ABBADay 2011

25th Anniversary of Official International ABBA Fan Club

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fan club, Helga and Anita have prepared a weekend that kept him much longer in our memories.
As the 20th anniversary celebrations duration  are three days.
So by April 1 at 19.30, was opened the doors of the room that would accommodate the majority of events.

For this evening, three activities had been planned, first and foremost concert Katie and Camilla from the group Waterloo  better known their ABBA THE SHOW.
She gave us the honor we interpreted Waterloo, Ring Ring, Fernando, Voulez-Vous? Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and So Long.

The Swedish buffet was to occupy our second activity.
(Sorry, I did not find any pictures of the buffet, but only that the dessert was a nice surprise)

The last activity was a quiz with 30 questions varied, we should recognize the songs, according to its warped, lyrics, anagrams, TV programs (without sound) or complete missing words in the lyrics. Finally anyone has found all the answers. But they still gave gifts to people with the most correct answers.



At the initiative of Bonny and Reinaud, The Fan Club members had clubbed together to offer a gift to Helga and Anita.

The evening ended a bit before it's midnight.

The next day the great day of ABBAday we expected.

At 11 am the first fans were able to enter the room and discover the market of the year's most important to us.

But requires anniversary, the day would be long.

At 1pm, Bubi Heilleman, the German photographer of Bravo Magazine gave us a fantastic slide show narrated by himself with unpublished photographs and anecdotes as the B reversed by mistake which became the logo of ABBA.

At 2pm, Ulf Andersson, the sax for I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do and musician of the tour 77 we told her story with ABBA and equiped with its Saxo we sang the song he recorded with them but also a personal adaptation of The Winner Takes It All which he uses to heat his Saxo on the concerts of ABBA THE SHOW which is also included.



At 3pm the person most awaited and most fans had known she respond to the answer of Vaughan. Görel Hanser (pronounced Yorel, she confirmed it) is quite reserved and did not unveiled what it said in the office of polar where input as secretary of Stig and it is today at the head of the entire organization.



At 4pm a second concert we given by Janne Schaffer. Guitarist hired by Benny remained with ABBA in 1971 until 1980. He is the bass guitar on almost all the songs of ABBA to the last album where no longer participated.


An annual quiz much easier than the old had been organized, and what was my surprise I won exactly the same gift of 5 years ago during the 20 years of fan club, a Waterloo poster autographed by the 4 members

The day was finished, up to the evening as each year would allow us to dance to the songs of ABBA or in connection with them.

For this anniversary, the duration of the evening had been extended by one hour.

For Celeste, it was his first ABBAday, she has profited.


So after midnight that it had quit.

The next day, those who wished could attend the screening of ABBA The Movie in a cinema in the city and then go eat at a Chinese restaurant.
I don't have participated in its two activities, I can not tell you more.

This was undoubtedly an incredible birthday.


Thank you Gilles for most of the pictures on this page


I create an CD with the recording of the highlights of the weekend

And here my puchase or gifts