Friday, January 14, 2011, I went to Antwerp to see what should be a reconstruction of the ABBA concert at Wembley in 1979 performed by ABBAgain.
The reconstruction is not faithful to the concert of 1979, but all efforts were made to get close.
The scenery and costumes was well imitated and the beginning of the concert promised well.

Gammal Fabobpsalm opens the concert, followed by Voulez-Vous?

But a technical problem has already darkened the evening, the sound is too loud and the voices of girls are smothered by the orchestra.
After Voulez-Vous? Ring Ring and I understand that have attended one of his groups which include the songs of ABBA and somehow trying to convince us that were listening to ABBA.
The girls are German and it's listening and all songs are shortened.

After Ring Ring, Honey Honey comes, but despite my disappointment I found that the interpretation is good.
Knowing Me Knowing You and Rock Me follow, is to have good and I started to put me in the mood.
But here I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do it appears and breaks the atmosphere that was created, even if the public does not suspect anything I am again disappointed.
Chiquitita and
Money Money Money call us on track in 1979 and I Have A Dream without the kids on stage but in the speakers.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! blew the room, part of the public stands up and begins to dance in the center or a space was left for this purpose.

They chained with SOS leaving people still and ask the public as in 1979 resume Fernando with them.

Read The Name of the Game and Eagle ABBA with the same sequence and the first part ends with Why Did It Have To Be Me?
Frida did not the t-shirt of Antwerp football club but try to get fit as in 1979.

It was a surprise that the second part starting with the mini-musical The Girl With The Golden Hair.
Have is in 1977, but who cares, all is there, the narrator, costumes, wigs and especially the four songs.

Yes Get On The Carousel is short but is present.

I forgive all of their, I am amazed, for the opportunity they gave an ABBA same as in 1977 above the Blue Mountains in 1979.


The girls have changed and leave the boys play on Intermezzo No. 1, I hear comments that say yes, the movie soundtrack ...

And here come the second great moment of the evening, in this Flemish Björn present Agnetha and says she will performing a song from his repertoire I'm Still Alive. I can not believe my ears and yet so, Agnetha is at the piano and sings with his heart this autobiographical song of 1979.


Summer Night City then begin with an introduction that looks like nothing and then Mamma Mia, moved, but so important to the public.
Take A Chance On Me, Dancng Queen & Does Your Mother Know announces the end of the show, but before a Hole In Your Soul awaits us, as energetic as in 1979, everybody dance

On And On And On also is energetic, the girls up on the scales on the side of the stage and a big scare, falling Frida back down, Björn tries to caught up but can not. Agnetha sang only continues, but Frida resumed singing without being observed, fortunately comes a time without words and Frida gets up, tries to put the boot it has lost. Benny attentive lengthens the verse without music and finally, Frida returns to center stage, the song can be completed.

Björn Announce traditional Oldie for Waterloo.
Finally, as in 1979, four members come together and accompanied by the Benny accordion sings a cappella
The Way Old Friends Do.


The show is done and I hear the audience scream The Winner Takes It All, oddly they did not want to make this change and the song is not part of the show.

Overall I'm happy with my night even though I remain disappointed that he is not respected their promise. The changes are good but if not know in advance that disturbs. Obviously this group is not as good as Waterloo (ABBA The Show) but I spent a pleasant evening.
So if this concert come in your city, go ahead, fans of the 70 or ABBA fans you probably will not be disappointed after reading these lines.


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