúl ESPARZAOne Night In Bangkok {Live Chess Washington} 
Rebecka KRONBERGGabriellas Sång {Swedish} 
Regine VELASQUEZRegine VELASQUEZ+The COMPANY - Take A Chance On Me 
ABBA Medley {Live} 
Reidun SAETHERHe Is A Man, He Is A Child {Live}7x
René SIMARDRené SIMARD+Renée MARTEL - Souvenirs De Vacances {French}2x
Fernando {French}2x
Renée MARTELUn Homme, Une Femme {French}2x
Richard ADAMSI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {French} 
Richard GYVERKnowing Me, Knowing You 
Rigmor GUSTAFSSONRigmor GUSTAFSSON+Viktoria TOLSTOY - Waterloo {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Rigmor GUSTAFSSON+Viktoria TOLSTOY - Waterloo {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen} 
Riltons VÄNNERRiltons VÄNNER+VIBAFEMBA+Janne SCHAFFER - Jag Skriver Helst En Symfoni {Instrumental}2x
Rita IRASEMAThe Queen Of Hearts 
Rob LUNDGRENThe Winner Takes It All {Metal Cover} 
Robbie WILLIAMSAngels 
Robert COGOILe Monde Est Grand {French}2x
Robert NOACKRobert NOACK+Maria YLIPÄÄ+Oskar NILSSON - Nej {Swedish Live Friends Arena} 
Robert WELLSRobert WELLS+Ken BRUCE - Guiness World Record {Instrumental Live} 
Robey POWDERWORKSOne Night In Bangkok {7'' Radio Edit Version} 
Robin WORKMANRobin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - Arrival {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - Hasta Mañana {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - Money, Money, Money {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - Rock Me {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - Tiger {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - When I Kissed The Teacher {Instrumental} 
Robin WORKMAN+Chic PERRYMAN+Paul JANSEN+Paul BAKER - Why Did It Have To Be Me? {Instrumental} 
Fernando {Instrumental} 
Rodrick DIXONAnthem {Live Hallelujah Broadway Concert} 
Rolf BENGTSSONTiveds Hambo {Swedish} 
Wit Slafhandel {Swedish} 
Rosa LOPEZRosa LOPEZ+Nuria FERGÓ - Gracias Por La Música {Spanish Live Operación Triunfo 2001}2x
Rosa LOPEZ+Nuria FERGÓ - Gracias Por La Música {Spanish Remastered} 
Rose KALVERTKnowing Me, Knowing You 
Rowena CORTESNina, Pretty Ballerina 
Ruido ROSAS.O.S. 
Dancing Queen {Instrumental Demo Live Play for Trailer For Yle Fem} 
Susanna {Swedish}5x
RÁDIO FUSION ECLÉTICARing Ring {Instrumental} 
S CLUB 7Dancing Queen 
SABINESuper Trouper {Dutch} 
SALMA & SABINASALMA & SABINA+Sabina AGHA - Mitha Maze Dar {Hindi} 
SALMA & SABINA+Sabina AGHA - Toba Toha {Hindi} 
Lagom Skönt {Swedish Live Inspelat}3x
Misty {Live Inspelat}2x
Mr. Wonderful {Live Inspelat}2x
SANNEXHoney, Honey 
SANTA ESMERALDAEres Mi Todo {Spanish} 
SASKIA & SERGEIn De Wolken {Dutch} 
SCHLAGERPALAST ENSEMBLENur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht {German} 
SCHYTTSEn Annan Stad, En Annan Vän {Swedish} 
SEBASTIANSEBASTIAN+Lis SØRENSEN - Sangen Om Langfart {Swedish} 
Sangen Om Langfart {Swedish Live Rundt Om Skoller Show}2x
SEDDNADancing Queen 
SHILLONG CHAMBER CHOIRVoulez-Vous {Live Disco Deewane} 
SHIRLEYThe Way Old Friends Do 
SHOW OFFSVoulez-Vous 
SIMON & GARFUNKELThe Sound Of Silence 
SISSELAJag Vill Bli Gammal {Swedish}2x
There'S Something Going On 
SLIDE BOXGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2x
SMOKIELiving Next Door To Alice 
SOLALASOLALA+Helen SJÖHOLM - Vår Bästa Tid Är Nu {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen}2x
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish}2x
SOUND OF MUSICA Pretty Lovesong 
A Transfer To Love 
Blue Magic Woman 
El Dorado2x
One More Lonely Night 
Self Erection 
Summer Sensation 
West Indies Nights2x
West Indies Nights {Remix} 
SOUND OF STRINGSAs Good, As New {Instrumental}2x
Dancing Queen {Instrumental} 
Fernando {Instrumental} 
S.O.S. {Instrumental} 
The Winner Takes It All {Instrumental} 
Waterloo {Instrumental} 
SOUND-KIDSGracias Por La Música {Spanish} 
STAR ACADEMYGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Edit} 
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live} 
STARS ON 45ABBA Medley {Eight Minutes Medley}2x
Stars On 45 {Medley} 
STEN & STANLEYKom Låt Oss Dansa {Swedish} 
Dancing Queen4x
Dancing Queen {Live O2 Arena} 
I Know Him So Well 
I Know Him So Well {Almighty Mix}2x
Lay All Your Love On Me 
Story Of A Heart2x
Summer Of Love 
STOCKHOLM HONEYThe Day Before You Came 
STORMYThe Visitors 
The Best Of Times 
SUBOTICAI'Ve Been Waiting For You 
SUPA DUPANot The Nine O'Clock News 
SUSANNALay All Your Love On Me 
SUSHI KIDSWeet Je Moeder Dat {Dutch} 
SUZI QUATRO+Andy SCOTT - Does Your Mother Know {Live Television}2x
SVENNE & LOTTAA Flower In My Garden5x
Bang A Boomerang3x
Bang En Boomerang {Swedish Live Melodifestivalen} 
Bang En Boomerang {Swedish}10x
Be My Baby2x
Blunda Lite Grann Och Drom {Swedish} 
Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do2x
Broken Hearts 
Can'T Stop Myself From Loving You2x
Chapel Of Love 
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)2x
Do You Want To Dance 
Du Ger Mig Liv {Swedish} 
Extra Extra {Read All About It}2x
Funky Feet10x
Hits Medley {Danish TV} 
I Natt Jag Drömde {Swedish} 
If We Only Had The Time 
It'S A Real Good Feeling 
Kom Ta En Sista Dans Med Mej {Swedish}4x
Lycka {Swedish} 
Natten Lång {Swedish}4x
När Dagen Försvinner {Swedish} 
Roly-Poly Girl5x
Save The Last Dance For Me 
Songs We Sang 
SWEET CALIFORNIAWaterloo {Live Que Tiempo Tan Feliz} 
SWEET DREAMSHoney, Honey2x
SYLVERLay All Your Love On Me {Single Version} 
SYMPHONIC ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live Symphonic ABBA} 
Summer Night City {Live Symphonic ABBA} 
When All Is Said And Done {Live Burgos}2x
SYSTERPOLSKANKöpmanpolskan {Swedish} 
Marsch Efter Junkas Jonas {Swedish} 
Namnlösen {Swedish} 
Polska Efter Smultrongärds-Ida {Swedish} 
Själva Naturen {Swedish} 
Systerpolska Från Ore {Swedish} 
Älvdalens Brudmarsch {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Älvdalens Brudmarsch {Swedish Live Moraeus And Mora} 
Älvdalens Brudmarsch {Swedish Live På Delsbostämman} 
Älvdalens Brudmarsch {Swedish} 
SYSTRARNA SISTERSHej Och Hå, Kan Du Älska Mej Ändå {Swedish Live}2x
I Shall Be Released {Swedish Live} 
Innan Livet Är Förbi {Swedish Live At Länsteatern, Visby} 
Leva Livet {Swedish Live} 
Om Jag Kunde Nå Dig {Swedish Live} 
Ord Som Måste Sägas {Swedish Live} 
Saara AALTOSaara AALTO+GUARDIA NUEVA - Musiikki Puhukoon {Finnish Live} 
The Winner Takes It All 
Saara KADAKThe Winner Takes It All {Live Snkt Finaal} 
Sabina DDUMBAÄr Du Kär I Mig Ännu, Klas-Göran {Live Allsang Pa Skansen}2x
Sam J LUNDWALLSam J LUNDWALL+Michael B. TRETOW - Elle Dolores {Swedish} 
Samantha JADEDancing Queen2x
Sanna NIELSENSanna NIELSEN+Anders GLENMARK - En Ton Av Tystnad {Swedish} 
Sanna NIELSEN+Christer NERFONT - I Gott Bevar {Swedish Live Jonkoping Concert} 
Sanna NIELSEN+LILL-BABS+Tommy KÖRBERG+Per ANDERSSON - Stikkan Andersson-Medley2x
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Live Kristina Jonkoping Concert} 
Sommar, Sommar, Sommar! {Live Allsång Pa Skansen} 
Sanne MALLANTSanne MALLANT+Liliane De GRAAF+Semmy KAY - ABBA Medley {Live} 
Sanne SALOMONSENKnowing Me, Knowing You 
Sara ZACHARIASSara ZACHARIAS+Tomas ANDERSSON WIJ - En Sång Till Dig {Swedish}2x
Sara ZACHARIAS+Tomas ANDERSSON WIJ - Solsken I Mig {Swedish}2x
Bättre Än Du Tror {Swedish} 
Dalarö {Swedish} 
Det Finns Ljus {Swedish Live Stockholm Studio4 Radiohuset} 
Du Behöver Inte Veta Allt Om Mig {Swedish} 
Du Behöver Inte Ängslas {Swedish} 
Himlen Är Oskyldigt Blå {Swedish} 
Hjärtslag {Swedish}2x
I Min Dröm {Swedish} 
Mot Solen {Swedish} 
Nattstad {Swedish} 
Stanna Kvar Hos Mig {Swedish} 
Superhjältinna {Swedish} 
Vår {Swedish} 
Sarah BRIGHTMANArrival10x
Sarah DAWN FINERSarah DAWN FINER+Malena ERNMAN - Sancta Lucia {Swedish Strålande Helgonfé} 
Från November Till April {Swedish} 
He'S A Man, He'S A Child {Live At Dahlala}2x
Summer Night City {Instrumental Live Rehearsal} 
Summer Night City {Live Museum Inauguration}3x
The Winner Takes It All2x
Fernando {Finnish} 
Vai Niin, Vai Niin, Vai Niin, Vai Niin, Vai Niin {Finnish} 
Serge MAZEREOn Dit Je T'Aime {French}3x
Sharon SEXTONSharon SEXTON+Rob FOWLER - My Love, My Life 
Siddhi Johan SUNDTDoes Your Mother Know {Instrumental} 
Voulez-Vous {Instrumental} 
Signe KÆRUP HJORTSomeone Else'S Story 
Silvia SANTOLASuper Trouper 
Sinead O'CONNORChiquitita2x
I Don'T Know How To Love Him 
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room3x
Siw INGERIch War Niemals Deine Frau {German} 
Was Ist Mit Livingstone {German} 
Siw MALMKVISTSiw MALMKVIST+Ann-Louise HANSSON - Nära {Swedish Live} 
För Sent Skall Syndaren Vakna {Swedish} 
Mamma Är Lik Sin Mamma {Swedish}4x
Sofi MAYENSofi MAYEN+REBEL CATS - Hasta Mañana {Spanish} 
Sofia JANNOKWaterloo {Saari Live Melodifestivalen}4x
Sofia MACHFUDDINMamma Mia {Live} 
Sofia PEKKARISvarta Silhuetter {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera}2x
Sofia TRETOWSofia TRETOW+Michael B. TRETOW - Honey, Honey {Millenium Mix} 
Sofia TRETOW+Michael B. TRETOW - Hunny Hunny4x
Jag Såg Pappa Kyssa Tomten {Swedish}3x
Sofia ULLMANSofia ULLMAN+Janne SCHAFFER - Fri {Swedish} 
Sofia ULLMAN+Janne SCHAFFER - Vår Väg Är Havet {Swedish} 
Solfrid GAVANGStad I Ljus {Swedish} 
Sonja ALDÉNSlipping Through My Fingers {Live Nyhetsmorgon} 
Sophie DELMASSophie DELMAS+Marion POSTA+Karen GLUCK - Mamma Mia Medley {French Live Le Voyage Des Coeurs En Scène}2x
Spencer DAYFernando {Spanish} 
Stefan AIGELSREITERS.O.S. {Instrumental On My Anniversary Malmberg Abba Star Guitar} 
Stefan DEMOEn Dag I Studion {Swedish} 
Stefan WYATTABBA Medley {Acapella Cover} 
Stig ANDERSON+Börje CRONA - D'Ä Inte Klokt Va' Han Är Snäll {Swedish}2x
Stig ANDERSON+Börje CRONA - Det Blir Inget Bröllop På Lördag {Swedish}6x
Stig ANDERSON+Börje CRONA - Tro Lilla Hjärta {Swedish}2x
Stig ANDERSON+Curt ÅSTRÖM+Kalle GNESTA - Rallare Polka {Swedish} 
Stig ANDERSON+KONTORSKÖREN - Sommar, Sommar, Sommar! {Swedish}4x
Stig ANDERSON+Lukas BONNIER+Juan PARDO - Ja, Vi Älskar Dig Ännu Vår Barbro {Swedish}2x
Stig ANDERSON+Marie LEDIN - Baby Twist {Swedish}10x
Stig ANDERSON+STIG HOLMS ORKORKESTER - Dom Finns På Landet {Swedish}3x
Det Är Knas På Vår Nya Magister {Swedish} 
Iene Miene Mutte {Swedish}2x
Mimi Har En Deckare I Sängen {Swedish}2x
Stig'S Tribute {Interview} 
Tiveds Hambo {Swedish}13x
Valsen Om Frans-Oskar {Swedish}2x
Valsen Om Oss {Swedish}3x
Su POLLARDCome To Me (I Am Woman) 
Sungha JUNGHappy New Year2x
Susan BOYLESusan BOYLE+Elaine PAIGE - I Know Him So Well {Live} 
Susan BOYLE+Géraldine MCQUEEN - I Know Him So Well 
I Have A Dream 
Killing Me Softly 
Thank You For The Music {Live ABBA Christmas Party} 
The Winner Takes It All {Live}2x
What A Wonderful World 
You Have To Be There 
Susana GIMENEZMamma Mia {Jingle Musicales}2x
Susanna MOBERGInnan Gryningen {Swedish} 
Susie WEBBI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
I Have A Dream 
Sussan KAMERONDancing Queen 
Suzi PMoves 
Svavar KNÚTURSvavar KNÚTUR+Kristjana STEFÁNS - Andante, Andante 
Svavar KNÚTUR+Kristjana STEFÁNS - Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 
Sven-Olof WALLDOFFCecilia {Instrumental} 
Svenne HEDLUNDAs Long As I Have You 
Cadillac {Live Bingolotto} 
Can'T Help Falling In Love 
Girl Of My Best Friend 
I Need Your Love Tonight2x
I Want To Be Free 
När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar {Swedish Julens Musik} 
Sylvie VARTANCa Va Mal {French Live} 
Ca Va Mal {French}3x
Des Heures De Désir {French Live A Pleyel}2x
Des Heures De Désir {French}2x
Qui Saura {French}2x
Suzanne {French Live} 
TAD MOROSEKnowing Me, Knowing You2x
TAKE THATBack For Good 
TANJA & INESDanke Für Die Lieder {German} 
TEACH INDing A Dong {Dutch} 
TEAM ELISAMio Min Mio {Swedish Live} 
TEAM MORAEUSTake A Chance On Me {Live}2x
TEMPOKIDSUn Monde Irréel {French}4x
TEN CCI'M Not In Love2x
THANK ABBA FOR THE MUSICChiquitita {Live Special Rendition} 
TIGHT FITFantasy Island 
TIMBIRICHECon Todos Menos Conmigo {Spanish} 
Muriendo Lento {Spanish}8x
TIME SHADOWHappy New Year 
TIMOTEIJMamma Mia {Live} 
TITANIXBang En Boomerang {Swedish Live Kalas}3x
Ring Ring {Swedish Live Kalas} 
So Long2x
TONY E VANAIl Giardino Dell'Amore {Italians}2x
TORMENTAChiquitita {Spanish Live Grandes Exitos en Vivo} 
TRIAKELBergslagsjul {Swedish} 
Det Blir En Julhelg Glad {Swedish} 
Er Framtid Blive Lyckelig {Swedish} 
God Morgon Här Kär Fader Vår {Swedish} 
Innan Gryningen {Swedish}5x
Julgranspolska {Swedish} 
Julvisa Från Älvdalen {Swedish} 
Knalle Juls Vals {Swedish} 
Staffansvisa Från Orust {Swedish} 
Torspar-Julaftas-Våggvisa {Swedish} 
TROLDHAUGENGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Troll After Midnight) 
TULSATULSA+Xoel LÓPEZ - The Winner Takes It All {Live Oh! My Lol Son Estrella Galicia}2x
TUONG V &Happy New Year {Live Chinese ABBA Covered By Htv Talent Official} 
TWILIGHT BANDI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do {Live} 
TWO DANESEn Doktor Kan Ikke Hjælpe {Danish} 
Tanita TIKARAMThe Day Before You Came 
The Day Before You Came {Edit} 
Tarja TURUNENThe Phantom Of The Opera {Live Concert Argentina} 
Ted CURSONTed CURSON+Ola BRUNKERT - Phunky Phisicist 
Ted GÄRDESTADTed GÄRDESTAD+Annica BOLLER - Låt Solen Värma Dig {Swedish}2x
Ted GÄRDESTAD+GÄVLE SYMFONIORKESTER - Come Give Me Love {Gävle Symfoniorkester version} 
Ted GÄRDESTAD+Sara ZACHARIAS - Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne {Swedish Duo Version 2018}2x
Angela {Swedish} 
Buffalo Bill 
Come Give Me Love5x
Ett Stilla Regn {Swedish} 
Franska Kort {Swedish} 
För Kärlekens Skull {Swedish} 
Gitarren Och Jag {Swedish} 
Gonna Make You My Angel 
Hela Världen Runt {Swedish}2x
Helena {Swedish} 
Himlen Är Oskyldigt Blå {Swedish Live Läckö Slott} 
Humbuggie-Woogie {Swedish} 
I Know There'S A Song2x
Jag Ska Fånga En Ängel {Swedish} 
Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne {Swedish}4x
Kaliforniens Guld {Swedish}2x
Kolapapperskung {Swedish} 
Love Comes2x
Love, You'Re Makin' All The Fools3x
Låt Kärleken Slå Rot {Swedish}4x
När Du Kommer {Swedish} 
Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag {Swedish}2x
Pricken {Swedish} 
Rock´N´Reelin {Swedish} 
Räcker Jag Till {Swedish} 
Satellit {Swedish Edit}2x
Satellit {Swedish}6x
Snurra Du Min Värld {Swedish} 
Sol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish Gävle Symfoniorkester version} 
Sol, Vind Och Vatten {Swedish}2x
Sommarlängtan {Swedish} 
The Reason 
Universum {Swedish Gävle Symfoniorkester version} 
Teija KORKEAMAANäin Käy Kun Rakastuu {Finnish} 
Tereza KESOVIJAFernando {Serbo-Croate Serbo-Croate} 
The ACTIONEagle 
The AIRWAVESThe AIRWAVES+Janne SCHAFFER - Saturday Morning2x
Dags Att Vanda Blad 
Hey You Mixdown Renders2x
Hey You Ring Me Tonight3x
I´M Happy! 
Mostly True 
No Heaven No Hell 
Nothing But My Heart 
The ALAN TEW ORCHESTRAMoney, Money, Money {Instrumental}2x
The ANDERSON SISTERSSuzy-Hang-Around2x
The BANDALOOPWaterloo 
The BEACH BOYSDo It Again2x
The BEATLESFine Line 
The CARDIGANSErase/Rewind 
The CARPENTERSCalling Occupants Of {The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day} 
Thank You For The Music {Live Tonight Show}3x
The CHOIR BY ABBA MUSEUMThe CHOIR BY ABBA MUSEUM+Benny ANDERSSON - Thank You For The Music {Live Premiere Of Abba-Choir}2x
The CHOIR BY ABBA MUSEUM+Magnus CARLSSON - Voulez-Vous {Live}2x
ABBA Medley {Live Tolvslaget Pa Skansen} 
Happy New Year {A new togetherness} 
Happy New Year {Live Nyhetsmorgon} 
He Is Your Brother {Live Nyhetsmorgon Tv4} 
Medley Take A Chance On Me & Knowing Me, Knowing You {Live ABBA Museum Friends Day} 
Medley {Live Tate Gallery} 
Rock Me {Live ABBA Friends Day} 
Take A Chance On Me {Live P4 Radio}3x
The Winner Takes It All {Live}2x
When I Kissed The Teacher {Live ABBA Fan Day 2018}2x
When I Kissed The Teacher {Live Museum National Day} 
The CHOIRS.O.S. {Live in concert at Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria, BC} 
The CORRSThe Winner Takes It All2x
The CZARSAngeleyes2x
The DROOGSHe Is Your Brother 
The FAMILY FOURKalla'T Va' Du Vill {Swedish} 
Kom Med Mej Till Kärlekens Torg {Swedish} 
Kör Långsamt {Swedish}5x
The FEELINGKnowing Me, Knowing You {Live Hyde Park} 
The FEVERSNão Fui Vencedor {Portuguese} 
The FOUNDATIONSBuild Me Up Buttercup 
The FUSIONBEATKnowing Me, Knowing You 
The HARDCORE OF BEAUTYThe Winner Takes It All 
The HARMONY GROUPFelicidad & Happy New Year {Instrumental} 
Nana ABBA {Instrumental Kids Version} 
Hep StarsThe HEP STARS+GUMMIBANDET - A Tribute To Buddy Holly {Duo} 
The HEP STARS+GUMMIBANDET - Tallahassee Lassie 
The HEP STARS+GUMMIBANDET - Twenty Flight Rock 
5 A. M. 
A Flower In My Garden4x
A Tribute To Buddy Holly4x
Aldus M'N Horoscoop {Dutch} 
Alla Sover Utom Jag {Swedish} 
Another Time 
Bald Headed Woman5x
Bald Headed Woman {Live} 
Be My Baby 
Bird Dog 
Cadillac {Live Malou Efter Tio TV4}2x
Cadillac {Live} 
Cadillac {V8 Version}2x
Changing Away From You 
Christmas On My Mind2x
Christmas Today2x
Det Finns En Stad {Swedish} 
Det Strålar En Stjärna {Swedish} 
Die Spieluhr {German} 
Donna {Live} 
Enter The Young 
Farmer John2x
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand {Swedish} 
Good King Wencelas 
Groovy Summertime2x
Groovy Summertime {Live} 
Hey, Let'S Celibrate 
Holiday For Clowns3x
I Got A Woman 
I Natt Jag Drömde {Swedish}3x
I Sagans Land {Swedish} 
If You Need Me 
Isn'T It Easy To Say11x
It'S Been A Long Long Time3x
It'S Nice To Be Back7x
It'S Time For A Change 
Jag Vet {Swedish} 
Jingle Bells 
Kana Kapila {Swedish}2x
Komm Little Thom {German}2x
Lady, Lady2x
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 
Let It Be Me4x
Let It Be Me {Live} 
Like You Used To Do 
Lilla Sofi 
Massa'S Mess 
Medley Folkpark {Live Premier medley} 
Medley Folkpark {Live Quatrième partie} 
Medley Folkpark {Live Seconde partie} 
Medley Folkpark {Live Troisième partie} 
Morning Comes After Night 
Mot Okänt Land {Swedish}3x
Musty Dusty 
No Response7x
No Response {Live}2x
No Time4x
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus {Swedish}2x
Någonting Har Hänt {Swedish} 
Oh Carol2x
Pojken Som Jultombten Glömde {Swedish} 
Precis Som Alla Andra {Swedish} 
Rented Tuxedo 
Sagan Om Lilla Sofi {Swedish} 
Save Your Heart For Me2x
She Will Love You2x
Should I3x
So Mystifying4x
So Mystifying {Live} 
Someday Someone {Band Version} 
Someday Someone {Spinet Version} 
Songs We Sang {Swedish} 
Sound Of Eve 
Speedy Gonzalez10x
Speleman {Swedish}4x
Spinning, Spinning, Spinning 
Suddenly Tomorrow Is Today 
Summertime Blues3x
Sunny Girl16x
Surfin' Bird 
Surfin' Bird {Live} 
Sweet Little Sixteen 
That'S When Your Heartaches Begin 
The Boy That Old Santa Forgot 
Then She (He) Kissed Me 
Tända På Varann {Swedish}2x
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? {Live} 
What'D I Say {Live} 
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 
White Christmas3x
Whole Lotta Shak-In' Goin' On {Live} 
You Keep Me Hangin' On {Live} 
Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg {Swedish}2x
The HITMENConfort Me 
The ILVES SISTERSHead Over Heels {Live} 
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
The IMPRESSIONSHe Is Your Brother 
The INSPIRATIONMamma Mia {Live I Successi Degli ABBA, A Bel Tempo Si Spera} 
The JAMThe Queen And I {99 Bpm} 
The LIBERTINESYou'Re My Waterloo 
The MAMASWaterloo {Live Allsang pa Skansen} 
The MARAIS PROJECTCounrante La Waterlö {Swedish}2x
The MIXERSI Got A Woman 
The MOODY BLUESNoches De Seda {Spanish} 
The NEON QUEENMamma Mia 
The NOLAN SISTERSI'M In The Mood For Dancing 
Thank You For The Music 
The OLIVE BRANCHThe Language Of Love 
Mamma Mia {Live Allsång På Skansen} 
The Winner Takes It All {Live Pop & Symphonie} 
The PLUT FAMILYGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
The POPSLalla Chicchi {Italians}2x
The RASMUSDå Tänker Jag På Dej Susanna {Swedish}3x
The REAL GROUP+FRIDA - Dancing Queen {Vee's anniversary Radio Mix} 
Happy Christmas (War Is Over)2x
Swedish Medley 
Tolkar Monica Zetterlund Inför Allsången 
The REAL TUESDAY WELDThe Day Before You Came4x
The RIVALThe RIVAL+Benny ANDERSSON - 2nd Best To None14x
Merry Christmas My Friend7x
The Winner Takes It All 
The SACADOS¿Sabe Tu Mamá Dónde Estás? {Spanish}2x
The SAINTSSka Du Hänga Me {Swedish}2x
The SHERRYSPop-Pop-Pop-Pie {Guyden 2068} 
Slop Time By 
The SMURFSTheme Song La La La 
The STREAPLERSJag Har En Dröm {Swedish}2x
The SUNDROPSI Have A Dream2x
The TEN TENORSDancing Queen {Edit} 
Dancing Queen {Live In Berlin} 
The TRAMPSAve Maria 
Be Bop A Lula 
The VACCINESThe Winner Takes It All 
The VOCALETTESThe VOCALETTES+Måns ZELMERLÖW - Don'T Fence Me In {Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
The WEBBJust Like That {Edit Tyme Radio} 
The YOUNG TALENT TEAMMoney, Money, Money 
When I Kissed The Teacher {With Juanita Coco} 
Therese LÖFTherese LÖF+Carina E NILSSON - Medley Vinnaren Tar Allt & Allt Syns När Man Är Naken {Swedish} 
Therese LÖF+Marica LINDÉ - Medley Ett Liv I Solen & En Liten Sang Om Kärlek & Tack För En Un {Swedish Live} 
Ingenting Går Som Man Vill {Swedish} 
Thomas Di LEVALife On Mars {Live Diggiloo} 
Thory BERNHARDSVid Tyrifjorden {Swedish} 
Tim HOWARPity The Child {Live West End Unplugged} 
Tina AHLINTina AHLIN+ORSA SPELMÄN - Den Forsta Sommaren {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Tina AHLIN+ORSA SPELMÄN - Jag Vill Inte Veta Att Vadret Ar Fint {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen} 
Tina AHLIN+ORSA SPELMÄN - Vivaldi Och Våren {Swedish}2x
Tina ARENATina ARENA+John BOWLES - When I Kissed The Teacher 
Ring Ring 
Tina SIELEn Dag Af Gangen {Danish En Dag I Sänder} 
Hvem Er Du {Danish} 
Tina YORKWer Fährt Mit Nach Pakistan {German} 
Tito BELTRANTito BELTRAN+Helen SJÖHOLM - The Prayer {Live} 
Titti BIANCHIFernando {Italians} 
Titti SJÖBLOMTitti SJÖBLOM+Ehrling ELIASSON - Det Vackraste 
Kära Gamla Sol {Swedish} 
Tomas ANDERSSON WIJFör Kärlekens Skull {Swedish} 
Tomas LEDINTomas LEDIN+Agnetha FÄLTSKOG - Never Again {Remastered}7x
Tomas LEDIN+Agnetha FÄLTSKOG - Ya Nunca Mas {Spanish Remastered}6x
Tomas LEDIN+Sabina DDUMBA - Här Kommer Den Nya Tiden {Live Hela Sverige Skramlar}2x
(Du Har Gjort Mig Till) En Man Som Älskar {Swedish} 
A Little Love2x
Abborrgrundet {Swedish} 
Black Knight, The Faker {Live Television} 
Dansa I Neon {Swedish Live Så Mycket Bättre}2x
De Dagar Vi Drömt Om {Swedish}4x
Det Finns Inget Finare Än Kärleken {Swedish} 
Det Ligger I Luften {Swedish Live Livs Levande Ledin Stallörsparken, Ekenäs, Finlandi} 
Don'T Touch That Dial 
El Sol Sale Por La Noche {Spanish}2x
En Del Av Mitt Hjärta {Swedish Live En kväll tillsammans} 
En Del Av Mitt Hjärta {Swedish Live Hos Skavlan}2x
En Del Av Mitt Hjärta {Swedish Live Lotta På Liseberg}2x
En Del Av Mitt Hjärta {Swedish} 
En Midsommaraftons Dröm {Edit 2018}2x
En Midsommarsaftons Dröm {Swedish Live Lotta På Liseberg TV4} 
Eres Sólo Una Más {Spanish}4x
Everybody Wants To Hear It 
Follow The Highway 
Hammarn Unner Bönninga {Swedish}3x
Hela Världen Håller Andan {Swedish} 
Helt Galen I Dig {Swedish} 
Hon Gör Allt För Att Göra Mig Lycklig {Swedish} 
Hopp {Swedish (Om En Ljusare Värld)}5x
House Of The Rising Sun {Live Solo Savoy, Helsingfors, Finland} 
I Got Something2x
I'Ve Been Waiting For The Summer 
I'Ve Got Something 
Just Nu {Swedish Live Livs Levande Ledin Stallörsparken, Ekenäs, Finlandi} 
Just Nu {Swedish}4x
Keep Your Eyes Open3x
Knivhuggarrock {Swedish} 
Kärleken Är Som En Studsande Boll {Swedish Del 1} 
Lika Hopplöst Förälskad {Swedish Live Livs Levande Ledin Stallörsparken, Ekenäs, Finlandi} 
Livs Levande {Swedish}5x
Looking For A Good Time9x
Natten Är Ung {Swedish} 
Not Bad At All2x
Not Bad At All {Live Paris 79}2x
När Kärleken Kom {Swedish} 
Open Up 
Right Now 
Sensuella Isabella {Live Allsång På Skansen 2015} 
Sensuella Isabella {Swedish} 
Somethings Missing 
Sommaren Är Kort {Swedish}2x
Svenska Flickor {Swedish} 
Take Good Care Of Your Children3x
That'S No Way To Say Goodbye 
The Sun'S Shinin' In The Middle Of The Night 
Tillfälligheternas Spel {Swedish Live På Nalen} 
Too Many Days 
Vem Kunde Ana {Swedish} 
Vi Såg Ensamheten Gå Omkring {Swedish Live Frukostklubben LIVEUPPTAGNING} 
We Are The Rock 'N Roll Brothers 
What Are You Doing Tonight 
What Would You Do 
Y Me Sorprendió {Spanish}2x
Ä Lu Oäten {Swedish} 
Tommy KÖRBERGTommy KÖRBERG+Anton KÖRBERG - My Sharona {Live Doobidoo} 
Tommy KÖRBERG+Benny ANDERSSON - At Guldbaggen 
Tommy KÖRBERG+Benny ANDERSSON - The Conducator10x
Tommy KÖRBERG+Danny SAUCEDO - I Can See Myself In You8x
Tommy KÖRBERG+Peter DALLE - Ett Glas Öl {Swedish Live Doobidoo} 
Tommy KÖRBERG+Sofia KÄLLGREN - Skönheten Och Odjuret {Swedish}2x
Tommy KÖRBERG+Stig ROSSEN+Kurt RAVN - Anthem2x
24 Hours From Tulsa 
Ack Värmeland Du Sköna {Swedish} 
Anthem {Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
Anthem {Live Friends Arena} 
Anthem {Live at Berwaldhallen} 
Decemberbarn {Swedish Live Nyhetsmorgon} 
Den Första Gång Jag Såg Dig {Swedish} 
Designate Drinker 
Don'T You Worry Childwav 
Drinking Song 
Drömmen Om Elin {Swedish}2x
En Mäktig Man {Swedish} 
En Ton Av Tystnad {Swedish}2x
Esmeralda Causo Farrapo {Swedish} 
Fait Accomplit {Live Moraeus Med Mera}2x
Fattig Bonddräng {Swedish Karantänsessions Är En Livesänd Konsert För Alla Oss Som Vill Ha Lite Glädje} 
Fattig Bonddräng {Swedish} 
Finna En Kvinna I Mig {Swedish Live Lola Qx Gaygala} 
Flicka Från Backafall {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen} 
För Evigt {Swedish} 
Förgiftat Blod {Swedish}2x
Gloria {I}2x
God Love A Drunk 
Guldet Blev Till Sand {Swedish Live Björn & Benny Concert} 
Himlen Är Oskyldigt Blå {Swedish} 
Igor The Dog 
Jag Bor I En Skyttegrav {Swedish I Live On A (Battlefield} 
Jag Kom Inte Hit För Att Jag Tror {Swedish} 
Jezamine {Swedish} 
Johnny B. Goode 
Judy Min Vän {Swedish}5x
Julen Är Här {Swedish} 
Julpolska {Swedish} 
Konsten Att Vara Vacker {Live Skansken,Nationaldagen} 
Lilac Wine 
Little Willie John2x
Låt Julen Förkunna {Swedish} 
Mitt Liv {Swedish That'S Life} 
Mr. Wonderful 
My Way {Live QX Gay Gala} 
Nature Boy 
Nights In White Satin2x
Nätter Av Saknad {Swedish}2x
Någonting Som Inte Fanns Förut {Swedish} 
O Helga Natt {Swedish Live Bingolotto} 
O Helga Natt {Swedish} 
Ravaillac {Swedish}2x
Red, Red Wine 
Sad World Without You 
Skönheten Och Odjuret {Swedish 2016 Version} 
Släpp Fångarne Loss {Swedish} 
Sol På Jorden {Swedish} 
Som Att Bevisa Att Änglar Finns {Swedish Live Allsång På Skansen}2x
Som En Bro Över Mörka Vatten {Swedish}5x
Somebody'S Taken Maria Away 
Stad I Ljus {Swedish Karantänsessions Är En Livesänd Konsert För Alla Oss Som Vill Ha Lite Glädje} 
Stad I Ljus {Swedish Live Eurovision} 
Stad I Ljus {Swedish Live at Berwaldhallen} 
Stad I Ljus {Swedish}2x
Såsom Jorden Väntar {Swedish}3x
Sök Dig Till Bergen {Swedish} 
The Way You Make Me Feel {Live Berwaldhallen 2013}2x
The Winner Takes It All 
Tittskåpet {Swedish} 
Välkommen Till New Orleans {Swedish}2x
Vågor {Swedish Cycles} 
Tony CAREYYou Know I Still Believe In You 
Tony EVANSWrap Your Arms Around Me {Rumba} 
Tove NAESSGuardian Light 
Towa CARSONHjärta {Swedish} 
Towe JAARNEKTowe JAARNEK+Peter JÖBACK - More Than A Game 
Tracy HUANGFernando 
Once Burned, Twice Shy 
Tyron HAPIAin'T My Tears 
U2U2+BJÖRN & BENNY - Dancing Queen {Live}11x
Sweetest Thing 
UNION MUSICAL PORTEÑAWaterloo {Spanish Live Día de La Música en Sagunto} 
UTAHier, Aujourd'Hui, Demain {French} 
Ulf LUNDELLSnön Faller Och Vi Med Den {Swedish} 
Ulla PIASom En Boomerang {Danish} 
VENGABOYSBoom, Boom, Boom, Boom !! 
VESTERSUNDSBY SPELMÄNVår Sista Dans {Swedish Live} 
VICENTICOSólo Hay Un Ganador {Spanish}2x
VIKINGARNAHasta Mañana {Swedish} 
VINYLSHAKERZVINYLSHAKERZ+Murray HEAD - One Night In Bangkok {Vinylshakerz Screen Cut} 
VISAVISom En Sång Som Du Sjöng En Gång {Swedish} 
VISITORSThe Visitors (Crackin' Up) {Live At ABBA Fest Hollywood Bowl} 
VIVIANJag Har Väntet På Dig {Swedish} 
VOCAPELLAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) {Live}2x
VOICE BOYSDoes Your Mother Know 
VOULEZ-VOUS ORCHESTRAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 
When I Kissed The Teacher 
VULEBANDMy Love, My Life {Live} 
S.O.S. {Livestream} 
Voulez-Vous {Live} 
Valerie CIÄMÁROVÁJeho Laskominy {Czech}2x
Vera LYNNI Wonder 
It Hurts To Say Goodbye 
Verena BÖHMI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 
People Need Love 
Veronica MAGGIOVeronica MAGGIO+Benny ANDERSSON - Snalla Bli Min {Swedish Live Moraeus Med Mera}3x
Du Måste Finnas {Swedish Live Musikhjälpen} 
Vicki BROWNVicki BROWN+Tommy KÖRBERG - Plaisir D'Amour 
Victor CRONEVenice 
Victor MANUELLEChiquitita {Spanish}2x
Vieze JACKStumtpiloot Jack {Dutch} 
Vig ROSESHappy New Year 
Viktoria KRANTZHemma {Swedish Låtar Av Björn & Benny} 
Viktoria TOCCAMin Astrakan {Swedish Live} 
Viktoria TOLSTOYHimlen Är Oskyldigt Blå {Swedish} 
Viktors ZEMGALSViktors ZEMGALS+Sandra Maija KUZE - Ir Laiks Nosvinet {Letton} 
Ville VALOVille VALO+MGT - Knowing Me, Knowing You 
Ville VALO+MGT - Knowing Me, Knowing You {Youth Remix} 
Véronique BÉLIVEAUOne Of Us 
WALDIRENEO Amor Existe {Portuguese} 
Olhos De Serpente {Portuguese}2x
WASASom En Sparv {Swedish} 
WATERLOO LIVEStory Of A Heart {Live} 
WATERLOOWATERLOO+Marisol OTERO - Estoy Soñando {Spanish Live Gran Rex} 
Knowing Me, Knowing You 
Living Room Concert {Live With Katja & Camilla} 
Medley The Winners Take It All & On Man, One Woman {Live From The Vallentuna Theatre} 
Medley {Live Ti Lascio Una Canzone} 
So Long {Live ABBAday 2011} 
Summer Night City {Live Living Room Concert} 
WESTLIFEEn Ti Deje Mi Amor {Spanish Remix} 
I Have A Dream2x
I Have A Dream {Remix} 
Uptown Girl {Radio Edit} 
WIKTORIAAs I Lay Me Down {Live} 
Not With Me 
Save Me {Swedish} 
WIZEXBeatrice {Swedish} 
Dans Med En Främling {Swedish}4x
Doktorn {Swedish}3x
Hej Mitt Vinterland {Swedish}2x
Kär På Lek {Swedish} 
Länge Leve Kärleken {Swedish} 
Nu Vet Jag Vad Kärlek Är {Swedish} 
Please Change Your Mind 
Stand By Your Man 
Tio Mil Kvar Till Korpilombolo {Swedish}2x
Walter LOCHMANNWalter LOCHMANN+Andrea MALEK - Medley Someone Else'S Story & Where I Want To Be 
Weeping WILLOWSWeeping WILLOWS+Helen SJÖHOLM - First Of May {Live Saknas} 
Wencke MYHREDet Kan Dom Inte Förklara {Swedish} 
Willie MULLERThat'S Me 
Wolfgang HEILEMANNWolfgang HEILEMANN+Bettina TIETJEN - Thank You For The Music {Live}2x
Wynand BREEDTSlipping Through My Fingers 
Xenia LACH-NIELSENHeaven Help My Heart 
YUE & NAMIMamma Mia {Spanish} 
Yacine LAGHMARINågon Annan Dag {Swedish} 
Yngwie MALMSTEENGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)2x
Yvonne ELLIMANYvonne ELLIMAN+Carl ANDERSON+Ted NEELEY - Everything'S Alright 
ZAMBAOn The Banks Of The Ohio {Swedish} 
ZEBRAS DON’T SMOKEGet On The Carousel {- Unrecorded By ABBA} 
Hole In Your Soul {- Album Track} 
Under Attack {- Single A Side} 
Zarik MEDINAChiquitita {Live} 
Zlata DZARDANOVAThe Visitors2x
_ABBA (RELATED)_ABBA (RELATED)+BJÖRN & BENNY - Vi Äger Drömmarna {Swedish Live}5x
_ABBA (RELATED)+Helen SJÖHOLM - Vi Håller Ut2x
ABBA'S Angels 
Bucks Fizz Medley 
Chess Medley 
Coupe´ In C Minor {Instrumental Peace Tracks} 
Du Måste Finnas {Live Scratch Leiden 2014 Musicals} 
Eurovision Best Remix 1974 
Everything'S Alright {Italians Jesus Christ Superstar} 
Gabiella'S Song {Dutch Live} 
Gabriellas Piano {Swedish} 
Hall Of Fame Melodifestivalen Medley {Live} 
Happy Birthday To Frida {Live} 
Hyllning Till Lill-Babs {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen}2x
Hyllningen Av Bjorn Skifs {Swedish Live Allsang Pa Skansen}2x
Jer Pobjednik Sam Ja {Czech} 
Jesus-Christ Superstar Medley {Live Hallelujah Broadway Concert} 
Live ABBA The Museum {Live} 
Melodifestivalen Vinnare Medley {Swedish Live Finalen Av Melodifestivalen}2x
Noite Feliz {Portuguese} 
One Night In Bangkok {Korean Chess in Concert} 
Put A Little Love In Your Heart {Live Music For Unicef} 
Queen For The Night 
Say Something {Frida} 
Someone Else'S Story {Chess Karaoke} 
Soviet Machine {Russian} 
Svarta Silhuetter {Swedish Stina, Peter, Annica, Hjo Dragspelsstämma} 
Tro {Live En Kväll För Marie Fredriksson SVT} 
_ABBA (TRIBUTE)_ABBA (TRIBUTE)+Benny ANDERSSON - Thank You For The Music {Live Surprise Performance In ABBA Museum} 
_ABBA (TRIBUTE)+SUNFLY KARAOKE - Head Over Heels {Karaoke Sunfly}2x
ABBA Medley {Live Catholic TV Telethon} 
ABBA Medley {Live Marleen, Esmee, Jan En Gerard, Topper Gezocht} 
ABBA Medley {Live Melodifestivalen Final 2014}3x
ABBA Medley {Live Semifinal X Factor UK} 
ABBA Mix Party 
ABBA Turkish Medley {Live Melodifestivalen} 
ABBA'S Medley {(Flashback 1)}4x
ABBAcadabra Musical Ep Mix2x
Chiquitita {DJ Non Stop Club Remixes}3x
Chiquitita {Live Ru Ny} 
Climate Queen {Live} 
Dancing Queen {ABBA Cover Trio Vocal} 
Dancing Queen {Instrumental Instrumental Versions Album} 
Dancing Queen {Instrumental Onsdagsmix}2x
Dancing Queen {Live Yo Soy ABBA} 
Dancing Queens Mix 
Does Your Mother Know {Salute to ABBA} 
Du Ska Till Malmo {Swedish Melodifestivalen Final}4x
Elaine {Karaoke} 
Fernando {Instrumental Music of ABBA}2x
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong {Remix B-POP Productions}2x
Happy Hawaii {Karaoke Originally Performed By ABBA}2x
Happy New Year {Live X Factor Bulgaria} 
Honey, Honey {Instrumental} 
Honey, Honey {Karaoke in Style of ABBA} 
I Have A Dream {Femteklass Älmhult Gjorde Egen Text Till ABBA} 
I Let The Music Speak {Karaoke}2x
I Wonder (Departure) {Ibiza Caliente Mix -Slow Jam Mix} 
I'M A Marionette 
Mamma Mia Medley {Live The Voice Vietnam Season 3} 
Mamma Mia {DJ Non Stop Club Remixes}2x
Me And I {Karaoke} 
Money, Money, Money {Russian Russian Army} 
Money, Money, Money {Ukrainian X-Factor Ucraine} 
Não Se Esqueça Da Escova De Dentes {Portuguese Live Música do Programa} 
On And On And On {Mamma Mia Tribute To ABBA} 
One Man, One Woman {Karaoke Ameritz} 
Ring Ring {Live Jennie, Erik, Emelie, Elin, Camilla Och Sara live at Allsång På Skans} 
S.O.S. {Version 3} 
Soldiers {Instrumental Peace Tracks}2x
Take A Chance On Me {Vietnamite Version} 
That'S Me {ABBA Karaoke}2x
The Money Song 
The Piper {Karaoke Originally Performed By ABBA}2x
The Visitors {ABBA Symfonic} 
The Visitors {Karaoke}2x
The Winner Takes It All {Karaoke Instrumental Backing Track} 
The Winner Takes It All {Live The Voice Rusia} 
The Winner Takes It All {Mohammed Yaseen, Sarah, Aourba} 
Under Attack {Karaoke Mamma Mia accompaniment} 
Va Todo Al Ganador {Spanish Paqui Y David Con Wycho Y Edyth Levántate La Final} 
Was Ist Das Für Ein Spiel? {German Die Deutschen Hits} 
Waterloo {French ABBA Fans in Stockholm for Opening Museum} 
Waterloo {Live Joel Is The Next Eurovision Star Little Big Shots} 
Waterloo {Live Les Talents Chantent Eurovision} 
Waterloo {Live Stikkan Hyllning} 
Waterloo {Live Telecinco} 
Waterloo {Spanish Live Tomate La Tarde} 
When All Is Said And Done {Live ABBA Tributo} 
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Amor Esta Noche) {Spanish DJ Non Stop Club Remixes}3x
Ángel LLÁCERÁngel LLÁCER+Carlos LATRE+Carolina CEREZUELA+Monica NARANJO - ABBA Medley {Spanish Live Tu Cara Me Sueña Antena 3} 
Éva CSEPREGIChiquitita {Hungrian}2x
Mit Szólna Az Édesanyád {Hungrian Does Your Mother Know} 
Östen WARNEBRINGDu Borde Köpa Dej En Tyrolerhatt {Swedish}4x